4 Tips to Cut Costs on Carpet Care

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Carpet care is necessary to prolong the life of your carpets, and to keep a healthy living environment. Carpets attract mold and dust mites, and you don’t want either living under the carpet layers. Dirty carpets are not what you want when friends and family come over to visit, as it will detract from your home decor, and make your visitors uncomfortable. However, carpet care is expensive if you don’t take steps to cut costs. Here are 4 tips to cut costs on carpet care:

1. Welcome Mats

Place welcome mats in front of your front and back doors. This will help you to keep the dirt you bring from the outdoors on those mats instead of on your carpets. It’s expensive to clean mud and grass stains. For example, Virginia is infamous for its red mud that soils carpets, and it takes a tremendous amount of carpet cleaning, mainly from professionals, to get the mud out. Buying welcome mats is a simple step you can take towards cutting costs on carpet care.

2. Remove Stains with Common Household Products

You don’t need to steam clean your carpet every time it gets stained. You can remove even the worst stains yourself with items you already have at home and a little know-how. Peroxide or whited distilled vinegar can be used to remove food, wine, markers and other stains. Depending on the situation, you’ll need to make a water solution and blot out the stains using a rag. The correct solution will remove the stain and save you the expense of renting a steam cleaner if you don’t already own one.

3. Vacuum More Often

You’ll cut costs on carpet care if you maintain your carpets well. The easiest way to do that is to vacuum more often. Using a carpet sweeper works fine, but you’ll need to vacuum to get rid of dust mites and harder to remove dirt. Vacuum underneath the furniture, the draperies and upholstered furniture, though it’s not necessary to do as often. This will prevent dirt, spores and dust mites from falling on your carpets. Clean your vacuum filters or remove filled bags to get the most dirt out. If you don’t like vacuuming as a chore, let the money you save on carpet cleaning motivate you to do it regularly.

4. Area Rugs

Place area rugs over carpet areas where you have the most foot traffic. These are often in hallways, in front of sofas or adjacent to beds. This is an important tip to use if you have expensive carpets that you want to protect. You won’t spare the entire carpet, but it will cost less for carpet care in the long run when you use area rugs. You can wash area rugs by hand, or some can be washed in your washing machine.

Save as much money as you can on carpet care by using these 4 tips. It takes an investment of your time to clean it yourself, but that means more cash in your pocket.

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