5 Awesome Repurposing Ideas

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Repurposing items is a fun way to get creative and keep you busy at the same time. You can use items that you already have on hand, or take a trip to a local thrift shop for inspiration. Don’t forget yard sales and free items on websites, such as Freecycle.org. When you find something, consider these awesome repurposing ideas:

1. Olive Oil Lantern

An olive oil lantern is a great way to create something that you’ll enjoy doing, but also have handy in case of a power outage. Olive oil is often the safest oil to use if you’re going to make your own lantern. It’s preferable to other oils that might catch on fire. All you need is an old mason jar, olive oil, water and a wick that you can make yourself. Google “how to make an oil lamp” to find instructions.

2. Chest of Drawers

Movers often get rid of chest of drawers because it’s too large to transport. You can often find them sitting on sidewalks waiting to be picked up by the garbage collectors, or you can find them cheap at moving sales. The right one could make a nice kitchen island for you. It’s a design that’s popular in French country style kitchens.

You can use the top of the chest of the drawers for food preparation, and then use the drawers to store kitchen items. You can refinish the wood or repaint it to match your kitchen decor as well. You too will have the headache of moving it when it’s time to leave your apartment, but you can get a lot of use out of it in the meantime.

3. Test Tube Spices

Finding test tubes may not be as easy as the other items for repurposing, but you’ll be surprised what people get rid of. This is one item you don’t want to get used, unless the previous owner also used it for spices. Fill the test tubes with your favorite spices and then assemble them in a wire rack or other container to create your own spice rack. These are sold commercially for a pretty penny, so you’ll save money by making your own.

4. Wallpaper

Don’t toss out wallpaper scraps after your next project. You can use them as book covers, which will protect your books from getting ruined. You can also cover storage boxes that are exposed in the apartment. Use any leftover scraps as gift wrap paper too.

5. Glass Bottles

Rather than throw away glass bottles after you finish your favorite drinks, consider repurposing them. There are a number of everyday liquid items that you can store in them, such as homemade liquid cleaners or oil. The glass is perfect for allowing the liquid to come out with ease.

The first question you should ask yourself before you get rid of something is, “Can I use this for repurposing?” You may end up saving money with this approach.

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