21 Cool DIY Gifts to Make for Dad This Father’s Day

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Young girl shares a beautiful handmade Father's Day card with her dad.

It’s always hard to pick the perfect gift for dad, but with shopping options limited this year because of a global pandemic, it seems more challenging than ever. Take the stress out of the situation by making him a gift from the heart and hands with these fun DIY projects that are so easy, kids of all ages can make them (with maybe a little help from mom or an older sibling, in some cases). Just click on the links for more info and detailed instructions.

Beer Bouquet

It doesn’t have to be beer, just as long as it’s dad’s favorite beverage. After all, this day is all about him. Put a homemade paper flower atop each can or bottle and watch your dad light up with glee as he enjoys a gift made just for him.

Bird Feeder

Cover different shapes with colorful birdseed and join dad as he watches a variety of species flock to the backyard for a tasty snack. Just be sure to put them far enough away so the birds don’t hit you as they come in for the food!

Bloody Mary Makings in a Jar

Make having a tangy breakfast cocktail on weekends easy for dad by packing all the fixings for Bloody Marys in a big mason jar. Throw in a couple of good spices to add even more flavor to this gift.

Caramel Crunch Brownies

Caramel Crunch Brownies

Tickle dad’s sweet tooth with a batch of homemade caramel crunch brownies. Pack them in a fancy box with a big ribbon on it for extra flair.

Citronella “Man-dles”

Make some manly citronella candles to fend off mosquitoes around dad’s campfire or grill. Clean out some paint cans really well and use them to hold the candles for an edgy DIY feel.

Colorful Kite

Bring out the kid-side of dad with a kite you make him yourself. The joy of watching him running to keep it soaring high is well worth the effort on your part, and it’s sure to be a gift he’ll never forget.

Dad Pancakes

Your parents may have made you pancakes shaped like hearts or Mickey Mouse when you were a kid, but now it’s your turn to be creative with them. Whip some up in the shape of tools, golf clubs and tees, a bowling ball and pins, or anything else you know your dad loves dearly.

Personalized Garden Stone

Find (or buy) a big rock, clean it up, and decorate it with colors and phrases you know your dad loves. Whenever he’s gardening or just kicking back in the yard, he’ll be able to stop and appreciate his special relationship with you — and what could make a dad happier than that?

DIY Pre-Shave Oil

Dad may be tough as nails, but every man likes to have his face pampered. This natural blend of grapeseed oil, olive oil, and essential oil will nourish his skin and make shaving easier than ever before. Ask mom for help in choosing an essential oil scent he might like.

DIY Shaving Cream

When you make dad this special rosemary-mint scented natural shaving cream, you can be sure no one else will give him the same gift. Make a big batch so it will last him all year.

Easy Homemade Pickles

Pickle-loving dads will think of you every time they bite into one of these scrumptious homemade pickles flavored with garlic, lemon juice, and dill seed. Just be sure to make them at least a day ahead of time so you can refrigerate them to crunchy perfection.

Homemade Taco Seasoning

Nothing makes a taco, fajita, or quesadilla sing like homemade taco seasoning. Make it in a pint jar so it will last him for a while when he whips up his next Mexican miracle.

Hot Pepper Olive Oil

If Dad likes his food with a touch of fiery flavor, this homemade hot pepper-infused olive oil will definitely hit the spot. It’s super easy to make, and you can use it on eggs, vegetables, meat, fish, and pretty much anything else you want.

Personalized Smartphone Case

Buy a plain smartphone case and decorate it with photos of your dad’s favorite places, his precious kids, and anything else that makes him smile. He’ll think of you every time the phone rings.

Personalized Spatula

Dads often believe they’re the kings of grilling and love to wield big spatulas. Buy one with a big, wide wooden handle for your dad and decorate it with his name, his best grill food, and anything else that’ll make his outdoor cooking time extra special.

Printable Bottle Tags

Get creative and make a list of dad’s favorite puns or phrases. Then use them to create these fun tags on a computer, print them out, and stick them on his favorite bottles of beer, wine, and soda.

Soothing Natural Soap

Handmade soap is one of those rare gifts pretty much everyone loves.

There’s nothing like good natural soap to make a shower extraordinary. When you make it yourself, it becomes even more special. If you’re really trying to score some good kid points, choose a fragrance that appeals to both dad and mom.

String Art

It’s surprisingly easy to make a lovely string art project that Dad can proudly display in his office or favorite room in the house. Make it special by using his favorite colors and shapes that reflect his favorite place or hobby.

Super Dad Candy Card

The little ones will get a kick out of picking out Dad’s favorite candy bar and dressing it up as a superhero. It’s super easy and the results are adorable.

The Joy of Jerky

Lots of dads snack on beef jerky. Just imagine your dad’s surprise when you present him with a batch you made yourself from beef roast or flank steak! Just make sure to start this project well ahead of time so it has time to cure.

Tie Rack

A piece of wood and some colorful dowels are easy to transform into a homey tie rack to neatly hold all those ties your dad’s received as gifts over the years. This thoughtful gift is sure to be treasured for a long time to come.

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