4 Hazards of Using a Food Processor

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Using a food processor makes preparing food much more convenient, but you should be aware of the potential hazards of the appliance so that taking the proper precautions to avoid an accident becomes second nature. Here are some common hazards and how to avoid them:

1 – Cut or Broken Fingers

Handling the blades or shredding discs of a food processor, particularly when the machine is still plugged in, may result in cut or even broken fingers. To avoid this hazard, always unplug the machine when not in use, especially when you’re going to take it apart. Do not reach your fingers into the unit even for a second to remove some food debris when the unit is plugged in; you could accidentally hit the on button.

When cleaning the blades, handle each blade individually by the dull edge. If you’d like to take extra precaution, wear thick rubber gloves while rinsing and washing them under water. Use a thick sponge and not your fingers to wash the blades.

2 – Things Falling Into the Appliance

Leaving a food processor on your counter can leave it open to items falling into the unit. If you don’t notice that there are items in the unit before you turn it on, you can break both the appliance and whatever item fell inside. To avoid this, never leave the appliance plugged in when not in use and check the bowl carefully before you plug it in and turn it on. You can also store the unit in a cupboard or more securely out of the way so nearby items don’t fall in.

3 – Appliance Running When Not Properly Secured

Turning on the appliance when all of the parts are not properly secured can result in flying food particles and also more seriously, injured fingers and hands. To avoid this hazard, make sure your unit has a safety switch, which will override the power button when the parts are not properly fastened. If your unit is older and/or doesn’t feature a safety switch, make sure that all of the parts are secured tightly (tilt the unit gently sideways and see if anything rolls around) before plugging it in.

4 – Electrocution

Your food processor most likely runs on electricity, but it also handles foods with moisture and liquids. If you are not careful when you fill or empty the bowl and if you do not properly clean and dry the unit after each use, water can accumulate on the power cord and cause an electric shock when plugged in. Likewise, if you do not properly dry your hands before plugging and unplugging the unit, you could get an electric shock.

Practice proper safety precautions when using a food processor and you’ll be more likely to avoid potentially serious hazards of improper use of this appliance. In addition to these basic tips, don’t forget to supervise all children using the appliance and never let very young children near the appliance at all.

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  1. June 27, 2010 at 2:34 pm, duskh said:

    #3 seems like a non issue now-a-days. If parts aren’t securely on, the machine won’t even operate.


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