3 Options for an Apartment-Size Baby Safety Gate

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One of the first items on your baby gift registry, or shopping list needs to be a baby safety gate. Before you know it, your baby will be motoring around your apartment, getting into many rooms and things that you don’t want them to. It’s difficult to keep your eye on them every moment, but in a split second when you’re not looking, they could injure themselves. You may also want to give them freedom to roam in a confined space. A baby safety gate is best for that, and there are many options to choose from.

1 – Pressure-Mounted Gate

These are portable baby safety gates that require no drilling in the installation process, which makes them easy to set up.  If you’re concerned about leaving holes in the wall, which can lead to you losing some of your security deposit, then these are a good option. These can fit doors that measure 26 to 38 inches wide. You can find some that fit wider doors as well. There is one scenario where you not should use these, and that’s at the top of stairs. It’s not sturdy enough to hold the weight your baby, and if they climb up on it, they can knock it down and fall down the stairs. Wood is the best materials to buy. Stay away from metal coated ones, because your baby may suck on it.

2 – Hardware-Mounted Gate

If you have stairs, then you’ll need a hardware-mounted gate. Instead of using pressure, you drill holes and use nails and brackets to hold the gate in place. You can either use doors or walls to install this type of baby safety gate. It’s more of permanent gate, although you can move it when you’re moving out. The cost of paying your landlord for holes that you drill is nothing, when compared to your baby’s safety. Don’t be afraid to use these on stairs, but you can use other gates elsewhere in the apartment that are not on stairs. You can find ones that fit doors between 26 and 38 inches wide, or larger. Don’t buy ones with aluminum coating, because you baby will suck on it which is toxic.

3 – Retractable Gates

If you want to get in and out of rooms easily and leave a gate up at all time, a retractable gate is your best option. You can find ones made of mesh screens and you affix to walls with a bracket. When you want to use it, just pull to unroll the screen and attach it to a bracket on the opposite wall. You can find ones that fit doors that are 26 to 72 inches wide. Any gate should be at least three quarters their height, and you measure that from the floor to the top of the gate.

Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) issues its own certification based on its standards for baby products. It’s a reputable certification, and many parents have come to rely on their certification on products, knowing it’s been tested and vetted for safety issues. When comparing baby safety gates, see whether they are JPMA certified. Once your baby weighs 30 pounds, a gate is no longer effective.

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