10 Essential Tools and Supplies for DIY Home Decorating

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Invest a small amount of money on some essential tools and supplies to make DIY home decorating projects less hassle and more manageable. This will cost far less than hiring someone to do these jobs and the items will be there for future projects. Here you will find 10 essential supplies and tools that will make doing your own home decorating convenient and successful:

1.  Paint Brushes and Rollers

Painting projects can be big or small so it is a good idea to have a small angle brush for edges and a larger brush for bigger areas. Paint rollers will also come in handy when painting walls and ceilings. Do not get the cheapest quality brushes and rollers. Painting will be much easier if the quality of the painting products is sufficient, so plan on investing a little bit in this area. Then be sure to wash them right away and take good care of these items so they can be reused for future projects.

2.  Step Ladder

No matter how tall you are, a step ladder will be needed. Avoid the unsafe situation of grabbing the nearest object or piece of furniture, and using it to help reach something. A step ladder is safer and they can usually be folded up for easy storage when not in use.

3. Wall Putty and Putty Knife

When painting, re-doing a wall arrangement, or fixing a mistaken nail hole, reach for the putty! The knife is also essential for easy application and flawless results.

4.  Painters Tape

Because this specialized tape goes on easy and comes off easy, it can be used for marking off designated painting areas without worry. Painters tape can also assist with planning hanging arrangements by marking sections and relevant levels on the wall.

5.  Old Sheets and Rags

Don’t throw them out! Protect the floors and furniture from paint or debris when doing messy projects. The rags will be great for dirty hands so household linens do not need to be sacrificed.

6.  Hammer and Wire Nails

Arranging and hanging picture frames and other wall decorations will require these kind of nails along with a hammer. These are strong nails that do not leave huge holes in the wall so if a mistake is made, grab the wall putty and its no big deal.

7.  Level

Finally a plan is in place for arranging picture frames and other wall decorations. Avoid accidental lop-sided arrangements by using a level.

8.  Tape Measure

This tool is essential in many situations having to do with home decor.  Spacing wall decorations, rearranging furniture, hanging curtains, and adding cabinet door knobs are just a few projects that will become easier when using a tape measure.

9.  Drill and Screws

When hanging items such as selves or large pieces of framed art, it is wise to bump it up a notch from wire nails. Using appropriate sized screws will ensure that heavier items will stay put!

10.  Flathead Screwdriver

Whether you need to pry the lid open on a gallon of paint, lift the staples on the back of a frame to add pictures, or manually adjust existing screws, this tool is a must!

Invest a little now, then continue to reap the benefits years from now! Have all of these essential items convenient and readily available. This will allow decorating to happen as ideas and projects arise.

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