3 Vegetable Gardening Tips for the Urban Green Thumb

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Vegetable gardening tips for an urban garden can help a green thumb’s crops flourish even more. Here are three tips to help maximize the yield in your urban garden space:

1. Use of Computers

Computerized systems such as those manufactured by Argus Controls can be used by an experienced urban gardener. These computer systems use automated system to control the nutrient supply, provide irrigation management, carry out insect elimination and offer water treatment. They also control the fertilization supply to the crops grown in the vegetable garden. This eliminates most of the hard work for the gardener.

2. Selection of Vegetables for the Urban Garden

When choosing the type of crops for the vegetable garden, you should grow two varieties of a crop. Hence, if tomatoes are selected, a determinate as well as an indeterminate type of tomato crop should be grown. The determinate crop will bear all the fruit at the same time, and the indeterminate crop will bear fruit gradually during the course of the season. In this way, you will have a continuous supply of tomatoes throughout the season and for some part of the season you will have a larger crop.

3. Organic Farming

You can use organic methods of pest control and fertilization to achieve optimum results. Over a period of time, pests have grown resistant to most chemical pesticides. The use of bug vacuums can be used to eliminate pests that affect the produce of an urban garden. Organic liquid and granular fertilizers not only help increase the yield of crops but prevent chemical wastes related to agriculture. The addition of organic nitrogen to the soil can improve soil fertility and increase the sweetness and firmness of vegetables, while decreasing the ripening time of the crop. The soil should not have an excess of nitrogen, as this can damage the crop and pose a health hazard for the consumer as well.

The innovative use of modern technology can help a green thumb to further increase the yield of their crops. You will also be able to make maximum use of the limited space available to you for your garden.

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