Rent a Duplex: A Good Alternative to Apartment Living

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If you’re looking for a good alternative to renting at an apartment building or large apartment community, rent a duplex. You’ll be one of two tenants, which can make living close to someone else much easier. That doesn’t mean you won’t be vulnerable to drama, but you have just one other person to deal with, as opposed to three, five or 50. There are also many benefits to renting a duplex, such as:

1 – Shared or Private Backyard

You may have to share a backyard with the other tenant, but it’s better than having no yard at all. You’ll appreciate the ability get a breath of fresh air every once in a while or have the space to let your children run around and play. A fenced in backyard is even better, and you can rent a duplex with one. If you live on the second or sixth floor of an apartment building, you won’t have your own backyard. The best you can hope for is a balcony, and many apartments don’t even have that.

2 – Similar to Renting Your Own Home

A duplex is essentially two homes built next to each other. The difference is that the two houses share a wall. If you want to rent a house, but can’t find one, rent a duplex instead. It’s similar to living in a home all by itself, except for the occasional reminder that you share a wall, driveway and backyard with someone else. It’s the third best thing to buying a home as well, with renting a house being the second. If the “feel” of living in your own home is important to you, then rent a duplex.

3 – Laundry Hookups and Appliances

You’re almost guaranteed a washer and dryer connection when you rent a duplex. There are no guarantees when you rent a regular apartment. The duplex may also include a washer and dryer, and you should consider renting one that does. Some apartments have a laundry facility on the premises, but lugging your clothes to a common area and having coins on hand to pay to wash and dry your clothes is never as convenient. You’ll save time and money when you rent a duplex that has a washer and dryer.

4 – Separate Utilities

Some landlords charge tenants a shared rate for utilities, no matter how much they use. For example, a landlord of a four unit apartment may have only one electric or gas meter. That landlord may get a bill from the gas or electric company each month, and divide that amount equally among all tenants for them to pay. Some tenants end up paying more or less regardless of what they actually used. You can avoid overpaying with a duplex, because most have separate utilities. At least you’ll be paying for what you actually use.

When you rent a duplex, you receive many more benefits than when you rent an apartment. They are harder to come by, but check for listings frequently and opportunities to rent one should turn up.


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  1. March 03, 2013 at 11:07 pm, tiffany said:

    beware if youre allergic to 2nd hand smoke. i had a neighbor move in who smokes a ton and im allergic. Many tell me to ” move” but surrounding rentals are double or triple the rent i pay here


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