3 Benefits of an Air Purifier

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You’ve no doubt seen or heard at least one commercial advertising air purifiers. Many people did not grow up using one, and often don’t give it a second though. However, once you realize the benefits of owning and using an air purifier, it might be your next major purchase. Here are 3 benefits of an air purifier, in case you didn’t know:

1. Allergy Relief

Suffering outdoors from exposure to allergens can be miserable enough. You don’t have to suffer indoors with an air purifier. It doesn’t perform miracles, but it does cleanse the air of dust, pollens, pet dander and other things that can agitate allergies. This is the number one reason why many renters choose to buy an air purifier. If you suffer from allergies, then you may not have much of a choice but to buckle down and pay for one. It may be one of the best things you can buy for your apartment.

2. Stops You From Breathing in Mold

Moisture and oxygen mixed together can produce mold indoors. High humidity areas, such as bathrooms attract mold easily, but just about anywhere in your home is susceptible to it. For example, if you spill a good amount of water on your carpet and don’t get the water out, it will get moldy over time. Your plumbing may leak from time to time, especially if you live in an older apartment. The worse thing you can do is breath in the air under moldy conditions. Mold in the air can lead to many health problems, and your health care costs will far exceed the cost of an air purifier. Use an air purifier to improve the quality of air while you fight to get rid of the mold.

3. Removes Heavy Metals

Ionic air purifiers is one type of air purification system that removes heavy metals from the air. If you have children living with you who have compromised immune systems, or are other wise sensitive to heavy metals and toxins, then you’ll benefit from an ionic air purifier. For example, if you live with a child who has autism, you can remove heavy metal toxins from the air, which can greatly improve their symptoms. The other air purifiers, mechanical and electrical air purifiers, don’t remove heavy metals. Be careful when using these, however, because they do produce small amounts of ozone, which can outweigh the benefits of removing heavy metals from the air. The solution is to buy an ionic air purifier that emits the least amount of ozone, and don’t keep it running all the time.

You can put an air purifier in any room of your apartment, and buy one in a color that matches your decor. However, if you’re more concerned about the health benefits more than style, then a reputable one with excellent reviews in any color will work. Research ahead of time the care and maintenance required for any air purifier before you make a purchase. Some require more work than others.

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