3 Tips for Looking for Roommates

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Looking for roommates can be fear-inducing. Knowing what to look for in a roommate and where to look is difficult at best, particularly if it is your first time searching. When looking for roommates, identify how many people you need and the characteristics you want (and those you don’t want) your roommate to possess. It is also beneficial to keep track of where you have looked and who you have interviewed. Here are three tips to facilitate your search:

1. Establish Numbers

Do you want two roommates or four? The number of roommates you want will impact where you look and the characteristics you look for when interviewing potential roommates. Establishing how many roommates you want before you start looking will help you identify who you want to live with easier. When determining this number, consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home or apartment and how much rent you want to pay.

2. Make a List

Think about the characteristics your roommate absolutely must have. Do you want a roommate who is clean and doesn’t smoke? What about one who rarely travels, is in school or who likes to cook? Knowing what you’re looking for makes your search much simpler.

Similarly, identify those characteristics that you cannot stand. Consider lifestyle, party habits and financial stability. Sometimes, knowing what you don’t want is better than knowing what you do want.

3. Keep Records

Make your search easier on yourself by keeping track of where you look and who you have talked to. If you have posted notices online, on your school’s bulletin board or in the newspaper, jot down these locations and the dates you checked them. Then, when you receive responses, write down who responded to your notice and when they responded. This helps you keep track of interviewees, making it easier to return to the ones you like to invite them to live with you.

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