4 Drawer Organization Tips for Your Kitchen

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It’s essential to have a drawer organization system in your kitchen if you want to keep things convenient to reach and save time looking for minutes or even hours for something that could have easily been found with a little thoughtful organizing. Kiss messy habits and those pesky junk drawers goodbye when you commit to drawer organization in your apartment kitchen.

1. Prioritizing Your Drawers

First of all, you want to empty out the contents of your drawers, if they’re already full. Then, decide which drawer you want to dedicate to what. Then, you want to decide what use each drawer should have. Contemplate what you need to have handy in the kitchen. You should opt to make a list of the small things you need to have handy in the kitchen, such as scissors for opening packets, a can opener and a wine key. Depending on how much or how little cooking you do, these necessities will vary.

Some cooks have more than they can fit into drawers, while others who are microwave-reliant use kitchen drawers to store items used in other parts of the house.

2. Designating the Kitchen Drawers

Decide which drawer should be dedicated to which items, in terms of where thte drawers are located. The drawer near the stove should probably house things that are used when baking or oven cooking, such as a timer. The top drawer will likely be for utensils, but some people store their utensils on counter-top containers or cabinets; look at what’s most convenient for your kitchen. The drawers should be designated based on what you use the most. The least-used kitchen items should be in the bottom drawer.

3. Substituting the Junk Drawer

You want to eliminate the junk drawer entirely. Throw away what isn’t important, wanted, treasured or necessary. However, that doesn’t mean that you still don’t have odds and ends. Designate one drawer as the odd and end drawer, and get a drawer organizer from a box store or a place like Ikea. This allows you to have multiple compartments within your drawer. Each compartment should be dedicated to a specific thing, so that even an “anything goes” drawer can be easily navigated to get what is needed when you need it.

4. Packing Your Drawers

When it comes to packing your drawers, many people make the mistake of just piling everything in. After all, it will be concealed by the drawer, making the kitchen itself look clean and organized to visitors. However, how you pack the drawer can be as important as what you pack in it, in terms of making your life easier. Drawer organizers are a must for “anything goes” drawers, but they are also useful for organizing other drawers as well. If you place the food prep necessities in separate sections within a drawer, that eliminates the need to dig through a pile just to get a cookie cutter or can opener.

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