4 Reasons Your Landlord Would Undergo Carpet Replacement

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Carpet replacement is a hot button issue in a landlord and tenant relationship. Bad carpets are an eyesore, and make living in the apartment unpleasant. Replacing carpets is costly, and landlords often try to charge tenants for the expense. This causes tension, and has resulted in battles in small claims court. However, some landlords will undergo carpet replacement for these 4 reasons:

1 – Good Tenant

There’s no reason for a landlord to replace your carpets, if you’re not a good tenant in the landlord’s eyes. You’re “good” when you,

  • Pay your rent on time
  • Are not picky about every minor repair needed
  • Keep other tenants in the building happy by not being a noise nuisance
  • Don’t damage the apartment and keep it clean

In fact, if the landlord thinks you’re not a good tenant, they may not replace the carpets, hoping that it will be the reason why you finally move. Change your course of actions if you’re not the type of tenant the landlord wants to keep, and you’ll have a better chance of convincing your landlord of the need for carpet replacement.

2 – Charge Higher Rent

You can expect an increase in rent if your landlord remodels your apartment, including carpet replacement. If the landlord wants to charge a higher rent, they may install new carpets, because leaving the older carpets will make it hard for them to justify charging you more money. Their justification for doing this is that the costs of replacing carpets is high, and since you benefit, you ought to pay for it. Make sure you ask your landlord whether they intend to charge more for rent, as a result of any remodeling.

3 – Safety Issues

Your landlord will do all they can to avoid a lawsuit against them for liability. That’s why they or someone they hire will remove snow off the driveway or walkway to prevent you from falling and hurting yourself. The same goes for carpets that are damaged in such a way that you can trip and suffer bodily injury. Approach carpet replacement from this perspective, and you’re more likely to get the response you want from your landlord. Although some landlords still might find ways just to tack down the carpets, and patch it here and there, rather than replace it.

4 – Health Issues

In addition to physical safety issues, some carpets present a health risk to tenants if not replaced. For example, if you want carpet replacement due to moldy carpets, then the landlord would replace carpets because of the impact it could have on your health. That decision is not always out of their concern for your health though. It might be more about avoiding the need to pay your medical bills, because they failed to act when you made a request for carpet replacement.

You won’t know how your landlord will respond to your request for carpet replacement until you try. Be polite and give a reason that goes beyond you not liking their ugly carpets.

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  1. July 03, 2019 at 2:56 am, Theresa M paulen said:

    I have lived there in bottom 1/2 now moved up stairs, that makes about 22 years. Landlord wants me to do a new contract but the carpets have never been changed and all he did was mostly cosmetic on the place.


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