4 Ways to Keep the Kitchen Clean When Living with Roommates

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Too many shared rentals have a major problem in the kitchen: for many, sharing a home with roommates means continual issues with keeping the kitchen clean: dirty dishes, sinks piled up with grime, and food residue out of control. This gets worse in any place where mice or insects can get access to the kitchen. To avoid this kind of situation, come up with some basic solutions for a clean kitchen mandate.

1. Use a Chore Rotation List

This basic tool is a mainstay for the average shared kitchen. Roommates simply divide up household tasks and hold themselves to their responsibilities to pitch in and help keep a home clean.

2. Allow a Maximum Dish Time

In some cases, roommates can agree on the maximum time that a dish can be left in the sink without being cleaned. This allows for busy commuters and others to accommodate their schedules without leading to a failure of sanitary conditions in the kitchen. Pre-rinsing policies can also work.

3. Have Kitchen Cleaners and Tools Available

Kitchen cleaning strategies work best when all of the various sponges, scrub brushes, cleaners and other materials are handily accessible. Create a common fund for purchase and buy in bulk to make sure that the tools are at hand to help individuals keep the kitchen clean.

4. Call out Non-Compliance

It’s important that roommates agree to hold everyone accountable for their dirty dishes and other kitchen messes. Without accountability, most common plans will go by the wayside, and the home may start to suffer from some of the liabilities mentioned above.

Be proactive about creating a kitchen cleaning schedule, and make sure everyone sticks to it. All roommates will benefit from this situation, and hopefully everyone will understand why it is necessary.

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