2016 Design Trends

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Happy new 2016 year

Welcome to 2016! The end of one year and the beginning of another always seems to be a time to look back and reflect while at the same time look forward and plan. What design trends will 2016 bring? Should you consider incorporating any new looks this year?

Predicating the hot color for the next year is always a big one. What hue will we see popping up on walls and furnishings? You may remember 2015 was the year of Marsala, an earthy wine color. This year experts are forecasting some interesting groupings, perfect for incorporating a new color into your existing look. If you are craving liveliness, combine bright yellow with jeweled blue or green tones. A more soothing combo would be soft corals, greens and creams. Sustainable and organic are still buzzwords this year, so think natural with shades of rust, stone, seafoam green or seaside blue.

If you see a color you love but are unsure how to add it to your décor, think small accents in the beginning. Consider the colors in your existing rooms, which one will the new hue best blend with? If it’s the bedroom, go for a new duvet or large pillows. In the kitchen, purchase new seat cushions or towels. If you are really enthusiastic, paint your kitchen chairs. The living room is typically the easiest place – invest in new curtains, purchase a throw blanket or pick up some floor cushions.

Any furniture piece you invest in this year, make sure it is curvy. Hard lines are out, soothing curves are in. You want your chairs to envelop you and your table to be a circular shape that bring everyone together. If you are looking to just add a few accessories, look for ceramic vases, frames, bowls, etc. Be sure they are textured and with an interesting form and pattern.

One trend that may not be for everyone is space. Yep, anything celestial will be big this year so think midnight blue with metallic accents. Blues are going to be a popular hue this year anyway, make sure yours are in a rich shade if you want to incorporate this trend. Space design also embraces the curvaceous inclination. A curved coffee table and small stools will be perfect living room additions (think planetary shapes). Invest in new futuristic shaped lamp shades or add in chunks of natural materials like agate or quartz. A textured rug in white or gray will give your floors a planet-like look.

Back on earth, we mentioned earlier that the eco trend is still going strong. Look for locally crafted items made from natural materials. This means anything woven, crocheted, macramé, etc. Blankets, bedspreads, and rugs are great finds. Hand thrown pottery is gorgeous and timeless as a lamp base, book shelf accent or vase.

When it comes to décor, don’t go overboard on the trendiness. Styles come and go so be sure to pick affordable pieces for a look you’ll still love in 12 months.

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    Do you plan on jumping on board with any of these trends, or perhaps combining them like many of the designs featured here? Or do have any predictions of your own? Let us know in the comments!


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