4 Inexpensive and Fun Apartment Date Night Ideas

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Date night needn’t cost an excessive amount; with the right planning, you can have fun and memorable experiences with your loved one right at your apartment. Just inviting your date over for the night without a lot of planning can be rather dull. Instead, take advantage of any of these apartment date ideas.

1. Recreate the Cinema Experience

Popping in a DVD may be a rather common apartment date night experience, but you can make it special by putting in a little extra effort, Determine which specific movie or a type of movie your date is interested in seeing and surprise him or her by renting it beforehand (You may want to get an extra in case your date saw the movie already). Make popcorn or whatever cinema snack your date enjoys and get a dimmer switch for your lamp so you can lower the lights once the move begins.

2. Apartment Picnic

If it’s cold, rainy or even too hot outside, picnicking is usually not the best idea. If there are a lot of bugs or your date suffers from pollen allergies, you may never be able to have a romantic picnic date night—unless you have the picnic in your apartment! Move furnishings in your living room or dining room out of the way and spread out a blanket on the ground. Make picnic foods that won’t cause a lot of mess, like sandwiches, chips, fruit, burgers and hot dogs. You can recreate the outdoors more convincingly with an MP3 player playing summer sounds and using a fan to blow a cool breeze.

3. Exquisite Dinner Date

You can replicate the fancy restaurant experience in your apartment for date night at a fraction of the cost. Spaghetti, lasagna and other Italian foods are simple to make and the ingredients are inexpensive. You can also cater more exclusively to your date’s tastes by following a recipe for food from his or her favorite culture. Decorate your kitchen table with a white tablecloth and put an array of flowers on the middle of the table. Get a light switch dimmer for a lamp and play romantic, classical music in the background. Dress up in fancy clothes and ask your date to play along.

4. Game Night

Spending time together laughing can make for an incredible date and it won’t cost much at all. Play video games, board games and/or card games with your date, depending on his or her preferences. If you’re playing video games, an interactive system like the Wii will get you both moving and working up a sweat. Board games can challenge your minds and encourage intellectual discussion. With card games, you can make non-threatening bets, like the loser has to rub the feet of the winner.

An intimate date night in your apartment can prove more enjoyable and memorable than the most expensive wining and dining evening. You can not only save money on your dates, but you can also wind up having a much better time than you would out on the town.

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