4 Tips for an Apartment Valentine’s Day Date

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Having a Valentine’s Day date in your apartment can prove to be a romantic, memorable experience that’s inexpensive and yet incredibly personal and private at the same time. However, walking that thin line between romantic and awkward can be more difficult to navigate in such a private setting. Keep a few tips in mind when planning your date and you can avoid some common mistakes.

1. Clean and De-Clutter Your Apartment

This first tip for a romantic apartment Valentine’s Day date may be often overlooked, but it’s crucial. If you’re comfortable with your date and/or your date’s seen your apartment before, you may not even think to tidy up. However, having a clean, clutter-free apartment for your date can demonstrate to your partner that you care enough to take the time to clean and it can also echo a dinner at a posh restaurant. If you’ve never had your date over to your apartment before, all the more reason why you need to clean and make a favorable impression. Remember to clean all areas of your apartment you expect your date to see, including even the bathroom.

2. Setting the Mood: Subtle Decorations, Music and Lighting

You can better set the stage for your apartment Valentine’s Day date by changing your decor slightly to demonstrate that this is a special moment for both of you. Putting down a fancy tablecloth and a few candles on your usually plain table is a start. Play slow-tempo, lyric-less music softly in the background near your dining area to help transform the space.

Using a light switch dimmer and/or candles to light the dining area is another good idea to set the mood. But even small touches, like tying ribbons around your table chairs or leaving rose petals strewn across countertops and on the ground between your door and the table can help set the mood for romance.

3. Cater to Your Date’s Tastes

Cooking a meal for your Valentine’s Day date is a very personal, romantic gesture, but even if you can’t cook (and don’t feel up to trying in order to impress your date), what you offer your date to eat can be a crucial part of your date even if you order out. Find out ahead of time what types of foods your date loves and make sure that’s what you serve him or her. This date should not be the time to introduce your date to something new-unless you know that your date is adventurous and loves doing just that.

4. Give a Personal Gift

You needn’t spend a lot of money on a Valentine’s Day gift for it to be special. Put together an album of pictures of the two of you together or compose a poem expressing your feelings. However, if you don’t know your date very well yet, try not to scare him or her away with such a personalized gesture. A simple, small gift like roses may be enough.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about spending hundreds of dollars on dinner and presents; you can have even more fun without spending much at all right at your apartment. If your Valentine’s Day date ends with a smile on your date’s face, you’ll know you’ve done your job right.

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