4 Tips for Packing Silverware

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Tips for packing silverware are more in depth than you might think. Many people simply throw their silverware in a box and hope for the best. The ones that are a little more careful, still don’t go far enough to prevent scratches and tarnishing during the move. If you’re wondering what more you can do to protect your silverware and pack them in a safe manner, follow these 4 tips:

1. Wash Your Silverware

This might seem like an obvious point, but it’s a mistake that gets committed over and over again. Whether it’s that people are pressed for time, the water gets shut off or for some other reason, a minority of movers actually pack dirty silverware. That’s the worst thing you can do to your silverware and you’ll create more work on the other end of your move. Find the time to wash your silverware first before packing. 

2. Polish

Before packing your expensive silverware, polish them. This along with the other preventative measures that are mentioned below will help to keep it from tarnishing during transportation or shipment. After you polish your silverware, take photos or make a short video for insurance purposes. It will help you down the road if you need to file any claims.

2. Wrap

One important tip for packing that should not be neglected is wrapping your silverware in plastic bags first, to prevent them from getting scratched. A lot of people skip this step, either because they’re in a rush or don’t have the patience to do such a time-consuming task. If it doesn’t matter whether your silverware gets scratched, then it’s fine to ignore this tip. However, if you want your silverware to remain in good condition, wrap it in cloth. You can also purchase “low sulfur” paper from a moving supplies store or from your moving company. Newspaper works fine if you’re in a pinch, and plastic bags should be your last option.

3. Tray

Wrap the entire tray of silverware in bubble wrap if you’re pressed for time. The tip for packing silverware individually assumes that they’re expensive. If you’re dealing with silverware that you got from a yard sale, and could easily replace them on the other end with no loss to you, then use this method. Buy bubble wrap from your local dollar store or office supplies store to save money, and tape the bubble wrap around a plastic utensils tray. Seal the tops and bottoms to prevent the silverware from falling out.

4. Chest

You should take just as much care to protect your silverware chest when packing. Use towels or blankets to wrap it before packing it in boxes or another container. Protecting the chest with the extra cushion of a blanket or towel will keep it from getting damaged or scratched. Antique chests should be protected by moving pads that you can buy from any moving supplies store, or a moving company. Make sure your insurance, either renters, homeowners or one that you’re buying for the move, covers the antique chest in case of loss, damage or theft.

Follow these tips for packing silverware to ensure that they arrive at your new location in good condition. Otherwise, replacing them is one more expense you’ll have to deal with after moving.


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