5 Benefits of Joining an Urban Community Garden

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An urban community garden is a patch of urban land that’s cultivated by a group of families in a community. Such community gardens are accessible to all the members of the community. Here are the benefits of joining such a community:

1. Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Community members can grow a wide range of vegetables and fruits in urban community gardens. They can have access to fresh and nutritious produce that’s healthier than that grown and transported from elsewhere.

2. Saving Money

By accessing fresh produce from the urban community garden, community members can save substantially on grocery bills since growing their own fruits and vegetables is cheaper than buying them. In addition, surplus produce can be sold, thereby helping the community members to earn money.

3. Community Gardens Help Community Members to Bond

Gardening can help community members to bond and socialize. Social inequality between different groups of the community is also minimized by regular bonding. This is especially true for children who can spend their time doing useful things.

4. Educational Value

Children are exposed to different types of vegetables and fruits and are more open to eating them. They gain a better idea of the nutrient values of different foods and learn to work close to the soil. This is an important factor as children in urban areas generally have no idea about the work that’s involved in activities such as farming and gardening.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Community gardens not only help beautify the area, but are also good for the environment. The plants in such gardens absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen and contribute towards reducing air pollution. In addition, organic waste materials in the area can be used in such gardens as compost.

Local government authorities and community workers have realized the varied benefits of communal vegetable gardens and are actively encouraging the planning of such gardens in various areas of most cities.

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