4 Tips to Make a Family Room Cozy

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Do you want your family room to feel more comfy? Does it feel too big or are the furnishings lacking? Take heart, because there are a number of ways that you can make your family room a more warm and inviting place for yourself and your family.

#1-  Choose Light-Absorbent Textures and Fabrics

One way to make your family room seem more restful and appealing is to choose furnishings that have fabrics which absorb light. While certain textures, such as glass or tile, will reflect light and add brightness to a room, items such as brick, thick-piled carpeting and tightly woven fabrics absorb light to create a softer, more restful effect. Therefore, aim at choosing furnishings that reduce the amount of light being reflected in the room and give it a sense of peacefulness. Choose plush carpeting or compact, low-pile rugs in darker shades for your floor and high-density materials made in warm hues for your upholstery. Include darker woods and stay away from shiny fabrics such as satin. Choose items that will saturate light and give the room a calm yet inviting atmosphere.

#2-  Make Sure Your Furniture Is Extra Comfortable

To add coziness, you want to make sure you choose sofas and chairs that provide extra comfort too. For example, press your hand across the upholstery fabric on the back and arms, say, of any of your upholstered chairs. Any upholstered chair that  is well-made and has a higher level of comfort will also have extra padding. In other words, you shouldn’t be able to feel the hard frame of the chair through the fabric. In a family room, cushioned fabrics wear better when they’re made of fibers such as nylon, which can withstand use by playful pets and children and still impart comfort. Extra soft pillows are also “must-haves” for a homey, cozier family room. Therefore, make sure your sofas and chairs are well-made and well-padded, and they will give your family room a friendly and comfy feel too.

# 3-  Choose Darker Tints and Shades of Paint

Paint color contributes to a room’s coziness quotient as well. Therefore, if you want your family room to feel more warm and inviting, choose richer hues or darker colors. Dark colors make larger rooms appear smaller, which also gives them a more cozy feel. Select shades in forest green, dark blue, rust, brown or deep taupe, or opt for dusky pale shades, such as rose, for an added feel of comfort and friendliness.

#4 – Pick the Right Lighting Arrangement

Lighting also has an effect on how comfortable you feel. Therefore, for maximum comfort while you are sitting or reading, make sure that the shades on your lamps are at eye level while you’re sitting down. When lighting is at the right height, it lends an aura of serenity to a room’s setting and a more cozy feel.

Selecting comfortable fabrics and furnishings as well as choosing the right colors and lighting arrangements can all influence how you feel in your surroundings. Keep the foregoing information in mind if you want to add a little more comfort to the room in your house where you and your family spend the most time.

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