Typical Moving Costs to Expect When Moving within the Same City

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Before you move, it makes sense to know some typical moving costs to see whether you can afford it. There are more moving expenses than might think, even if you’re moving within the same city. If you’re caught unaware, you might spend more than you intended. Don’t approach a move without first tallying up the costs. Here’s what you can expect:

Packing Supplies

Typical moving costs can be expensive because of all the boxes you have to buy. One way to lower costs is by going to grocery stores and asking for boxes. They are often willing to give you boxes that they are throwing out. Bubble wrap, markers and other packing related supplies cost money, and these little items can add up. Check on www.freecycle.org or www.craigslist.com to see if you can get these things for free, or cheap.

Moving Company

Transportation expenses will average about $500 when you use a moving company to move you within the same city. Budget around $20 to $30 for each employee of a moving company as a tip. If you have something very big and/or special, like a computer or musical instruments, these will cost more for special handling.

Truck Rental Company

Hiring a moving company is not for everyone, due to the cost and potential risk of stolen, lost or damaged items. If you don’t want to hire a moving company, you can rent a truck. Look at what you have. The size of the truck you want to rent will depend upon the volume of your items. The costs will vary with the size of the truck you’re renting, with rates starting as low as about $20. You can also rent a hitch for your car or truck instead.

Fuel Prices

Rising fuel prices will impact your typical moving costs. Budget between $50 and $75 for round trips if you’re using a standard car to move most of your items. If you rent a truck, you will need to budget even more. A moving company will factor in the costs for diesel fuel, which is even more expensive.


A truck rental company will provide insurance. However, you should purchase insurance above that amount, to make sure that you have enough coverage. Insurance is not just a typical moving cost; it’s wise to carry it. If you’re moving your belongings in your own car, ask your insurance company to verify what is covered.

Storage Facility

When you have trouble finding an apartment, or if your apartment is not ready yet, you may need to rent storage space. If you’re going  to stay in a temporary apartment, most likely it won’t have enough space for your belongings. Storage services give you a place to put things until you move into your new apartment. Renting a storage area is a potential moving cost that has to be accounted for.

Totaling the typical moving costs can be scary if this is your first move, but finding out when it’s too late can be a painful surprise. Knowing the costs will help you plan your move.

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