Landlord Trespassing?

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Imagine: you come home to your apartment after a hard day’s work, ready to kick off your shoes and relax with a beer (or your beverage of choice) and put your feet up on the coffee table. But wait–what’s this? As your turning your key you notice that the door wasn’t locked. Weird–you must have just forgotten to lock it on the way out. You kick off those shoes, drop your briefcase, and head for the fridge. On your way there you notice that half the linoleum tiles are missing from your kitchen floor. Tools and linoleum dust are scattered around your kitchen counter, and your cat is interestedly licking the linoleum dust. “Get out of that!” you yell. The cat obediently jumps off the counter and trots away. You wonder if maintenance is still somewhere in the apartment. That would explain the unlocked door. “Ummm, hellooo?” you call several times, wandering around your apartment and peeping into various rooms for evidence of someone responsible for the destruction in your kitchen (maybe the cat did it–not likely, though). You feel like an intruder on your own home. After determining that no one is in the apartment with you, you look for a notice of entry from maintenance but there is nothing to be found. You call the apartment management and leave a message about the situation. Bewildered, you decide to sweep up the dust and move on with your life.

Now imagine something like this happening week after week, with no acknowledgment made or corrective action taken by the management of your apartment. Small items like CDs have been stolen (though sometimes returned) from your home, and your friendly (?) visitor has been eating your food. Either maintenance is entering haphazardly, without notice without actually fixing anything, or a crazed home-remodeling enthusiast has somehow gotten a copy of the key to your apartment. Regardless of the situation, something needs to be done. But what?

Clarify maintenance procedures

This situation may seem a little far-fetched, but the issue of apartment maintenance or management workers entering your apartment is definitely a serious one. For this reason, most apartment lease agreements contain a clause clarifying the procedure for maintenance entry into your apartment. These agreements usually specify the hours when maintenance can enter your apartment or the type of advance notice (usually between 24 and 48 hours) they need to provide. Examine your lease agreement carefully to figure out what kind of notification the maintenance is required to offer, and contact apartment management if unannounced or un-requested maintenance visits have been made. Management should be able to clarify the maintenance procedure for you and straighten out the times and methods of entry you prefer.

If you put in a service order, most apartment complexes allow maintenance to enter your apartment at a “reasonable hour,” which sometimes roughly correlates with business hours, If entry is necessary for a reason other than an existing problem to which you alerted the maintenance department, the management should (unless it’s an emergency) provide you with advance notice, specifying the date or even time when you can expect a maintenance worker to enter your abode. You’re usually not required to be at home for maintenance work to be done, and it’s often most convenient for all parties involved if you’re not around during maintenance visits.

Here’s a sample lease agreement clause (from CS Property Management) dealing with maintenance entry issues: “Lessee hereby agrees to allow access to the Premises to the Lessor or its agents, during reasonable hours, for the purpose of inspecting and protecting same, to show the premises to prospective buyers or renters, to make such repairs, additions, or alterations thereto as may be deemed necessary or for pest control treatment.”

An apartment advice columnist cites the following plethora of reasons justifying entry into your apartment with prior or subsequent notice: “responding to request for repairs, making repairs, estimating repairs, performing pest control, doing preventative maintenance, checking for water leaks, changing filters, testing smoke-detectors, retrieving unreturned tools, equipment or appliances, preventing waste of utilities, exercising contractual lien, leaving notices, delivery, installing, reconnecting or replacing appliances, furniture, equipment, or security devices, removing unauthorized security devices, removing unauthorized window coverings, stopping excessive noise, removing health/ safety hazards, allowing entry by a law enforcement officer, showing the home to future prospects after move out notice has been given, showing to lenders, insurance inspectors, prospective buyers, appraisers and contractors.”

Showing off

At times, your landlord or apartment management may want to enter your apartment to show it to prospective tenants. You should always be given advance notice of such showings. If your landlord repeatedly shows your apartment with reckless abandon and without notification, address the issue with the landlord directly, making sure to document some evidence of your complaint. If his or her behavior continues despite your request, you may be entitled to move out or sue your landlord for invasion of privacy. If you vacated the premises, you’d be trying to pass off the consistent entrances into your apartment as a “constructive eviction” that broke the terms of your lease by denying you the reasonable enjoyment of your rented space. If you sued your landlord, you’d be trying to recover the damages of living in a state susceptible to unexpected intrusions. Either way, always make sure to seek legal advice from a tenants’ rights organization or a lawyer before taking significant action like moving out of your apartment. After all, you don’t want to be stuck paying rent for an apartment your landlord has driven you to leave.

Lock it up

Some apartment maintenance teams suggest putting your chain or deadbolt on the door while you’re sleeping to avoid maintenance intruding at a “reasonable” (to them) hour that’s not so reasonable for you. Beyond preventing awkward, unwanted encounters with maintenance workers looking to fix the shower you happen to be using at the moment (oops!), this is also a good general safety policy. If you don’t have a chain or deadbolt, request one—and ensure that maintenance enters at a reasonable time without disturbing your belongings. This would be a good test to see whether it’s your apartment maintenance or some other party making inept and unwanted entries into your home.

Keeping records

In general, management and maintenance should endeavor to be as unobtrusive as possible, and it’s to everyone’s benefit to get maintenance issues addressed quickly, before they develop into more significant issues. When dealing with obtrusive maintenance practices or strange entry patterns, as with all issues with the potential for legal action, keep meticulous records of everything that occurs and all the actions you take. Pictures of the state your apartment is in following the unknown intrusions may help; copies of certified letters sent to notify the management of the situation will definitely be important. If the management and maintenance teams claim to know nothing of the situation, you may want to get the police involved. A lock change request is also reasonable; if a former tenant or employee of the apartment complex has a copy of your key, this is a quick way to fix the situation.

Police involvement

If the mystery intruders seem to have no connection to your apartment management or maintenance team, and the unexplained entries persist, you’ll want to get the police involved as soon as possible. As always, records are important when involving officials, as is not disturbing the condition of the apartment as you found it after the break-in. Work as closely as possible with your local police department to report the crime and prevent further instances, or catch the perpetrator of the break-ins. The more you cooperate with police, the more inclined they’ll be to help you out.

Having individuals—whether apartment maintenance workers or mysterious strangers—enter your apartment without notice can be a troubling experience. However, there are ways to address and rectify the situation, with the help of apartment management or perhaps the police. Acting quickly and not putting up with unusual or unwarranted apartment maintenance practices is key in preventing a one-time freak incident from becoming habitual. Protect yourself by being assertive but not confrontational; keep careful records of the actions you take, and clarify what you feel is acceptable maintenance behavior. If you follow all these suggestions, you should be able to resolve any issues you’re having in a timely manner and go back to living the good life undisturbed.

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  1. September 12, 2006 at 11:34 pm, Guest said:

    My landlord came knocking at my door at 10 PM, at that time i was already in bed. I heard a hard knock on my door, now i don’t have friends who would come knocking at my door at this time, therefore i ignore the knock. A few minutes later he open the front door and started yelling out my name and saying “How come u did not answer, u hear me knocking the plumber is on it’s way up to turn the water on”, I was so sick that i thought it was a burgler at first, now it’s 10 pm and i thought to myself God what is going on here. So i answer him “well this is your house do as you please, since you already open the door,” His excuse was that he did not have my cell phone to call…i had to remind him that the other day i call his wife and i left my cell number on the answering machine. That’s when the story get better he went back to his apartment and call me talking about it’s my responsibility to give them my new number….oh don’t try to make me a bad person, well whatever i’m coming upstairs anyway that’s all….I’m on my bed thinking what is this God, i don’t understand these people at 10pm a plumber have to turn a water on, that could have waited until the morning,
    What should i do?….I’m scared out of my mind thinking that the landlord could come in at anytime i’m in the apartment unannounced.


  2. September 26, 2006 at 12:24 am, Guest said:

    Since few months ago my manager has never put up a notice of when the pest control will be performed. Usually he put it up on the front door 1 day before, but i didnt see any posters when i exit and enter the night before. Is that considered tresspassing?


  3. September 26, 2006 at 9:09 am, Guest said:

    I do have an issue with maintenance personnel (I think) coming into my apartment to watch DVDs, TV while I’m at work. Everytime I ask whether maintenance was done in my apartment they have said no.

    I believe the personnel involve makes an effort to cover his tracks but attempting to watch a DVD on a disconnected DVD player and watching a channel that I never watch are mistakes that he/them have made.

    How would you suggest that I ‘clarify what is acceptable maintenance behaviour’ when I’m not sure that management knows about it?


  4. October 06, 2006 at 9:20 am, Guest said:

    I’am a 21 years old guy and I keep on getting! harnment buy my landloard and i don’t even do anything i let my cat out side when i’m home I don’t undearstand why am the only renter that gets a three day notice to quit can she really do these aftear i payed my rent if anyone can help i be very thank ful shawn


  5. November 11, 2006 at 3:50 am, Guest said:

    One question – Do you live alone? Often maintenance/management are wrongly accussed of unauthorized entrance whenever there is another tenant OR someone w/a key that visits frequently. Often that person will do what they feel is ‘normal’ and fail to tell you.


  6. November 11, 2006 at 3:56 am, Guest said:

    If you had a plumming problem and called it in, then it was considered an emergency. Especially since the water was off. MOST people (about 90%) consider no water an emergency. If this is a one-time incident, then your landlord was concerned that you have continuous water service. ESPECIALLY if you were the one to call it in.


  7. November 21, 2006 at 11:43 am, Guest said:

    how often can a land lord come to inspect your apt


  8. November 28, 2006 at 8:33 am, Guest said:

    I’ve taken a quick look at your postings, which are very interesting. Lots of material and ideas! Congrats on being so focused!


  9. February 05, 2007 at 2:15 pm, Guest said:

    Basically, I was in my bathroom and when I came out, I saw a maintenance worker coming through my front door. I am a single female, and I had no idea who this guy was. There was a work order, but I completely forgot about it. I live in a security building, and I’m thinking that he could have at least rang the buzzer to let me know that he was coming up, let alone coming INTO my unit. After I asked him what did he want, he said that he knocked on the door. I said, “Yea, well I’m not obligated to let you in. Who are you?” Then, he proceeded to tell me that he was maintenance, and he had a work order. I was so scared and upset that I told him to leave. I called the property management company, and the managers of my building and now they are telling me that I will be charged for them sending him out. Can they do that? Another reason that I am so cautious is because about two years ago, two men who claimed to be from my building’s management company just let themselves in here, looked around, and then left. I stood at the door and looked at them through my peephole and yelled repeatedly who is it? They kept talking to each other, but never answered me, then they decided to let themselves in while I was standing at the door. I don’t know how many people have a key to my unit door and it bothers me that they can come in, anytime that they want, or can they? Oh yea, when I described the two men to the managers over my building, they had NO idea who they were.


  10. February 19, 2007 at 2:42 pm, Guest said:



  11. February 28, 2007 at 4:08 pm, Guest said:

    How long is a reasonable time for a Landlord to list and show the house we are renting? He wants to list it for four months before our year lease is up. We think one month is more reasonable. Is there a standard to this?


  12. April 01, 2007 at 9:14 pm, Guest said:

    We need help we live in illinois and we just moved into our new duplex and the landlord said he is going to sell it but we were not told this until now. But anyways he says that our lease saves us from moving but my questions is the people that are looking at the duplex don’t even look like they are going to rent it is there something that we should of been told before the landlord put the duplex for sale?


  13. April 24, 2007 at 4:47 pm, Guest said:

    You should have more than one deadbolt lock you should have a keyless deadbolt that locks and unlocks from the inside only. So this applies to everyone that has a problem with some one coming in to your apartment You should have a locking door knob a deadbolt with key and a keyless deadbolt if you use them all you will not have any problem


  14. April 30, 2007 at 5:40 pm, Guest said:

    I live in florida and I have been notified by my landlord that he has been driving by the house we rent on a daily basis. He has also been walking around th property and looking over the fence. Is this legal? He also has a proble with the way we upkeep the yard. Because of a draught we are unable to water the lawn as well as mow it on a weekly basis. Obviously the grass does not grow fast when there is no rain so we have been mowing it aprox every 3 1/2 weeks. He feels this is not enough. He dropped off a letter today telling me that I will now have to include a payment of $80.00 per month for a lawn service to do our yard. In our lease there was a clause that we could pay the landlord $50.00 per month for lawn service if we did not want to do it ourselves. Is he in the right?


  15. May 17, 2007 at 11:26 pm, Guest said:

    Gonna give you a different take. Last week I served a tenant with a 30 day notice. She was quite upset, yelling and screaming at me she tore the notice in half and threw it at me, saying “you think your going to throw me out out you S.O.B. (along with a few other colorful explictives) Just you wait, I’m going to f*ck you.” Ok, so nothing to do now but wait to see what she does. I’m thinking either she’ll move, or I’ll have to evict her. Tonight, I get a call from the police. I’m being charged with trespassing. Tenant says I walked into her Apt while she was nude. Never happened. I’ve never walked into any tenants apt.,and won’t even scheduled maintance unless someone is going to be there as I wouldn’t want someone in my home If I wasn’t there. Tomorrow I have to go down to the police station and turn myself in. I will then be finger printed, photographed and booked. I’m sure I’ll have to hire an lawyer and when all is said and done it’ll cost lots of $$. Now I have to wonder, where are my rights!
    This tenant has been in the upper unit for almost 2 years. In that same time I’ve had 2 tenants in the lower unit and it is currantly empty; the reason being, that upper tenant can’t seem to get along with anyone. She is a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome baby and as an adult they have some mental/emotional problems which is why I’ve been willing to tolerate her for as long as I have. However, I have major plumbing work to do and I need her unit empty to do it.


  16. July 03, 2007 at 4:34 pm, Guest said:

    things are missing from my apartment no one has a key but me and my roomate of 3 yrs we fill that it is mantinence what can we do


  17. July 03, 2007 at 11:58 pm, Guest said:

    As a service manager for a large apartment management company I require my maintenance team to abide by a few simple rules.

    1.Although the resident does not “own” the apartment,It IS their home. TREAT IT AS SUCH!

    2.Knock loudly on the door at least 3 times while announcing that you are with the maint. team.

    3.In the event that it is an inopprotune time for the resident we advise them that we will come back later….HOWEVER…. we cannot make an appointment because we too have a schedule to keep.

    4.Under no circumstance is a member of maintenance to be alone in an apartment with a minor child, boy or girl. An adult must be there or no one at all for the service request to be done,if not it will be rescheduled.

    5.Lastly …ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS leave a notice that maintenance was in the unit,for what purpose and the name of the worker.

    While it is my goal,duty and responsability to protect the saftey and privacy of the resident , it is also my job to protect my workers and myself.

    These 5 rules have done both for the last 13 years.


  18. July 06, 2007 at 10:49 pm, Guest said:

    What if the person (or people) coming into your apartment aren’t management, landlord, maint. types personnel but an unidentified person who apparently has a key, or some other non-damaging mode of entry, to your apartment?
    I’ve called the office to make sure that maint. nor mgt. was in the apartment every single time. In the middle of the night, it couldn’t possibly be maint. or mgt. because there is no emergency and the overnight people I know and trust. Knowing it wasn’t them nor anyone else with a right to be there.. I told them someone had been in there that was not allowed to be in there. They do weird things like look through my things, move my belongings, rifle through my garbage, drink my coffee. I’ve requested my locks be changed. I’ve called the police. The office is not interested in my problem and the police have no match for what they’ve found. They also don’t understand why the office won’t just change my locks and see if that ends the problem. What am I supposed to do?


  19. July 18, 2007 at 1:59 pm, Guest said:

    i live in Wi. i got a 28 day notice to vacate the premises and 2 weeks b4 i had to be out i stopped by the place to grab some things and the landlord was in the the place. now he is charging me for the cleaning. he gave me no time to clean it. what should i do


  20. July 26, 2007 at 9:29 am, Guest said:

    This is very strange. I seem to be having a similar problem, although the “intruder” doesn’t do things like drink my coffee, etc. What happens is, I get bitten by their fleas! Or, at any rate, by the fleas off an animal they own. This makes me think that the intruder is the woman who lives just downstairs (in the apt. directly under me) with two cats. We know each other and she’s basically the tricky type I know for a fact. (She’s pulled some pranks around the building, such as setting a “mooning dwarf” statue out in the hall.)

    I’m guessing she may have tricked the maintenance guy (who is, shall we say, one linoleum tile shy of a kitchen floor) out of my key some time ago and made a copy. Occasionally, a small item will be missing but it’s the fleas that really get me angry. I will be asleep and all of a sudden feel a severe itching somewhere. Flea bites are really nasty and hang around for weeks — that’s how I can definitely tell what they are. Since I have no pets and don’t generally hang around with people who do, they can’t be coming from somewhere else.

    Since I can’t really “prove” anything, I’ve been reluctant to tell my landlady. Plus, every time I complain to her about something like this, instead of addressing the issue, she finds something to complain about ME! I’m also reluctant to involve the police, since this is a small town and I seriously doubt they’d accomplish anything except to make life more of a hassle for me.

    One idea that’s occurred to me is to buy a small surveillance camera and set it just inside the door in an upper corner. If the intruder is who I think it is, I’ll definitely recognize her. Then a little threat to go to the police should be sufficient to stop the intrusions, I would think.


  21. July 27, 2007 at 1:50 pm, Guest said:

    It was my first experience living on my own and away from my parents. Being a single female, I thought I was being extra conscience of the area of town I chose to live in. Well, within a few months of me living by myself, I woke up and looked over at my hamper in the closet to see that things looked moved around. I couldn’t find a bra I wore just 2 days before. So, I tore apart every inch of my apartment, nothing. I had not stayed anywhere or done laundry anywhere, so nothing. Well, I called my mom a little worried about it, she asked me to see if there was anything else missing. I dumped out my hamper, thought back, and found I was missing multiple pairs of underwear too! Some creep with a key got into my apartment! I think it was someone who worked there whether it was maintenance, or landlord, or they just do not keep track of their keys there. It was a huge mess…I didn’t have anywhere to live for a month because I packed to leave the next day, I had just paid rent too! I had to leave, I broke the lease. Now I’m paranoid to a ridiculous point. I really urge females living by themselves to pay attention to stuff like that, it could seriously save your life to do so.


  22. August 12, 2007 at 1:38 pm, Guest said:

    he owns the apt as long as he pays the rent on time and he shall own said apt that rent is being paid on until such terms cease


  23. August 12, 2007 at 1:46 pm, Guest said:

    i have a suggestion how about letting the lady live…and do u care if tenants move in or out because at the end of the day there are some people that probably couldn’t live with you, is that their problem or yours. my dad owns land and he really sucks, he’s very devious with his lawyers if things don’t go his way or a situation like your comes up. control freaks, manipulators, discriminators are not prosperious in the end. take a more human approach and stop with the superiorty complex


  24. August 12, 2007 at 1:57 pm, Guest said:

    landlord took the land that was rented to us made a side deal with the neighbors ignoring that fact we lived here3 years until moving into the new unit downstairs. i reported this to Human Relations as the neighbor called the police on me over the line(neighbor 2years never crossed the line) landlord created dispute. now the land lord wants to send in an appraiser, i think its for harassment purposes. in the new unit fore 4 months. any comments welcomed


  25. August 12, 2007 at 2:37 pm, Guest said:

    hi well our apt building is beeing overtaken by a cpl of thieves they rob your grocerys laundrychange any thing that aint bolted down we have had two incidences. one of wich the cops came to talk to us about it but we at the time thought it was a singel incedence but and had no proof so didnt press charges the second time they brook in we phoned the police but the police never responded the land loards were aware of the situation and are not acting on it we have no proof but a good idea of who it is and its not only us that have been robed four other teneants that we know of brooken into as well we are in desperate need of help we feel traped in our own home and its not fair if some one has an idea of how too catch these crooks pls let me know


  26. August 25, 2007 at 9:16 am, Anonymous said:

    I live in New York city. My unique situation is this: I’m a month-to-month tenant. I have rent receipts. My landlord told my mother that he was thinking of selling the building we’re living in in July. The “prospective buyers” came.
    And the funny thing about that was that our current landlord wanted both my mother and myself out of the way. Was that so he could show the building as “vacant”? The assessor came.
    We heard nothing form either our landlord or the “prospective buyers” for nearly two months.
    I was doing some house hold chores yesterday, and I saw two young gentlemen go up our front stairs.
    They were clearly not from my neighborhood, so I went outside to investigate.
    They were from a land surveying company.
    They wanted to measure the building, “to make sure we’re not encroaching on property lines.”
    I took their business card.
    I called the number, and was referred to another number.
    Turns out that the building I live in WAS sold, without anyone telling us, and closing is in two weeks.
    What happens now? I have no family, no money and I’m temporarily on public assistance. I’m on the “waiting list” for public housing, but the list is 3 years long.
    HELP! I don’t want to be homeless and no one seems to know the answer:
    What if I’m paying my rent, but the landlord sells the building? What are my rights? What can the “new Landlord” to us, or/and with us?


  27. August 30, 2007 at 8:07 pm, Guest said:

    If the property management changed your locks it would in a way admit legally that some one was in fact in your apartment and can bring legal liabilities they don’t want. The problem could be cure by your writing a letter to request locks changed along with a police report stating the evidence of the entry by unknown person not authorized by you or them. Also ask for a keyless lock that can only be locked and unlock by the occupant only.
    Meaning while you are in the apartment this lock can only be unlock by you from the inside. Im a maintenance man with 15 years experience here in texas and state law requires it. Ive learned several things but one lesson is always true LOCKS KEEP HONEST PEOPLE HONEST.
    Lesson learned with in the US ARMY.


  28. September 03, 2007 at 7:29 pm, Guest said:

    doesn’t sound like they were the one to call it in…


  29. September 23, 2007 at 2:31 am, Guest said:

    if you look closely the word own is in quotation marks. legally he does not own it he rents it.


  30. September 30, 2007 at 11:50 am, Guest said:

    Ok, so here’s the deal: I live in a house with 2 other guys in NJ, on one consolidated lease that was originally three separate leases.

    the landlady comes over without notifying me, and is continuously working on the outside of the property, without ever notifying me as such. Yesterday (9/28/07), she came over,and started paving the driveway, blocking me in. I was not given enough time to get my car out, and today, she has done the same thing.

    Furthermore, every time she comes over, she brings her dog. In our lease, there is a “no pet” clause, and when I politely asked her about the dog’s barking, she told me to “go inside, close the door, and wear earplugs.” I’m a college student, and need peace and quiet to study, I find this sort of response completely unacceptable.

    She has also decided to try to tell us how to organize the pantry and refrigerator, has placed a locked cover over our thermostat, and has told me that I cannot put anything else in the living room (I have 2 bookshelves, and wanted to put in a free-standing coat rack, as the house has no closets).

    I feel uncomfortable being here, and have been actively trying to find somewhere else to live, but in the meantime, she has refused, essentially, to even give me copies of my lease. What should I do about this?


  31. October 12, 2007 at 10:44 am, Guest said:

    I’m moving into an apartment Saturday, last weekend i went over to paint, the colors were horrible!! Neon orange, and purple!! I asked the landlord if he would help pay, and he said no. Anyways, while I’m painting i notice a room i hadn’t seen before, so i decided to go take a look. I open the door, and its a cement room FULL of mold! Its a fairly small room, and I can block it off, but still! So i mentioned it to him, and he said I signed the lease, and I should have searched the place better before signing any papers, and there’s nothing he could do. Also, on the lease, it says NOTHING about no pets. Somehow he found out I have a dog, and he’s telling me I’m not allowed to have her, not only that but it’s a basement apartment, and every time I run into the guy that rents upstairs he tells me the same thing.
    I don’t even know what to do… seems like I notice things wrong with the place, I tell him, and he doesn’t care. But I signed a lease, and now I’m stuck with this crappy place for a year! =(


  32. November 02, 2007 at 9:44 am, Guest said:

    Unless some provision in your lease permits termination upon sale of the property, the lease is still in effect. The lease is typically assumed by the new property owner.


  33. November 03, 2007 at 11:56 pm, Guest said:

    you can get a fairly inexpensive servalience camera from a shop, if you can LAN it to a computer in another location, so if they jack that your not out…or find a hidden place for it…also you can leagally move out, (in texas anyways, youll want to look it up in other states…) if you feel afraid for your safety of yourself and your property.


  34. November 04, 2007 at 12:12 am, Guest said:

    go out and buy a new lock and change them yourself…its probley against your lease, but it should also be in your lease that you have a right to have your locks changed, but you probley have to pay for it….also if you dont want to do that, ask the police if they can have the manager do it….


  35. November 04, 2007 at 1:59 am, Guest said:

    i agree with the keyless deadbolt thing. thats actually a rental law here in texas. but if your gone, then you cant lock the keyless one. (if you wanted to you could then just climb out your window or something….lol) i would sugest a hidden camera somewhere that you can see who comes in and such…. if you can afford it then id recomend 2 or even 3…. good luck!


  36. November 16, 2007 at 10:58 pm, Guest said:

    There’s probably nothing you can do about the mold except take lots of photos and report it to the EPA and the BBB. Check the lease you signed for a pet clause. You should have received a copy of it (by law, management must give you a copy). If you don’t have one, go to the management and request a copy. Read the lease very carefully. If there is a pet clause and you signed it, then the doggy will have to go. If there isn’t a pet clause, then inform the management that there’s nothing in your lease that prevents you from having a pet.


  37. November 16, 2007 at 11:11 pm, Guest said:

    Legally, she can’t refuse to give you a copy of your lease. Check out your state’s Renter’s or Tenant’s Rights, copy it down, and then politely inform her of the law.

    You probably can’t do anything about her dog since technically she owns the property. YOU signed the lease about not having any pets, not her. As long as she doesn’t bring the dog in the house, you’re probably ok. If the animal does physical damage to the property, inform her as soon as possible. Take pictures and document everything with date and time, so she can’t come back later and say it was your friend’s dog and not hers, etc.

    I’m not sure about the driveway, except ask her that next time she’d like to do maintenance, to please inform you at least 24 hours ahead of time so that you can arrange to have things moved out of her way. If it’s just basic property maintenance, like fixing sprinkler heads or mowing the lawn, then I wouldn’t complain. Paving the driveway is pretty major. Make it look like you’re doing it for her convenience and not yours, and she may be more amenable to notifying you in advance.


  38. December 12, 2007 at 5:39 am, Guest said:

    You have tenant rights! Keep those receipts honey. The new landlord basically steps into the shoes of the old landlord when they take over the building. make sure you find out who the new landlord is…and ask to see some sort of documentation of this proof. If you feel uncomfortable, and the new person has not provided you with satisfactory evidence, place your rent in an escrow account with a trusted attorney until the transition is complete. You’d be surprised, but the last people to usually find out about a new landlord, or management is the tenants themselves. At least in NY that is!


  39. December 13, 2007 at 5:41 pm, Guest said:

    I thought I was CRAZY. For a long time I couldn’t figure out who or why someone was illegaly entering my apartment. The reason I haven’t installed cameras is I think she is already watching me and I don’t know what I would do if I caught whoever. I felt so violated it drove me to meds and disiability. Today I came home to find my x-mas tree cut down for the second year in a row, things in disaray, not how I left it. I feel violated & want to do SOMETHING. I’ve decided to let her answer to God for what she’s doing. I have God’s peace. U can’t stop that. Michelle u will fall in the ditch your digging for me.


  40. December 28, 2007 at 10:20 pm, Guest said:

    my landlord has been working on his house for over a year. I get home from long hard day at work and he is hammering away. I try to have some consideration, I try to be quiet, shouldn’t this go both ways?


  41. January 14, 2008 at 12:35 pm, Guest said:

    I’m sorry you guys all have crappy maintenance personnel, I’ve never heard of them coming in and rummaging through your apt. or entering w/o permission…Husband is the sole maintenance personnel at our apartment complex and I can tell you we’ve had more problems with tenants than they’ve ever complained of from the maintenance. Tenants will knock on our front door, day and night with ridiculous problems (“I don’t know how to change the temp. on my heater”???) If your maintenance man actually works hard and lives within the complex – feel sorry for him, just think, if YOU don’t know how to fix it…and HE DOES, you’re not above him. Flooring, plumbing, installing lights/fans, electricity….these are not “easy” jobs and if you think they are, you’ve probably hardly tried them and been quite spoiled all your life. I know there’s crappy maintenance workers out there, my husbands worked with a few, but there’s also good one’s and they are by no means beneath you.


  42. January 14, 2008 at 12:46 pm, Guest said:

    Imagine: You come home after working an 8 hour day. Sounds normal right? But what if that 8 hour day was spent poking around behind people’s toilets and under their leaky bathroom abd kitchen sinks. Taking apart broken garbage disposals, full of old, disgusting food. And on top if, these tenants requested a work order and needed help, but they didn’t even have the common courtesy to clean off their toilet or make enough space under their leaky sink for you to even poke your head under with a flashlight. Imagine part of your day consists of fixing a leaky shower that’s full of disgusting mold and mildew because the tenant doesn’t bother to do a basic cleaning on their tub once in a while. Imagine that a tenant moves out of their apartment and complains that they didn’t get all their deposit back and don’t understand why. Imagine that you’re the maintenance man and you go into that empty apartment and begin to re-paint the walls and they continually have reappearing brown streaks and drips, because the past tenant smoked indoors. Imagine you have to spend two full days washing the walls down by hand, with a special nicotine residue remover. Then you can begin to re-paint all over again. Imagine you just came home, after your long day…sat down for the first time, maybe got something to eat for the first time- all day. And you hear a knock on your door…”Are you home??? I need help! My garbage disposal is backed up!” The maintenance man dutifully replies and goes to her apt. to take a look and proceeds to first clean it out. What does he find? Shrimp shells and chicken bones. “Well I didn’t know I couldn’t put those down there?!” …Says the lady. All these things have really happened, try to take another persons perspective once in a while. And do your maintenance man a favor…and quite frankly, what he deserves and what you SHOULD do…CLEAN BEFORE HE HAS TO ENTER YOUR APARTMENT. Yuck.


  43. February 20, 2008 at 4:44 am, Guest said:

    I live in a apartment complex in San Antonio, TX. Anyways a lady from the management unlocked my door with a key and walked right in the apartment without any notification. I am now moving out, and I am just wondering what I can do? I was home and my girlfriend was there so I have a witness.

    I appreciate it.


  44. March 04, 2008 at 8:43 am, Guest said:

    mold is a health hazard. If you can prove by going to the doctor that you are say…coughing more, having difficulty breathing, headaches associated with mold allergies..etc, then it is a health hazard that the landlord needs to take care of. I would recommend finding out what the local laws states about mold and then follow up with a certified letter (yes certified-even if he lives in the same house) so there is a record, stating that you want it fixed or it is a breech of contract to maintina non harful living conditions for his renters. I would also see what the local laws states about unwrtten conditions (verbal) regarding the contract and pets. If you want to keep the pet, then you have to make absolutely sure there are no loop holes in the contract. Then you state you are keeping the pet. His choice is to let you stay or ask you to leave. If you stay, he cannot evict you for that reason. If he asks you to leave, you have (by law) 30 days and you get back you security deposit and you do not have to pay rent for the remning months since he breeched the contract. I hope this helps.


  45. March 21, 2008 at 4:57 pm, Guest said:

    .Somebody is breaking in to my apartment.

    Here’s what has been happening

    The day after I got the key to the apartment when I was moving in my furniture with the help of a friend I noticed that somebody had forced the doorknob and the area around it was a bunch of shredded wooden splinters like somebody had pulled real hard on the side of it and pulled it into the wood. There is now a centimeter gap in my door where anybody can bend down and gaze into my bedroom.

    The apartment smelled bad and we found a discolored puddle in the kitchen that might have been HUMAN URINE. My friend was convinced it was some sort of leak but to this day it has not returned and a leak would have kept leaking.

    I come home from work and sometimes find that my belongings have been rummaged through. Bills are in different places, paperwork has been disorganized. My DVDs and CDs have been moved or are occassionally missing. I have noticed this about four times since I have moved in here six months ago.

    One day I found my social security card on my bedroom floor. I keep this in a portfolio of important documents and I almost never take it out. Everything else was moved around too. All my mail and bills were opened. Somebody is probably stealing my identity and I will probably get screwed by it six months down the road.

    My kitchen floor is now torn up by somebody’s kleated shoes. I don’t own any shoes like that and there was no damage to the floor when I moved in.

    I am pretty sure it is the maintenance guy. I get really bad vibes when I am around him. He always gives me these really shifty eyed looks and smirks and shouts stuff like “what’s up!!!!” at me when he sees me around the complex.

    This guy entered my apartment one day when I was home. He said he was checking for leaks and then left really quick. I don’t think he expected me to be home because I work nights and people are normally at work during the day.

    He spends an awfully large amont of time hanging out in the hallway outside of my apartment, sometimes with a dude who looks homeless. Whenever I leave he will wave or say hi to me while smirking. I think he is messing with me. He is acknowledging the fact that I am leaving and will not be home to stop him from trespassing. He’s waiting out there to watch me leave.

    I know this guy lives in my apartment complex somewhere but there is absolutely no reason for him to be chillin outside my door at 11 at night. It totally creeps me out.

    One night somebody was pounding on my door and pulling really hard at the doorknob. It was the burnt out hippy dude the maintenance giuy chills with outside of my apartment. When I opened the door he was very surprised and took off. I have talked to the manager about this and he says the man is not a tenant. The old woman who lives next door to me approached me three days later and told me he tried to break into her apartment as well.

    I don’t know what to do. This guy is the apartment manager’s friend. He is shady too. I’ve asked to install my own locks but have been told they “need to be able access the apartment at any time, in case of an emergency” My doorknob hasn’t been fixed. It would have to be fixed by the same guy I think is messing with my stuff.

    I feel totally violated.
    I want to get the hell out of here but can’t because I am in a lease.
    Its horrible.
    and I don’t know what to do.


  46. March 31, 2008 at 9:33 pm, Guest said:

    I will add to this, because I think it is very important in many regards and I cannot agree more with your post.

    Imagine, if you will, a maintenance tech calling you from your workplace, at midnight of all hours, complaining, screaming and yelling about something that could of been taken care of while you were home laying on your couch all day watching TV.
    With that in mind, imagine you having to get out of bed, half asleep, jumping into your car in the dead of winter and rushing back to your job that you left only 6 hours ago, to “fix” what ailed this person.
    Imagine now arriving back at your workplace only to find that this “emergency” was nothing more than user error, plain stupidity and complete laziness on his/her part. You hold back your anger, your feelings of being awaken in the middle of the night to oblige this boligerant person and try to appease and please this person beyond the normal scope of customer service. After all, years and years of your patience has been tried. You have seen the most abusive, most lazy, most skillfully and gainfully drunken unemployed tenants to date, but yet through it all, you swallowed your pride, bit your tongue and were never rewarded for it. In fact, you feel that you have been penalized if anything. You cannot plan anything due to the fact you are on call. Your holidays are nothing more than a standby solution waiting by a pager and a phone while your family celebrates without you. The amount of relationships with the opposite sex have exasporated quickly and easily due to those same issues, as well as broken promises that were made before you realized the next “emergency” crossed in your pager’s view during a quiet dinner out on the town.

    But yet, it still is not enough. This person decides that early in the morning, they are going to complain to management about your “attitude” while you fixed this non emergency item at an hour that was actually an inconvenience to you. After all, most people actually change their own lightbulbs, but not this person. They are “owed” and “entitled” to your services because they pay rent. That means that they basically own you and rent their apartment. This also means that eventhough you may think you have a life, you really do not. You are nothing more than a pawn between the office and tenant, especially when rent is due. You notice quite frequently the rise and influx of work orders and emergency calls that take place when the office and tenant are battling over who really owes who, and they wont pay unless this or that is fixed. In their world, they believe that a broken piece of wall trim that was broken by themselves, is justifiable means to skip paying rent. It is the companies view that you fix this item so there is no controversy and not charge them for breaking this item so skillfully. This will usually resolve the situation right up until the next month’s rent is due, and of course, something else happens to “break”.

    You try your best during the normal work hours, during the normal work week, to do as many maintenance requests as you can. In fact, you are way above average in this regard, and you feel that your work is appreciated. As time goes on, you realize this is nothing more than a falicy of good faith. You see that the only real time somebody wants to talk to you, is when they need something fixed. You see and view some residents at times, as ungrateful because they have this beautiful living space in which they gladly destroy within days and then complain about their living conditions. You are accused every now and then by one of these same residents of taking something or leaving something open, when the reality is it is their kids, friends, or 1 of the other 5 people they handed unauthorized keys to.

    These same people, without any forethought to your hard work, character or reputation, spread those same falicies around your own workplace, causing mistrust by all. The fact that you have never had a mark on your record, nor the fact you have cleared every known privacy robbing background test just to obtain this job is never mentioned. Years without instance or accusation, and now your career hangs in the balance. Just like normal media, when the truth is finally discovered, long after your reputation has taken a toll and you had absolutely NOTHING to do with any instance of accusations, you are merely forced now to still service this same person’s apartment against your will without so much as an apology from the accuser. This by any tactical measure by this same resident, could be a set up to even more serious accusations later in time whenever they feel. You feel defeated, you feel unappreciated, and worse of all, you feel abused.

    You now go home, to a place that you pay rent for from the same company you work for at the same rate of rent that everybody else does, and you wonder to yourself if it is even worth it in the end? You look back at the failed marriage. You look back at the failed relationships with significant others. You look back at all the failed friendships and the overall sense you are alone and will die alone in this job simply because your time is everybody else’s. They are entitled to your life and your time right?

    You want to eat at 6:00? Forget it. You need to get your ass over here and fix my garbage disposal NOW, eventhough I was home all day playing video games. You can eat later. In fact, I may just call again at around 10:00 because all of a sudden, my toilet is backed up with all sorts of things I know I should not be trying to flush.

    In the end, the reason we do this job is because once in a great while, there are a few residents that make it all worth while. They are usually the ones who smile and say thank you! They are the ones who even during the most severe inconveniences to them, still ask you to come over “whenever you get the time”.
    They demand nothing and ask politely. They are not owed anything but our kind service and respect. They wave at you while leaving the property or offer to help when they see you may need some. They know you by name and not by your page number, and they always make you feel that the asshole to nice people ratio, will someday come in full alignment with the moon and the stars.

    In the end, all I can say to this blatant maintenance bashing of many here, is if you dont like it, move. You dont own a rental unit nor the people who work there. Your rights are clearly stipulated on the lease you ignored to read before you signed and if you honestly feel violated, call the police or set up your own surveillance methods using a video camera, web cam on a computer, or just common and small tests such as taping your door, putting a paper clip in the door…etc..

    When and if you ever buy a home, you may just appreciate or realize the importance of maintenance of your former rental complex. You will realize that calling ANYBODYto fix anything past normal business hours, will get you charged double. Calling ANYBODY to fix something on a holiday, is going to get you in triple digits per hour real fast.
    You will then realize not only the cost of these repairs, but the cost of the parts and or complete appliance replacement. My guess is, the drunken fist holes in your doors will cease to occur. I am quite positive that flushing tampons and potatoes down your toilet will immediately cease after the first plumbing bill you get. I am pretty sure, that if your air conditioning quits on a 60 degree day, you wont be so fast to call a HVAC tech out at 9:00 p.m. to have it fixed. And..more than likely, your pool (if you can even afford one) is going to look like shit compared to the one you constantly complained about here.

    There are bad people in this world regardless of the job or profession. Yes, there are bad maintenance and bad management companies out there, but you cannot group maintenance personnel as one, just like maintenance personnel try not to do with residents.

    In the end, treat others how you would like to be treated, and we will all get along just fine.


  47. April 07, 2008 at 3:15 pm, Guest said:

    THE SOLUTION TO PEOPLE TRESSPASSING and home security tips and ideas..

    Wireless Cameras. Cameras are cheap and unobtrusive. The camera will transmit to a reciever which is usually quite small. The reciever connects to your DVR or VCR via a/v cables. A/V wires are just standard red, yellow, and white wires.
    All of this stuff is really simple. I recommend buying an eight hour video cassette if you go down the VCR route. The only drawback to using a wireless camera is that if the persons trespassing were smart enough, they would in theory just buy their own reciever and see if the camera was on.
    Document security:
    Keep your documents under lock and key. Backpacks can be used or metal or wood boxes. Latches and locks are very cheap and easy to install. Since someone trespassing would not want a trail, a weak box would work nicely. Also, a combination lock I believe would be more secure than a key lock.


  48. April 09, 2008 at 7:00 am, Guest said:

    I definitely agree with this last post! They are many kinds of camera’s out there now and are very easy to use.
    Buying a camera last summer and using every time I leave my home came in handy not to long ago! My story is a bit long but here is the link.
    Home Sweet Home


  49. April 09, 2008 at 1:04 pm, Guest said:

    If you don’t like your job and EVERYTHING that comes with it, GET ANOTHER JOB!!!


  50. April 22, 2008 at 11:26 am, Guest said:

    what if your landlord is entering your apt. and stealing and poisoning your food in an attempt to get you to move out?


  51. April 29, 2008 at 9:49 pm, Guest said:

    Your comments are ignorant and unfounded. You sound paranoid.


  52. April 29, 2008 at 9:51 pm, Guest said:

    Poisoning you? Come on! That is so stupid. You need some mental help, FAST!


  53. May 07, 2008 at 6:00 pm, Guest said:

    I invite you to come over and ingest to your heart’s content, any gourmet food items you find in my refrigerator. Here in California, that’s what they do to get you out of your rent controlled apartment if they can’t do it legally. My attorney prevented their illegal eviction so they instituted Plan B. Wherever you live you better stay since you obviously don’t know the sharks!.


  54. May 16, 2008 at 3:50 pm, Guest said:

    Hey Guys, I have a question for you. Please tell me if this qualifies as a breech of lease (in my favor).

    I rented a room at a house with the landlady. It was on a month-by-month basis.

    I gave her verbal notice several months in advance that I planned to leave late May to take a medical licensing exam, and asked if it was okay to leave my belongings in the garage in storage until June 20. She agreed to that, although, I didn’t put it in writing (big mistake!).

    Throughout the 2 years I paid for this room, she has done unauthorized entries, used my room as a shortcut to get to the garage, and even let her family and DRUNK FRIEND sleep in my bed (this was without my knowledge, I found out through that friend of hers, that she slept in my bed while I was away).

    Recently, in the past 2 weeks, she began forcing herself into my room. I told her that I am in the middle of studying for final exams and to please give me privacy. She has been verbally abusive and bullied me into letting her paint my room, while I was studying (and asked her not to), and of course, this being a health issue. Not only that, my belongings have been tampered with and everything.

    So, I decided after more disagreement and more fees she began to stick me with, I gave her a written notice that since she has continually harassed me, trespassed, allowed her friends and family members to SLEEP in my room while I was out of town without my consent, I have decided to take my belongings with me on May 27th, and to not leave them here until June 20. In addition, I refused to pay her for rent in June.

    She has now been swearing at me, calling me names, and leaving me threatening notices on my door saying that she is going to sue me because I gave her 2 weeks written noticed instead of 30 days, etc etc (even though she acknowledged in writing that I did give her verbal notice).

    Do I have grounds to break my lease with her? I think I have every right to feel threatened and uncomfortable when I am being harassed, invaded, and people that are not maintenance people coming in and sleeping in my room.


  55. May 16, 2008 at 6:46 pm, Guest said:

    Read your lease agree agreement. Know your rights. Put all conversation with manager in writing and keep a copies

    sample letter:

    your name
    address (including apt #)
    phone number


    Landlord name/company

    Landlord name/Company,

    I am requesting that you immediately repair my door and change my locks as this interferes with my safety and well being. I am requesting that this repair/change be taken care of in __hours and I will be present for this. I request that you immediately respond in writing as to when this will take place. I also request that management be present, or another maintenance person preform the work.

    On (approximate if you don’t remember)_____ , 2008, your maintenance person came to my apartment unannounced, when he saw that I was there, he dismissed himself quickly-this activity caused me to be very concerned as the lease states: page ___, paragraph ___, section _____ that maintenance personnel:(write where it may pertain to you and when they must notify you). Then state that you were not notified by written notice of a leak check, nor a phone call or knock on the door. This individual is found loitering outside my door prior to my departure for work and this activity is very suspicious. He often loiters with a suspicious looking individual. This activity make me feel _________________. From now on if I feel threatened by this individual or if unlawful entry into my apartment dwelling is made I will call the police department for my own safety. To employ such an individual is not right and you should consider your options as an individual of this nature could cause your apartment housing considerable liability issue.


    your name ( you could include pictures as an attachment)

    0BVIOUSLY, IT’s NOT BE PERFECT, JUST TWEEK IT UP, GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO RESPOND-IT MAY TAKE A DAY. IF THEY DO NOT RESPOND: contact a real estate attorney who can help with landlord/tenant issues. Some give free advise and will let you know if you have a case-I’m sure you would if your landlord doesn’t respond. This should give you plenty of right to leave that apartment complex without oweing a penny! The attorney may write a letter to threaten to allow you to break lease because of above issue-and send it to them. At that point you would give notice and run!!

    Good luck, and keep all copies to/from landlord


  56. June 06, 2008 at 11:17 am, Guest said:

    Here’s the thing: My landlord LOVES to recycle. The problem is, they recycle my stuff too. In order to do so, they go through my trashcan and my recycling can. I don’t know about most other people, but it gives me a creepy feeling. I know it’s garbage,I don’t want it any more, but there are other things in those cans I don’t want people to see, much less my landlord. Since he lives immediately next door, he’s constantly in my yard, watering the plants, and of course rummaging through the garbage. I hold on to certain things just because I don’t want him seeing them. By the way, they do this NOT when the trash is on the curb, but when it is still in my yard. I’ve walked out and found him waist-deep in my trash can. No shame to his game though. They used to do it only when I was at work, now it’s anyitme. HELP ME!


  57. June 11, 2008 at 8:13 pm, Guest said:

    I’m going to keep it simple. My girl friend was locked out of the rental home we have because she locked the door with the keys in the house. We called the landlord to she if she can come over with the spare key to let us in . Don’t you know she said that oh don’t worry the people next door have a spare key to you guys place. I live in Va is this a void lease


  58. June 13, 2008 at 11:59 am, Guest said:

    Was this situation ever resolved? I would love to hear how this situation ended.


  59. June 15, 2008 at 12:24 pm, Guest said:

    You don’t specify what state you live in, so please verify the following for your own cirsumstances:
    I live in Florida, our state statutes stipulate that a lessee on a month-to-month lease may give 15 days written notice and that is an acceptable and legally up-held time-frame of notice for the landlord.


  60. June 27, 2008 at 3:10 pm, Guest said:

    This is horrible and I feel for you! I have lived in several different apartments during my life and have never had anyone enter my apartment without prior consent or notification. What this guy is doing to you is against the law and he should be arrested for it! As for the creepy homeless guy trying to break in, I would get a gun or at least some pepper spray if I were you. Next time he tries to break in he’ll get a nasty surprise! I hope for your sake that you can move out of there soon if you haven’t already done so. Please leave a reply for us on here so we know everything turned out alright for you. Best of luck to you!


  61. June 27, 2008 at 3:25 pm, Guest said:

    This same thing happened to be about 10 years ago. I was living in a very nice duplex and had great neighbors. The owner hadn’t been paying his property taxes so he was forced to sell the property. He came and told all of us what was happening. Everyone had to move out because the duplexes wouldn’t be rented out anymore. Instead they were going to be bought and privately owned. I ended up having to move to an apartment complex because it was the only place I could find on such short notice. If I hadn’t moved out of there on time, I probably would have been put out in the street. This wasn’t fair because I’m a good tenant and my rent was always paid on time. Some landlords are such douchebags and they don’t care about the tenants at all. They only care about making money!


  62. July 31, 2008 at 9:33 am, Guest said:

    I am a resident of an apartment in Va and my retal manangement company just places a notice on my door Wedsday evening stating that my apartment door would be painted by a contractor on Friday and my door would be left open and unlock until the door dried. Is this legal for the landlord to do this when the apartment resident is not home? I have no problem with the maintence being done only that it need to be done when I am home so I can ensure the safety of my pet and belongings


  63. September 05, 2008 at 8:27 pm, Guest said:



  64. September 08, 2008 at 9:50 pm, Guest said:

    Quote from

    New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Division of Codes and Standards Landlord-Tenant Information Service
    Providing the landlord with a key
    If there is no lease provision or written rental rule requiring a key to be given to the landlord, a tenant is not required to provide a key for the landlord. In New Jersey there is no law that requires a tenant to give a landlord a key to the rental unit. There is also no law that prohibits a landlord from keeping a key to a rental unit. A tenant disputing the landlord’s right to a key can simply refuse to provide the landlord with a key. The landlord may then seek an action for eviction based on the tenant’s refusal to comply with reasonable lease provisions. The judge would then decide if it is reasonable for the tenant to supply the landlord with a key.

    Forcible or unlawful entry and detainer A landlord shall be guilty of an unlawful entry and detainer, if the landlord enters the rental premises peaceably or forcibly and then detains (keeps or takes possession of) the property by force or the threat of force or if the landlord enters the rental unit and removes the tenant’s personal property without the consent of the tenant or a judgment from the Superior Court of New Jersey. If a landlord enters a tenant’s unit while the tenant is not home, this is considered forcible entry.


  65. November 18, 2008 at 5:07 pm, Guest said:

    Yes, it is legal. In most places the law simply states that a landlord can enter the premises during reasonable hours (ie. business hours), whether or not the tenant is home, as long as appropriate notice has been given 24 to 48 hours in advance.

    The exceptions that do not require notice are emergency situations, and any regular maintenance specified in the lease agreement.


  66. November 21, 2008 at 3:47 pm, Guest said:

    Landlord Denying Chain:

    I live in an apartment in North Dakota in which maintenance has almost walked in on me being almost naked 3 times in the last year!

    The 1st encounter, I was laying in bed taking a nap after class when I heard my front door unlocking, I had just enough time to jump out of bed and put a towel on to open the door when maintenance then tried telling me my dryer was broken and tried forcing himself into my apartment to double check (at the time I was actually using the dryer), my landlord gave the guy the wrong apartment number and said that the tenant wont be there!

    2nd Encounter, again I was sleeping and maintenance knocked and then I heard the unlocking of my door, once again I had just enough time to wrap myself up and got to the door as he was opening it! Maintenance took so long to get around to the repair that I found a way to repair it myself!

    3rd Encounter! I was home sick, taking a bath when I pop my head out of the water to hear maintenance walking into my apartment! They did knock, but how am I supposed to hear them with my head underwater!

    The next day I approached my landlord and requested a chain be put on my door to protect my personal privacy while I am in my apartment. My landlord told me that having a chain put on my door was against fire code and they wouldn’t do it. If I did it myself they would charge me for a new door and frame when I move out! Is it illegal for my landlord to deny me a chain on my door?

    For each of these encounters I had no prior notice to them coming to the apartment until they either they unlocked the door or knocked. The second encounter was requested maintenance, but it was more than a week after the request was made.


  67. November 24, 2008 at 12:23 pm, Guest said:

    Get a kee-block for your door- it fits over your door knob so that a person with a key maybe able unlock the lockbolr but won’t be able to have access to your doorknob – the device is metal you cannot open the bottom door as the device is larger than the knob & will just turn (not the door knob lock)

    Get a surveillance camera & hope to catch an image of the offender.

    my Perv is the maintaince man


  68. December 29, 2008 at 1:03 pm, Guest said:

    Here is a situation that I’ve been having for almost 4 months!!! My roommate had a restraining order against her ex boyfriend for abusive reasons. Yet, she being young minded and immature, she decided to let this mentally unstable young man into our house. I repeatedly told her if he wasn’t removed I was calling the police to file a report of truspassing without my consent. He continues to live in our apartment and is even home when she is not. My question is…why is my apartment complex not doing anything about him staying there? He is not on the lease, and in our lease agreement it states no visior shall stay over 3 days. Which it’s been…4 months. And he is the reason for bills being paid late, for the house being a wreck, and for continuous verbal harrassment. I am now removing her from the lease, once she sings her name off the lease I explained he is no longer aloud in the apartment due to the fact it will no longer be half her apartment. Will the cops actually come and be helpful for once if he comes on to my property after her name is off the lease?! Especially because i’m patite and afraid for my safety. Any answers??


  69. February 13, 2009 at 1:32 am, PB said:

    Where I live they want to not give notice either and boy is it infuriatiing. The thing I see over and over again with this simular problem for so many is that we are told: catch them, call police , get % off rent till lease over or break the lease. The thing is I or even anyone else doesn’t want to move. I/they want to renew and live where they are dispite and sinply want this to stop. I threatened the last time we ‘could;’ sue and it was hell that year from the employee group bonding glaring at me, not letting me drive out the parking lot blocking my car with themselves and banging on my windows. The hostility is huge from this back against them and their fake behavior to scapegoat someone for standing up for their rights made it even more infuriating. We are crap to them, actually just money, not people. I find it ridiculous for anyone to have to just ‘move’ because of their illegal behavior of entering. Calling the police to charge them would be justifiable but then I’m sure most people feel as though they won’t be let to renew their lease the next year because you got them in trouble. I know this happens and angers alot of people here and no one does anything because of this. I think laws must be more harshly enforced. If u are going to rent to tenants and have a complex then u must abide by those rules and if it doesn’t fit your schedule to make your millions off us Get Out of the Business. I want to know there would be protection if you charge them not that we shold just let them get away w/it and pack up and move. Moving is hard and exhasting.


  70. March 15, 2009 at 6:15 pm, AKCS said:

    here is my story me and my Boyfriend just moved into a new place a couple weeks a going. my landlord have walked in to the houses without knocking over 10 time when am home alone and am not sure with to do. Am not sure how more times he have being in the houses when am at work.
    he once walk into the houses with i was in the shower when i walk out he was standing at the front door. he never knocks or call a head of time and am not sure with to do.. can someone help me please is there something i can do or say to him??


  71. March 26, 2009 at 12:34 pm, Lost in TX said:

    (Can I do this?)

    I only have but a few items to mention in this posting,

    1- Check the news online, you will see how one tenant ( in San Antonio, TX) found a camera in her ac vent after she just moved in her apartment.

    2- I want to rescind my permission to my landlord forbidding them to enter our apartment when we are not at home. Unless it is an emergency and police or fire department representative is present.

    3- In that notice I am also stating they notify me of future maintenance prior to them entering so we may be home.

    Reason for the 2nd & 3rd is at the moment they saw me leave my home was less then 5 mins prior to my husband returning home from work. When he started to undress in our bedroom, he found a strange man in our back bathroom. He found out it was the plumber and manager gave him permission and the key when we were out. But did not again notify us of him coming. This seems to be an on going thing with our manager and maintenance here at our apartment complex. I would like to know what I can do. What are my legal rights here in San Antonio, TX. In our last apartment complex in another state. We have noticed that everything we spoke of privately in our home was back in the office. So we decided to check the apartment, low and behold we were being bugged. So we moved out of there right away. I want privacy, I feel I pay rent to live somewhere for my privacy and feel I deserve it.


  72. August 11, 2009 at 11:20 am, CINDY COUTO said:




  73. August 18, 2009 at 8:36 am, Disgusted In Florida said:

    I have a landlord that is a paranoid/psycho. Hew would call me at all hours of the day and night and if I did not answer the phone he would put a note on my car. The final incident with this creep ishe showed up at my apartment and because my car was in the driveway he assumed I was in the apartment not answering, so he gets on his tip toes and starts looking through the window. This was the last straw with this psycho. I called a lawyer and I moved out of the place as soon as I can. I also talked to the Sherriff’s Office and I am filing criminal charges against this man. I never felt safe living there after these incidents it was like having a stalker.

    Renters have rights, we are renting the property and have the right to expect privacy and no one has the right to violate that. As for my landlord criminal charges will end his career, should have thought of that before he stalked.


  74. January 31, 2010 at 12:33 pm, Mike said:

    LOL!!! You guys should see Athens Housing Authority in Tennessee… That story is NOT fat fetched at all. They walk in your home any time they want without notice. They knock on the door with the key already in the hole. Sometimes they don’t even knock at all. We’ve come home to people in the house. I’ve woke up to people in the house (Really crappy feeling).. I was afraid to even sit in my chair in my underwear because I never knew when that door would pop open. They even caught my wife coming out of the shower. Who would have thought you need to get fully dressed in the bathroom to make the walk to the bedroom when you’re home alone?

    Most violated I have ever felt in my life


  75. March 30, 2010 at 5:35 pm, Angela said:

    The maitenance people where I live (New York City)have poisoned elderly tenants, stolen lock boxes and safes from other tenants apartments. Removed anything religious related that they disapprove of, stolen clothing (because a neighbor thinks you look nice), put crazy glue on my puppy, poured some srt of sealant down the kitchen drain, busted large holes under the sink, comes to the house to make emergency repairs at 11 PM but down’t go to anyone elss home. Asked to check my bedroom closet for leaks when there are no pipes in that part of the building (it’s a very large building), stole memories of my long dead relatives by removingthings from the house that were given to me and my daughter, broke $3000.00 worth of security cameras and stole the dvd’s with them entering the house. Now my landlord knows e is not to enter the apartment, N.Y. City Housing Court states that it is illegal to enter a tanents apartment except in case of emergency. However they always say it’s an emergency when it is not. The police just tell you to calm down and stop making a scene because they, along with the fire department do not care. I entered m home one day to find it set on fire. Only my daughters room not mine. My daughter was 4 years old at the time. She could have died. Mangement and maitenance did not care. My only option now is to shut off the power in the house, attach frayed electrical wiring to the doorknobs and shut the power back on before I leave. I am forced to stay home because of this. If someone fries for touching my doorknob that’s their problem. They shouldn’t be hanging around on my floor to begin with. Jail you say? Bring it on. I would be out by supper.


  76. July 02, 2010 at 1:27 pm, basement life said:

    I rented an apartment, in Westchester NY. I’m living in a older couples basement. when I first moved in, there where major issuses, a door coverd head to toe in mold. the kitcain was moldly inside and out, and one of the carpets had mold all over it. titles fell off in the shower after I took my first shower. the washer backs up into the floor, and the dry doesn’t dry.

    I was told, to clean the mold, which I got very sick from, who cares if you have titles missing in the shower can you just glue them back on? you must not know how to use the washer dryer, becuase they are brand new.

    I moved out of my storge unit, becuase I wanted to start sorting threw my boxes, I hadn’t been able to go threw for years. my landladys son enters my apartment wtih the inspecter which I was told he was comthing the following day. I wanted to take him on my tour of the apartment.

    the son freak out of able the boxes around my apartment, and came to me the following day, which I had taken comp time to let the inspecter into my aparmtnet. The son told me I had to get the boxes out or he was hiring a lawyer.

    I didn’t, and I got a letter for a lawyer, I stuff the boxes into a clost, to go threw later. later a month ago, lease ends in sep, and I want to cut down on my stuff. I cleaned out two of the bedrooms. I wanted to use my tabble to sorta thought that would make since.

    2 weeks ago, Animal contral shows up at my door, and they come into my apartment to tell me someone had reported I’d be out of town and had’t left food or water for my pets. which was weird becuase I’d been home every night, and been at work every day.

    this last week…

    I saw the son outside of ym apartment on tuesday, he was sitting in a truck. Wednesday morning he aproshes me while I’m watering ym plaints.
    he yells across the street. “I’ve got a question for you”
    me: “what”
    him “your being sued” so not a question
    me: “for what?”
    him “your apartment, and the cops are going to write you a somons and the fire department, and your lease is up in sep.” he goes up stairs.

    when I left for work I heard my landladys husben yell she’s leaving!

    my boyfriend cameover and helped me get my apartment in order. I think my landlady and her hubby enter my apartment. while I was at work. I’m slowly trying to move my stuff into a stroge unit near my office.

    my lese is only with my landlady, not the son or the hubby, what rights do they have on entering my apartment?

    I have never gotten anythign in writing about someone being inside my apartment.


  77. July 06, 2010 at 10:29 pm, wicked said:

    landlord removed locks and doorknobs when I wasn’t present or being served eviction notice

    landlord removed all locks and doorknobs without my knowledge and entered while I wasn;t present or notice. I replaced one lock and she made me remove it saying it wasn’t to be allowed due to fuse box and water heater in basement where I have resided for last 5 years. Never been a problem until now that daughter moved back from California and needed a place to live


  78. October 19, 2010 at 7:10 pm, Guest said:

    After personal items began missing from my apartment I installed cameras in every room, particularly the entry way facing the door. I found out that my neighbors had been allowing maintenance to enter my home via the balcony and they were seen walking past the camera into my bedroom. This maintenance man takes clothing, cds, dvds, skirts, dresses and even underwear.
    When confronted he said I had no proof. I went to the police department and was told that I was the troublemaker even though this man entered my home illegally without cause. My brand new kitchen floor is ruined due to being cut up. When asked to repair the floor I was informed that maintenance only repairs and fixes things in new tenants apartments, not tenants who were there longer. I paid the department of housing preservation a visit and showed them photographs of the ruined floor. I informed them of the intrusions, some even when I am at home. This man lies saying he doesn’t have a key. If you’re entering through the window you wouldn’t need a key. Housing made management install windows guards but this maintenance now walks around with a cordless drill at all times. I have spoken with my neighbor and told them that if they let this man enter my apartment one more time that I would toss him and them off the balcony. (and i would) They never show up when they say they will, they never make repairs that actually fix anything. They just come in and take things. As for the security cameras. I was asked to remove them, which I did not. Maintenance states that they refuse to come in to make repairs if I have the cameras there. So the building’s owners are receiving many fines for not maintaining the apartments. Also, they found a way to disable the cameras. They shut off the electricity before entering the apartment. My only recourse is to renew my firearm license and wait for this creep to enter my apartment again. It will be for the last time.


  79. March 03, 2011 at 8:42 pm, bob said:

    When the landlord rents out their unit to you, they sell you the right to exclusive possession of your unit. The landlord chooses to have the money, rather than exclusive possession, the same as though
    they sold the property to someone else – they no longer have the right to possession. If the landlord
    comes into your rental unit, he is a trespasser, the same as any stranger, with one special exception.
    Under Civil Code Section 1954, the landlord may enter your rental unit (1) in an emergency, like a
    fire or broken pipe, or (2) upon reasonable advance notice, and then only to inspect, repair, or show the apartment, during normal business hours. 24 hours is presumed to be reasonable notice, but a
    shorter time may be reasonable. You do not have to be home when they come, but they are are
    liable for anything stolen or broken during such entry.

    The manager who snoops in your apartment because they have a key can be controlled by practical means, even though there is no legal authority to approve or prohibit the practice. Write a letter to the owner, carbon copy to the local police, about the manager’s burglary. Change the locks, or add chain lock to the door, so that the manager’s entry is restricted. You should plan on moving, if the owner does not restrict the manager’s entry, but at least your privacy will be protected.


  80. March 20, 2011 at 11:29 pm, Careabear said:

    So, I live in Dallas, TX. My boyfriend, J, and his bro O have an apt together. Both names are on the lease and both pay for half. O’s boyfriend also lives there in O’s room, but is not on the lease. I do not live there, but I’m over there visiting my bf almost every day. Today O decided he freakin hates me for no better reason than he has a cold heart and is crazy in the head and has threatened to call the cops if I come over. So, tonight my boyfriend J and I had to go to a restaurant to chill and talk b/c of his crazy bro O. My boyfriend J said that he will stick up for me but just does not want to have to deal with all the drama. I am willing to take the risk because I have done nothing wrong. But, if the cops are called can they really do anything since it’s my boyfriend’s place too and he wants me there? O says it’s trespassing, but if my boyfriend is paying rent and wants me there then he has the right for me to be there…am I correct?


  81. April 14, 2011 at 12:24 am, JCCarborendum said:

    I see that these maintenance men are doing the same thing all across the country. ENTERING PEOPLES HOMES DURING THE DAY WHEN THEY ARE NOT HOME, STEALING THEIR PROPERTY that’s valuable, hanging out in the apartment watching their tvs, running up their utility bills, pilfering their supplies such as detergent, bleach, etc., so they won’t have to buy any. Allowing their illegal alien friends to hang out in your apartments while they get paid for it. They also engage in identity theft because they snoop through your personal information, order credit cards, and then they have access to the mailbox keys to intercept the credit cards. These guys need to be stopped, NOW! Write a letter to your Congressman to pass legislation to STOP THIS INVASION OF PRIVACY, THEFT OF PROPERTY, IDENTITY THEFT. They are getting away with this and need to be stopped, NOW!!!!


  82. July 12, 2011 at 6:22 am, Haven no More said:

    Even in Renting an Apartment – Crimes within are allowed without the accountability sought or deemed to be a primary of what management offers the tenants . Staff ,be it a manager maintenance or axillary are all deemed with the given trust every tenant believes in when signing a lease . Yet some how this trust can be shattered and justified as easy as it can in the courts these days when one commits a crime or stealing harassing or both . Crimes often needing to be hide by the Corporation and Owners so to save face and residents . Rather then to seek justice for the victims . Money item can be taken .Sexual harassment can happen every day . Even being reported without Vail as to find that the manger will take a stance of not knowing or is unwilling to do a thing . The law tells tenant with out evidence or witness that a case is just a concern nothing else . A case that a victim will know that can never change no matter if everyone else wants to change the reality of what happen in their lies and manipulation to keep their jobs or just to save face . Letters of invitation to as the tenant to move if not to be enjoying their stay as though this is a spa rather then a rental .? A troubling and telling sign of lack of understanding yet the knowledge of where priorities lie . It is not that tenant that is of importance is that tangible that they seek and do not want to loose . Yet are willing to risk keeping one that did and may very well continue what he was doing stealing and sexually harassing who he wants and getting away with it . Or is it that he has been allowed .
    A crime that has to stop .
    Residents showed not be in a situation where even the legal system puts them on trial of sorts to bring evidence to be the proof of what has happen especially if not to have looked behind the esthetic’ of the walls so many apartments complexes like to show . pristineen and crime free one that is as much of a lie as it may look so nice . A lie that tenants are not any safer inside as they may just be on the outside of the doors . The sad thing about this is and employee is being allowed to do this and is being payed . As is the tenant paying rent for having this happen when not having any other options in this day and age . A plan of action of the Criminal within or justificationon of hiemployeeer of how it just is suppose to be .
    A win win case for them I guess . An Apartment that is not a Haven for a tenant it becomes more like a prison within that they are now paying for with everything they own and have that one may choose to steel or take from them .


  83. January 29, 2012 at 1:43 am, halleluzz said:

    Dear God. Thank you so much for this posting. I am not alone. I am not crazy. I never lived in subsidized housing before, and this is a nightmare from hell. They are not to come in unless an emergency, or for scheduled maintenance. For instance, if something needs repairs and I tell them, they come in, but are supposed to let me know. I requested over and over they not come in here unless I am here.
    I was attacked four times by strangers, all men, one was an abduction and battering. When I first moved in here, I felt safe. I left the windows unlocked. Went to work, etc. A lady upstairs was getting her lock changed, said she had intruders. I was not alarmed yet. Then strange things started happening, I write. I left things lying on the table I was working on, and the pens disappeared. Seems like the content of things were known, it was as if an inventory of everything I owned was being done. Then, they said they were selling the place. Then there was a steady stream of people in here , potential buyers. Then the recertification starts in about five mos before it is due, so for five months, something is going on. That is a different nightmare.
    The potential buyers look familiar, some of them. I have very little of value, hardly any value to anyone but me. When I received Food Stamps, seemed like when I was out someone came in. Go to buy groceries, seems like at times someone comes in , little things missing. I requested if they must come in to let me know, for instance leave a note, I did not mean to steal anything. They are doing inventory. Concentration on a certain matter. Then, they sold the place, allegedly,
    and they remodeled, or redid it and this was going on forever. People in and out. Nothing missing though, but one item, and one item broke. It as not from the certain place. I lost my career from moving here, and moved into this apt as a result. Having a lot of trouble accepting this. I am now 64. You can imagine, I am on short notice anyway, due to my age, do not like apartments at all let alone the prospect of senior housing. I do not want to be segregated. Got down sick due to all this, stressed, because I cannot be out and about as usual. Then other people having trouble with things missing. I lived alone now for over 20 years. When married, my husband was a trucker, for he was gone a lot. Living alone is no the problem, and I never had a fire from the gas ranges I had. Came here from buying my own home, working full time, lost almost all, and the nightmare of this loss of career, freedom is driving me crazy. That is not the worst of it.
    They flatly deny anyone coming in here. It is not my kids, they are 45 minutes away. My SIL was not working any where near here when this went on for so long. It is almost like someone is trying to drive me insane, discredit me. Grocery shopping is now a mad rush, very anxiety producing. I eat an even worse diet than poverty allows. I am now on Social Security from forced early retirement. I accept the retirement, but the continuous stalking, invasions of privacy, the character assassination, the intrusions, the psychological battering which is deliberate, unprovoked and premeditated I cannot cope with. Then, this is not disability housing. I try to be
    nice, polite, considerate. It got to the point that I am bullied. I cannot use that room because someone sleeps in there, forget sewing or using the pc in there. Then I cannot use the other room, then I cannot use this room. It says reduced noise from ten to seven a.m, not silence. I turn things off, or way way down at ten pm. I normally got up at six am, did my housework.
    I cannot do that. I must wait until about eight am. The walls are so thin, unbelievably thin, but I hear no conversations of anyone else. No TV, no music, rarely any sound, but they can hear me.
    Most of the tenants have been very nice to me, but some are trying to drive me insane, or is it that they want the other tenants to not like me. I am into music. I have a piano I keep the soft pedal down at all times. I do not play at night, I did play a little in the evening well before ten. I do not do that now. I do not play in the am. Rarely play anything until afternoon. I want to play. It is my main source of enjoyment, hobby, worship, everything. I do not play loudly. They did not care, I asked. They were well able to say what they thought of me. I menace nor bully anyone, but I have been done that way. I need to practice or I will lose what I have gained, and I have not done near what I could do because I do not want to take advantage, if they can hear me. So, I practice in the afternoons. I am learning different pieces, learning so much, making such improvements. I am not bothering anyone. No one cared. If they do not believe in God, it is nothing but worldly music about thor or isis, or anything. If they do, it would not bother them. If they do not believe in Jesus, same. They play rap sometimes. It helps me, relaxes me. I can play along with CDs because I cannot go to church, it helps me. I am not giving up music.
    No problem, until someone said I was getting good at it. Then there is the fact that they dictate which room I use, or cannot use.What time I get up, what time I go to bed, when I turn off the TV.
    Then they put in smoke alarms which go off with steam, I am not kidding. I was popping corn, which I do not do much because I have symptoms of ulcers. I open the popcorn pan, and after it is open a bit, the alarm goes off and the things screams loud..three alarm, FIRE FIRE FIRE, and it shrieks. These are electric ranges. Only thing that would catch on fire is grease, which I rarely ever use. I don’t fry anything but rarely, I use a grill unless boiling. If I fry something I stand over it.
    Recently, a book of sentimental value disappeared. My metronome and the second music clip disappeared, the thing I use to hold my music open. A big butcher knife is missing, and they braided the window blind string. I’ve had cans of tuna missing and coffee. It has tapered off. I figured there had been at least eight people who had keys to my apartment before these two new male managers. The other was a female. I do not think she did all this. Seemed to be really hard feelings when I suggested Neighborhood Watch, only one female was interested in this.
    I came home to find some goop on the towell on the seat of my chair. It was placed there, I think it was my hairgel. It was placed there, because after I put the towell on the chair, I smoothed it with my hands. Mypanties were ripped. Food has been tampered with. Has anyone taken a gulp of Mylanta to have it burn like acid on their esophagus? Have you opened the half jar of spagetti sauce to find it laced with liquid smoke. I do not find this amusing. I have health problems, serious health problems. Psych drugs are not going to stop this. I am not married, as you have figured out. No one has a right to do this to me. It is affecting my mental and physical health, weakening my immune system, creating conditions for me to get sicker. I have some chronic health problems which were under control when I came here, I was healthy when I arrived, once I got over the drive and that resolved. I am now having chronic pain, severe pain. I cannot get medical care and have been without medical insurance for the past going on seven years. I have a lot of medical which accumulated, but no care. Stress causes me a lot of pain, and psych drugs, unless given to the perps are not going to help me. This is not a joke. It is harassment with intent, and gross and blatant disregard for my mental health and personal safety, with premeditation. Malice. It has caused me to distrust everyone in this apartment complex.
    It has caused me to hate this little town. So many things I could have done here which did not cost much, but I have been unable to get out and do anything. The churches do not care. I suspect the churches are having some of this done because I am a Christian Conservative . I do not claim to be a saint, but I am a christian. pardon me if I get upset when someone is literally, deliberately, harassing and stalking me to death. Yes. I called the police when the man had the woman down, when the weirdest of these things happened. I am not a criminal. I have no criminal record, nor should I have. I reported, not committed. I am not a mental patient. I am a crime victim. I do not do illegal drugs, am not a job applicant, I will never be able to work most likely after this. My nearest kin is 45 min away and I now rarely get to see her, my dtr and hsb. and five grkids, and this has put a terrible strain on her and me. There is nothing they can do.
    I go there, and am on pins and needles until I get back to see if I have been burglarized, or the food has been tampered with. Forget leftovers , or cooking more one meal at a time. I am eating a lot of junk, on a very sore stomach, feels like it has a five pound weight on it, so sore. My elbows got sore again this winter, not happened for many many manyt years. My feet get so sore, my back hurt, and it is stress. Losing vision. They messed up my glasses, deliberately? From here” I think people from this complex are following me every where I go? Is this nuts? Is this crazy? and it involves a store, and a lawyer in Anchorage. I am being harassed to death, a virtual prisoner, my activities dictated as to when I do this or that. God in heaven. This is a nightmare from hell. I am not psycho. Not nuts. They are deliberately discrediting me due to reporting criminals. That is what is going on.


  84. January 29, 2012 at 2:04 am, halleluzz said:

    This is not letting me post my experiences. This is my first experience with subsidized apt. living. It is my first exp. alone in a bigger complex. It is not that big. At first I was not scared. I left the window unlocked, no AC. Gets hot in summer although it is Ak. Then strange things began to happen.
    Every time I was out of the apt, for any length of time, it seemed like someone came in. I asked the apt manager to let me know if they had been in here. Things would disappear like the pen I was using on the table where I as writing. I asked them not to come in unless emergency, like the lease said. I said if there is repairs, could I be in here. I saw no repairs. I reported anything that needed fixing. There was only a few minor repairs needed, for instance the vinyl flooring seam in the hall was always loose, or popped up where it was not glued down, there, and under the fridge. I requested this fixed several times before it was done. My writings were read. My files gone through. They did a never ending inventory of what I had, recertification takes five months, during which they come in and go through my things over and over. Seems like they come in after holidays. I do not get to go anywhere any more due to the intruders. I cannot be out of my apt long enough to buy gro Eat a lot of junk due to grab and run. Very fear producing. Have taken food, coffee, tampered with open food in the fridge, pens, paper clips, my metronome, the music holder page clip, two of them. I am poor. What I own comes to very little in value, very very little.
    Total, not much. I live on SS. I am now a senior. I have health problems which developed due to not being able to get out of the apartment, and having so much stress. I started out by talking to the manager. I figured out at least eight people had the keys to this apartment in a few years. They left some sort of goop on a chair in the bedroom, tore my underwear. That is not all.
    I went to her, then the big managers. Then I went to the cops about some toher stuff. Now they are really mad. Deny anything. I am not a criminal. I am a christian heterosexual female. It should not matter any of that, should not matter. This is my home . They are destroying my peace of mind, my home, my credibility. This is not disability housing. If I use this room, it annoys this person, this room, it annoys another. If I get up before seven, it annoys someone, if I stay up after ten it annoys someone. I am not moving into senior housing. I am not wanting to be segregated. I am commiting no crime. Then, they said they were going to sell the apartments. There was a steady stream of people in here , allegedly prospective buyers. I think I recognized some of them. I cannot say what I suspect. Then they sold it, the remodelling commenced, steady stream of strangers in. They did let us know when they were going to do anything. One thing is misisng, and one thing broken.That is a small miracle. I have been attacked, four times, by strangers, all men in connection with working, or trying to get work, or over being battered. I do not have schizophrenia, am not schizoid, bipolar, schizoaffective, do not have a BLPd, neve
    r hallucinated in my life, or had feelings of unreality, nor used LSD, or any sort of street drug.
    Never had a major depression episode. I feel sorry for the ones who have these problems if they must put up with this stuff. This is driving me crazy. I am now ill. It is due to having to stay in all the time of fear. Fear. My aparment is always clean. Always. I have not damaged this apartment, not before, during or after. Another recert coming up. Just finished the other in June. Means more of this. I cannot do anything I want to do in here, freely, wanted to write, study music. Cannot have guests for dinner, . I stopped going to church due to harassment, and pain. I am now ill from exacerbated return of old problems which are now continuous and continual. I could regain my health. I cannot with this going on. I am a virtual prisoner. It is like someone is bullying and bossing me around. I have no close friends in here, no relationship with anyone except my kin which are 45 min away. I cannot visit them now, they make me feel so much better, because of these intruders. Our visits are veyr strained due to fear of what I will find when they come back.
    I gained weight due to confinement. Lost fifteen lbs last winter due to stress and being ill. Now I have symptoms of ulcers, again, come and go. I feel like I am being driven insane and harassed to death. I worked so hard to avoid being obese, having to live in apartments. Came from buying my own home, having pets, a normal life. Now no pets. God knows I would be afraid to leave one in here with this going on.


  85. January 29, 2012 at 2:31 am, halleluzz said:

    I am not a church member, nor a candidate for such. I was planning to attend church here. The walls are thin, but I rarely ever hear sound from the other apartments. I would be up at six am and have my house work done early, but I cannot do that. I was doing that. I was always an early riser. My entire schedule is off. The lease says reduced noise after ten, not silence. Reduced noise before seven am., not silence. I want to be, and try to be considerate.Then they get into this thing about being Christian, I am supposed to give in.I say that I have a right to enjoy my home. I am considerate, but everything I do annoys someone. I am not moving into senior housing. I am not ready to be segregated. Some of this done to me is criminal. I have a big butcher knife missing right now, and a book with sentimental value was taken. Do not tell me this is acceptable. I was going to the gym several times a week, working full time, had pets, buying my home,
    biking when I wanted, or had time or taking a walk when I could not go to the gym, mowing my own yard every week before I moved here in fall of 05. Now, I cannot walk a block for the pain.
    My elbows are sore and swollen. I feel like I have a heavy weight in my abdomen from the stress, and I have many medical bills,, psych drugs do not cover this unless you give it to them. i am imagining nothing. I do not want my senses dulled, my personality altered to accommodate harassers and intruders. It is harassment. Ia m not committing a crime. It is not normal to live with no sound. It is not normal to live this way. People talk, they have pets, they listen to TV, Music, Radio. I am not a loud person. I am not committing a crime of any sort.
    I came here a crime victim , not a perpetrator. I am being discredited, made out to be insane, crazy, a crazy old bag which no one cares about due to loss of looks, being overweight,a nd complaining about this insanity which I am not imagining. This is not the worst of what they did. I could have done productive work in here, I wanted to write. I cannot. The come in to see if I got anything of value which they want. Sorry about the typos, and some errors, a few of which are “.. as writing…you guessed it, past tense.”…ARE repairs”, “….were only a few minor” , “OTHER” . Sorry, this is very upsetting to me.
    This has turned into a nightmare straight from hell. What went on in this apartment is not all that has been done to me here. They did not mean for me to stay here. This is not the only place I could live, but my only daughter and her children, and SIL are here. I do not have the money to relocate, and under no circumstances aam I returning to where I was attacked four times. I have not been attacked here. Most of this came here from outside. It is discrediting me. My home, this apartment I am renting, this government subsidized housing is being used for investigations for some one, and it is not legal at all. It is not legal to do an inventory of my belongings for a stalker so they can sue me and they have done just exactly that. My home is not my home, it is a goldfish bowl for predators who stalk me waiting to see if I get anything they want. This is the truth. .
    I am not a mental case. I have legal problems. Crimes have been committed against me, and I am being discredited. What can I do? I do not want to die. I am not suicidal. I am not harming anyone. What do you do? Not report crime? I have no criminal record, nor should I have. . I never used drugs like LSD, Cocaine, Heroin, MJ, in my life, so this is not psychosis, nor do I have Alzheimer’s , nor any psychosis. Anything they wanted to see, or know, they could knock on the door, and ask me if they were not up to something criminal. I have a right to life, to make sound,
    and I am not making loud noise. I am not. This is personal. It has to do with church, also. Has a lot to do with church. It has to do with my being a Christian and supposed to cede, knuckle under, give place . Driving me insane, with premeditation.


  86. January 29, 2012 at 2:50 am, halleluzz said:

    I cannot walk a block, have recurrent symptoms of ulcers. The heavy weight is in my upper abdomen, across it. I think it is my speen. My feet get so sore. I have always been a fitness, health nut. Tried to be healthy. I am being given the rush job to hell. Made fun of about my looks, sexual harassment. I am a senior. I know what I look like. Let people come here to work, and harass me. I cannot stand this apartment living, it is worse than death. It is waiting for the gas truck, the kgb, the death angel. I cannot play my music, or practice freely. I cannot be out long enough to buy healthful groceries, I cannot go to Weight Watchers which I did for many years. I cannot go anywhere or do anything . It has put a terrible strain on my relationship with my daughter and her family. If I report the wrong ones, they will go after them, my past experiences.
    I will not go to church now. There are no Christians here or these sorts of things would not go on.
    I never shoplifted anything in my life, never drove drunk. It seems like they are
    investigating every detail of my life. I’ve not looked for work for a while. They were coming in to my work from this complex, hassling me, as if they were trying to make me paranoid. Would I think they had been in my apt. I did not at that time. Then it got to where if I went somewhere, there would be a mad rush to the checkers to get ahead of me to stall my getting home. They were not through seeing what I had in here, or what I had. This is crazy. They do not want to know what I am saying. Do not want me to complain. I do not have a male friend. I am not in the market. There are no real men, no Christians here, or these things would not happen. I am not a prostitute. I would not agree to stay in all the time, not go to church, have my reputation destroyed, endure this for all the money in the world. They conducted massive smear campaigns to get me to leave this state. Why? What are they planning to do they do not want me to know?
    Not without my daughter and her family. I would not leave them here for any reason.
    Harassed in every church I went to. I have Salvation Army Furniture, which I bought. They want it? I am buying nothing else for them to take from me. What is this? They definitely are destroying my health. Definitely trying to give me the rush job. Definitely a massive
    self image tearing down, defaming, and never endling slander of me. It is coming from here, and they stalk me, the tenants from here follow me when I go somewhere. They harass me over people I know outside. This is the craziest thing I ever went through in my life. I want nothing to do with them. They became so paranoid because I suggested Neighborhood Watch. Only one female was interested. They seem to think that is going into your home, spying on you, your books, movies, where you go, sex life, whatever. It is not, it is noticing strangers in the complex, making off with your kids or your furniture, or calling the cops for rape, or reporting perverted psychos coming into your neighbor’s and taking their food, messing with their clothes, food,
    harassing and stalking and having the psychos locked into the looney bin where they well belong. That is neighborhood watch. This has gone on since the first winter I was in here, and i ALSO DO NOT HAVE seasonal affective disorder. I committed no crime. If so, I had a right to be read my rights and charged. It is not legal to harass someone to death or try to harass me into a crime. I was working full time when I moved in. They were harassing me. They kept saying, you can see our lawyers, you can see our lawyers. I did not. I guess they were saying I was seeing their lawyers. Why?” I had no problem there with them. Then one of their employers asked me if I wanted a criminal defense lawyer. I committed no crime. I do not, never have shoplifted in my entire life, and if I did so, God forbid, it would not be from that store or any like it. I never even thought of it. I never saw their lawyers, but strong implications is that they have been involved in this here. I cannot take this. My vital organs are showing signs of being compromised.
    This is not a joke. I think you can literally harass someone to death. It is not legal, I believe, to hire someone for investigating them. It is fraud, misrepresentation, and then to turn my home, my life into a legal battleground, field, for the profit of others, leaving me ill and in poverty and a virtual prisoner somewhere where I know no one, then being denied friends, religious beliefs, hobbies, is not American. It is like Romania with that couple who were executed. Don[‘t talk to m e of Tonya Harding, I have had so many of her in my life , and here, I lost count. I know I am older, overweight, not beautiful, not popular, but we, too, have a right to live.


  87. June 08, 2012 at 6:47 pm, had enough said:

    i have had enough. i came home this evening to find my door opened, maitenance in my apartment claiming there was a leak (but no water anywhere). several of my dresses were torn up, my social security card is missing along with my birth certificate. i have decided to stay home for a few weeks and the next person who enters my home without my permission will receive bullets to their heads. this is what it has come down to. i suspected someone was entering my apartment when food went missing and i installed surveilance cams. they were broken and the dvr was submerged in water. had enough, had enough going to end their lives. don’t care if i go to jail. maybe management will pay for their funerals but at this point i really do not care.


  88. June 13, 2012 at 3:04 am, stephanie said:

    I live in seattle wa.
    we are having repipeing done in our apartment for who knows what reason but they gave us 3 notices and the last notice said on the 13th work will be done in our apartment. which stated in the first notice that water will be shut off untill 6 pm while the piping is being done in my apartment. well they shut off our water on the 11th. it came back on and was shut off again on the 12th. I called management and they said nothing could be done since it was being done by another company and not there maintenance guys. they also want us to move all our stuff “without exception” as stated in the noticed, from kitchen laundry room bathroom and water heater closet. mind u I have a new born and a 2 year old who likes to run and jump and get into everything. can they do that? ask us to live here for at least a week(not including the drywall and paint that needs to be repaired after piping) with no water half the day and everything left in the open and really not being able to cook or clean our selfs like we normally do after breakfast?. I am so upset. all they gave us was one tub to put stuff in to keep away from 2 year old. yeah what am I supose to do with all our other stuff?


  89. July 25, 2012 at 6:51 am, MARIZHCA said:

    I Have been renting from an agency_ nt the landlord. for a year, while i was at work he entered my house and removed all my possesions including my bed, and left a letter that i have been stealing his power- he refuses to give it back, he says i owe him 11500.00- he even wants to charge me 1200.00 for the truck he hired to remove my stuff


  90. July 25, 2012 at 6:52 am, MARIZHCA said:

    may i stay in the property and not pay my rent, until he brings my stuff back?


  91. August 10, 2012 at 6:56 pm, Fed Up said:

    NC Apartment tenant –

    I have resided in an apartment (Morgan Ridge) since my arrival back on the East Coast. What I thought was a wonderful complex is now somewhat a nightmare.

    I too have a mystery visitor who enters while I am at work during the week and is removing items they are not entitled to i.e., dish liquid, soap, detergent. This person knows how to enter and turn the door code off and back on makes me very uncomfortable. So, I am now on a mission to capture this person either on camera, in person or have law enforcement step in. TENANTS HAVE RIGHTS to!!!!!!


  92. October 22, 2012 at 10:00 am, Pissed off said:

    Got flooded out of my old place with sewage, freekin gross I was forced to move to another apartment. Which wasn’t much of a problem besides all my things got ruined but that’s besides the point. With the nastiness of sewage everywhere obviously we had to stay somewhere, the landlord never even offered to put us up for a night or 2. Instead we had to wait 2 full days to move out. Now in a new apartment thinking it’ll be nicer we were so wrong. I have never in my life felt more invaded and uncomfortable. The noise that these workers produce slamming shit into walls and smoking cigarettes in the living room window, throwing shingles off the roof and cover the hall way smoke detectors with plastic bags and tape so the alarm won’t go off, its been 4 Weeks of this after multiple complaints.. Now i’m pissed off. so we decided to move, apartment full of boxes and my cigarillo inside I get him to find my front door open and . This was it for me I was soo angry I walked upstairs to the workers and asked if they had been in the apartment, they resins the landlord was measuring counter tops to replace. So not only they were breaking and entering but also pushing us out. I’ve never felt so violated. So I call the landlord to complain and left a voice message. You know what he did………. Sent me a freekin text message, a text message that meant nothing but crap to me real professional good work guys…


  93. December 30, 2012 at 10:45 am, Jase said:

    This board seems like a microcosim of the market- some bad landlords and some crazy tenants.
    1. Landlords need to post notice. Unless it’s on fire, or gushing water, they need a notice.
    2.In the state of Wisconsin, a tenant is required to “maintain property if repairs are small, relative to rent.” Ambiguous at best, but generally means, if you brake a hinge on your kitchen cabinet, need a light bulb replaced, bust the light cover in the living room- fix it.
    3. Many contractors will NOT preform repairs if : a.personal items are in the way, b. the unit is unsanitary c. it after “normal business hours, so if you need work done, please address these issues BEFORE they show up
    4. Landlord/ tenant relations are tricky. It may be their house, but it’s your home. Unauthorized entry is a police matter. likewise, they are renting you an apt., not a hotel room. If it becomes obvious that the garbage needs to be removed, lawn cut, snow shoveled, etc., and they do it, expect to be charged. They are protecting their investment and in many cases, trying to avoid being fined by local government.
    5. If it sucks, move. Many tenants put up with bad landlords because they don’t think they can afford to move and many landlords put up with bad tenants because they think they can’t afford to loose the rent. WRONG. It will always cost you more- in aggrevation, money, time- to prolong a bad situation. If a landlord can’t keep a tenant because of the condition of his/ her property or certain practices, they’ll get the hint and shape up. On the other hand if a tenant can’t find a place to stay because they’ve broken every lease or have mutiple evictions, maybe they need to re-evaluate their choices.
    6.Document, document, document! If things do go from bad to worse and you end up in court, keep in mind that court is not about fairness and truth. (although it’s the best system we have) It’s about who can make the most compelling case. Keep it simple and stick to the facts. The court does not have time to hear your harrowing experience of months of explotation, but will be interested in couple page document, outlining who, what, where and when.
    7. Security deposits. Most property owners require a security deposit equal to one month’s rent. Rent is figured (hopefully) by the investment in the property. Therefore, if your paying $800/mo to live in a two bedroom house that the state assess at $120,000, you basically have use of a $120,000 asset for $1600 down and $800 a month, right? If you leased two brand new Lincoln MKZ’s (bottom of the line Lincoln for 2013) , valued at $72,000, you’d have to shell out $9442 at signing and pay $792/mo., for two years. That’s $28,450 to use $72,000 worth of assests, plus if you break it, you bought it! Comparing that to the house, you’d be paying $20,000 for two years of use on a $120,000 asset. in the mean time, the property owner has to maintain, pay taxes, insurance and address other issues. $800 can add up quickly if the carpet is destroyed, entry doors damaged or a basketball goes through a picture window. If your landlord cared enough to install premium kitchen cabinets, you can bet they’ll be pretty picky about how they are cared for.


  94. September 27, 2013 at 12:16 pm, Mr Kool said:

    My scumbag of a landlord has been stealing from me , when I am at work.
    This MORON has stolen over 50 books and several dvds a $350.00 sword and thinks I wont notice.
    Of course I wont confront this parasite about it as he would deny it.
    So I have now padlocked my two bedrooms and Ive installed security cctv cameras everywhere plus alarm . If he trespasses again I am taking him to civil court. If he steals again I will put him behind bars. God bless CCTV don’t get mad get even.


  95. October 25, 2013 at 11:44 am, Brandon said:

    I had rented the current place I am living in about a year and a half ago. When I first signed the lease we were told by the property manager that we would never see “them” and then it would be only more than likely to stop by to make repairs. About 2 1/2 months after moving in we get a call saying the maintenance men will be there to change air filters, that was fine. About a month after that our kitchen sink wouldn’t drain so we called our landlord and he in turn called the maintenance man. Te maintenance man pulled apart the pipes underneath the sink and found pieces of egg shells down the garbage disposal. The maintenance man pretty much reprimanded my wife and told us that you never put anything no matter how small down the drain. Great, lesson learned. Fast forward 3-4 months. The town home is three stories. Well the ac unit backed up and flooded the first floor office. We call our landlord and he sends over the maintenance man. He tells us that this is our fault for not changing the filters often enough. They send out professional ac repair men to fix it. While they are there I ask them is this could have been caused by me, seeing as though I had only been living there about 6-7 months. They tell me no and from the looks of things the ac unit hadn’t had proper maintenance perform on it in years. Fast forward 5-6 more months; third floor ac goes out completely. We call the landlord, he sends over ac repair guys again. They look at it and tell us that the unit is 2-3 years out of warranty and there is two options 1) replace the compressor, but because the unit is so old the compressor will need to be replaced within a year or 2) replace the whole unit and get a new warranty. After a week of no ac in the summer time, they went with the first option. Fast forward another 4-5 months. We had just come back from a weekend trip out of town. The next morning at 9 there is a knock at the door, it’s the maintenance man. We tell him we had no idea there was anything to be done at the property. My wife calls the landlord to tell him we had no notice of the maintenance man coming by today and if it would be possible for him to come back later or possibly tomorrow. He tells us that he had mailed out a notice to us last week (which honestly we never received it) and that if we did not let in the maintenance man we were in violation of our lease agreement. Upon the maintenance man entering the house he tells us that now these visits are quarterly inspections of the property for damage and misc. Fast forward 3 months and we get a letter in the mail stating the maintenance men will be entering the premises for quarterly inspection. But instead of giving us 24-48 hours notice, we our told they can be there at anytime during the week and if we aren’t there, it’s ok because they have a key and will just let themselves in.


  96. January 14, 2014 at 2:18 pm, Gail said:

    Don’t blame it on the landlord, most renters but not all all are NOTHING. I’ve have 1good one out of six. Im a good landlord. The renter I have now is a DEVIL and NUTCASE. Needs to be wiped off the face of the earth. He’s just absolutely nothing CON artist.


  97. January 14, 2014 at 2:25 pm, Gail said:

    I would love to get my tenants out. We’ve been cussed out,the door slammed in our faces and LIED! LIED! LIED too. I’ve started the process to put these scums out but in the process Im afraid he will destroy my home and the law is no good.


  98. January 27, 2014 at 3:16 pm, roger said:

    Look up “Agenda 21” on the internet. It is an agenda for the twenty first century. North America is being taken over by the globalists, using the United Nations. There are Chinese and Russian military in the U.S., about to take over the land and give it to the Chinese, since the U.S. cannot pay its debts.

    My landlord enters my apartment illegally day and night, renovating to make the my apartment smaller. Our regime allows this and the police are complicit. My landlord is trying to force me out so that he can convert to condos and make more money. He has vandalized all the floors and walls and renovated my furniture to make it smaller, so that it will fit into the new space. He has committed many felony crimes. Some of them would seem unbelievable, unless you know about illegal experiments on north Americans.

    If you are a person who is intelligent and knowledgeable, you may be targeted with many of these sorts of crimes.




  99. January 30, 2014 at 9:09 am, Betty said:

    I’m a 21 year old female who lives alone and works late hours. I came home the other night around two in the morning, my door was unlocked (I’m extremely paranoid and always double check the lock), all my lights were on, and my furniture and dog cage that were up against the wall were pushed to the center of the room. Naturally, I called my mother freaking out about how someone was in or had been in my apartment and made her stay on the phone with me while I entered and searched. I then noticed a third of my carpet and most of the tile flooring was soaked, my heat was turned on to 80, and all of the steam heater vents (that haven’t been working all winter) were taken apart. I assumed it must have been maintenance at that point, but since there was no note and my ex roommate still has the key, I couldn’t be 100% sure and didn’t/couldn’t sleep or get comfortable. (By the way, my locks were supposed to get changed about 10 months ago…never happened). The next morning maintenance was banging at my door, when they entered they every so nicely told me I needed to clean (I have a puppy in training and she has successfully chewed up everything, it would have been cleaned up completely had I known I was going to have company), and told me I have a leak (that never appeared before the night before). I made a comment about how I was scared the night before since I didn’t know who had been in my apartment and they told me since it was an emergency they didn’t need to tell me they were coming. Then I went into my room and waited for them to leave. When they left there was twice as much water (they left it there) and they took the garbage I had in an empty bud case and put it on my counter so they could use the case to kneel on. Am I the only one who thinks all of this is messed up?


  100. March 11, 2014 at 8:41 pm, Laura Goodenough said:

    Maintenance I’m guessing it was, came in our apartment without any notification to install smoke detectors without anything left to let us know they have been here except for an empty box. Don’t they have to leave some sort of notification or give us a heads up before they are entering? I think it is just wrong. Thank you


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