Wine Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

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Wine collectors spend a lot of time thinking about wine storage as part of their overall strategy for finding, keeping and drinking their favorites. But some of the most traditional wine storage options take up a fair amount of space. Bulky wooden wine cellar racks can dominate a floor space, and conventional refrigerated wine cellars can be hard to fit into a small space design. But for those who have a smaller studio apartment or other tiny space, there are other alternatives for storing a collection of wine bottles. Here are some ways to fit your collection of vintage bottles into a small housing unit.

The Micro Fridge

A mini refrigerator can be a great way to store a collection of whites, or even reds that some experts recommend cooling. The traditional debate over cooling red wine can go on forever, but it seems that with newer vintages and greater international wine experimentation, there are a fair number of red wines and rose varietals that can benefit from cooling. When your mini fridge is not functioning as a wine cellar, it can cool other drinks or anything else without taking up a huge amount of space. Modern mini fridge options are also easy to transport, with a compact, lightweight style that makes them perfect for more transient wine collectors. Those who have dealt with both types of coolers, the old bulky ones and new lighter models, will know how much easier it is to deal with today’s space-saving and energy-saving appliances. Look for mini fridge models with the federal government’s Energy Star recommendation for saving dollars as well as space in your wine cellar setup.

Vertical Wine Racks

Those with a preference for wooden wine cellars can also save space by building vertical. Keep in mind that although classical wine racks may store bottles nearly horizontal, there is no law against storing them diagonally. You may want to research whether specific vintages need “wet corking” where horizontal storage kept the wine up against the interior end of the cork for long term preservation.

Hanging Metal Wine Racks

Another great option is a hanging metal wine rack. Many of these new wine storage facilities have interesting spiral features, where the wine bottle is really supported by just a few small appendages of the hanging rack, suspended above the ground. However, anyone considering one of these installations should really examine it to see how easy it is to knock a bottle off of a rack. Because these metal racks are often so free-form, they can leave bottles vulnerable to breakage if the rack is jarred, or if someone removes a bottle the wrong way. Classic wooden structures give bottles more support, but if it tests out okay, a metal rack can save a lot of space and provide a great display for bottles, where visitors can easily read labels.

Try the above for handier ways to store wines in a smaller apartment or housing space.


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  1. November 04, 2009 at 7:21 pm, Rae said: can hold up to 12-16 bottles and are great for storing wine at 55 degrees, which is the optimal temperature.


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