3 Bad Neighbor Habits to Avoid

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Very few people actually want to be a bad neighbor, but if you don’t pay attention, your neighbors may think you’re one. Although no one may take the step to approach you about your habits, people around you may resent the fact that you live among them. You have to care enough about your neighbors to spot problems, and make the corrections to allow your fellow tenants to enjoy living in their apartments too. Avoid the following bad neighbor habits, and apologize to them if you’re done of any of these:

Bad Neighbor Habit #1: Barking Dog

Dogs bark, which is fine. Excessive barking in an apartment, where you’re in close proximity to other tenants is not good. Imagine coming home after working long hours and all you want to do is sleep. You can’t sleep though, because your neighbor’s dog keeps barking. You can’t knock on the door and ask them to stop the dog from barking, because your neighbor is at work or school. Imagine the stress you would go through, trying to run a home on very little sleep. Don’t be that bad neighbor.  If you don’t have time to train your dog, get the tools and devices that you need to minimize the barking or the money to hire a pet walker, don’t have a dog. You have a higher responsibility not to harm your fellow man or woman.

Bad Neighbor Habit #2: Don’t Dispose of Your Trash Properly

Some apartment buildings offer a large dump container for tenants to get rid of trash. The written or unwritten rule is that everyone should make the trash fit inside so that the lid closes. Most truck companies that haul the trash away, won’t touch it if the lid is not shut. As a result, trash stays for another week, and so does the lingering smell. Don’t be the one that doesn’t fit the trash in the dump. If you see that the dump container is too full, find other ways to get rid of it. You should avoid being the reason why the apartment complex or small apartment building smells bad.

Bad Neighbor Habit #3: Loud Car Music

It’s a good first step to keep your music down in your apartment. If you’re not already lowering your music, movies, talk radio or other audio in your apartment, do so. You need to extend that rule to the car. It may not be a big deal to you to announce your arrival with loud and jolting music in the car. It’s only for a minute or two, right? That’s enough time to wake up a small baby whose mom just spent the last hour trying to put them to sleep. It’s enough time to distract a medical student who’s studying for a major exam just a few hours away. Lower the music in your car, and give your neighbors a break from the noise.

Avoid these bad neighbor habits, and replace them with good ones that will make other tenants, sing your praises.

2 Responses to “3 Bad Neighbor Habits to Avoid”

  1. July 13, 2010 at 10:49 pm, mitch said:

    Even if a loud noise only lasts a few moments, if someone wakes up the disturbance has already occurred. Quieting down right after you realize you’ve disturbed someone is no use, they’ve been woken up, the emotional damage has been done. It doesn’t matter that you’ve now stopped the activity. They are still going to be upset and you are liable.

    Living at home with my mom and dad, I know that nothing irks them more than being active at night, and when I hear them stirring and beginning to wake up, I smoothly slip back into bed and turn off all lights, not even leaving any mess or spills, no trace whatsoever that I was awake. Not only did I disturb their sleep, but it’s actually made worse by the fact of me appearing that I am covering-up my act by stealthfully maneuvering back to my bed.

    Even if your noise doesn’t wake up the neighbors wide awake, noise can still cause their sleep to not be as deep or restful as if you were quiet. Vibrations, lights, noise, etc at levels below the threshold of actually waking someone up can interfere with their sleep quality, especially REM patterns, which can cause long-term damage to their health. You could be destroying your neighbor’s health slowly without them even knowing about it! Your television with horror movies and screaming sounds could be loud enough to enter your neighbor’s dreams if it’s not loud enough to actually wake them up.


  2. February 11, 2020 at 6:55 am, Dora Bustos said:

    I'm in a nitemare.
    All of the above apply plus thier kids,and more kids and now unknowns go on my stairs up and down to aggregate and harras me.
    It's a nitemare.
    Where is a law that says unknowns cannot climb on stairs,especially if they live downstairs or not even live here!!
    But the mother and grandmother hate me ,I mean to the point to hurt me.
    I'm over 65
    They are 48 and 20 something with them monsters.


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