What is a Bachelor Apartment?

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If you are single and desire a place of your own without spending a lot of money each month, a bachelor apartment may be the perfect choice for you. A bachelor apartment is one that combines the bedroom, living room and kitchen (or kitchenette) in the one room unit. Although small in size, it’s a good choice for someone who wants to avoid roommates and save money while living in a city or town.

Size of a Bachelor Apartment

Most bachelor apartments are somewhere between 250 to 600 square feet. The less square feet, the cheaper the apartment tends to be. In any given city, bachelor apartments are usually the cheapest choice for an apartment home. Sometimes, there will be old hotels that are converted into apartment homes, in which most of the apartments available are bachelor apartments. As such, bachelor apartments are typically the size of an inexpensive, basic hotel room, as a comparison measure for those who haven’t yet checked out bachelor apartments.

Layout of a Bachelor Apartment

Many bachelor apartments share a basic layout: the single room combines the living room, kitchen and sleeping area. In some bachelor apartments, the kitchen may have a window partition to separate it partly from the rest of the room, but rarely is the kitchen or kitchenette its own separate room in a bachelor apartment. Don’t worry, the bathroom is still usually a completely separate room. Yet, the bathroom for a bachelor apartment is usually much smaller than a typical bathroom in a one-bedroom apartment.

In some bachelor apartment homes, there will be shared, communal bathrooms. This is quite rare, and it occurs in cities when a former hostel or hotel was converted into an apartment complex. Although this does sound undesirable, those apartments can be found for an extremely discounted price. Because the transient nature of those homes, they often come fully furnished as well, making them a viable option for those who can only afford a small amount for rent and are only staying in a city temporarily.


Sometimes, a bachelor apartment is confused with a studio apartment. Like a bachelor apartment, a studio apartment combines the bedroom and living room into one. Yet, a bachelor apartment is often much smaller than a studio apartment, and a studio apartment often has a separate room for the kitchen and even sometimes an alcove where sleeping quarters can be separated from the rest of the apartment. The latter is rarely found in a bachelor apartment. Also, bachelor apartments and studio apartments are both offered in many apartment complexes, with the bachelor apartment being the smallest, cheapest option for independent living.

Also, while the stereotype of who lives in a bachelor apartment is a college student or financially strapped adult, many others are opting for this apartment choice. From young, working professionals to older people who may have sold their homes, more people are seeing the advantages to the small, yet inexpensive and convenient, bachelor style apartment.

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