4 Tips for Decorating with Sustainable Furniture

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Sustainable furniture is eco friendly furniture. For example, sustainable wood furniture is manufactured under strict regulations with respect to the harvesting of trees. Only plantation grown trees or woods that have been reclaimed from buildings slated for demolition are used. Other sustainable furniture includes recycled aluminum tables and chairs or tables, chairs, sofas and other furniture items that are rescued from thrift stores and rehabbed to be used once again. With sustainable furniture then, it’s best to incorporate decorating styles that call for natural woods and materials and, in some instances, call for a bit of artsiness in the overall decor.

Decorate in the Mission Style

Since many items of sustainable furniture are crafted with reclaimed wood and well over 50 years old, the furniture fits perfectly into a Mission design or Arts-and-Crafts style decor. This type of look is based on a refined yet casual style and uses art, crafts and nature for the overall effect. The theme is inspired by simpler times so obviously any reclaimed woods crafted into furniture will work well with this motif. If you enjoy a timeless look with all the comforts of home thrown in for good measure, then decorating with sustained furniture made of reclaimed woods can be nicely worked into a decor emphasizing Mission styling.

Furniture, as indicated, should be durable with the look of hand-crafting. Woods in oak, walnut or cherry are all ideal choices to complement this theme. Include chairs with backs and arms made of reclaimed woods. By using sustainable furniture made of recycled wood, you’ll achieve the simple and straightforward look essential in a Mission decor.

Apply Some Vintage Appeal

Recycle an old sofa and bring it to life with slip covers with a rose design. Add crocheted, knitted, embroidered and lacy throws you find at thrift stores. Recycle an old table by giving it a distressed look. Apply paint lightly and allow it to dry. Sand the table to to reveal a little of the wood and to lend a worn yet far from tired look to its veneer.

Add Aluminum

Maybe you’d prefer a more up-to-date feel. Then opt for any of the sustainable pieces of furniture made of recycled aluminum. Choose from one of the tables made of recycled aluminum that has a glass top to add to the contemporary decor of your apartment home. Select a couch and chairs made of reclaimed woods and natural organic materials to enhance the look of modernity and design.

Include Bamboo

One of the best products used in the production of sustainable furniture is bamboo. This product, which is a grass, is stronger than oak. By harvesting bamboo,  both soil erosion and deforestation are reduced; therefore, it’s an excellent resource to use to reduce the damage done to the environment by the harvesting of trees. Because it’s strong and lightweight, you can use it throughout your apartment. Include it in your living area with, say, an aluminum and glass coffee table to fully enjoy the benefits of sustainable living. Use organic materials such as organic cotton, hemp or organic bamboo fabric for your slipcovers to add to its impact.

Keep the above ideas in mind when decorating your apartment with sustainable furniture. You’ll make the world look better and your apartment too.

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