4 Tips for Decorating a Narrow Hallway

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If you have a narrow hallway, in your apartment home, then there are a number of ways you can give it a less austere appearance and add to its decor and functionality. It just takes a little know-how with respect to color and the placement of your lighting and wall hangings to make a narrow hallway look spectacular.

1. Choose the Right Flooring

A narrow hallway is the portal to other areas of the apartment; therefore, opt for low-pile carpeting or tile for aesthetics as well as practicality. The choice of a light color will seemingly add more space to the hallway as well. Don’t use carpeting with thick pile as this doesn’t promote forward movement. You want the hallway to encourage progression.

2. Color the Walls with Light and Neutral Colors

To widen the look of a narrow hallway, colorize the walls on each side with a light, neutral color such as ivory. A darker color on the side walls will only make a person feel more penned in. Therefore, keep the colors on the sides pale or light to open up the hallway. Paint the end walls a darker, complementary color such as light taupe to give dimensional broadness to the narrow foyer. If the hallway is somewhat long, you can break up the spacing in the area with vertical trimming. Section areas about 5 feet apart with the trimming. White is a good color to use to divide the space and add interest to the area.

3. Add Art and Pictures and Functional Pieces of Furniture

To enhance the looks of the hall, include artwork and photographs on one side of the hallway. Don’t hang pictures on both sides as doing so can overwhelm such a narrow hall and therefore be distracting. Stagger the pictures in groupings every four or five feet down the corridor. Also, shelving for pictures can be affixed to the wall about four feet from the floor. Do not populate the hallway with furniture as you want the area to be used as a passageway not a rest stop. However, a small console or narrow bookcase can be used if it is well placed and doesn’t impede foot traffic. Placement of a coat rack too can add to the hall’s functionality. Place a table at the end of the hall with a vase of flowers to make it look wider.

4. Include the Right Lighting

Directional lighting such as track lighting can add a nice touch to the artwork and pictures you hang in your hallway. Place the lighting at a 30-degree angle for optimum effect. Include recessed lighting to give the hallway a feeling of cheeriness. For certain building designs, a skylight can be a nice enhancement. Good lighting is essential in a narrow hallway as it seemingly opens it up. Therefore, make sure your narrow hallway is well-lighted for a more expansive look.

You can positively impact the look of a narrow hallway and add to its charm by using the right colors and lighting along with pictures for added interest. Keep colors neutral and light, the pictures spaced evenly apart and the area sufficiently lighted to make your apartment just that much more cozy and inviting for all who visit you.

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