4 Low Cost Apartment Security Products

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Apartment security products are a must-have for tenants who want to protect themselves and their personal property. No matter where you live, your apartment may be on some burglar’s list. Although having apartment security does not guarantee that your apartment won’t get broken into, it may buy you time to react to danger, and give you leads for catching the criminal. Here are 4 low cost ways to protect yourself:

1. Dead Bolts

Even if your apartment does not have dead bolts on your front and back doors, you have to take responsibility for your protection and put them on. Do whatever you can to get your landlord to allow you to do this. It’s a simple security measure, but it goes a long way to help with burglary protection. Without dead bolts, someone can just kick in your door and force their way in when you’re away, or worse, when you’re home.

2. Peephole

A simple, low cost apartment security product is a peephole. Many tenants take this for granted, and never get one. You need to be able to see who is at your door. You can look through the window, but if there’s a criminal on the other side, you’ll make yourself vulnerable to an attack. You want a wide angle viewer so that you can see well enough. Again, if you don’t have one already on your front and back doors, get them installed.

3. Cameras or Security Monitors

One product that you can get for apartment security (that is more advanced than your peepholes), is a 4-camera security monitoring system. These systems allow you to install 4 cameras at different locations outside of your apartment. It will then record movement and other activities occurring outside of your apartment, and notify you of danger. Some systems will even send images to your email when you’re away, such as the Q-See 4 camera system.

You can’t use these systems if you’re renting in a large apartment building. However, it will work for renters in duplexes or up to 4 unit apartments. These are the most costly of all of the apartment security products listed here, but it’s still a low cost solution when you compare it to the value of your possessions.

4. Electronic Watchdog

If you want to prevent burglars from approaching your apartment in the first place, you can try using an electronic watchdog. These are alarms that sound like you have a barking attack dog in your apartment. As the criminal approaches, the bark gets louder and louder and sounds more ferocious. You can also choose non-barking settings, such as nature sounds, if the situation calls for it. If you live in an apartment building with a lot of activity from fellow tenants, an electronic barking dog may not be the best option. However, it may be a good fit if you share a building with just one other neighbor.

Remember, apartment security products are made to protect your apartment. They warn you of an attack, or prevent one from happening in the first place. However, if a criminal is persistent and gets in your apartment while you’re there, you have to be ready to defend yourself.

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  1. October 09, 2009 at 9:38 pm, security system for apartment said:

    Good tips. It’s also now possible to get a fully monitored alarm system for an apartment — even a rental — just like you would if you were buying a house.


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