4 Ways a Landlord Can Help You

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A good relationship with your landlord is something that many renters desire over their tenancy. Being a great renter  has its benefits, a few of which we’re going to explore.

Rent is Due

There will come a point in every tenant’s life, where money will definitely be an issue. Perhaps you are falling short of a couple hundred until a check has been cleared or you just lost your job and cannot pay rent this month. Whatever it is, good standing is helpful because the dynamic with your landlord will serve understanding on both sides. An understanding landlord will give you a grace period to pay off anything you may owe him or her, making the outstanding balance nil.


It is amazing how many people don’t really like their landlord and are quite obvious in showing that. They then expect them to warm up to their request for a new washing machine, because the old one isn’t working.  Treat your landlord  how you would want them to treat you. It is understandable that your landlord may not always be the most pleasant person to deal with, however you can catch more bees with honey than you can with vinegar.

A Professional Reference

Whether you run a business or you work in paid employment, there will come a point where your landlord’s reference will definitely be needed. It may be for a loan at the bank or perhaps something else that requires a referee. Either way, you know you are covered when you have maintained a harmonious relationship with your landlord and won’t have any trouble requesting a reference when you most require it.

Easy Tenancy

It is human nature to be petty and spiteful especially if we do not like someone. When you hold up your end of the bargain by keeping your place clean and the way you found it, you will gain respect. It will make your future relationships easier because you already understand how to present yourself in the best light to your landlord. You will be able to ask for favors that will be fulfilled quicker because you knew how to keep the peace. A huge part of keeping the peace is being honest with your landlord at all times.

Honesty is a coveted trait in modern society that is rarely found. Make your landlord grateful that he/she has a tenant such as yourself!

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