3 Types of Indoor Compost Bins

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There are several types of indoor compost bins available in different sizes and shapes. These include metal bins, plastic bins and homemade wooden bins.

1. Metal Compost Bins

Metal compost bins are relatively expensive when compared to other types, but they’re also more durable. Metal bins do not absorb the smell of the organic waste inside them, and are therefore easier to clean and handle.

2. Plastic Compost Bins

Plastic compost bins can be bought for a fraction of the cost of metal ones. They are sleek in appearance and come in various colors. These bins can be color-coordinated to the rest of the kitchen. Plastic compost bins are also easy to clean. However, plastic tends to absorb smell, and after a short while, these can be difficult to handle because of the odor that surrounds them. Plastic bins also tend to crack or break, and this can be a nuisance as the waste can spill out.

3. Wooden Compost Bins

You can make your own compost bin at home using some pieces of wood that can be nailed together. Wood allows for better circulation of air and such bins are spacious and can hold a lot of waste. However, it’s difficult to keep rodents and other pests out of such bins.

The type of indoor compost bin you choose to use should be of the appropriate size. It should be easy to use and keep clean. Ensure that the bin you buy or make has a cover to keep out unwanted pests. It should have holes in it to allow for circulation of air, because this can help speed up the composting process.

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  1. October 14, 2011 at 12:30 pm, terre said:

    Great to see this article about composting!

    We use a plastic 2-quart pitcher for our compost bin, which sits in the corner of sink. it’s the best thing I’ve used in 25 years of composting. It’s opaque white so you can see when it’s full. The lid inserts into the mouth of the pitcher so it’s easy to pull off and also to turn so no smells escape. And the wide mouth of the pitcher makes it easy to dump and to clean.


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