4 Tips for Hanging Posters Without Damaging Walls

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Lots of students in dorms, apartment dwellers, and other relatively temporary residents encounter this kind of problem: you want to hang up posters and similar large items, but you don’t want to damage the walls. If you have this kind of situation, you can choose from several modern types of fasteners to get your decorations up on the wall without doing damage that can jeopardize your security deposit or otherwise cause you liability. Take some time and think about how to best set up your living space when you move in to save yourself problems later, when you move out.

1. Poster Hanging Tape

One kind of common solution is various types of poster hanging tape, adhesives that are sticky enough to bind the poster to the wall, but not sticky enough to take off paint when they are removed. Tape is one of the more primitive ways to fix this kind of problem, and other additional alternatives have developed to help deal with temporary hanging issues.

2. Glue Dots

These handy little bits of putty are often a solution for painted concrete block walls. They are inexpensive and last for long time. One downside to these items is that they can’t handle humidity very well, to think about the overall climate of your space before trying to secure your wall decorations with glue or putty dots.

3. Wall Mounting Tabs and Velcro Fasteners

Some companies that are outfitting modern homes and businesses around the world have put some thought into this specific issue and came up with some novel solutions. Different kinds of mounting tabs or strips help to secure light items like posters without damaging a wall. These are often available at your local superstore of home improvement store. They may cost a little more, but in the long run, they will probably be worth the investment.

4. Velcro Mounted Hooks

These kinds of fasteners may be similar to some kinds of mounting tabs, but there is a primary difference. Velcro mounted hooks are meant to secure items that are a bit heavier. This makes them good candidates for holding up a poster that is in a frame, as opposed to a simple paper item. If you have framed your wall hangings, look for these kinds of modern tools to stick them to the walls without doing damage.

All of these choices can help you to safely set up your room or home decorations without damaging the walls behind them. Making choices that avoid damage can help out a lot when it comes time to leave a rental space or a college dorm, or any other temporary home. Property owners often keep close tabs on the overall condition of a space, because it is their investment that suffers if walls or other surfaces are damaged. But renters also have an incentive to protect the home: their security deposit or other money can be held if they have damaged their space. That makes good, responsible renting a financially sound strategy.

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