4 Must-Have Apartment Cleaning Supplies

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While there are a wide variety of great cleaning supplies on the market, there are a few cleaning supplies that no apartment should be without. It is true that there are general cleaners that claim to get the job done for the kitchen, the bathroom and the floor; but sometimes you need a more specific cleaning agent to make sure that your apartment is as clean as possible.

1. Bleach

Bleach is absolutely essential to keeping an apartment clean. Not only does it have the intoxicating scent of cleanliness, but it also cleans like no other cleaning solvent will by ridding your apartment of dirt and germs. Bleach is capable of killing any germ that it touches, and it can be used on almost any surface of an apartment, except wood. Because keeping germs down is primary to keeping good health and a clean apartment, bleach is a cleaning supply that no one should be without.

Some consumers tend to have a preference to the name brand over the generic brand when it comes to bleach. For the most part, this is a personal decision. However, the point is that bleach is necessary for keeping a clean apartment.

2. Lysol

Lysol is another one of those excellent cleaning supplies that is an absolute necessity. Lysol is good for cleaning countertops, sinks, bathtubs, and tile. One of the greatest things about Lysol is that it can effectively kill up to 99% of all flu viruses. So not only does Lysol have the capability of cleaning even the dirtiest of surfaces, it can also keep an apartment essentially flu-free.

There is one difference between generic brands of Lysol and the name brand: the killing of the MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) virus. This an extremely contagious infection that can produce severe health conditions when left untreated. The name brand of Lysol is capable of killing this virus; the generic is not.

3. Vinegar

Many apartment owners like to keep white distilled vinegar in the house because it is a cost-effective means of killing mold, bacteria and lime. Because lime and bacteria often tend to build up in the crevices of faucets and in the cracks of bathroom tile, many people choose to use the excellent cleaning power of vinegar.

Arguably, there is controversy over the scent of vinegar, which dissuades some consumers from using it as a cleaning supply. Still, the bottom line is that vinegar is excellent at cleaning even the toughest of germs and bacteria.

4. Coffee Filters and Windex

Yes, that’s right, coffee filters. Windex is one of the most common of all cleaning supplies for keeping mirrors and windows transparent and shiny, but using coffee filters instead of paper towels is a little cleaning trick that most apartment owners have not yet heard of.

Paper towels are not that expensive, but they are more expensive that a 500-count pack of coffee filters. By using coffee filters to clean these types of surfaces, instead of paper towels, you will notice that the windows are mirrors are left streak-free. So, yes, coffee filters and Windex are cleaning supplies that every apartment should have.

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