Should You Use Cleaning Services When Moving?

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If you’re looking to relocate in the near future, you may be thinking about whether to use cleaning services as part of your overall moving strategy. There are a lot of factors involved in this decision, but looking critically at costs can usually help apartment or house dwellers to decide whether it’s worth hiring a staff to clean their living space when they leave.

Does Your Company Pay?

If you are moving for an employer, your company might pay all kinds of moving costs. That can include professional cleaning services. This consideration will make a big difference in whether you are likely to call up dedicated professional cleaners to take care of your floors, appliances and everything else in your home when it’s time for you to depart.

Owned Homes: the Buying and Selling Process

If you own your current home, the question of using cleaning services will be a lot different than if you are a renter. Home sellers typically stage their homes, and part of that process is getting them squeaky clean. You’ll be looking at whether you can clean on your own, or whether it makes sense to hire deep-cleaning companies to get a better price on your house or housing unit.

Considerations for Renters

If you are renting your home, your decision on cleaning services will generally come down to price. The main aspect that renters typically look at is whether they can get savings on their security deposit.

Landlords tend to keep portions of the security deposit to pay for cleaning if the unit is not in good shape when renters leave. Cleaning services can help you get your home into shape so that you can get back your deposit, but if you end up shelling out a lot more to pay them, that’s not beneficial to you from a financial perspective.

However, some renters end up paying cleaning services if they can’t do the job themselves, in order to comply with the general principle that, regardless of money matters, people should leave their homes in the same state of cleanliness that they were in when they arrived.

Prices on Cleaning Services

If you earn a lot of money per hour, but you’re tied to your job almost all the time, it might make financial sense to pay a cleaning crew to come in and do the dirty work when you leave a home. Otherwise, you’re best off rolling up your sleeves and getting into it yourself. Cleaning your home for a move can be an unpleasant task, but in most cases, you will benefit from more of your money back from your landlord, and a better reputation as a renter.

Think about all of the above considerations when it’s time to make tough decisions on how you allocate money for your next move. Always ask cleaning service to itemize costs and produce binding estimates so that your final bill is not an awkward surprise.

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