4 Classic Must-Have Cooking Accessories

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Cooking accessories make meal preparation that much easier. With so many gadgets and electronic devices available, it’s easy to forget that people once prepared food without electricity. For a more hands-on approach to cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner, here are some classic must-have cooking accessories.

1 – Apple Slicer, Corer and Peeler

Apples can be used for so many things. Apple slicers, corers and peelers are great cooking accessories that make preparing this delicious fruit for cooking much easier. Coring, peeling and slicing apples by hand can be a long and hard process, whereas throwing the fruit into an electric machine that does it for you takes away from the experience.

An apple corer can make it easier to core the apples with one turn. If you want to save the seeds, a corer is great to use. A peeler makes it possible to peel without the risk of cutting yourself or making your hand too tired when you have a lot of apples to peel. A slicer allows you make wedges in one motion.

2 – Kitchen Knives

Knives can be used for many things in the kitchen, and they’re very essential tools. You can use knives to cut things for cooking, and they can be used in the place of scissors if you don’t have a pair of meat scissors handy. For a truly classic or old-school feeling, you can purchase whole chickens or cuts of meat from a butcher, and use your knives for a do-it-yourself project in the kitchen.

When you buy a knife, make sure that you buy a knife sharpener too. That way you can sharpen them when they get dull instead of having to throw them out.

3 – Spatula

A spatula is a very important cooking accessory to have in the kitchen. It’s one of the best tools to use with fried foods. When you buy a spatula you have to make sure that they aren’t the cheap breakable ones. They have to be resistant to heat to fry anything. Most spatulas are made out of plastic and will melt under too much heat. Stainless steel spatulas eliminate this problem. Spatulas are extremely useful when preparing breakfast, and you can use them to make French toast, omelets and pancakes.

4 – Grater

A grater is a great cooking accessory, and it can be used for more things than just cheese. For example, you can use a grater for shredding garlic. The holes in cheese graters vary in size. Some even give you more than one shredding option. It all depends upon what you want and need. Some people prefer the multi-option graters because they can be used for more than one shredding requirement in a recipe. It also saves you the money of having to buy more than one grater for each thing.

Classic cooking accessories are important to have, especially if you want to learn how to cook in a more old-fashioned way. There’s a reason why culinary school still use these classic must-haves in the kitchen, and you can enjoy the benefits of preparing foods that much more when you put these tools to work.

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