Small Space Storage: 3 Clever Ways to Store Your Summer Clothes

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While living in a small space can be troublesome when trying to decide where to store your summer clothes, all you really have to do is a little reorganizing. There are a few untapped resources around your apartment that you can utilize when making the switch from summer to winter clothing. Here is a list of those untapped resources and some advice on how you can use them to benefit your storage needs.

1. Store Your Summer Clothes under the Bed

The underneath of your bed is either the largest untapped resource that you have or the most cluttered place in your entire house. But in order to be efficient about finding a way to store your summer clothes, you are going to have to look under your bed.

Because your be takes up the largest amount of square footage in your bedroom, you have a lot of floor space that previously had no purpose; until now. What you need to do is invest in some three foot long by three inch tall plastic storage containers. With containers of this size, you can probably fit at least seven to ten outfits in each one.

The nice thing about these containers being three feet long is that they allow you to utilize all of the space that is underneath your bed by covering the entire floor space from each side of your bed. And depending upon what size bed you have, you should be able to fit at least three of these containers underneath it.

By doing this, you can not only get your summer clothes out of your way, but you can also hide them from being visible to anyone by covering the underneath of your bed with your bed sham.

2. Use the Shelves in Your Closet

If you have an extreme overage of summer clothes which you cannot possibly fit under the bed in their entirety, you need to make viable use of the upper shelving units in your closet. Chances are that you have everything up there from shoes to household supplies to some of last years Christmas presents. However, if you are looking to store your clothes somewhere, you are going to have to go through the sludge and make room for them.

The best way to utilize the shelving in your closet is to buy some Rubbermaid, or generic plastic, tubs and hide away your clothes in them. Depending upon how large your closet is and what other necessities you have that need to be stored up there, you should be able to fit at least three of these tubs on top of the shelves.

3. Make Room in Your Dresser Drawers

Another good option for concealing your summer clothes is by storing them in your dresser. You may be thinking to yourself that you need that space for your current clothing. That may be true, but you do have a closet in which you can hang all of the clothes you are currently wearing.

In order to maximize your space here, what you need to do is remove most or all of the clothing in your dresser that you are currently wearing and hang them up in the closet where you can have easy access to them. Hanging your clothes in the closet will make it easier to coordinate outfits and check out what you have available.

By storing away your summer clothes in your dresser, you have a nice little nook for getting those clothes out of the way and nobody will ever know that they are there.


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