4 Flower Bulbs to Grow Year-Round

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Vegetables aren’t the only things you can grow in your apartment. Most renters grow flower bulbs only year round, or they choose to grow both vegetables and flowers. There are exciting ways to use the flowers you grow, from apartment decorating to using flowers to scent homemade candles and soaps. You can grow them in containers indoors or outdoors, or in the ground, if you have access to a backyard. Here are 4 flower bulbs to grow year-round:

1 – Tulips

Tulips are popular because they’re beautiful and easy to grow. They bloom at different times of the year, but you may like them best when they bloom in the spring. To plan for that, you’ll need to plant tulip flower bulbs in the fall. If you want them to bloom non-stop in the spring, you need to choose different varieties, such as early, mid and late blooming varieties. The planning part may not be as easy, but growing and maintaining tulips is easy to do and fun if you enjoy flowers. Choose colors that match your apartment decorating style and colors. There are many colors to choose from, including black, which might be fun to grow if you’ve chosen a contemporary modern decorating theme.

2 – Blazing Star

If you want to grow cut flowers or want to dry your own flowers, buy Blazing Star flower bulbs. These can grow as tall as five feet, depending on which variety you choose. The minimum height is one foot. Blazing Star has other names, so when you’re looking for these flower bulbs and you’re having trouble, try looking for it under these names:

– Button Snake Root

– Gayfeather

– Liatris

– Colic Root

Blazing Star is another favorite among renters who grow flower bulbs, because it can grow in areas of your apartment that only get partial light. If lighting is an issue for you, you should consider it over some of the other flower bulbs that require full sunlight.

3 – Tiger Lily

Add flare to your apartment with a few Tiger Lilies. These are wild flowers, but you can grow them from flower bulbs that you can purchase at most garden stores. You may have to look for it under one of it’s other names, which include:

– Orange Lily

– Day Lily

– Ditch Lily

– Oriental Lily

If you’re looking for an edible variety, in addition to making a decorating statement, then you might try the roots of the Tiger Lillies you grow. The roots are edible and have been used for medicinal purposes. For example, pregnant women can use the roots for controlling morning sickness. You should learn how to prepare it for food or medicine though for your specific variety.

4 – Amaryllis

Amaryllis is the easiest to grow indoors. They grow quickly after planting, within six to eight weeks, which can be encouraging if you’re a novice. If you want to grow something during the winter months, this is it. Amaryllis is a flower that will brighten your day, with it’s distinct trumpet shape and colors. Red and pink is a great color combination to try.

You’ll enjoy watching your flower bulbs turn into flowers in your apartment. Try growing a few of these, before you decide which to grow a lot of in the future.

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