Portable Air Conditioning Unit Placement: Bedroom

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A portable air conditioning unit is great to use in your bedroom. It keeps you cool at night, but also protects your electronics from getting too hot. If you work at home as a freelancer or entrepreneur, and your bedroom is your home office, you’ll appreciate how effective these units are. To get the best results, you need to know where to place one in your bedroom.
Near the Window
This assumes that you have a single exhaust hose or dual exhaust hose portable air conditioning unit. You have to place the air conditioner next to the window for the hoses to reach outside. The hose is used to expel the hot air from your bedroom, and bring in fresh air from the outside. Place your unit in the corner near the window, so that it’s not sticking out. This gives you more room to walk around in your bedroom, and more flexibility to blend your portable air conditioner unit in your apartment decor. Note that if you don’t have a window in your bedroom, you won’t be able to use single or dual hose air conditioner.

Next to Your Bed

The closer you can get your air conditioner to you the better, if you plan to use it at night. Buy a portable air conditioning unit with a timer to shut on and off at certain times. If it’s near your bed, then you won’t make the air conditioning run all night long to cool you down. You might need to rearrange your bedroom to make this work. For example, if your bed is far away from the window, which is the best spot for your air conditioner, then you’ll have to find a way to get both next to each other. It may be worth it, though, if you want to sleep comfortably at night.
Underneath Your Loft Bed
If you have a loft bed, then put your portable air conditioning unit underneath it. You’ll be cool as you sleep, and you’ll cool electronics in the space underneath. It’s one way to keep your air conditioner out of the way, and you can access it easily to wheel it to the next room you want to use it in.
Near Electronics
Your computer, television and other electronic devices in your bedroom can overheat if the room gets too hot. Placing your portable air conditioning unit near those things will help to keep them cool. Rearrange your devices if needed to take advantage of the cooling from your portable air conditioner. You’ll have to consider your bed and window placement to make it all fit together. For example, create a plan to place your computer desk, bed and entertainment center near your window. You can fit some in front of the window, and the rest alongside the walls where the window is.

You can place a ventless portable air conditioning unit anywhere in your bedroom, since you don’t need a window for the unit to work properly.

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