The Top 4 Complaints About Moving and Storage Companies

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Moving and storage companies are often a mainstay in the typical apartment dweller’s life. Between relocating due to school, jobs or unruly roommates and not having the space to keep all of the valuable items you just can’t store in a small apartment, using movers, moving pods and storage pods is an apartment dweller necessity. Do your research before you hire anyone to move or store your stuff and don’t let yourself get taken advantage of.

1 – Not Getting It in Writing

Never let yourself be talked into a verbal contract. One of the biggest complaints against moving and storage companies results after companies give attractive bids over the phone and once they have your items in their possession, they refuse to give you access to them or return them until you pay exorbitant hidden fees. Perhaps they deliver your items days or weeks late because you have no legal recourse to make them stick to the verbal agreement. Reputable companies don’t work under the table. Insist that all fees and terms are put in a written contract or take your business elsewhere. Should you find yourself being essentially blackmailed by movers or storage facilities, contact an attorney immediately. 

2 – Unclear Measurements

Even if you have your moving and storage terms in writing, you must make sure those terms are clear. Movers and storage companies should never charge by “cubic feet.” The proper way to charge for moving boxes is by weight, which is a fair measurement for their services. Likewise, a storage company should not charge by the box or by weight, so long as you comply with their regulations and can fit all of your items in a safe manner within your storage pods or garage.

3 – Damaged or Lost Items

Getting your items back in poor condition-or even not getting everything back at all-is another major complaint when dealing with less than reputable companies. Movers can break things in transit and both moving pods and storage pods can invite pests, water damage and mildew should they not be properly maintained by these companies. You should have all liabilities clearly defined in a written contract before you sign the dotted line and make sure you get movers/renters insurance. Do some research to see if other customers have had frequent problems with lost and damaged items.

4 – Harsh Payment Policies

Make sure you understand all of your payment obligations and the consequences of late and missing payments. Reputable moving and storage companies will help you understand these terms. Although they may be perfectly within their legal right to do so, a top complaint about some movers and storage facilities is harsh late payment policies. After years of reliable payments, even the first payment that’s a mere day late can result in a storage or moving company seizing or denying access to property.

Moving and storage companies are often reputable and willing to help make your moving or storage process as painless as possible. However, there are times when moving and storing things can become a headache, so arm yourself with the knowledge of how to avoid becoming yet another complaining customer.


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