4 Storage Solutions in an Efficiency Apartment

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You have to be conservative with respect to using space when you live in an efficiency apartment. The following storage solutions can help you make the most of your limited space.

1 – Get Rid of Anything You Don’t Really Use or Need

The last place you want a pile of clutter or any kind of excess is in an efficiency apartment. Therefore, get rid of the items you don’t use every day that are just lying around and collecting dust. Eliminate any appliances that you rarely use, such as juicers or waffle irons. Also, clothes that you seldom wear can be donated to charity. Old reading materials such as newspapers and magazines can also be donated or discarded. Get rid of any knick-knacks as well that you can live without. Store CDs or any magazines that are current in, say, a coffee table that doubles as storage container too.

2 – Make Use of Rods in Your Closet and Underbed Storage

Add rods in your closet to optimize the storage of your clothes. For instance, you can install two rods, one above the other between two walls to hang shorter items such as jackets, skirts, blouses and pants that are double folded. Or, use a wire closet organizer that includes shelves, rods and dividers to hang your clothing and store your sweaters and shoes. For any bedding or linens, make use of underbed storage. Keep everything in its proper place and hidden from view.

3 – Take Anything Out of Your Kitchen Cabinets that Can be Stored Elsewhere

Make optimum use of the kitchen space you have by freeing up the area in your cabinets. For instance, any pots or pans that are taking up space in your cabinets can be hung on the walls. How about spices? Buy a spice rack and hang your spices on the wall as well. Kitchen utensils, for example, can be put in a decorative container on the counter or you can hang an apron on the wall and store utensils in the pockets of the apron. Be creative with respect to your storage in the kitchen. Make use of wall space by using shelving where you can and installing hooks to hang pots and pans. Use caddies inside your cabinets and install drawer dividers so you know the whereabouts of everything you own.

4 – Make Sure that Everything you Use on a Daily Basis is Within Arm’s Reach

Needless to say, you have most things in fairly easy reach if you live in an efficiency. Still, for items that you use consistently or on a daily basis, make sure that they are conveniently located. For example, items that you use in the kitchen should be in spots on the counter or in the cabinet that you can access without any kind of difficulty. If you have set aside space for working at home, use a desk organizer on your desk to easily retrieve pens, pencils and paperclips. Make use of computer storage to readily access files and cut down on the need for a filing cabinet.

It can be a challenge to store your possessions in an efficiency. However, by getting rid of things you absolutely don’t use or need and making full use of the space that is available, you can definitely make the most “efficient” use of living in a small space.

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