Reusing Your Empty Picture Frames to Decorate Your Walls

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Rather than letting your empty picture frames clutter up your home and go to waste, use them to reinvent your wall decorations. Here’s some ideas for ways to give those frames a new life, and your apartment a new look!

Frame Leaves and Flowers

Using those empty frames to capture some botanical beauty by getting attractive leaves or flowers to frame. Putting them in an airtight seal will keep them green (or colorful) for a good amount of time. Using white paper as a base, carefully put contact paper over them. Rub the edges carefully to make sure there is a complete seal and no air will get in or out. Frame these beauties and the color will provide nice wall decorations, and you will be able to enjoy those empty frames once again!

Hang the Frames Naked

If you have an assortment of interesting picture frames, especially if the glass is broken or scratched and they can’t be used traditionally, stripping the frames of all but the border is a great way to use them creatively. Hanging a collection of empty frames together on a wall gives a unique look that is edgy and contemporary. 

Frame a Child’s Artwork

If you have children or relatives/friends with children, they can be a great source for interesting art for old picture frames. Putting in a single painting or drawing that you like can bring color and life to a wall. iece you want to admire on your wall. 

Hang a Collection

If you collect something that is hard to display, such as keychains, bottle caps or tea labels, empty picture frames laying around your house can be a great place to display these proudly and attractively. It’s better to use more frames rather than one and depending on your collectable you can cluster them together into a collage of sorts or space them out to be admired independently. 

Frame a Cork Board

Put your empty frame around a cork board for an attractive message center. If the picture frames are an off-putting color or simply don’t coordinate with your apartment, spray paint them a color that works better.

Frame a Peep Hole

In a Friends-style approach to decorating, take that old picture frame and put it on the back of your door around your peephole. Choosing a contrasting color from your door will heighten the effect, but even a similar color to the door’s paint will create a beautiful affect. 

Hang your Jewelry

Take out the glass and add a fabric covered back to your frame, add a row of small hooks or pins, and you will have a beautiful way to display your jewelry. While this is a great addition to a bathroom or closet, don’t hesitate to put it in the wall of your room proudly. 

Those empty picture frames may be a nuisance right now, but with a little imagination they can transform a wall into a strikingly beautiful art display.

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