4 Principles of Interior Decorating for a Living Room

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When interior decorating a living room, you should be both expressing a personality and creating an environment that encourages community. Historically, living rooms in huge homes have been a bit of a misnomer, used more for show than for entertaining, but most modern apartments can no longer afford the space for that function. Apartment living rooms are often the first thing you see when you walk in the door and serve to create the theme and tone of the entire home. See the tips below to decorate yours accordingly.

1. Create Comfort

Socializing should be a central function of your living room. It should act as a place where people are comfortable spending time together, so shun showy but uncomfortable seating and opt for plush love seats, couches and easy chairs. Your best bet is to stay away from white and light fabrics that make you or your guests afraid to enjoy a glass of wine or snack while sitting in your living room. Opt for microfiber seating in richer colors to create an elegant look while still encouraging people to actually sit down and relax.

2. Decorate with Textiles

Look to funky pillows and throw blankets to really build the color scheme in your living room. Contrast pillows in funky patters and fabrics to contrast the richer feel of your seating. If your couches and even walls are comprised of more neutral colors, add some brightness and interest with bright turquoise, rich reds, hazy purples or sunny yellow pillows. Keep this mission in mind with blankets and throws. Toss a throw in an artful patter or color nonchalantly over the corner of your couch to instantly add interest. They’re the perfect dual function decorating tool; they brighten up a room while simultaneously keeping you cozy and comfortable.

3. Encourage Community

Arrange couches, chairs and your television in way that most allows people to comfortably congregate. Face your couches and love seats towards each other, with the TV at the foot of each. Be mindful to create a space for those that would rather talk to one another than tune in for the night’s programming. Group a few chairs off together in a corner so people can converse without disturbing those watching the TV. A few large pillows grouped together on the floor as seating can also serve that purpose and add a bit more of a cozy, bohemian appeal. Be sure to add tiny end tables throughout for drinks or snacks. A large central coffee table is especially helpful for playing board games.

4. Express Yourself

You’ll also want your guests to get a feel for who you are when they sit in your living room. Decorate a wall with a large signature art piece that really reflects your interests or passions. Tack up something from your hometown or even a great place you’ve been on vacation, to serve as a conversation starter. A few elegantly framed, black and white photos of friends and family are also great for fulfilling this purpose.

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