4 Tips for Decorating a White Bathroom

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There are many things you could do to add more color to an all white bathroom. If the vanity counters, bathtub and tiles are white in color, your bathroom could look very dull. To change the room’s look, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Start Painting

You don’t have to paint the entire bathroom to change the color. If you don’t have tiles that run from the top of the ceiling to the floor, simply paint the area of the wall that lies between the ceiling and the tiles. If the walls of the entire bathroom are covered with tiles from the ceiling to the floor, consider painting the ceiling and installing a tiny yet lovely chandelier. If the bathroom is not too big in size, stick to neutral shades or colors that have a slight sheen in order to give the room a more spacious look. If your bathroom is fairly large in size, think about the colors you love the most and pick one that best suits your personality and style.

2. Flowers and Decorative Items

You don’t necessarily have to bank on fresh flowers to make your bathroom look more attractive. Simply look for tiny artificial plants that you could line up on a windowsill. If you choose plants that have the same height, you could create neat lines in the bathroom. If not, alternate between tall plants and short ones and line these up on your windowsill.

A painting on the wall could work wonders for your bathroom, particularly an all white bathroom. Although you could choose simple paintings like birds, flowers or landscapes, an abstract painting that consists of bright reds, yellows and golden hues would blend well. If you do manage to paint any area of your bathroom, look for a painting or object of art that matches the color you have on the walls.

3. Bathmats and Accessories

A white bathroom could be color coordinated well because white is a neutral shade. If you’re looking for a perfectly well matched bathroom, purchase bathmats and towels that go with the color scheme you choose. If your bathmats are a solid shade like brown or green, look for bath towels that come in prints but in the same color as your bathmats. If you need a shower curtain you could use one to add more color to the bathroom. A simple vinyl shower curtain will do the job for you, but if you’re really interested in sprucing up the bathroom, find a solid-colored shower liner and a sheer shower curtain with a bold print.

To add a more classy touch to your bathroom, look for a simple cane basket or any other object that can be used as a tray or bowl. Carefully roll up face towels in the color of your choice and leave them on your vanity counter.

4. Accentuating the Room

If you still need ideas to redecorate a white bathroom, try using candles to add to the decor. Avoid purchasing tea light candles, as these burn out quickly and you will have to keep replacing them frequently. Look for candles in a solid color. The candles should be nice and tall. A tall thick candle and two smaller ones kept on the side would be ideal for your bathroom.

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