4 Styles of Dinner Tables to Consider for Your Apartment

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Dinner tables are a must-have in most apartments, and there are many styles to choose from. The problem is that some styles don’t work well in an apartment setting with limited space. When all you have to work with is an eat-in kitchen, or if you live in a studio apartment with nothing but a kitchenette, it’s impossible to fit some dinner tables. The style you choose has a lot to do with what can fit and what can’t.

1 – Round Dinner Tables

When decorated well, a round dinner table can make a kitchen or dining room look elegant. You can use it to give a restaurant feel to eating experience. The problem is that it’s not always the right choice for an apartment, because it takes up more space than a rectangular table. If you’ve got a separate dining room area, then it could be a good match for your apartment. If you have to share your dinning with a kitchen or living room, then it’s likely going to take up too much space.

2 – Drop Leaf Dinner Tables

One alternative to a round dinner table that solves the space issue is a drop leaf round dinner table. You can collapse the table to fit in a space. A drop leaf table is available in many styles, including square and oval. You can use the leaves to extend the table to seat more people. It’s best to determine how many extra people on average will be seated at your table, so that you can figure out how many leaves you need, and the best table to buy.

3  – Glass Dinner Tables

Whether or not you should buy a glass dinner table depends largely on who you live with. It’s not a good idea to buy one if you live with young children. Accidents do happen, and one accident can result in a broken table. Maintaining a glass table can also be a hassle if it’s always getting dirty during meals. If you live alone and don’t plan to use the table much except for when you’re entertaining others, then it’s a good table to have. The glass tops of glass dinner tables are heavy.  Keep that in mind for when you moving it in and when you plan to move it out.

4 – Wood Dinner Tables

A traditional dinner table is a wood table. Oak tables are the most popular ones, but they can be expensive if you buy them new. Cherry wood is another popular choice. Some wood tables are heavy to move, which may not be ideal for an apartment renting situation. Try to buy wood tables that are light to lift and carry while you’re renting. You can also buy a drop leaf wood dinner table to collapse or extend as needed.

Determine the size table you need first, before making a decision on any of these dinner table styles. Whether or not you have a separate dining room also affects what you can buy.

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