If You See Your Manager Doing Something Unethical

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Not all apartment managers are perfect. Sometimes you move into an apartment complex and find out that the apartment manager acts more like a list of ‘what not to do at work’ than like a professional. Even in theses cases, though, there are steps you can take to protest your apartment manager’s actions.

Jeff Staley heads up the Apogee Companies, a property management company that manages apartment communities in eleven states. He suggests that, if an apartment resident feels that the manager of his or her complex has acted inappropriately, that the resident should start by attempting to resolve issues with the onsite manager. If it doesn’t work, though, Staley says, “The resident should be able to make direct contact with the office of the management company and speak directly with the manager’s supervisor. The supervisor will typically be very responsive to concerns of this nature and protect the confidentiality of the resident if appropriate.”

If you’re worried about unethical behavior on the part of an apartment manager, it’s worthwhile to document your concerns. The possible problem areas are extensive, and the appropriate kind of documentation can vary. If, for instance, the apartment manager instructed a maintenance man to paint over mold on a wall rather than repairing it, you might take before and after photos of the wall. If the problem is more along the lines of tenant-manager relations — perhaps the apartment manager is romantically involved with a tenant — you may only be able to note down the time and date you’ve seen the apartment manager behaving inappropriately.

It’s also worthwhile to check with your fellow tenants to see if they’ve had a problem with the apartment manager’s behavior. While you don’t need complex-wide agreement to take an issue to the property management company, it is a good idea to make sure that you know how other tenants are interpreting the situation. It may be hard to misinterpret mold on the walls, but it’s very easy for people to get different ideas about a romantic relationship.

No matter what sort of behavior you have a concern about, the best course of action is just as Staley says: take both your concerns and your documentation to the property management company. It’s up to them to determine how to handle the problem.

Experienced a similar situation in the past? Let us know what happened and how you handled it.

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  1. January 12, 2009 at 10:54 pm, Guest said:

    no point in taking any of these concerns to the owner! the owner is nothing more than a slum lord who caters to the druggies and mental defects that home inc. has contracted with the slum lord to provide housing to these people, therefore ensuring that the slum lord has money coming in from a source that he doesn’t have to worry about, but this brings all kinds of problems to the tenants that are trying to live their lives in a law-abiding manner, but are now having to deal with psychos,drug dealing, crack heads, recent prison-released murderers,child-molesters, and so on. It’s nothing but a bunch of bull-shit, and i am tired of being harassed and intimidated by this piece of crap landlord.


  2. January 12, 2009 at 11:01 pm, Guest said:

    no point in taking any of these concerns to the owner! the owner is nothing more than a slum lord who caters to the druggies and mental defects that home inc. has contracted with the slum lord to provide housing to these people, therefore ensuring that the slum lord has money coming in from a source that he doesn’t have to worry about, but this brings all kinds of problems to the tenants that are trying to live their lives in a law-abiding manner, but are now having to deal with psychos,drug dealing, crack heads, recent prison-released murderers,child-molesters, and so on. It’s nothing but a bunch of bull-shit, and i am tired of being harassed and intimidated by this piece of crap landlord. PPL is aware of the situation!


  3. January 15, 2009 at 12:15 am, Guest said:

    you must live at gallery place apartments in jackson


  4. January 15, 2009 at 11:09 am, Guest said:

    You are exactly right! There is no help from any person or agency. I have a water leak going on for over a mth which has caused my ceiling to cave in. It ruined everything and now black mold is everywhere. My fam and i are sick due to exposure, and our dr. has written letters saying how we must be let out of our lease. I contacted manager,management com. ,health dept,building code inspectors,neighborhood protection,and still have no help!! The apt’s seem to have all the rights and protection!


  5. January 16, 2009 at 8:56 am, Guest said:

    where can i go or who to talk to,or what company, to file a suit against an apt complex for wrongful termination of my lease? The managers here are moving everyone that is younger than 50 years old OUT of the apts.


  6. January 16, 2009 at 3:30 pm, Guest said:

    If your family is really struggling as you say you are, just move out. Your family’s health is more important. Document all the problems, all your attempts at repairs, and then just leave and leave them the keys. He or she could attempt to come after you for the rent, but no judge in their right mind is going to hold you to the rent in a place that’s a health hazard.


  7. January 16, 2009 at 7:19 pm, Guest said:

    Not sure where you live but around the seattle area, there is something called the “tenants union”. Occationally a little difficult to get ahold of but still a course of something that can definately help. Thier website is useful and can help direct you to some useful laws and articals. Calling on the phone also has an option that gives advice if you like. There are also office hours 2-3 times a week that you can visit and they can give advice…on phone too but it could take some patients on that one if you’re not a member. You can look it up on google under tenants union. If you live elsewhere, perhaps there are similar agencies near to you. None the less, tenants union website would still be usefule.


  8. January 19, 2009 at 2:39 pm, Guest said:

    Tradewind apartments in Mesquite Texas is a few of crapy section 8 housing. I called the apartment manager to report a problem and she brushed me off by saying that she had looking into it and was not able to prove any wrong doing. Wake up! No I mean actually get up early in the morning go knocking on doors and see for yourself who lives where. The apartment manager is as clueless and it’s tenants. I feel for the children because all they are learning is to be lazy and lie.


  9. January 22, 2009 at 8:43 pm, Guest said:

    trexler park is by far the worst behind my stove there is a wire that comes from idont know where but go’s into
    the side of the outlet on the the outside i asked maintenance and they said thats the way the contractor who does the upgrade does it. the back of all the cabnets are all cut up with pipes and wires going threw.
    the fire alarms always go off know one does a thing. all
    the breakers in the panel are wrong and painted up with
    large gaps.im afraid that someone will get hurt in the future oh and always have leaks in the apartment from
    the washer up stairs clogs my sink i dont think the pipes are made for washers to be in the apartments


  10. January 24, 2009 at 4:37 pm, Guest said:

    We have to paint the walls and clean carpet. It sounds like they are now going to get uld. glad we saved them money to use for their self and not for the landlord.


  11. January 26, 2009 at 12:52 pm, Kim Garcia said:

    What do you do when your manager gets mail out of mail boxes to have someone kicked off of housing, purposely tries to have you evicted and lets trouble makes like drug dealers have free reign of the place and the management company won’t return your calls. Not to mention dead rats and roaches everywhere. What do you do.


  12. January 27, 2009 at 9:51 pm, Guest said:

    Too all of the law abiding citizens in duress. Don’t believe for one moment that you are alone when it comes to Section 8 and bummy tenants. 1st you can file a complaint with the local public housing dept in your area. Nothing will pitch those bums out faster than having unauthorized people living with them. Next you are not allowed to be a felon or have a felon in your residence and lastly you are not allowed to cause a disturbance in the neighborhood where you are living. Armed with this truth I told one resident were I used to live I could ruin your life with a phone call. Needless to say I got no more trouble from any of them…


  13. January 30, 2009 at 12:09 pm, Holly said:

    I am a Property Manager and I can give you some tips on these issues
    Most States ( not all) have a Tenant /landlord law in place. get yourself a copy and study it!
    As for pest Control, document each time you have told the management office and make sure you talk to the manager via on the phone or in person. There are some occurences where the leasing staff never tells the manager about a serious problem they need to know about.
    Getting into mail boxes is a federal offense, end of story.
    The above poster is correct, unauthorized occupants is a violation of HUD and the section 8 rules, so is allowing a person to continue to receive housing after they are a member of the household has been arrested for any drug activity or violence.
    There are very few In-House section 8 properties anymore. Most are now Tax credit, which are managed not by HUD but a private company. The residents live there with vouchers or certificates. If I am correct, I believe a requirement of tax credit, is a criminal background must be completed to live on those properties.
    Any time you see wires or apparent safety issues, put this stuff in WRITING to the manager. If no response within 24 hours, call the Management Co!


  14. February 03, 2009 at 8:32 am, Mike said:

    You want to investigate Crestmont in South Charlotte (Ballantyne), NC on Ballantyne Commons Pkwy, oh……let’s see…. mid to late 2006 and forward. Some VERY interesting stuff going on in that office, with that floozy manager… Yea. Good stuff.


  15. February 07, 2009 at 1:43 am, Becky said:

    I live in Minneapolis, and the manager of the building IS the owner. There’s been all kinds of crap happening in my building over the past year. The manager told me that if I stopped calling the police and called him, he would come out to deal with the morons in the building. He got tired of being called and told me to stop calling him. He told me that the crap going on “was just part of community living” and I should just deal with it. If he lived on site and actually experienced it all, I can be sure he wouldn’t be so flippant about it. So, I went back to calling the police, and I found out that the police have been called to the building 32 times in the past year. Not just from me, either. There’s domestic violence, destruction of property, fighting, 3 attempted suicides and other things like he failed to pay the water bill for the building. The noise levels are loud at all hours of the day, too. I live on the first floor, and many times I have been unable to hear my tv because of someone on the THIRD floor. One time when I called, they asked me to turn down the music so they can hear me on the phone, but it wasn’t MY music they were hearing. I asked the police how many more times they need to be called before they do something – wasn’t 32 times in one year enough? But they didn’t answer me.


  16. February 07, 2009 at 11:50 pm, Tamesha said:

    I used to live in Timberfalls Apartments in Alabama and the landlord there was full of shit. My apartment was broken into on April 2, 2008 and I informed her, but she didn’t do a damn thing, but tell me that “I need to watch out for the guy that lives in the building next to me because he breaks into girl’s apartments.” Okay knowing that don’t you think being the landlord she would have kicked him out knowing that he breaks into girl’s apartments….and get this he is a RAPIST. Yep that’s right she has a rapist living there and allowing him to be free endangering the tenants. I wanted to leave and break my lease, but she told me every price (high prices) there was in order for me to stay there. Those apartments are a piece of shit just like her and isn’t even worth the rent that they are asking. Wiring in those apartments are horrible, and I wasn’t going to pay her a damn cent because one I wanted to leave because I didn’t feel safe there with a rapist living there and half the time the lights didn’t even work. I told her about that and never gotten fixed. Yeah she sued me and now I am paying $3,000 for her to keep a damn rapist there to endanger other tenants.


  17. February 10, 2009 at 5:11 pm, Nichole said:

    In response to Holly’s: If no response within 24 hours, call the Management Co!
    What do you do if the property manager won’t give you the number to the Management Company and won’t tell you who owns the property AND won’t give them your phone number so that you can be called back? I’m curious because my husband and I foolishy gave an apartment complex our upfront costs before our application was approved. They misled us to believe that the apartments we would be moving into were clean and safe (a demo apartment was shown to us) and that we could move in 2 days after we completed our application. We were then told that they were having problems with the electrical system in “our” apartment and it would be another 2 or 3 days before we could move in. We were given an apartment number but they never offered to show us the apartment which prompted us to go have a look at the grounds and the actual building we would be moving in. We found drug baggies in the hallway (they could not have been anything else) and there was an old refridgerator in the hallway that had probably been sitting there for years. The building itself has not been maintained, from the looks, for years. When I got home, I googled the place and found out that they have an F rating from the Better Business Bureau and they have 11 unresolved complaints. I also found about 4 pages of complaints against the place posted on this website alone. My husband and I decided this was not the place for us (we have small children and there are complaints of prostitutes on the premises going door to door, drug dealers, fighting and partying into the night…just a few of the many complaints) so we informed the complex that we didnt want to move in and we wanted our money back. We were told that the Owner/General Manager would not give us our money back and that he wouldn’t even deal with us on any level (meaning that he would not speak with us either in person or by telephone) that we should just take it as a loss and move on. BS!!!


  18. February 11, 2009 at 4:37 pm, Jackie said:

    I lease an apartment thru Empirian Management in Stuart, FL called Astorwood Apartments. They are not HUD or Section 8 housing. If you were to see their ad online, you’d be very shocked when you saw the complete opposite of the discription that was given to you. What a d@mn LIE! This place is worse than a rundown crackhouse! They hired an illegal Cuban to be the maintenance man who never spoke English, he ran his truck thru the front of la officina!!! After this happened everyone’s rent went up. The response from management was, “well someone has to pay for it to be repaired, I can’t work like this!” Soooo… Then there’s a MURDER and a little boy found the body in one of the dumpsters. It was 3 tenants in the same unit that were involved. Oh the best part is, they were family! The icing on this cupcake is, the couple that committed the act had a 22 day old baby! Next on the list is the extremely poor living conditions that all the tenants are pretty much forced to deal with because management doesn’t give a d@mn about what’s wrong. Well the electricity has faulty wiring, ladies if you use a hairdryer you won’t be able to use it because you will lose power! The flooring is in such crap condition you will feel like Indiana Jones trying to balance on the few planks of unrotted floorboards just to walk from your front door to your bedroom! Mold is so bad that if you don’t have any skin or respiratory conditions, you will learn to cope with them as I have. No matter how clean you keep the kitchen, the carpet, or the bathroom you WILL FAIL!!! I would love to know how oftent the Building Dept. and OSHA inspect residential rental properties? The broad that’s newly “in charge” has made herself a bad name with all the tenants in this complex, so much that many have moved out in the middle of the night! The saying quality should surpass quantity is not exactly practiced with this company. These are 2 bedroom apartments that should LEGALLY house up to 4 people, instead I have 7 adults and 3 children for drug dealer neighbors! The HONEST tenants that ALWAYS OVERPAY their rent and nonetheless pay ON TIME ALWAYS seem to get screwed over!!!


  19. March 28, 2009 at 5:27 am, Alliec said:

    I think that more regulations should be put on property managers, and property owners. I think they should have to get licenced and be held to a ethics code, so they cant take advantage of people and are held accountable for inmoral, corrupt buisness practices. I lived at VillagePark Apartments for four years never late with my rent, followed the rules,didnt complain,when there was plenty iI could of but it was a place to live,and build my credit so I could better my life. Managment changed alot, yet the problems increased, I called the managment company, still I was bullied and intmidated and harrassed because I refused to allow them to raise my rent 250.00!!! I pay for parking the managers has my car towed,I hadnt put my plates on yet, she kept giving me eviction notices wiyh made up things, I called every agency I could think of, no help.There needs to be more accountability,there needs to be more to protect the renters and to bring an end to the corruption in the property managment buisness! Whats funny is when i asked why there wasnt a ethics code for realators or property managers, she didnt even Know what ethics meant!!!!! Sad but very true, she didnt even know what ethics means, that says it all.


  20. April 15, 2009 at 4:03 pm, Dee said:

    I agree with Alliec — there needs to be more stricter regulations on these property management companies and the vermin they hire as resident building managers. We had a nice woman until 3 years ago. Then they hired a couple of 60-ish drug addicts to manage our 70-unit complex. The wife is so stoned most of the time that she slurs and is totally useless on the phone. When she is sober, she screams at people at the top of her lungs. The ‘husband’ is SO skanky and creepy. We have had SO MANY issues of his inappropriate and bizarre behavior brought to the attention of the Property Mgm Co., but they never get rid of him. Everyone has noticed that the Property Mgmt co owner comes to visit this ‘husband’ quite often and it looks very much like a gay relationship is going on — so that’s why he keeps the dirtbag in his job. But now it looks like the dirtbag is STEALING OUR RENT CHECKS! He SAW me put it in their slot on 4/1 and then he calls on 4/6 and snidely tells me they don’t have it. — oh, and that “I need another one”. Notice he said ANOTHER! So he KNOWS I paid it . Then he threatens me with a late fee — yeah, right. Then I find out this happened to at least 5 other tenants! This druggie couple won’t take the check personally because they don’t want to be bothered and the mgmt co. said that’s where they want the rent checks to go. BULL. I wrote them that their ‘mgr’ wasn’t getting any more of my checks to ‘disappear’ and they they would only be sent return receipt requested to the Mgmt Co. WHAT can we do since this bldg mgr seems to be doing this to at least one tenant per month? And the mgmt co. does nothing about it? Can we get the police to investigate? This guy has GOT to have a criminal past. I can’t find anything on-line,but it’s clear they’ve been deadbeats their entire lives.


  21. April 16, 2009 at 12:08 pm, cmoney said:

    my apartment ive lived in for 6 months is starting to give me major greif over theyre mistakes. i got a call saying to come to the office because they need proof of last months payment. i show them proof then they say it was the month before that that they need.i tell the lady ill have to find it.
    i get to my apartment and not 30 minutes later i get a paper saying they want any proof i can provide of payment due to a virus. well,since i work 2 jobs i didnt get around to it and a week later i get an advance notice of intent to lock out with them suddenly saying i didnt pay my rent from months back.
    so i go in there immediately and ask the office people what kind of crap are you trying to pull? i then proceeded to show them my printout id gotten from the office the previous month showing that rent wasnt due anymore on that month and that omission was my proof. of course the lady in the office says no it must be a money order receipt to which i retort this paper says any proof i can provide so here it is. the lady refused to make a copy of it for their records.
    yesterday i get a new note; dear resident we are doing routine record back ups and need you to provide proof of rent for the past 8 months plus they want copies of the cashed money order and the name of payee endorsee of each or they will find me in violation. they have given me 48 hours to provide all this!


  22. April 19, 2009 at 3:48 am, Anonymous said:

    I live in Everett Washington and I rent from a fellow who is suppose to provide “Clean & Sober” housing.Its anything but that.Theres a bunch of drug activity and the onsight manager is allowing it to happen cuz she is buying drugs too.She is an x-con(for Murder O.o) who is looking at more prison time if she is caught doing anything against the law.The building has muliple issues including a gas leak on the 2nd floor.There have been Scabbies and Lice outbreaks and a few months ago 2 of the tenants got carbon monoxide poisoning.Theres an old guy whos dying of Cancer and he just sits in his room defecating on himself!I have tried to work with her by addressing my complaints, but I was told on to the people causing the problems and now I am labeled a “Snitch”.I didn’t know what else to do so I sent an email to the County Sherrif’s Office.I hope something is done soon.


  23. April 19, 2009 at 4:04 am, Tim said:

    I live in Everett Washington.I rent from a well known man who is suppose to provide “Clean & Sober” housing.Its anything but.I have been here for 4 months and almost every person here is doing drugs, including the on sight manager, who is an x-con.She went to prison for Murder o.0
    She allows a friend of hers who got kicked out of here for refusing a U.A. to sell drugs and I get bitched at if I refuse to let her in the building!She claims the property owner allows people to use weed.My neighbor sneaks crack head in his apartment and the food in the fridge gets stolen. The managers best friend is a Meth addict and I am now labeled a snitch cuz I tried to address my issue with the manager about my neighbors activities.Her little Meth head friend told my neighbor that I was complaining.I am sick of this crap.I just emailed the County Sherrif about all this and hopefully justice will be done.


  24. May 04, 2009 at 5:00 pm, About 7147 Greeley St. Apartments in Tujunga, California said:

    The building was managed about 8 years ago by a gal named “Kathy Wilson” and her live in boyfriend “John”, employed by Pari Enterprises of Glendale, California: in short, the living conditions were so dangerous because John would not respond to direct questions from officials from the Red Cross, who intervened on behalf of a family with a severely handicapped child — about who his employer was and how to reach Pari Enterprises.

    John had allowed a gushing hot water pipe to run into the apartment of the tenant with the ill child, and she had to call the Red Cross for emergency housing and help. They confronted this manager and he refused to answer their questions about HOW to contact Pari Enterprises, his employer. The Red Cross intervened and urgently housed the tenant with the disabled child, two children, in a motel. Nevertheless, the couple moved to Valencia/Newhall and became managers of another building. Anyone reading this with problems with this couple in that area, they have a history of endangering tenants and actually facing off with the Red Cross of Glendale, California, then, attempting retaliatory eviction – against multiple tenants, who complained. Their previous employer was Pari Enterprises (above). You may download this report and email molienishere@gmail.com if you are in need of witness testimony in court in any suit against them for similar endangerment of tenants, particularly children of any age. Thank You


  25. May 06, 2009 at 9:47 pm, Distressed in las Vegas said:

    I found out that I have leased a retail space from the worst landlord in Las Vegas, KEN FONG! His reputation is not that of his father Wing Fong, AT ALL!!! I have rented a small business space from this man. He had an bad experience with previous tenents and has taken it out on me ever since. He would come in when I would have customers and would yell and try to belittle me. Never wanting to repair the premises. Everyone else had a renewal notice for their lease. Not me! He would see me everyday, take my rent monthly. Now I have a notice to pay twice as much. And not even a reminder notice of renewal. Every one else in the shopping center has one. When I would try to talk to Ken Fong. He would say if I dont like it I can Leave! He wants to keep my security deposit and demand I pay another deposit (This sounds really strange) to stay. The sad thing about this is that I just got this notice after I paid my rent! Of course when I went to discuss this, Voice mail! I will fight this of course.. I just cannot imagine anyone trying to get rid of a business and income as difficult as it is to get and keep a willing tenent these days!


  26. May 14, 2009 at 7:25 am, Roberta Allis said:

    I live in an area of a house that is managed like an unsuccessful rooming house. It is a single family in a very nice neighborhood. I moved in because it was close to work, after a couple of month the Black Mold started to appear, hot water became an issue. During heating season heat became an issue. I looked up the Tenant Rights, kept including them with my rent. I could not shower where I lived, boiled water to do dishes. Purchased space heater because the general provided temperature was 58-61 degrees. No heat or running warm water in Feburary. March I wrote to the Towns Board of Health, they visited March 17th. The house had a file of violations, it was deem an illegal multi-tenant by the town. Still not heat or hot water, got a Demand to Comply from an Attourney mailed to the “slum property manager”. In return I got a back dated to March 15th Termination of Tenancy. So I’m off to housing court May 19th, and I’ve reported the person to the Professional Lic Board of Massachusetts, He is a Real Estate Broker. I hope to win remediation costs and a return of rent paid for failure to meet health code. I moved in and was stuck, I could not afford to move out. If nothing else I hope to walk away with the 2 month of rent that is in escrow.


  27. May 22, 2009 at 5:57 am, hero said:

    I live on section 8 and I am not a drug addict or a criminal, I am disabled. I am hurt and disgusted by some of you acting like anyone on section 8 is less than human. My apartment manager is always rude and condescending to me, and I was hoping I could find out if there is any kind of obligation for them not to be harassing assholes, but instead I find this classist bullshit. You should be ashamed.


  28. June 30, 2009 at 6:08 am, Lynn said:

    Extremely confused on what step to take now…
    I have lived in my apartment for 8 months now, and after the initial niceness to get me to move in from the manager I have had nothing but problems. Some issues have been taken care of (eventually…) but there are still some lingering. Now here’s the big problem…
    My window looks out to the courtyard, and is so close to the managers that they’re essentially touching. My boyfriend and I always hear her getting in fights, yelling and everything, but two nights ago we woke up at 4:30 AM to her screaming hysterical about how someone broke into her place and saw someone pour acid all over her boyfriend and she watched his body fry. She then proceeded to break her screen open and force her 4 children (ages 4-16) out the window into the courtyard while she calls 911 and cries and makes a huge scene. Long story short, her little tirade lasts from 4:30-6AM nonstop until the police finally come and eventually arrest her and take her away. No murder or crime was committed at all, it was all due to drugs. I haven’t seen or heard anything from her or about her since then. What do I do now?


  29. August 08, 2009 at 1:59 pm, Renting_SUCKS! said:

    I wanted to say something first to ‘hero’ on section 8.
    I’m not sure where you got your info about ‘everyone who is on section 8 is a loser, drug addict, etc. I read all the adds and saw nothing about anyone describing all on section 8 are d
    I would love to be on section 8 but the list here in CA. is years long.
    I’m low income and qualify, I jus have to wait in a list.
    I need to do a search online, there has to be other organizattions that help with rent, ( I hope ).

    Moving on, this is my first time renting. I’ve been renting this apartment since jan. 09. ANd let me say THIS PLACE SUCKS SO BAD.


  30. September 19, 2009 at 10:33 pm, Sadie said:

    I have been in the management business for 16 years & I personally know several people who have been waiting for years to get on Section 8. They more than qualify & fit all the criteria but they have to wait & wait. I have also seen, more times than I care to count, able bodied women move in on Section 8 & soon there-after an able-bodied boyfriend followed by another baby. I wonder why & how this is allowed to continue month after month when most of the time they don’t pass the yearly inspection due to health & safety issues. These people can afford to rent the finest furniture, drink the most expensive alcohol, eat take-out 6 or 7 times weekly & afford to smoke while pregnant while taxpayers foot the bill for their housing, medical, food, cab fare,etc. They complain about the services they receive when asked to comply with the same rules everyone else has to live by. I don’t understand how someone living off of everyone else can reasonably think they should expand they’re family when they can’t take care of the ones they already have. How can you think it is right to complain about everything when you pay for nothing. There are deserving people who need to be on Section 8 & can’t get on because of all the ticks who don’t comply sucking the system dry. They’re are also many people on Section 8 who follow the rules & respect they’re neighbors. They need help thru no fault of they’re
    own & have morals & ethics. Maybe the taxpayers should stand up & do something about all the welfare & Section 8 abuse so that honest people can get the help they need.


  31. October 04, 2009 at 11:38 am, CVApts said:

    If a tenant has a serious issue with mold in an apt that the manager will not repair, I would suggest contacting your local code enforcement office. Always try to work problems out with your manager first then contact outside authorities if you can not get any results.


  32. February 08, 2010 at 10:08 am, CONTRACTOR said:

    if you live in an empirian managed apartment that has not been upgraded by an outside contractor you have at least a 90% chance that mold and mildew is present in your apt. I have worked on these units for over 12 years and have seen at least one thousand different apts. 90% of these units have mold issues. these apartments used to be managed by equity management and before that cardinal which built them in the first place. these apts. were taken good care of until about october 2008 which is when the new owners took over and decided to do all work inhouse so now if the people that work there want to keep their job they will keep up with the workload which is why all work i have seen is very shoddy well 90% of it anyway I can show places where rotten floors are being held up with trailer jacks instead of replacing floor joist there are roofs covered with plastic tarps mold is not an issue anymore it gets painted over when it shows through wallcovering not if it shows through the wallcovering. some of empirians complexes are not like this they are really nice they have a few more years left before they get bad who knows maybe just maybe the owners will start caring about the tenants that have made them rich beyond most peoples dreams and start repairing there own property but probobly not.


  33. July 29, 2011 at 6:23 pm, Bill said:

    i have told my apt manager & owner about the burners that do not work on our stove. For 9 months I have told them verbally. I just, today I put it in writing. I was very polite & straight to the point w my letter. we live in CA and have the repair/remedy law. if they wont fix something after you have informed them in writing about the problem, then you can legally withhold your rent until they do. landlords/mgrs cannot, after you have filed a repair complaint in writing, evict you for 6 months in a retaliatory manner for forcing them to make the repairs. as long as you pay your rent, they cant increase the rent either due to a retaliatory action. it sucks to have to press an issue like this, but i also handle all the lawn work here and have done so much free work outside….but never again! these people have taken advantage of my wife & my generosity for the last time. We we moved in the yard looked like it had not been watered in 5 years. there were no flowers anywhere…..this place (at least on the outside )looks like a damn park now because of the hard work i put in. people listen up…..do not let people tell you anything….get it in writing….even if it’s a little ol lady who you think wouldnt hurt a fly…get it in writing. it is a truly sad world we live in when by not covering every inch of your butt you are open to getting people taking advantage of you. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! If you think you dont want to start some commotion….you are only allowing those people to get away with ripping you off. if your in Lake County, CA be wary of who you rent from.


  34. December 28, 2011 at 6:42 am, at said:

    What if the property manager who is acting unethically has the same last name as their supervisor?


  35. August 30, 2012 at 3:18 pm, David Richardson said:

    Yes well Ive done everything you said i ve took pictures of the bed bugs and sent copies to the proper agencie. ive written to the owners of the property in minsota or wiscosn and got no response!Everytime I have a problem with her she lets the feron out of my ac she gets it in big containers and gets a deal on it.She does this because she knows I have copd She could kill me in this heat I could go to sleep and not wake up!But the up side to this is my lease is up sept 31.And I gave her two months notice had her sign it and make me a copy.I went into her office the other day and said you will give me a good reference when my lease is up Ive paid my rent on time if not ahead of time every month.She says you got to give me two months notice.I told her that i already had and that she had documination of it and I had a copy.She didnt say anything but my ac got hot 30 minutes later!So I went to her office gave her a written statement saying my ac was out and 30 minutes later it was back on.


  36. August 30, 2012 at 3:19 pm, David Richardson said:

    I moving when my lease is up


  37. August 30, 2012 at 3:22 pm, David Richardson said:

    Im moving when my lease is up sept31


  38. January 08, 2014 at 3:57 am, Anon Y. Mous said:

    What do you do when the entire property management company is in the meth-making business? They use vacant units to supplement their addictions and salaries, at the expense of the health of everybody else who has to live there. It’s shameful, illegal, and wrong. The building I’m in should be condemned. I can’t afford to move, so I have to put up with awful toxic smells in common areas, hallways, etc., until my lease is up. I wish building owners would drug test randomly and often, especially when there are lots of new vacant units up for lease. It’s too tempting to addicts to use these spaces until they are filled. It’s not cool.


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