2014 Apartment Design Trends

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blue pillowNew Year, new look to the apartment? If you’re thinking the home could use a little freshening up this year, we’ve got some tips for you. What’s hot/what’s not for home decorating in 2014?

Is blue the new black?

Seems this azure shade is going to be the hot interior color for this year. While blue is never on the no-go list, its popularity, like most other shades, comes and goes. Don’t be thinking bright and brassy though; think calming and restful hues of blue. You might not want to go as pale as baby blue, but definitely towards the pastel side of the spectrum. Where to incorporate it? Look around and decide what could use replacing and start there. Maybe a new throw for the sofa or a new bedspread in the bedroom? Pillows, rugs and lamp shades are also great ways to carefully insert a new color into your décor. Complementary colors for blue include yellow and white, so think holistically when adding something new. For walls though, grey contains to be the designers go to color of choice.

If that’s too calm for your bold personality, think turquoise and throw in splash of coral for a room that radiates brightness all winter long.

Naturally yours

Distressed wood and rustic furniture add warmth to any room as do natural fabrics and lots of texture. Artisanal accessories will also be popular but they needn’t break the bank. Pick up something you love by a local artist to add creativity and interest to your room.

Flowery touches

While geometric was the hot shape for 2013, the look is moving more towards florals. Could this be connected to the calming blue shade? Maybe for 2014 we all want some serenity on the home front. Florals are difficult though. Too much and it can easily look like a flower shop exploded in your room – and that’s not a good thing. Accent pieces are best here – a few pillows, perhaps some new curtains? Also consider your wall art. If some new pictures could be hung, you could incorporate the floral theme that way.

Retro, modern, contemporary, classic? Yes!

Mixing styles continues to be popular as no one seems to want a room that screams one time period. Good news for apartment dwellers because they can mix and match things that have been donated to their apartment with those picked up second-hand as well as with the choice new pieces. Colored glass accessories will also be the rage as well gold accents, so there’s really a little something for everyone and if you don’t like one trend, another one is sure to come along and catch your eye.

As always, make sure to insert your personality into the place – that never goes out of style!

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