Landlord-Tenant Act: Your rights and responsibilities

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Each state has a different Landlord-Tenant Act designed to protect the rights of both parties in a rental agreement. You’ll have to check with the laws for your individual state to find out specifics, but this article covers some general rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants that are mostly consistent from state to state.

Landlord-Tenant Acts generally specify that the rental agreement established between the two parties is the primary determinant of each person’s rights and responsibilities. However, they often specify particular rights that are not waived by any rental agreement. These rights include the right to obtain police assistance free of charge in emergencies, the right not to pay legal fees for the landlord, the legal rights of the tenant ( i.e., a rental agreement may not waive these rights), and more. Discrimination against potential tenants who have children is also specifically prohibited. Other types of discrimination against tenants are prohibited by the Federal Fair Housing Act, which binds landlords and tenants in all states.

Landlord obligations

Landlord-Tenant Acts mandate that the landlord keep the rental premises in a safe and habitable condition, and specify that the landlord is responsible for making repairs, supplying provisions for waste disposal, providing water service, and offering appropriate heating and cooling systems as the weather necessitates. The landlord is also required to maintain any common spaces in an acceptably safe and clean condition. Some states may require the landlord to notify the tenant of particular responsibilities the tenant has, such as maintaining smoke detectors present in the rental unit. The landlord may also be charged with notifying tenants of any health dangers that may be specific to the locality, such as mold.

Tenant responsibilities

Likewise, the tenant is required to pay rent on a timely basis, use all amenities in a responsible manner, refrain from destroying any portion of the rental property, and dispose of all waste materials in an appropriate manner. Allowing individuals not named in the lease agreement to live on the premises is not acceptable, and the tenant needs to occupy his or her allotted rental space in a manner that does not disturb other tenants’ ability to enjoy their living environments. Some states also specifically forbid the tenant from involvement with illegal substances or gang activity, and being involved in a physical assault or illicitly using a firearm on the rental premises.

In general

Most of the landlord-tenant act requirements are rooted in common sense, and as long as your behavior doesn’t tend toward extremes, you should be able to avoid getting hit by your landlord for violating the lease terms.

Get familiar with your own state’s landlord-tenant laws to determine whether any terms of your lease or other landlord demands are illegal, and get legal help if you want to dispute any terms of your lease. If you signed a lease, you’ll probably have trouble getting out of it, but if you do your research beforehand, you can avoid entering a situation that will only be problematic in the long run.

If you think your landlord is violating any terms of your state’s Landlord-Tenant Act, you definitely have legal recourse. Read our article on landlord-tenant disputes for more information what you can do in these situations.

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540 Responses to “Landlord-Tenant Act: Your rights and responsibilities”

  1. Guest Says:

    I have been in My apt I month and I have no hot water for three weeks what do I need to do.
    And everyday I call they tell me it will be on today.

  2. Guest Says:

    I and my two children are Katrina evacuees. I leased an apartment while I was waiting for our new home to be built. The minimum lease you could make was 6mos. I requested an apartmemt in which no animals ever lived becaues of my allergic 7 yr old child. After moving in I discovered the apartment was excessively hot and the air conditioner did not work. Despite repairs the air conditioner never would drop below 80 in the apartment and the apartment never would cool. My child became and stayed ill and neighbors told me a dog had lived in my apartment. I was able to retrieved dog hair from the carpet, but management said I had to have it clean at my own expense and that they had no record of it. I offerred doctors proof of my child asthma, cat, dog and other allergies but was told there was no medical provision for breaking this lease. I paid the rent for March, but moved out a week later. I notified them, did a walk through and returned the keys on the 31st of March. I am not able to pay for April since I have moved in my house and now have house notes. My lease would have been to April 17, although I was required to pay for the entire month. I am still unemployed and on a set income, so I ask for a reprieve. I always paid my rent and I paid it on time. Someone told me if you can show that you have another contract in Georgia it could exempt you from this lease. Is this true?
    Starting Over Again.

  3. Guest Says:

    my husband and i have been living in an apartment complex for almost 2 years and the original punch list still has not been done, we have talked verberly and via letters and new punch list still nothing has been done. now we are on our 3rd landlord still nothing has been done just a bunch of empty promises owner does not care to keep up the extiror let alone the insides of the apts via plumbing issues and not able to take showers on a daily basis due to plumbing we are discussed someone give advice on how to approach this we are ready to move but our lease is up in november help

  4. Guest Says:

    While a landlord has to make sure the rental property is inhabitable, hot water may not fall within this guideline. Check to see whether your state specifies this amenity (you can Google for your state’s landlord rights and responsibilities).

    At any rate, read your lease again. In my state (Texas), it is recommended I submit repair requests in writing. (I then have the receipiant sign, date it & photocopy it for my records.) They have 48 hours in which to complete the repair (for non-emergencies).

    If the repair is not completed on the first attempt, it is recommended that I again submit a second request in writing (sign/date/copy) in case of miscommunication and they again have 48 hours to repair it.

    If after my third request, the repair is not completed, I can legally break my lease. Note also that if a repair is not made within 48 hours, I have the right to withhold rent until the repair is done.

    I am not a lawyer and this is not official advice. Check your state’s rights & responsibilities. (You may also find a book for your state titled similar to Texas’ Landlord Rights & Responsibilites.)

  5. Guest Says:

    I have had three slum lords and I have not gotten my rent checks back, The first slum lord had trazents and kept braking the walls and the second rented the apartment like a fucking routch motel and the third ate my food how can I get a law suit agaist these three slum lords. I would like to know how to get some legal help on my problem.

  6. Guest Says:

    Today, while I was sleeping, my landlord and another man entered my apartment with no prior notice or even a knock. I was, as to be expected, incredibly shocked and disturbed by them being there while I was sleeping. I asked him to leave and he (my landlord) did, when asked. My problem with this situation is that it could have went the other way and I could have mistaken my landlord for a would be intruder and we both could have a pretty big problem on our hands. Is it true that, by law, a landlord has to give a tenant 24 hours before entering the property (unless in the case of an emergency)? Any info would be very helpful!

  7. Guest Says:


  8. Guest Says:

    Its been only 1 week im a college student and expecting a baby im 7mos.. I just move in and i was told by the people living accross from me told me that the person that live here before me had the aids virus and die and was not found until after a week later when the smell became bad. Now i was never told this and i dont want to stay here any longer and i still smell odor from the vents.can i break my lease? I was never told this and remember im expecting dont want to get sick with the odor…

  9. Guest Says:

    The manager of my complex is harassing my boyfriend because she found out he had a past felony conviction. She banned him from the property by threatening to have him arrested for trespassing. She’s accused me of letting him live with me-which he doesn’t-and is now trying to terminate my lease because I’ve allowed an “unauthorized resident not on the lease.” My boyfriend doesn’t have clothes, furniture, or even a toothbrush in my apartment. What, if any, recourse do I have to stop this harassment? Does it make a difference that my apartment is provided by Section 8 housing?

  10. Guest Says:

    i am planning to move to an apt this coming month,may 2006. i saw a 2 bdrm apt on cumberland and oak st in niles,il. i checked it out,liked it and filled out the application form. the landlord called me a week after and told me if i still wanted the apt,i could sign the lease. me and my boyfriend who is african american(he has never seen the apt prior to this) went there so he can see how it looks. it was a saturday and the landlord told us that he’ll call us monday so we can sign the lease. he never called us,we left him several msgs. he called us that wednesday and told us that he rented the apt to someone else. up to this day, a week after, they still have the “for rent” sign up. i believe that after he saw my boyfriend, that influenced his decision to not let us rent the place. what can i do in a situation like this?

  11. Guest Says:

    my landlady gave me a notice to vacat on may 31 do i have to still pay for may’s rent

  12. Guest Says:

    My landlord told us he is going to put the townhome we rent up for sale. Our lease isn’t upuntil november and there isn’t anything in our lease stating that we must move if they sell. He said that if it sells we must be out by whenever the new owners want to move in. He said it could be as little time as a week. But, when asked if we could look for a new place to live so that we wouldn’t be stuck in a sticky situation should it sell. He said “no”, that we either stay until the lease expires or until it sells. What is the proper and legal course of action to take?

  13. Guest Says:

    i have found a place that advertised for a room mate its cheraper then im able to pay here im living with a private couple in apleton city mo 64730 how can i leagally break my lease for saving money and have better living arrangements as being a room mate with out a lease ill be able to usew the whlre house like shared bathroom with other rom mate my wn rom and use of kitchen and all utilitie s are in the rent email me asp going to be looking at it in a hr and need to know right away how to leagally break y lease with this couple im living with

  14. Guest Says:

    i think you can break the lease. read from the link.

  15. Guest Says:

    I had a similiar situation and yes it is very true the landlord has to give you atleast a 24 hour notice unless it is an emergency with water lines or gas line or eletric lines other then that no they cannot enter with out a notice!

  16. Guest Says:

    Recently a field agent with our local gas company came to our house and was testing our furnace and hotwater heater and the lines to our gas stove when testing our furnace he found a leak and asked if we had been having headaches i told him yes i get horrible headahces alot he told that was why and turned the gas off to the furnace and he called the landlord and advised him of it. then also informed us we still had a bad water leak in the basement which we assumed was fixed we are the third tenants to live here with this leak our water bill is over 500$ for 3 months we now have had our water turned off cause the landlord told the water company not to accept a partial payment out of a list of things that needed to be fixed he has only fixed one and he was given the list in the middle of march i am lost at this point and dont know what to do can some one please give me some advice i have 3 children and i cant live like this anymore! i am in ohio!

  17. Guest Says:

    My landlord and I have been working together on my rental(6yrs). I have put 5,000 in to this house and I planned to but it. Now she agreed, but her son said it was to sell for the amount as my neighbors property value, he said exactly: “you know the amount will be what the house in the neighborhood are going for”. Hallwatch says market is 29,000
    My neighbors house just sold for 125,000.00 in great condition. My house was in bad delapidated condition. Now we have made it safe. how do I find out how much it is worth? do I have rights?

  18. Guest Says:

    thats discrimination, check your state for deprtment of human rights for violating your civil liberties, :) good luck.

  19. Guest Says:

    no matter what, if you lived there then yes you must pay, or the landlord may file a judgement against you. you must pay as long as you reside there.

  20. Guest Says:

    id consult in an attorney, thats a tough situation.

  21. Guest Says:

    thats breaking and entering, you rent the premises therefore he cannot enter it, any landlord MUST give you a 24 hr notice, unless the landlord knows there is a fire, or such a matter that needs fast attention.

  22. Guest Says:

    i myself have had a similar problem you do, do a google search for pre paid legal advice, they were very helpful for me good luck :)

  23. Guest Says:

    id call the health department in your state they will help you, good luck

  24. Guest Says:

    I was going to rent a trailer from a landlord that never met me let alone spoke to me personally, he always used a middle person. I only paid him half of the deposit on the trailer and he used the money to fix the roof which had a hole in it. I signed this make shift lease approximately 2 days ago. My vehicle’s motor blew and I have no transportation to and from work at where I was going to live at. I tried and tried to call the landlord but could not get in contact with him. When I finally did get in contact with him I explained my situation with him and he became very aggitated and told me I screwed him out of $1000 for fixing the roof. I have no idea as to how I did this because he was going to have to fix the roof in the first place. He continued to belittle me and the situation I was in and he then decided to tell me that he would not deal with me once again and chose a middle person to finish up the details. I have heard that I can legally end the contract with in a certian amount of days and that since I never moved any of my belongs into the trailer let alone went out the trailer that he had to give me back the money that I gave him. I need advice any would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  25. Guest Says:

    I am hoping for some advice please based on Mass landlord/tenant law.

    I had my tenant sign a Mass state lease. The lease is through August 2006.

    At the near end of the lease (but less than a year), she had a disagreement with her roommate and moved out and paid rent through May. I have her security deposit in a separate interest bearing account. I told her the lease is still active whether she lives in it or not and she asked if someone could move in in her place, which violated the lease. I hesitantly agreed so that there wouldn’t be a financial burden on her roommate who wanted to stay in the apartment. But said I was holding her deposit ($725) in place to ensure that I received rent from her replacement for June, July and August ($750 each month, or $2,250) and there was no damage to the apartment.

    Now she is harrassing me for her security deposit to be returned now. I had planned to return her deposit at the end of the lease provided that I was paid in full and there was no damage. Not to mention the whole additional process of screening her replacement with credit checks, reference calls, and all of the old tenants calls and phone calls has been very taxing.

    Can you please advise on what is permissable and within my rights?

  26. Guest Says:


  27. Guest Says:

    The previous tenant in my apartment died in here. He was in here during 3 weeks in July in TEXAS and they found that the a/c had been running the entire time he was dead and it was freezing in here when they found him.

    Should they have replaced my air handling unit?

    I found out they did not even clean it before moving me in here and I have to now set the temperature to 69 to feel comfortable. Prior to this, I had water overflow the drip pan and leak into my ceiling, I had to peel off the paint, the ceiling leaked and they replacing the drip pan and blew out the drain lines. I want a new a/c as this one seems to not function good enough – my humidity is high.

  28. Guest Says:

    yep you sure do i gave my tenant a months notice to vacate they quite paying their rent and i could not get a court date to evict for 6 more weeks i will now be taking their car via a sheriffs auction . so if you are planning on not paying the landlord think twice. we have the power of the law and we will own everything you have if you dont pay us.

  29. Guest Says:

    Help Me! I moved into a condo owned by a friend of a friend. Big mistake. The woman never cleaned the place before she left. I mean never. There was still molded food in the fridge, random old clothes, toiletries, even a load of dishes in the dishwasher…and then some. It was so bad that I had to take of 4 days of work to make it habitable before moving my stuff in. She had already left before i could do a walk thru with her and left the keys under the door mat. I was stuck! I had already given up my old rental place. I have plenty of witnesses but no pictures. I sent her a certified letter stating that I wanted a formal lease written up to clarify all the mishaps and that I wasn’t paying rent until i received one. Well, 3 months went by with no contact from her. I have since moved out of that hole and am living in a much smaller yet clean and neat place. I received a 3 day notice of eviction from her today at my new residence with intent to start the eviction process in order to get her past rent. Can she do that? I feel as though I would win in court, but don’t want to take it that far. I’m stuck..yet again.

  30. Guest Says:

    Unauthorized roommate.
    I have lived with my roommate for 5 months now and we are both on the lease. This July, she decided to move a friend (a stranger to me) into the apartment, without my knowledge or consent, until the end of our lease – August 31st. I have called and emailed my roommate in attempt to resolve the situation but she will not speak to me. I contacted the leasing office to let them know the situation – it is now half way through the month and I am still waiting for them to take action. I have not paid July’s rent as of yet because I don’t know how the situation is going to resolve. If the other person takes over my half of the lease I will move out but I am not willing to follow the leasing offices’ rules about rent if they aren’t willing to follow their own rules about tenants. I am willing to pay the portion of the rent that I owe – 1/3 since 3 people have been living there – for half of the month if I move before the lease is up. How can I mend this situation legally?

  31. Guest Says:

    I have had air conditioning problems since 6/05 and my apt. complex has sent repair men out to fix the issue, but nothing ever gets fixed & they claim that it’s working fine.Throughout the past year, my a.c. would run all day long and not get below 80 degrees. My electricity bills in the summer are always high [150.00], and I have not recieved any supplement for the inconvience and costs of the a/c defect. Before my a.c completely died [a month ago], I had to go out and buy a window unit because the property manager claimed ” my a.c. was working fine & they needed their window units for emergencies”. My a.c has been dead for a month now, and the property manager has sent another air conditioning guy to look at the problem & they have also put in 2 more window units to cool my apt. However, this has been a major problem in the last year and I feel I should get some sort of compensation….They say that they will replace the a/c by the end of the month, but I won’t believe it until I see it.
    What are the Georgia laws about air conditioning repair? I have proof that I made several work orders in the past year and I have two witnesses to confirm the lack of accommodation. Help me please!

  32. Guest Says:

    I am curious what to do about a current situation. I paid my June rent on time, but my landlord did not cash it until a month and a half later. Usually I’m very good about checking my account but there was a death in the family and I was busy with finals for my last year in school. She cashed July’s rent and then 10 days later cashed June’s rent. The check for june bounced. I will pay her in money order the full rent for June 3 days from when she cashed the bounced check. Can she fine me for late payment even though she held my check for so long?

  33. Guest Says:

    My sister has a roomate that is harassing her,she has told her caseworker and the landlord of this
    but nothing seems to be done about this person what are her rights in arizona

  34. Guest Says:

    Yes, she can. You are resposible for the check. Hopefully, the manager would give you a break in light of the circumstances.

  35. Guest Says:

    Apartment showing…
    I am giving my 2 months notice to my apartment leasing company this week. However, due to my husband working at home, we really do not want our apartment shown until we have moved proprietary information to our new place. We have a months over lap with our new lease so we would like them to hold off showing the apartment for about 4 weeks. I have not yet asked our current leasing company if this is okay. What do people think? Do I have a right to request strangers do not come in our apartment for 4 weeks? Thanks.

  36. Guest Says:

    Have you gotten an answer to this question? I may be in the same boat and also have no idea what the law is on this. I am in Ohio. my email is

  37. Guest Says:

    Landover Hills, Maryland
    I moved to a 1br apartment on this property in January 2006. When veiwing the apartment as a prospect the leasing agent mention splitting the gas bill (stove and hot water only) with the other tenants in the building. Assuming that he ment the 8 other units in my building, it could not cost more than $25.00 a month. WRONG!!!!! I initialed on the lease agreeing to what I thought was the split between 8 residents. I received my first gas bill in March 2006 (service date 01/14/06-02/14/06) $112. My bathtub was not operable for a sit down bath for the whole month of January and 2 weeks into February. Since the first bathtub repair I have had a total of 3 1/2 months where the tub was not operable for sit down baths. As a single women I don’t cook often and when I do it is less than 10mins. of cooking (bacon & eggs). When I inquired to Minol Gas they said there is one meter on the whole property of 727 units, an estimate of my 700sqft apartment and the usage of public water on the property. I found out that some of my neighbors in my building do not pay gas. I went to management and they said you signed agreeing with the policy and residents who moved in after 10/01/05 had to pay. If I had been told the correct information before signing that would be fair, but being told incorrect information by a leasing agent that is no longer there, that is not fair. I never paid the bill ($520.00 as of 7/1/6) and they actually can not cut off my stove and hot water usage individually. I received a notice in my door yesterday 7/25/6 stating if I do not pay $295.00 immediately they will deduct this amount from my Aug rent and sue me. None of this seems leagal. Does anyone have any information that will help. Thank you

  38. Guest Says:

    What do you do with a tenant who has not paid rent for 3 months. Now he claims his wife has congestive heart failure and can not work. Therefore they want to ask the judge can they stay in the apartment for 2 more months and not pay rent. Have you heard of anything like this?

  39. Guest Says:

    Have you had a reply yet? I am having the same problem, it’s awful to have to pay for an apt and not getting any ac. We’re living w/ 80 degree temps too.

  40. Guest Says:

    Contact immediately an attorney in landlord tenant law. Can’t afford one: Go to Catholic, Georgetown, George Mason, American’s law school and tell them you are looking for clinical help on land lord tenant law.

    It will boil down to what you signed. When you signed did it state the utility break down?

    The dedcution of the utility from your rent seems a bit improper but, that is where a specialist will come in.

  41. Guest Says:

    I just moved into a new apartment. The apartment reaks of curry. I mean, it is BAD. I have nothing against people who eat it, but this smell is really making me sick. I have tried EVERYTHING. I have scrubbed down cabinets and tops with vinegar, burnt candles, incense, and have wisp freshners everywhere. I also have looked up remedies for this, and most people say that the curry smell never goes away. Now I’m scared that this curry smell is going to be absorbed by everything I own. The cabinets also have really old chipped paint throughout them. Isn’t this dangerous??

    I just want to know if there is something the landlord SHOULD do about the odor. It is as bad as a lingering smoke smell, maybe even worse.

  42. Guest Says:

    i have a strange probLem regarding my deck. My husband & i have Lived in our apartment since 1992. We are on the bottom fLoor with 1 apartment above us. The upper apartment deck is directLy above ours & the fLooring is made of sLats of wood with Large spaces in-between. After severaL years of deaLing with dirt, water, beer, cigarette ashes, etc getting dumped on us we put up a simpLe & attractive tarp to protect us & aLLow us to use our deck. We were carefuL to construct it so that water runoff wouLd not be a hazard to the buiLding (ie: woodrot, etc) or to other tenants. SeveraL months ago we were notified that “maintenance” wouLd be entering our apartment to remove our tarp. i decLined permission & proceeded to prove to the manager that our tarp was causing no harm or stress to the buiLding, she took pictures & toLd me the matter was cLosed & i had proven my case to their satisfaction. Today, i received a Letter of noncompLiance & have been ordered, (again!) to remove my tarp.
    My first question is, can they actuaLLy make this demand? i cannot reasonabLy use my deck without the protection of the tarp. There is not, nor has there ever been, anything in the Lease regarding the use of tarps, umbreLLas, etc on the decks. Tha tarp is Low-key, simpLe, cLean, & attractive & is absoLuteLy NOT causing any physicaL damage to the premises(possibLe damage being their concern in this issue). PLease teLL me what my rights are in this situation. i feeL very vioLated by this intrusion into my privacy.
    i Live in Oregon, if that makes any difference.
    Thank you for your time.

  43. Guest Says:

    I would like to make the same complaint. My gas bill was 755.00 they could not explain to me why my bill was so high and to top it off they added it to my rent and took it from my rent last month. Which makes it look as if we did not pay any rent. I am so disgusted with this I am trying to contact any and everybody to find a solution for this.

  44. Guest Says:

    We just signed a lease on a very old home in CT. After we signed, we went over the apartment more closely and discovered numerous problems, such as insufficient locks on the doors and no locks on any of the windows in the house (the house is over 200 years old). We also discovered that the house is infested with mice. Is it legal to break the lease since the structure is technically not safe and infested? I’ve already canceled my first month’s rent check, and security deposit. We have not moved in yet. Please advise.

  45. Guest Says:

    HI, my girl friend and i moved into an apartment under a one year lease, and now, she wants to move back home be cause she misses her mother! shes trying to get off the lease and leave me with the aprtment even though I cant afford it alone and if i get kicked out ill have to pay an extra moths rent and ill be homeless. shes the one that set up the lease in the first place, and basicly forced me to agree, now shes backing out. this isnt fair can she really just bail on me and ruin my whole life?

  46. Guest Says:

    i have lived in my apartment almost two years and since the beginning, i chose not to take baths because when i sit down in the tub, all i see underneath the bathroom wall is pink and black mold. the tub wall is left open at the bottom right above the rim of the tub. i’ve tried to spray mold cleaner in there but does not work. i’ve contacted the manager about this and they told me that i need to wipe down my shower dry after every use. they came in and sprayed mold cleaner up there but still it’s there. plus since we’ve moved in and it was reported then, that the bathroom tile has water damage underneath it. now that water damage is getting bigger. What are my rights with these problems?

  47. Guest Says:

    I live in Portland Oregon and rented a 2 bd apt. My wife burned several holes in the carpet in both bdrms while on some heavy medication. The living rm and hallways were not affected. The carpet was older commercial grade carpet (this is college housing). We moved into a smaller 1 bdrm apt in same place to save money. We are being charged 1K for total carpet replacement for the 2 bdrm we used to live in. The new apt has horrible carpet: stained, ripped, unraveling by the doors, raveling seems. I thought that initially they were not replaceing the carpet in the new apt because of the other,(like a quid pro quo thing) but that isn’t the case. How old does a carpet have to be before the landlord legally has to replace it? If the carpet was say 2 years old already for instance do we still have to pay for replacement? Please advise

  48. Guest Says:

    I want to move into a 3 bedroom duplex which is 1600 sq. feet and i have 4 people that want to move in but that landlord says it isnt legally allowed but we really like the place so were trying to see if its legal so question is it legal to move 4 people into a 3 bedroom duplex?

  49. Guest Says:

    we just moved to ohio and rented an apartment on-line. the pictures look nice but when we moved in we found out that we can hear the upstairs neighbors walking and sometimes it gets so lound that is wakes up our 2 little children and none of us can sleep since someone is always awake and walking around not to mention they play the piano late at night but when they see the cops they quit and the cops said they cant do anything about it since they cant hear it. we’ve tried talking to them about it but the neighnors say they are walking normal.the apartment complex wont help us on this matter they just say what do you expect its 14 yrs old or we have never had a noise complaint. What can i do or make the complex do if it is so bad we cant sleep and our little ones are constantly being woken up by noise?

  50. Guest Says:

    I recently moved into a new duplex appt. My landlord wants my roommates and I to split the cost of water, and waste disposal. Is this legal?

  51. Guest Says:

    Recently my landlord informed my roommate that he and his wife were moving back to town and wanted their home back (we had been staying there to kind of look after it but signed a lease stating that we had the apartment until May 2007). He said he would let her live there until December but would like it back after that. There was no clause in the lease that said they could break the lease agreement at any time to their discretion, so is this even legal? If not what action can we take in Kentucky to prevent this from happening? I’m out of the country right now and can’t even help look for a new apartment!!

  52. Guest Says:

    Legally if she backs out of the lease and leaves you on it there is a few things you can do. If she backs out you do it at the same time and split the charges 50/50 than look for a new place on your own. Or When she backs out let management know that you cannot afford it yourself and that you’ll have to bring another roomate in to help you pay for it. Its either that or they loose your business all together. If all elce fails and you are left with the penelty for her backnig out take her to small calims cort and get it back.

  53. Guest Says:

    I don’t know who you think you are, but there is property that is considered EXEMPT for tenants. Stop trying to frighten people with your stupidness and research your answers before you use intimidation.

  54. Guest Says:

    I have a landlord that keeps coming in my home while I am there and while i’m not there. What can I do? I was napping the other day and got up because I heard something , thought it was my cat. And when I came out of my bedroom I saw my landlord in my kitchen doorway. Of course I screamed cause he startled me. I asked , “what are you doing in my house”? He replied with , “no one answered the door”. I said does that make it okay to come right in? I don’t think so. what can i do? please help Also I think my stuff that keeps coming up missing , probably has something to do with him coming in , how can i prove this?

  55. Guest Says:

    Hi! I have the same problem. No sure what to do. have you got an answer on your question? please replay Thank you!

  56. Guest Says:

    Call the police.It would best if you had video camera evidence to avoid any he-said, she-said type situation. If you don’t own a camera, borrow one.

    Are you hot? It sounds like he’s a straight-up perve hoping to catch you in the shower. That’s sick and creepy. What does he want when he comes over? To chat? I’ve never had a landlord that has knocked on my door more than twice in a year.

    Take action but do not confront him directly. He’s counting on the fact that you are powerless as a tenant and obviously naïve about your rights.
    Oh yea, one more thing…..find another place to live :)

  57. Guest Says:

    My friends live in a basement apartment where a black mold problem on the stone walls of the bedroom is beginning to cause them adverse health issues. They have tried handling it themselves with daily bleachings of the stone walls on which the mold is growing.
    At present, they are sleeping on an air mattress in their living room to avoid being near the mold, but still are experiencing respiratory ailments and general discomfort, and have done much research into the responsibilities of their landlord in this situation, only to find that there isn’t much they can do. I can’t believe that this is the case, does anyone know what the actual responsibilities of a property owner are in regards to black mold?

  58. Guest Says:

    I have been in my townhome in Baltimore County, maryland for 4 month. Very soon after maintenance replaced my garbage disposal I began to notice mice droppings. From my kitchen counter to upstairs in my hall to behind my closet in my living room. I have not cooked in over al month. I having taken all of my appliances from my kitchen counter. Still it did not help. It has been two weeks since the exterminator came out and I still see droppings. I am getting tired of this, I have sent written email request to the leasing office about four now and I began taking pictures after the exterminator came out of new droppings. I can not live like this, I am afraid to walk around in my home and I am spending money to eat out because I am scared to cook in the kitchen, where I have put newspaper all over my kitchen counter which now has rat dropping and spots where mice have urinated, I wish I thought I would cook.
    Will I be penalized for breaking my lease?

  59. Guest Says:

    I live in an apartment complex in Missouri. I am getting ordors from the upstairs apartment through the HVAC vents. The apartment maintenance has advised me there is nothig they can do about the situation. What are my options?

  60. Guest Says:

    I am looking for information regaurding satellite dishes in apartments. My manager states we can have a dish however it has to be on the porch. my problem is my apartment faces north and the dish needs to face south. I can turn the dish south cause of the building so my question is does the apartment have to provide me with access to the south direction of the building to set up my dish?

  61. Guest Says:

    Even if it states in the lease that they may enter whether we are there or not?

  62. Guest Says:

    I bounced my rent check to my landlord, paid it back in full, plus $30 bank fee, with moneyorder in reasonable time.
    He then said my bad check caused him to bounce 8 of his checks at $30/each.
    I again, paid him $240; I felt responsible.
    Now there are MORE issues!
    I am now trying to research if I was even responsible for the fee of his own 8bounced checks.
    I won’t ask for the $240 back, but would like to deduct it out of next, or future month’s rent.

  63. Guest Says:

    I live in an apartment complex in St. Louis in the Central West End and I’m curious if it is the same place you live? I am having huge problems with my landlord because sewage gases are being emitted from a drain in my utility closet that literally smells like feces. I have heard of complaints that people living in units above me are having similar problems due to the odor floating up from my apartment. Get back to me.

  64. Guest Says:

    It doesn’t state where you live but I believe that according to the rights your landlord mUST give you 24 hour notice prior to entering your apartment. If he is not adhering to that, you may log a complaint with the housing department.

  65. Guest Says:

    if she signed the lease, she is also responsible for paying the early fee. If she does not pay and you are penalized, you can take her to court for the early terminatoin fee.

  66. Guest Says:

    I was in the military and lived in base housing, and from that experience, I have learned how to protect myself from less-than honest landlords out to make a buck. Unfortunately, most of this advice is best applied prior to moving into a place; but hopefully those who have been burned in the past can apply this and come out on top. Always have something on paper (or pictures) of a “before” and “after” conditions of your place.

    Always take a look at the rental in daylight, or with lots of light. You don’t want to miss damages done by a previous tenant (or someone else) and be held responsible for it later.

    Don’t assume you can only look at a place once before deciding on it. You can always schedule another meet to take a look at the place. In fact, you could see about taking a look at the place during a different time of day, to get an idea of what the neighbors/ neighborhood is like in the evenings, etc. It’s a good reveal on how noisy a place can be, or how thin the walls are after 6pm, etc.

    Take a pen & paper with you when you take a look at a place. Better yet, have a basic checklist started and bring that with you to jog your memory on what to look for. On this checklist or your paper, make note of things that need repair, the condition of the apartment, the carpet, etc. It’s best if you can walk thru the apartment with the landlord and point out these flaws, while keeping notes of what you’ve discussed. You can submit your list to the landlord (or attach it to the lease) and hopefully get them to sign it when you both sign the lease. This way, whether they repair it or not after you’ve moved in, it’s on file that you were not the one who caused the damage and should not pay to have it fixed.

    The following is better than pen and paper, but you will still need something in writing if you plan on submitting it to the landlord to have on file and cover your rear… If you can have a friend accompany you it makes this easier, although you can do it alone: bring a camera (or preferably a video recorder) and take pictures of the apartment to show it’s condition when you first moved in. This is best done after you’ve looked over the entire place initially, so that you know what areas to zoom in on, like that stain on the living room carpet, the grease layer on the kitchen wall by the stove, stickers on the glass windows, nails or holes in the walls, etc. Don’t forget to see if you can turn on the water, if it heats up, if the heater works, if you can open the windows without them falling out, if the screens are missing, open every door and look behind it for dents, and even open and close all cupboard doors to see if they swing open and won’t close because the latch is broke or because the door is warped, etc. (Yes, I have seen a landlord try to make a tenant pay for an entire set of kitchen cupboards because 1 cupboard door would not close due to warpage, and the constant attempts at closing it ended up cracking the wood at the hinges. The landlord wanted to replace it all so that it would match, which is not the tenant’s concern.)

    After you’ve moved everything out and have finished cleaning, but before you turn in the keys, make a list or use a camera & take pictures of the apartment’s condition. Of course, it’s best to walk through the rental with the landlord and point everything out, but most landlords get antsy about this and would rather not, especially if they have been lax in making repairs and maintaining their end of the lease.

    On this list, note the apartment’s condition upon moving out, such as any repairs or upgrades you had made (like painting), any repairs or maintenance work that was never done, the fact that it’s been cleaned, etc. Sign the list and send it certified mail to your landlord. This will help settle any disputes when trying to get your deposit back. If your landlord is less than honest and is the type who will try to dirty up a place after you’ve moved out, and then blame you for the mess/damages, you’ll be real thankful to have those pictures you took. You can use the pictures/video in court or mail your landlord a copy to let him know you mean business and will not be intimidated by such tactics.

    If you don’t have a lease on paper, then what you have is considered an oral lease. This makes it hard when disputes arise as to whether you did damages and if you should get your deposit back, but if you were taking notes and making your checklist — that will help. And if you’ve made a list (and/or taken pictures) of the apartment’s condition before AND after you’ve moved out, you’ve got a better chance of winning.

    Don’t forget to give the landlord a forwarding address upon turning in the keys so they have no excuse as to not knowing where to send the deposit back to, etc. If you’re afraid of the landlord causing trouble with your new one (or stalking you and what-not), use a PO box until the dust settles.

    Most states have the following as part of the landlord-tenant law, so check with your state and do not forget it:
    The landlord is required to provide you with a WRITTEN list of any damages or repairs they feel you have caused. It must state specifics, such as “1 inch round hole in living room carpet by door, $50″, not something broad like, “damages done and in need of repair, $400″. It should list EACH item in dispute, and what the cost is to repair that item.
    The deposit is your money unless it can be proven that you owe it to the landlord, so you have a right to know how it’s being spent and on what. Now, what’s left of the deposit should be returned to you, of course! The landlord doesn’t get to keep your $600 deposit for a $10 damage/repair, although most will if you say nothing!

    Now, this written list of damages from the landlord MUST be given to the tenant NO LATER THAN 30 days from the official moved-out date. If after 30 days you haven’t heard a thing and you have not gotten your deposit back, you are within your legal rights to receive your deposit IN FULL. You can send them a letter stating such, and that they owe you your deposit…

    But if that doesn’t work, you can definitely go after them in court. Don’t forget to bring your move-in and move-out checklist with you, as well as any pictures you took! ;-)

  67. Guest Says:

    My boyfriend and I got into a fight one friday night after drinking. It was a minor fight but nevetheless the neighbor below us called the police. On Monday our landlord called me and told me that basically she was kicking me out because one of the rules is that the police cannot be called and I could either buy out my contract or she could evict me. Of course I chose to buy out my contract. On a buy out, you do not get your security deposit back and you have to pay 400$ for the buy out. When she did the walk through with me on the last day she brought someone in to look at the apartment at the same time. First of all, I thought that was very unprofessional. Then she was doing my walk through and talking to the lady at the same time and insulting me about the apartment. There were two small nicks in the walls and a door frame to one of the bedrooms got damaged from moving. I knew I was going to have to pay for these thngs so I had nothing to say about those. I could not get the oven clean and there were two spots on the carpet. So then she proceeds to tell me that I had to pay for these things which I understood but she was saying it very nasty. Finally, the lady excused herself because I could only guess that she felt uncomfortable. Then the landlord tells me that more cleaning could be done in the kitchen and that I could clean it up some more so that I would not be charged so I said okay and was going to get cleaning supplies to clean the kitchen better. I also told her that I would try to get some spot remover to try to get the stains up on the carpet as well. Then she tells me in a very nasty way to don’t even try it that it’s too late to do the carpet. After all that, she tells me that if the stains do not come up that I will have to pay to replace the carpets which will be around 900$. Note: I lived in the apt for 3 years. Note: I also took pictures of the carpet before I left and they were not that bad. My question is, can she make me pay for the carpets to be replaced over two stains?

  68. Guest Says:

    I live in Portland, Orergon at a particular apt. complex that has been taken over by a large company. They are renovating every apt. Right now there are 3 surrounding apt.s that have construction going on from 8am until well into the afternoon. The complex managers have continued to tell me that no notice needed to be given to me unless the work was in my apt. While trying to complain I could not hear the landlord’s voice over the phone over the consatant pounding. I don’t get much sleep, have an injury that is keeping me from moving, and my nerves are shot. The new management doesn’t seem to care that I am paying an outragious amount of money as it is and should not have to listen to this noise. No warning was ever given. I am told now by the construction company that the work will continue into mid December. Nobody wants to help. Can they do this without even telling me about it first?

  69. Guest Says:

    I would first advise that you contact your tribunal for provincial legislation. I am a landlord in Ontario and I know if we were to plan on occupying one of our units, we are able to evict but with 60 days notice. We can also serve and eviction if we were going to let our immediate family occupy the residence. 60days again.

  70. Guest Says:

    I have been living with my grandmother for two years and then she just up and sold the property and moved into a home for seniors, now the new owners are telling me I have two days to pack my things and my 4 year old sons things and move. I was not on her lease but can they do this or do they have to go through courts.

  71. Guest Says:

    Your lease should have a clause in there that states the specific awards your landlord is entitled to if you bounce a check. Most leases only allow for the landlord to recover the amount of rent plus the $30 bank fee plus a late fee if applicable. I would NOT have paid the $240 unless your lease specifically states.

    Your landlord should have his finances a little more under control then to be bouncing 8 checks! If your lease *does* state that you have to pay for it (I doubt it) then ask for a copy of all of the 8 ISF (insufficient funds) notices for proof he’s not lying.

  72. Guest Says:

    Rat Control

    Is the landlord responsible for getting rid of rodents in the apartment that are getting into food, chewing up clothing and shoes? Is this an issue for the Department of Health?

  73. Guest Says:

    I live in Baltimore, Md. My first apartment is a nightmare. I am a very clean person who have never experienced mice until I moved here. I asked if I could be let out of my lease. Of course they said no, so what can I do. The poison that is being sprayed every week is making me sick. And more importantly I think its really hazardous to my health.What can I do?

  74. Guest Says:

    because you lived in the apt for 3 years they leagaly have to replace the carpet any ways. My friend is a maitnece guy and that is what he told me. I live in CA and am not sure where u live.

  75. Guest Says:

    My landlord recently told me that he had to sell the apartment property that I’m living in due to a problem in his family. Well, he gave me 15 days because the place is being turned into a condo to find a new place to live. Well, I looked on the Internet to see that my apartment in online for sell and pictures of the place with me still living in there is posted is that against the law? I wasn’t told about it nor was I asked if it was okay… What should I do?

  76. Guest Says:

    I live in Texas and I have the same problem…the smell comes from filthy downstairs neighbors. The following ended up working for me: I bought an ioninc air purifier for each room (they are not cheap…about 300.00 each). Also, instead of using the cheap fibergalss air filters provided by the apartment, I place two air filters in the HVAC system 1. a hepa filter (cleans the air) and 2. an air filter that has a charcoal layer (traps & kills odors). You have to replace them often because they will eventually start to absorb the odor and blow it back into your apartment.

    The only drawback is that I had to pay for all of this out of my own pocket and I am looking into going to small claims court to have either the apartment reimbursement me or sue the people downstairs for reimbursement. A little bleach and household cleaners can go a long way….unfortunately, my neighbors have not figured that out and mgt does not care.

    Good luck!

  77. Guest Says:

    I’m in a rental situation where the stackable washer and dryer have busted. We informed the land lord that it was on it’s way to breaking and he sent in a repair guy who told us that he didn’t have the parts and honestly it would cost less to replace than repair. With this information our landlord told us that if we wanted a working washer and dryer we would have to buy it ourselves.
    My opinion is that we walked into this apartment that had a washer and dryer therefore part of our rent is paying for that washer and dryer or the use of it so he needs to replace it.
    Am I out of line? Is there a law to back this up?

  78. Guest Says:

    I dropped my rent check off early because I was leaving town for the holidays. I assumed my landlord wouldn’t cash the check until it was due January 1st. However, he cashed it on December 20th, and caused my bank account to be overdrawn. Postdating aside, is he allowed to cash my rent check before the due date? Can I hold him responsible to reimburse my overdraft charges?

  79. Guest Says:

    Yes, it is. Call your Department of Health and let them know what’s going on. In Los Angeles, the department that handles rodent and vermin problems within the DOH is called Vector Control. Also, call the Housing Dept in your city and let them know what’s going on. They should send out an inspector. Landlords tend to listen when there are penalties and fines involved.

  80. Guest Says:

    Complex Amenities.

    My Complex has closed all amenities..pool, business center and workout room, for repairs. Its going on six months now and I am still paying the same amount of rent. Is there something I can do?

  81. Guest Says:

    If I agreed to live month to month without a lease what is the actual california law for being late on rent, on the 3rd day, afterthe 3rd day? or what? I am being charged $150 late fee that was in the original contract that states rent is late on the 3rd day, can the landlord hold me to that if there is no signed lease agreement or verbal stating that we will hold the lease agreement month to month?

  82. Guest Says:

    I live in a basement apartment in Queens n.y. The people who own the house feel that they could walk in and out of here whenever they feel like it because they own the house and their laundry room is down here. Renting a basement in n.y. with a stove is illegal. I always pay my rent on time or ahead of time. The owners want me out because I tell them a thing or two when they come down here and disturb me. what should i do? I have a stove, no lease and I pay them cash. Should I take them to court

  83. Guest Says:

    My landlord wants to swim in my pool, and brings his family. What are my rights

  84. Guest Says:

    I am renting a little cottege attached to my landloards house and there dog has bit me twice what can I do. I told them about it and they just laugh it off it was a little dog but I blead both times with brusing and swelling.

  85. Guest Says:

    perhaps it was something in the vents. i live downstairs in an apartment complex and think its the people upstairs. you should have your apartment complex check the vent for dead animals/rodents etc.

  86. Guest Says:

    What do I do if i believe our management is making up charges on our utility bills. We pay our apartment complex when we receive our electricity and water bills which do not come directly from gexa or the water company. After reviewing our monthly bills past and present, we have noticed that the charges seem made up as they keep changing drastically from month to month i,e, electricty cost, basic cost, usage charge etc. Last month our electricty cost was around 30 dollars, basic cost was 25 and usage charge 7 for example, and the next month electricy was 90 dollars, basic cost was .69cents, and usage charge .70 cents. This seems really fishy to me, and I feel like they are making things up. My guess is they are paying one big bill for all apartments and making things up….how can I find out if this is true? they gave me a runaround last time i questioned

  87. Guest Says:

    Molded carpet.

    I live in a unit where a drainpipe is located on the exterior of one of my walls. There was blockage causing mold in the corner of my ceiling and the corner of my floor. Water was soaking into my carpet, and also the foundation. After a month, it was looked at, and some paint like stuff was sprayed over the mold. However, they’re refusing to replace the moldy, worn carpet, since I am currently living in the unit. I wrote on my walk through checklist that the carpet was in terrible shape (after just being cleaned) but the issue was never resolved. The mold had made it worse. I’m not asking for too much, just that my carpet would be replaced! Aren’t they responsible?

  88. Guest Says:

    Do you happen to live in Tualatin? We have the SAME problem at our complex with the deck.

  89. Guest Says:

    well my in laws have lived in this apt for 11 years and the carpet is old and worn and needs to be replaced! what are the rules on this?

  90. Guest Says:

    There has been severe snow storms where I live. The apartment complex I live in NEVER clears the snow and ice from the sidewalks or walkways. Are they legally responsible for doing this. I incurred a bad fall due to this. This complex is higher end and I pay over $1000 a month shouldnt they be responsible for shoveling the snow from our doors?

  91. Guest Says:

    take it up with the town. I know when I lived back in NJ they gave tickets for not shoveling sidewalks

  92. Guest Says:

    maybe you should do money orders. They are not liable. You wrote out the check its your responsiblity.

  93. Guest Says:

    My girlfriend and I are having problems with the people below us. They are constantly complaining of loud noises that are not us… Which is a very frustrating situation, since we have been contacted by our landlord with a lease violation notice. They have also made a fraudulent charge to the police, which the officer laughed at and just told me that we will be happy when we move out… They have thrown multiple parties until 5 am and have had violence in the hallway, resulting in two holes in the wall right next to their front door. Not to mention the fact that they have violent arguments until 2 am sometimes. The mistake that I think we made is that we didn’t complain about any of this (because of not wanting to be involved). Our apartments are a mess, there have been mice since the day we moved in, which we have complained about nomourous times and have had no response to. Also there was a drive by shooting in our parking lot a few months ago. I’m wanting to figure out my rights as a tenant to either get out of the lease or get rid of the harrasing tenants.

  94. Guest Says:

    Your lease should have a section regarding snow removal, if that’s a common occurrence in your area. The section should state whose responsible for snow removal for driveways, sidewalks and steps, plus streets if it’s a private community.

  95. Guest Says:

    If it was in your prior contract, it is likely it would stand in a verbal agreement for the same unit.

  96. Guest Says:

    If the lease says that’s part of the agreement, then the landlord would have to provide it.

  97. Guest Says:

    Do you pay a community fee, or some other fee for these amenities? Is it in the lease that these amenities are available? Then they are required to have the amenities available (weather permitting, of course). Big question: are they still advertising these amenities even though they are not providing them? That could be a big truth in advertising problem for them!

  98. Guest Says:

    We’ve just moved into a 3-bedroom townhouse in December. Two weeks ago, after our neighbors moved out, their water pipes froze and burst. We had water damage in our daughters room as well as our living room, and most of our furniture was damaged. They took a week and a half to repair the damage, so we had to stay with my mom (not fun at all!).

    My problem is, now they are trying to say it wasn’t due to their negligence, even though they were the ones who turned off the gas next door. And now, they won’t pay for our furniture to be replaced. It’s bad enough we lost items we can’t replace, like family photos. Can they do this to us, or do we need to speak to a lawyer?

  99. Guest Says:

    I am trying to find out what my rights are concerning a dispute with my landlord. I signed a lease of 12/5/06 and I paid her the December and January rent plus the security deposit. She said that she would prorate the first month because I didn’t sign until the 5th and it would taken off February rent.

    Her garage was filled with her belongings, a car was in the driveway, her dog was in a kennel in the backyard and she had a few items still in the house. She told me that she would clear everything out that week. I said fine because I planned on moving in that weekend.

    On Saturday, December 9 I went to the house and nothing had changed. She told me that she was sick and I thought okay a few more days. My boyfriend went to the house on Tuesday and still nothing was gone. On Wednesday again he went and it was the same. He called her and was angry and she said she was getting everything out that night. She did in fact get everything out.

    On February 1 she came for the rent and we told her that we were only going to pay her for 18 days that we actually had possession of the house. We couldn’t move our things in because the garage was full. We couldn’t even back a truck in the driveway because she had a car in the driveway. Her dog was in the backyard and we have a dog and they did not like each other. The one time we let our dog out in the back, they fought through the fence so we couldn’t let him out back.

    She told us that because she gave us the key on the 5th we had possession of the property, but she didn’t give us the remote to the garage until she had cleared her stuff out. She said she would deduct $10 a day for the garage and that was all.

  100. Guest Says:

    We live in DC. Landlord doesn’t need notice according to DC statue to enter. Privately owned building. Owner died. Family started multiple ‘structural’ inspections. We are into phase three. Most likely 4th or 5th visit of touring professionals.

    We haven’t witnessed but other residents in building have said contractors are taking photos inside apartments. They are also using blueprints of apartments to map out things like electrical outlets.

    Question: any general tenant law about who can take photos inside apartments? if tenants are not home?

  101. Guest Says:

    Call your insurance agent and file a claim on your renters’ insurance.

  102. Guest Says:

    I, am having somewhat of the same problem. In my lease it states I,m responsible for lawn care not snow removal. My landlord, tells me, my neighbor and i share this snow thing, i do most of. Is there something i can do about this? We also share a garage, he has no vehicle. He then told me as i was coming in from work, that i should be parking on the right side of the garage,but said it in a threating manor”do not park there again” to me implying something would happen. The landlord then told me,he had every right to talk to me that way,because i parked on that side. Is there a law or something, that this is legal. I have no problem with this, only that i was threaten. I did not call the police. I would like to know what the landlord responsibility is, and also what should i do regarding this tenant. Somebody help. because i do not feel safe. I want to move but, unable to right now,because if money issues. Signed sad. Wisconsin

  103. Guest Says:

    I was approached by my neighbor upstairs, as I was coming home from work. He told me in a threating tone, do not park my car on the left of the garage and if I did he impplied something would happen. I called my landlord, and she said he had every right to talk to me that way. I really did not know, it made a difference. I have no problem with this,but I do have a problem, with a threat. I would just like to know, if he can do that, and if not what should i do? I,m going to move, but can’t afford it right now. I do not feel safe now, and the landlord is going along with this threat. Help Sad in Wisconsin

  104. Guest Says:

    I was renting month-to-month with a move out date of 2/28. I moved out on 2/10 and turned in my apartment keys. The landlord says I MUST keep the utilities in my name and pay them until 2/28. Is this legal in Ohio??

  105. Guest Says:

    It is in PA.

  106. Guest Says:

    Contact the Police and let the know about the incident. (Be sure to call the NON-emergency number, not 911 or anything.) That way if something does happen, they have the threat on record.

  107. Guest Says:

    I have a mouse problem and i told my landlord verbally and in writing about the situation and he came back in a hostile way and said that i should have told him instead of his wife(the person we give the rent). he said that he could not do nothing cause he wasn’t going to put out poison or traps. He was kinda insinuating that it was not his responsibility. I live in Texas and who is responsible for this problem?

  108. Guest Says:

    I’m renting a one bedroom apartment in California. my gas bill went up substantially due to a cracked flex line. the line had been cracked since may/05, this is when i started to notice an increase in my gas bill. i tried to get a non-usage claim with pg&e. pg&e said it’s not their problem. i tried to get the apartment manager to help with the bill and i was told it was not there problem. now i’m stuck with the bill. what is the apartment complex responsibility as far as maintenance and safety inspections? the manager told me it was not there responsibility to check on anything unless a customer calls in and request a check.

  109. Guest Says:

    my apartment complex has water problems. They will cut off the water so they can work on water mains…but with no notice most of the time. You can be in the shower with soap all over you and then the water goes away. What are my legal rights when it comes to this issue?

  110. Guest Says:

    contact your local health department. they will most likely come out to inspect right away. they will give the mgr a fix it citation, punishable with penalties if not complied with. please do not live this way. oh, in some states you are allowed to repair take care of the problem yourself and deduct from rent if the owner doesnt do so within reasonable period of time. also i would look into filing a small claims court suit against them. look into texas housing development laws for rentals or go to HUD.COM

  111. Guest Says:

    I just moved into a new apartment in St. Mary’s County, MD, the first weekend of February. The apartment is in a 1950s brick Cape Cod that has been/is being split into 2 apartments–one upstairs, one downstairs. My apartment wasn’t even quite finished when I moved in. Since I’ve been here, it’s been a nightmare. I want to know if my landlord has renovated it according to building code specifications (for purposes of my safety).

    First off, there is no smoke detector in the apartment itself–only in the stairway leading down from my apartment to my front door inside the house.

    Secondly, the electrical outlet above the bathroom sink is not a GFI outlet.

    Thirdly, there is no fireproof hood or vent in the bottom of the cabinet over the new oven/stove, and the bottom of the cabinets are only 14″ from the stove top.

    Fourth, there is no secondary entrance/exit in the apartment in the event there was a fire (although there is a bedroom window that has a porch roof right below it).

    Fifth, there is no thermostat in my apartment. The temperature is controlled from the thermostat in the downstairs apartment which I have no access to.

    Last, although this is not a safety issue, it is one I feel isn’t right. There is only 1 mailbox for the apartment house, and my landlord claims the post office told her she can’t add another one, so the people downstairs get one but I don’t.

    Can you give me some feedback?

  112. Guest Says:

    I had my friend’s vehicle for three days while she was in the hospital. I do not have a vehicle of my own, but when I signed the lease the building manager told me that parking was in the back. He never informed me that I needed authorization to have a vehicle. The third morning that I had the car, the building manager had it towed while I was still in bed. I spoke with him and he is not willing to pay the $160 towing fee because he said the vehicle was not authorized. I also called the company who owns the building and spoke with someone who said he’d get back to me after he spoke with the building manager. Do I have any claims rights in this situation? Also, I have not received a copy of the lease even though I made a request for one several months ago (the building manger said he’d make a copy and put it in his mailbox for me to pick-up, but he never did). Don’t I have a right to a copy of the lease? Since I don’t have a copy, can I be evicted on the grounds that I have no proof of living there? I’m afraid they might try to evict me if I complain about the towing.

  113. Guest Says:

    My husband and I just recently moved out of our apartment in Colorado, fulfilling a one year lease. Instead of getting our deposit back the property owners just sent us a bill for $400 because they replaced the carpet.

    Can they do that? We were relatively clean tenants, and I specifically asked the front office if I should clean the carpets before we left and was told it was not necessary. I admitted to the few stains that were there, and offered to have them removed before we left.

    What are our options in this case?

  114. Guest Says:

    My father-in-law had a fall due to icy sidewalks and broke his hip, he started a lawsuit for negligence, but it never got resloved before he passed away. I looked into something about mold infestation in the last place I lived. I looked up tenants rights for the state I live in, and it states that the landlord must maintain a safe living enviroment. Look up your states rights handbook. I know that you can with hold rent until things are taken care of. It all is stated in the handbook. Good luck!

  115. Guest Says:

    Put your request in writing, and in my state they have 14 days to fix problem or you can with hold rent. Look in your states tentants rights and hand book. They are a few different options that you have. I had the same problem in my old apartment with mold. This can be very hazardous to your health. I was on 3 different antibitiotcs for sinus infection. It is something not to mess around with. Your health is at stake. Look on line or at your library for your states landlord-tenant laws. Good luck!

  116. Guest Says:

    unless your landlord lives with you, or it is in your lease that they have a right to do so, they should not swim in your pool. Tell them you moved in assuming you had the pool to yourself, and it was not in the lease otherwise. Tell them you prefer to restrict access to yourself, and you only.You have every right to do so, unless they live there, too, or it has been put in writing.

  117. Guest Says:

    In new york, you have at least 30 days, or 10 days if you were not paying rent. contact your local tenant board

  118. Guest Says:

    Your apartment is paid for by welfare and your boyfriend with a felony conviction stays there sometimes? how does she know he’s a felon? if he has access to your apt. (extra key) then she has a right to complain.

  119. Guest Says:

    It scares me that you are in college, but do not know that you can’t contract an illness from an odor.

    If there is bacteria or mold causing the odor, then you can have that cleaned.

  120. Guest Says:

    It depends how old the carpet is. If I remember correctly, carpet has a 10-year life. So, if the carpet is 10 years old, you don’t have to pay anything. If it’s 5 years old, you would pay 50 percent. Etc…

  121. Guest Says:

    To be nice, I gave my landlord a couple of months heads-up I was moving. Several weeks later I told him the specific date I was moving. I also said I would give the key back later that week after I had a chance to clean. Two days before I moved, he said he wanted the key back the night I moved because the new tenant was moving in the next day! I told him I could not possibly clean the same day I moved. He said they were already set to move in, and when I gave that specific moving date, that is considered the date that the house will be move-in ready. When I said I wouldn’t have time to clean but I would still expect my deposit back because of his short notice that he wanted the key back so soon, he said I was being hostile. And then of course when we did the walk-through he was upset that the house wasn’t clean!

    Any thoughts???

  122. Guest Says:

    You should report it to the police. I know in Texas where I live dog bites are taken seriously. Landlord or not, there are laws in most states against things like that.

  123. Guest Says:

    WE live in a mold infested home in pa the bathroom pipe had a slow leak I did not discover and drained water through the floor into crawl space. My children are getting sick more and more often I have been missing work more and more because of sickness. The house since the day we moved in has always cause me and the children to be stuffy. But I beleive there was hidden mold when we moved in and it spread and got worse. I am calling landlord tommorrow and demanding pipe gets fixed and a certified mold inspection company check this house. What if they do find mold and it cause all these horrible things I was told to obtain a civil lawer being as the landlord didnt put storm windows on the house and the house has no insulation and possible had mold from day 1 what do you think should I seek legal counsel. They say mold can cause problems in children for yrs. after you move out.

  124. Guest Says:

    I’m in sort of a strange situation with my landlord. I gave her thirty days notice, and am planning on moving into a new place by the end of the month. My reason for leaving is partially because my landlord has not made any repairs to my place after a plumbing problem in which they had to rip out a wall in my bathroom, and also put a hole in my kitchen floor. It’s been a month and a half, and nothing has been done to repair it. I did not make a huge deal out of it, instead choosing to end my month to month lease and leave. Anyways, I’ve been a good tenant for the past four years. I make my own repairs for the most part, and I always pay my rent on time and let her into the place whenever she needs to do anything. Now I’m in the process of packing and moving, and I also have a full time job that I can’t take time from during the day. I don’t mind her going into the apartment, and I understand that there is a 24hr notice…but my problem is I have two dogs and NEED to be there when people enter the apartment to calm my dogs and watch them while people are inside. I’ve already given her access to show the place to TONS of perspective tenants the last two weekends, and have even made multiple trips back to my place with less than a few hours notice in order to try to be accomidating so she can show the place. She is charging too much money for it first of all, and it’s got HOLES in the walls and the floors, second of all. No one is wanting to rent it. Now I have her calling me every day, wanting to show it every day. Calling my work. I have tried to explain to her that I’m being as accomidating as I can be, and that she can show it any day she’d like, but that I can’t be there until after I get off work, and that I NEED to be there because of my dogs. I would feel horrible if my dogs felt threatened by strangers entering my apartment and bit someone. Either her or a perspective tenant. They have never bit anyone, but they’ve also always been supervised because I’m a REALLY responsible dog owner and have never put them in a situation where they feel threatened. My question is what are my rights here? Do I have the right to insist that it be at a time when I can be present, as long as it’s a reasonable time? If I tell her that because of the dogs, I don’t want her entering when I’m not there, and she does it anyways and someone gets bitten am I responsible for that? Do I have any rights in this situation to insist on being present?

  125. Guest Says:

    I live in New York in a basement apartment.I have no windows and my landlord demands that I pay the rent in cash. And recently in November he went to Canada for a week and left me without heat in the apt. I then bought and electrical heater. when he came back he said I had to pay 75$ more per month because of this heater (just a regular electric oil heater)though my rent is inclusive. Basemnet aptand the landlord lives upstairs. In my apartment there is a little room where the boiler is that he wants access to once a week to change the water of the boiler.

    Is this whole situation legal.

  126. Guest Says:

    i live in phoenix lst night i parked my car when i got home i woke up and the car was towed i have three cars everyone was towed i talked to management and they said they left a notice saying they were painting any cars parked there would be towed but they didnt leave the notice till 930 at night and now thier telling me i have to pay 30 dollars per car that was towed am i stuck paying it or did they violate my rental rights

  127. Guest Says:

    I leave in Passaic,NJ. My landlord has owned this building since March 2004. He has tried to evit me because I am under rent control and he wants me out to raise the rent. I have an Attorney who had to work with the landlord’s attorney to finally agree to sign a lease agreement He holds my rent because I pay by check. I have lived here since 1973 and always paid by check. In the lease agreement it was clear that I would continue to pay this way. He has not cashed January, Februay, March, and security deposit 2007. Last year 2006 he held 6 months before cashing my checks. He is in breach of the rent lease. What can I do to stop him from continuing to hold my checks?
    If I pay my rent after the 5th is can charge $50.00 after the 10th he can charge $100.00. Can I hold him responsible for this.My address is 353 Madison Street Apt . Please help !!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Guest Says:

    I live in South West FLorida

    I have been in a lease with the same Landlord for over a year now. Our AC has broken 3 times and the third time was the charm (this happened on Thursday 3/29). My landlord called me and gave me the AC repair guy’s number and I had to call and schedule the appointment, no issues there. The guy cam out Friday and told me that the unit would need to be replaced and that there was nothing they could do until earliest Monday Morning the following week. Well my landlord was notified of this and she stated that they would get in contact with the building’s owners and be back with me ASAP. I have not received a phone call or any kind of acknowledgement of my situation. I received an email on Monday 4/2 from her stating that they had no idea what was going on and that I would be contacted by the end of the day. Well I did not receive a call or email letting me know that they have even spoken with the owners yet. As the owners are out of town this may take a while. I was wondering if they should be compensating me for the time I am without AC as I live in south Florida and the temperature in the house even at night with all the windows and doors open stays over 80 degrees at all times. There is no way that I can stay in this apartment for much longer. I was told it would be done ASAP and now it is looking like it is not going to get done before this upcoming weekend. I have allready moved my schedule around for them multiple times and this has become very tiresome. Please help.

  129. Guest Says:

    You need to report it. They are obligated to keep a dangerous animal contained espically if they have other people on the premises that have been bitten before. I would contact ACC.

  130. Guest Says:

    Unless otherwise stated they have to give you notice. That is considered tresspassing.

  131. Guest Says:

    I live in Absecon NJ, and I am raising my three grandchildren, We have all been getting sick for a while.What happen was on 3/29/07, The gas company had to come to my apartment to light the hot water heater, as he was doing so,he told me we had to have been exposed to carbonmoxide,we have sought medical treatment since then, management did not have a carbon monixide detector in unit, He just installed one on 4/5/07.EVERYONE PLEASE HELP.FREEEWILLL3@YAHOO.COM.

  132. Guest Says:

    I live in Absecon NJ, I wrote a comment last night,concerning me and my grandchildren,unknowingly being exposed to carbon monixide in my apartment I am renting. which did not have a dectector.when I moved in the code enforcement paper said these things had been inspected when I was being rushed to the hospital the manager went into my unit and installed one, and said it had been there,Please tell me how I can prove that it was not there, cause God knows, me and my three grandchildren, I am raising, was not suppose to be exposed to something so deadly.FREEEWILLL3@YAHOO.COM.

  133. Guest Says:

    Could someone please let me know if a landlord can evict a tentant if the tentant sues him for slipping
    and falling on the icy sidewalk that was not salted
    until a day later.

  134. Guest Says:

    i was just wondering waht i can do. i got a garage at my apartments and had a bucnh of stuff in it nd they leasing people double rented it. they gave me no notice at all about thsi and took all my stuff out of the garage and alot of it is missing now. all i have left is a bike and i had put alot of stuff in it. i have tired tlaking to them but they say that he has the right ot move into my garage and this guy that lives here and somone else moved all my stuff somehwere and put the bike in another garage . i jstu want to know wahti can do about all this.

  135. Guest Says:

    my husband and i rent this 2 bed. apt. when we moved in the landlord said there was a lease and he would have us sign it later. later became into never and so in writing we never had a lease. we just got an opportunity to move to another state and we only could give him a week notice. he is now saying he wants to hold our security deposit because of the short notice but can he do that if a lease is not written out? we also have a small piece of his rug that got ripped by our cat that he doesnt know we had…but he never said we could not have. should we show him and if he wants to charge us how much is reasonable?

  136. Guest Says:

    i live in monmouth county, n.j. the building has been sol, therefore a new landlord. i have a yearly lease that expires in aug. the lease states that the landlord must notify me of a new renewal lease at least 120 days before the end of the term; since he has not done that, can my rent be raised?or, do i continue to pay the same rent as before upon renewal? i would appreciate any reply.

  137. Guest Says:

    Okay… Here’s the situation. A friend needed a place to stay, so I said he could stay with me. We planned to get a two bedroom apartment at the sam e apartment building. I went to speak to the housing manager , and she said there were two bedrooms avail. Anyways, I didn’t like them. They were too small and literally the larger bathroom ( which I currently have) was made smaller to accomodate the second bedroom. No bueno! But before I could turn it down she had already rented my apt to someone else. Is this fair or legal. Now I have to vacate, because she said she was under the impression I wanted to move. I have a 12 month lease you know…

  138. Guest Says:

    no, legally he cannot evict you for that. get a lawyer and stand your ground. before this slumlord tries changing the locks or any trouble like that, inform the police of the situation, so if anything does happen, they’ll already know the story and it’ll go smoother for you. good luck!

  139. Guest Says:

    I’m facing the same situation currently. I actually wrote a letter and had it notarized that I cannot be responsible for my dogs’ actions when not in my presence. I even mentioned that I have requested to be present, and she has made it apparent that she may show it during times when I’m not.

    I hope things worked out for you. If you have any advice, please let me know.

  140. Guest Says:

    Just moving into a 2 bedroom house in Winfield, KS. It’s an older house, just curious what the landlord is responsible for. Almost all the electrical outlets are old 2 prongs and I would like 3 prongs with a ground. There are a couple of them in the house but when I opened them up there didn’t seem to be a ground hooked up to them. Is this legal? It gives the false impression that they are grounded. Also, there are a couple of broken windows and some that are missing. Is it there responsibility to fix these? Other than that it seems like a nice little place. We are first time renters and getting ready to move in, in a couple of days.

    Thanks in advanced for any suggestions :)

  141. Guest Says:

    I would! that’s the problem with you…you want to get one over on everybody else- you just want easy money so you’re going to sue. you probably arent even hurt- try earnming an honest living you slug!~

  142. Guest Says:

    I have had a similar experience with my sisters vehicle parked on the apartment premises.It was parked away in a far away spot, but they towed it away, saying the registration expired.Whereas we have proof that the registration has not expired.
    I live in NJ…….,do I have any solution to this?

  143. Guest Says:

    I’m renting an apartment in a rent control area of L.A.
    I’ve lived in this apartment for over 10 years, so my rent is relatively cheap. The new owners of the building have approached me by offering me a sum of money to move out. What are my options? Can I be forced to move out? Can I ask for a higher amount? Can I delay the process till I find another place? Any insight to this will be helpful.

  144. Guest Says:

    2 days ago I come home to my ceiling soaking wet and my bed, tv, xbox360, and many of my wifes pictures pretty much destroyed by the amount of water coming through. I asked the landlord what she would do to replace these and she said I should’ve gotten renters insurance and thers nothing she can do but send the maintenance man to look at it. He comes by the next day and I have a chat with him. I tells me that a couple of days before the apartment directly above me had a plumbing problem and this looks like over spill.

    So I’m in a quandry, does the fact that they didn’t warn me of possible spillage through my ceiling make them liable for my damaged goods? Or is there absolutely nothing that can be done for me due to not having renters insurance?

  145. Guest Says:

    I live in California, and wonder if there are any tenant laws allowing me to request that my landlord install an A/C unit. the temp in my apartment averages 110.

  146. Guest Says:

    Washington DC. Window AC Question?

    I am about to move into a building without AC I was told I can get a window unit and if it is below 10,000 btu I could plug it into any outlet I want. However if it is 10,000 btu or above there are certain plugs in the APT. that I can plug it into and there is an additional $65 a month charge to use this the plug. The $65 is in addition to the electric bill. I thought fine I will just make sure if I get one it is under 10,000 btu.

    I called back today and now they said it is 5,000 btu and below can be plugged into any outlet, or anything over 5,000 btu is $65 extra a month PER AC unit I have in the apt.

    I am just curious if this is legal or not? It just seems odd to have to pay something additional to your electric bill, or not to have access to plugs in the APT.

    Is this something that is Common in DC or is this something I should bring up to the landlord?

  147. Guest Says:

    Try to rectify the problem yourself with mouse traps. The glue-type, sticky traps work well. Save all receipts. If you cannot remedy the problem on your own, then the landlord must hire a pest removal company.

  148. Guest Says:

    I imagine the reason they are wanting that $65 for using 220 volt outlet units because they use more electricity than 110 volt unit outlets. But if you are paying the electric bill yourself, im not sure why they are requesting it.

  149. Guest Says:

    Write a letter stating that you want those things fixed due to safety issues. Send it certified mail return receipt (so you get a legal document of when they received it). If they don’t do the repairs in a legal amount of time (usually 7 days or something) then I think you can end your lease. Sometimes you have to send two letters. You can find the answer online or by calling your university’s law department. Double check this before you actually do it though bc I’m not exactly sure.

  150. Guest Says:

    i need to find out if its the landlords responsability to take care a mice problem? i live in california and have never had this problem till 2 weeks ago and he is telling me its my responsablity. if anyone can help me or tell what site i can look on please email me @ rockinb0325@aol.comi appreciate it thx

  151. Guest Says:

    My husband and I have been living in an apartment in California for 3+ years, and are finally getting ready to move into our first home. We have a dog, so there is some damage to the carpet because of the dog. The paint has normal wear and tear, and will most likely need to be re-painted, or at the very least, touched up. I think I read somewhere that there were certain laws that say that after so many years of a tenant living in an apartment the landlord must paint, and after so many years, the landlord must replace the carpet, but now I can not find this info. Is there any type of law that states this? We’ve heard that our particular apartment company is known for charging as much as they can to tenants who move out, and we want to be educated about what our rights are. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

  152. Guest Says:

    My cuurent landlord has sold the duplex I live in. The new owner is a not such a choice individual and had he owned the house when I originally came to look at it in January, i would not have entered into a lease with him.

    Does anyone know if there is federal or OH state law or precedent out there that voids a lease agreement when the ownership of property is transferred. Way I see it my contract is with my original lnadlord, not the new one…

  153. Anonymous Says:

    Help I need Advice!!!My husband and I signed a lease in Feb 2007. The rent of $1750 which is very high, but is suppose to include all utilities. We live in New York, and summer is approaching the apartment last week was so hot and unbearable, so my husband and I purchased three energy efficient 6,ooo BTUs window airconditioners. These units regulate the temp so they turn off when the room is cooled. Of course we expected to pay the added electric usage. Before we had a chance to discuss the issue with the landlord(less than 8 hours after installation)he came by and had a fit! Stating that we should have asked him first and telling us that we have to pay him $100 extra a month and were lucky it’s not $300(per unit).after the conversation, I sent him a certified letter stating that we will pay extra for usage, but I want proof of the difference in the electric bill. He said he does not want to “police us” and $100 it will be..Our rent is due July 1st what should I do?Also he comes by the place early/late slamming doors and saying”I can make as much noise as I want I”m th owner!!!

  154. Guest Says:

    FLOOD! There was flood in the Condo we live in and it was the Fault of the City and it happened PRIOR to us moving in! The condo was considered contaminated and the landlord not allowed to rent it until it was cleaned and then cleared of MOLD! My landlord owns this condo and the one I was living in. I say “was” becasue he offered the Flooded one to us to get me off the stairs due to having OA! It has “supposedly” been cleared by the City! Well now we have NATS flying all over! Coming up from the sink pipes,ETC! I called the City and they “will get back to me” But he also told me they (the City) hired a company that BOTCHED the Mold Clean Up Job and they had to fired them,and have most the work re-done by a new company! And to quote him he said ” maybe your condo was on of the ones that they covered up their work and the new company didn’t catch it” Meanwhile we are worried sick we are being EXPOSED to MOLD! HELP I need an ATTORNEY! My Landlord could care less about anyone living with MOLD! I complained all the time the upstairs Condo had MOLD and he said well if you move to the lower Condo you can stop complaining about MOLD! YEAH RIGHT! What can I buy to help me DETECT Mold?? That won’t break the bank! THANKS FOR ANY HELP!

  155. Guest Says:

    I am a college student living in Philadelphia. My lease ended on the last day of May and I still have not received my refundable security deposit. Is there a time frame landlords are supposed to refund the deposit by?

  156. Guest Says:

    I live in wi. I live in the same building as my landlord. I am a single mother who has always paid rent on time. I have a boyfriend who does not live with me,but does spend a lot of time there. My landlord recently started coming outside when he sees my boyfriend outside and makes comments to him about how much time he spends there,saying that i am in violation of my lease,and has even asked him not to spend the night. There is nothing in my lease stating i cannot have company overnight,does my landlord have the right to regulate how much time someone spends at my house?

  157. Guest Says:

    Can I get some grass…

    I rented a home in February 2007 it is a New Build so the landscaping was partially finished due to the snow. Well it’s June and still no grass. The entire area is covered with weeds and looks terrible. I have been working with the management company to get the problen resolved and nothing has been done. Once a week someone comes out to cut the weeds but no grass. Can I file a complaint with the county to get this resolved. PLease helP!!!

    NO Grass

  158. Guest Says:

    My daugher & her husband moved into a new apartment yesterday. Mu daughter was away today and when she returned to the apartment there was a note on the counter from her landlord. The landlord apparently was in the apartment while my daughter and her husband were away. She was not there to repair anything and did not notify them that she was coming into the apartment. Is this legal? We live in Pennsylvania.

  159. Guest Says:

    I rented an apt. for $1700 in south florida and we have had many problems with our landlord within the first 2 days. AC lasted just 1 day. Dishwasher leaks, dryer and washer do not work, but all turns on. can anyone please let me know my legal rights. I sent him a 7 day letter explaining the problems. He wrote back by stating that we harrass him, had violations and would terminate lease but would want to keep our Juy rent that we paid and security deposit.

    Someone Please HELP!!!

  160. Guest Says:

    this is a bank error. the bank should reimburse you. this isnt the landlords fault. when the bank recieved the check they should have looked and said ‘oh this is for the 1st, its not the first yet, i cant cash it.”
    this happened to me. i called the bank, they fixed it.

  161. Guest Says:

    The landlord does not have to provide anything but heat. If you want the air conditioning, you have to provide it yourself. That is unless it is already there. And if so, it must be in working order. So he/she will have to make it so

  162. Guest Says:

    That is very illegal. He was to give at least 24 hrs notice unless there was some sort of an emergency.

  163. Guest Says:

    That’s insane!!!! I pay my own electicity and in the summer I have the a/c on all day regardless if I’m at home or not and my bill NEVER came higher than $85.00 a month.

  164. Guest Says:

    Painting YES! Replacement of carpet due to negligence on your end NO! That is to be replaced by tenant or taken out of security deposit…

  165. Guest Says:

    Hi i live in nyc in apt bulding,few day back i was geeting my cloths from my closet and found that all my cloths was soak with water.We call the office they sound it like they new the problem because they ask ask us if it was the one next enternce.they said they will send some one over but never did,i have slome electronics that was soak as well which i have to dispose,some cloths and we have wash about 3 bags,can some one tell me what can i do to get compscate for the damage and since they never showed up to see the damgae.i have no insurance for the apt.pleae advise

  166. Guest Says:


  167. Guest Says:

    I am a landlord and the police continually threaten me if they want to go into a home and I do not give them a key. I still say no, break down the door or show me a warrant. Is this legal?

  168. Guest Says:

    My air conditioning went out in mid-June and we have had 13 days of 90 degree heat or higher. Our landlord has had to go through a separate contractor to fix the air conditioning. 5 weeks later we are still miserable without our air conditioning and it seems we get the “run-around” every time we approach the landlord regarding the progress of repair. Moving a box fan from room to room is not very effective and we have been losing sleep due to the temperature in the apartment. We also cannot cook or run the dryer during certain times of the day. Is it fair to ask for compensation from our landlord?

  169. Guest Says:

    How did this problem work out for you? I am having the same problem with a feces smell coming from our closet. How did you deal with your landlord to get it fixed?

  170. Guest Says:

    If you are experiencing rat problems and the hazardous poisons, you should be able to get out of your lease. You might have to take it to the courts in order to do so.

  171. Guest Says:

    You might try asking PG&E for a history of average useage over the same period the year before. The owner should pay the difference.

  172. Guest Says:

    I live in a large high-end rental complex that has just finished remodeling the clubhouses. After their grand opening, my husband and I went to the main clubhouse to use one of the new amenities they’d listed in their fliers. It’s an aerobics room. We were turned away and told that this room is only used for group classes and it’s closed at all other times. Group classes occur twice a week, and are only for an hour, and you have to pay a fee to take the class. We’re frustrated because this is not the only amenity that is so ridiculously restricted, we can’t even use them. We also can’ use our local clubhouse at all because they are closed at 6pm on weekdays, and are not open at all during the weekends. However, this information was witheld from us when we went to rent at the complex. We were told we could “just go in the clubhouse whenever you want.” We are paying a large amount of rent because of the amenities they supposedly offer. We really feel like we were misled. Is there anything we can do?

  173. Guest Says:

    i rent a room from someone and i spaced and didn’t pay her my last month’s rent. she let another tenant in the same house move all of my belongings out and moved her stuff in my room. she threw all of my things into a vacant room. what is my recourse here? i feel so violated!

  174. Guest Says:

    Storage Problems

  175. Guest Says:

    hi, my situation is such: i was eating dinner when my landlord knocked on the door, stating she needed to read meters, after she walked in 3 large men followed throwing threats and trying to intimidate my boyfriend and my self. the landlord did not call and lied about reading the meters since she didnt. After a while of screaming, the police came and the 3 large men locked my garage door so i have to access to it. The cops did nothing about it. they used my own personal belongings to bolt the door shut and didnt make me aware of that. The police told me to go to court but i dont know where to start. Now my landlord is threatening and stalking me.. please help what do i do??? there is no lease and then they tell me if i park in the back yard which is included in my rent that they will destroy it or tow it and that if we arent out by tonight they will charge me $2000.00 rent. Can they do this if this is illegal? and if i take them to court do i still have to pay rent? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!

  176. Guest Says:

    I live in a 3 bedrrom home in Central FL. Over a month ago we discovered that our AC was not working properly. We called the landlord immediately and somedone was sent out… that companu completed their job, however unsuccessfully. Another company was called out and they too did some work on the AC and said that it should work. He also told us that there were holes in the ductwork, and he would call the landlord and set a time to come out and fix it. It has been three weeks since then and I recieved my electric bill. It was tripled!! I called the landlord to explain that the bill had gone way up, and that I feel that I needed assistance with this serious problem. He told me that if I thought of deducting the difference from my rent then I needed to find another place to live. I do not feel that this is fair. Due to their faulty equipment my bill went up. Do i have any rights??

  177. Guest Says:

    Your LL is wrong, if the places is advertised with Central Air then it should be provided. Contact an Atty about your rights. Contact the LL in writting about what they are going to do.

  178. Guest Says:

    Contact an atty for help.

  179. Guest Says:

    Don’t move. You have a valid lease with a specfic term.

  180. Guest Says:

    Does an apartment manager have the right to turn off your air conditioning if you are late on your rent?

  181. Guest Says:

    Without a warrant the police have not rights to enter your home or your rental property.

  182. Guest Says:

    Can you help me? I live in Paterson
    I live in Paterson NJ and my landlord has not payed the mortgage since May. We got a letter from the bank stating that will be stating foreclosuer paper work if the past due amount isn’t payed. It was 11,000 + , there no home owners insurance, the taxes haven’t been payed and there’s a lien against the house. O let not forget all the mold and lead and the other repairs. I didn’t pay July’s rent because he’s been out of town. But when I spoke with him about the letter from the bank he stated he’s trying to work out a payment plan with the bank and that he’s trying to sell the house. I really don’t know what to do. I know I really don’t want to give him the rent. I need helpin Paterson?

  183. Guest Says:

    My electric bill was over 300 dollars, wel this was because I had a faulty AC unit. Now my landlord snuck in and fixed it when I was on a day trip and is claiming that everything is find. How can I get him to give me my money back, it wasn’t my fault it was broken what do I do . . . the company already said the next month will be over that much

  184. Guest Says:

    Deny us opening windows? Our landlord owns several houses and 6 of us seperately rent from this one. There is no central air so the common area, kitchen living room, is very hot. But the landlord keeps the handles to open the windows and won’t give them to us. We get different answers depending on who asks. Is this legal? We have to leave the doors wide open in hopes of getting some breeze in the common area.
    Location: New Jersey
    All utilities included in rent

  185. Guest Says:

    I live in New York City and my lease ended in May 2007. I just received the renewal notice yesterday (August 2007). My landlord wrote that my rent was going up to $135 (which sucks but I’ll pay it) BUT that he also wants $540 because the increase started in May and he also wants $135 for the security deposit because the rent increased. Can he do that?

  186. Guest Says:

    I live in an apartment building and my landlord went up on my rent last year for maintance fee. this year she wants me to take out my garbage and put it on the sidewalk during trash pick up days, instead of putting it in the back like we usually do. Is this right isnt the landlord or the super surposed to put the garbage out front instead of the tenants.

  187. Guest Says:

    No, they cannot do that. They cannot charge you for normal wear and tear on the apartment. If they chose to change the carpet that’s their problem (Unless you left tons of stains or holes). I would go to a lawyer.

  188. Guest Says:

    Who is responsible for paying tne condo fee. if you live in a condominum association. Would it be the Tenant who is renting OR would it be the owner of the unit or any fees that may be levied.

  189. Guest Says:

    I live in an apartment in Oakland, CA. The first tennant living there is going on 10 years, however, the latest tennant and myself moved in not too long ago. The other apartments around us have had a face lift from carpets to hardwood floors (is that legal?), fresh paint and new kitchen remodel. Is it required of the landlord to upgrade our apartment to better living standards? Can we request fresh paint and new carpet (totally filthy!) and working furniture and fixtures without an increase in rent?

  190. Guest Says:

    My husband and our son rented a house for almost 2 years, we were doing a month to month when we decided to move out, i made sure the house was clean as it was when we moved in (the house was not that clean and landlord said she wouold come back and help clean the week we moved in and nevered showed!) So we moved out, gave her 30 days notice, and we couldnt fit our last load of stuff and went back the next day, the first, and she changed the locks, never asked us for the old keys, threw all my remaining items away, is she allowed to do this? now shes charging us for throwing these things away when she never asked us about the items or gave us a chance to go get them within 12 hours i went back and locks were changed! and shes chargin us for locks cuz she never asked us for keys back, and when we moved in one bedroom smelled like cat urine, and when we moved out, we shsampooed the carpets and that smell came back out of that room, so she insisted that we had a cat-i hate cats!! never owned one in my life! So is she allowed to throw my stuff away like that?

  191. Guest Says:

    What are my right’s? I moved into an apartment in May of this year andjust found out this weekend that the reason I’ve been getting sick (sinus infections and stuff) is because of a black mold problem in the apartment below me (and I’m not convinced it isn’t in my walls and ceiling). I haven’t talked to my landlord or the property owner yet because I first wanted to know what my rights are in this matter. Mainly because I’m not certain of his intentions. As it turns out the renter in the apartment below me has been working on this problem with the owners since before I moved in. Therefore, they knew and still let me move in. I also have proof that they have painted over the mold twice before and that the downstairs neighbor was intimidated by the owner to not talk to the rest of us tennants about it or she would be charged with slander. I just want out of my lease and my rent back up through May. Is that within my rights????

  192. Guest Says:

    I recently gave my landlord 30 day notice that I willbe moving, once the notice was given my landlord stated she will need to show my apartment to prosective tenants, I stated I do not feel comfortable with her showing my apartment while I am still residing in it, she said as long as she gives 24 hour notice she can. Is this legal???

  193. Guest Says:

    You are liable for all damages to the apartment. If the the walls need painting due to unusual excessive damage beyond normal wear-N-tear, Then the landlord can charge you. The same applies to the carpet. The carpet charge has to be prorated to the lifespan of the carpet. Most carpets last around 5 to 7 years.

  194. Guest Says:

    You want grass, go out there and seed it yourself. This is not a landlord requirement.

  195. Guest Says:

    I rent a home in Florida and I recently found out the reason for my electric bills being outrageous is because the apartment complex behind me that the landlord also owns has their water pump connected to my electricity. I am paying for everyone’s electricty when they do laundry, shower, or use water in general. Is this legal? Can I withhold rent until they get the problem fixed so I am not paying for everyone’s else’s electricity?

  196. Guest Says:

    My son is a college student in Michigan. Him and 11 others guys entered into a housing agreement with an individual who ‘promised’ necessary repairs would be made within the first 30 days of occupying the house. Also, in the agreement it states that the boys need to put utilities in their names (fair enough and common) however when the boys when to the gas company there were liens on the properties and they were not able to get utilities in their name….this was in May, so they have been living in this substandard house with no gas or electricity and I have demanded my son to move out! I received a call today from the landlord and he threated to sue my son on the grounds of breaking the lease. I explained that he breached the contract months ago. Does the landlord have a case against my son who does not have $ to battle in court however can not stay and live in those conditions. Thanks for your help

  197. Guest Says:

    dont know

  198. Guest Says:

    I need help. My girlfriend owns a condo and we have been in a situation where we are constantly harrassed by the condo association. i am a convicted felon who conviction happened 20yrs ago. i was approved to live with her by the association. however, now that she has gone through some legal challenges the condo association have turned on me. They have rescinded there previous approval of my residency sighting my “serious and extensive criminal record.” i have not been in any trouble for well over 20yrs is this illegal. is this discrimination and a violation of my basic rights under the Florida Statutes.

  199. Guest Says:

    Not on the grounds of that lawsuit.

  200. Guest Says:


  201. Guest Says:

    I have subleased to three college students. I live in a completely new state now. The apartment manager wants to charge me $300 for trash removal, $400 for general cleaning, and $349.00 for replacement of carpet. They are also charging me $1.46 for each light blub they had to replace.

    Outside of asking for receipts and proof of the charges is there anything else I should do?

  202. Guest Says:

    How should rent payments be applied? My landlord deducts for late payments first then the ballance goes to rent, keeping us off ballance. Is this correct?

  203. Guest Says:

    My tenant wants to get access to my rental unit prior to the start of his lease commensing. Should I charge him rent for the days he is having access to install internet and phone etc.?

  204. Guest Says:

    I was wondering what the outcome of your situation was because i rent a house in flordia and have mold problems too.I also have a 2 year old son who has been sick since we moved in on may 06.

  205. Guest Says:

    She probably felt more violated when you spaced out forgetting to pay your rent. I would have thrown your things in the dumpster!

  206. Guest Says:

    I was suckered to allow a couple from NC, who showed up on my porch with no notice to move in temporarily. They claimed they lost all their ID so they couldn’t get a job. We took them to all places to get the forms and paid for them. Then he suddenly was ill and needed us to help him get free medical care. Recently we have noticed that cash was srolen. We told them about but we were never paid. Then some Xanax pills were taken, We didn’t see them do it but we had kept track of the # in the bottle. When over 1/2 of a full bottle were taken he was the only one there. My son went to his room to tell him to come downstairs and the room he and hid occupied was a health concern. They had bottles of urine beside the bed and chicken bones on the floor and trash including foof not taken to the outside trashcan. When his wife came back we gave her bags to put some of her things into and she said she understood why we were doing this. Two hours later they demanded to be let back in because we changed the locks. The police threathened to break a window so they could enter my home. I told them over my dead body. They could get every thing in the room that was theirs, but the police would have to be with them. They never had a lease, never paid room & board and expected us to pick up their tabs. Here we were good christian people and I was told by the police these crimanal drug user, deadbeats had rights, I will never do anything kije this again. What can I do about this?

  207. Guest Says:

    I am a PA resident who recently moved our of my apartment. The lease didn’t say anything about returning the keys just told us we had to provide notice 2 months before we moved out. we moved out on the date we were supposed to but forgot to return the keys. Now the landlord is trying to tell us that they didn’t know we moved. the lease says that we “must move out by [the date provided]“. They say that we owe them an extra month’s rent because they “didn’t know we moved” even though they were given notice that we were going to move. The PA Landlord Tenant act says nothing about returning the keys or giving notice that we vacated and it doesn’t say anything about abandonment. (and we had given them notice so it shouldn’t be considered abandonment.
    The manager agreed that we had no legal obligation to return the keys but that we “should have known” that we had to. (even though it doesn’t say that ANYWHERE). Can they charge us this rent legally or is this just some BS they are trying to pull?

  208. Guest Says:

    I live in South Jersey, my boyfriend and I rented the upper floor of a duplex with a one year rental lease. Unfortunately, my boyfriend got relocated due to work and now have to move back home. There are no clauses in our lease about terminating the lease early. I gave my landlord 45 days notice that we will be relocating. I’m concerned because he hasn’t been able to find tenants to take over the property, and am therefore thinking he may try and charge us rent until it is occupied. Is he legally allowed to do this even if it’s not stated so in the lease?

  209. Guest Says:


  210. Guest Says:

    I moved out of my trailer, which I own, because I owed back taxes and was notified that my trailer was being sold as if a certain date. My trailer didn’t sell at the tax sale; now the landlord of the lot I rent is telling me that I still have to pay rent until I either move my trailer or it is sold at a judicial sale. I figured that, since my trailer was being taken for the back taxes, it no longer belongs to me. My question is, can a landlord still charge me rent, and am I legally responsible to pay any more rent?

  211. Guest Says:

    I believe if you notified then in WRITING that you were moving then NO you are not responcible for rent. However if you just made a verbal noticifation then it is a mater of he said she said and the landlord will probably win. As for the keys, you should have known to return them out of common sence. However since you did not all you should be responcible for is the cost of changing the locks. However since it doesn’t state in the landlord tenant law that you dind;t have to return the keys, the landlord should then be responcible for the cost of the change of locks.

    You should go to you local count they sometimes offer free advice on legal maters and would be of help in the situation. You don’t want to have your rights violated by this landlord.

  212. Guest Says:

    yes that is the way late payments are handled.

  213. Guest Says:

    If your son has made every reasonable effort to get the utilities turned on and can’t then the unit is not dwellable because it has no heat or electricity. Everything should be in writing. When the landlord calls tell him to put it in writing and send it to you. Never deal with maters like these verbally. Put the problems in writing would the heat and electricity, have the gas company write a letter saying that there are leans and the utilities can’t be put in anyone elses name. Create a paper trail. Then even if it goes to court to have documents of the situation what occured etc. All costs then will be the responcibility of the peoson that loses in court.

    Read your landlord tenant law and get VERY familiar with it.

  214. Guest Says:

    Yes, perfectly legal.

  215. Guest Says:

    I live in a trl that is owned by the trl. park,I pay lot rent.
    The trl. has no furnace and the windows in two areas were out, is it my responsibility to install a furnace and do all the other repairs?
    If you know the answer to this issue please e-mail me a reply to,, thks.

  216. Guest Says:

    You could call the housing authority and have your unit inspected and the lower unit. The rental could be condemed as a result of black mold. And it isn’t slander if you can prove that there is black mold. There is a way to test it and get the results back so you have documentation, Not sure how much it is to do this. If you can get documentation from a doctor that your housing situation is causing your sickness I believe that is grounds for vacating the property if it is a health hazard. A landlord does not need to notify you that there is mold, they just have you sign a document that says there could be mold and give you a pamplet that says how to deal with it and kill it and keep it from growing. This is the case in Washington however other states may not require this additional information.

    Also any altercations with your landlord should be in writing, Request your landlord also contact you through writing. Email etc but never verbally. If you write the landlord and say there is a mold problem in my unit and it is not taken care of with in a specific period of time (refer to your landlord tenant act for time frame) it is then considered a violation of the lease agreement on the landlords end and you may terminate your lease.(Again refer to the tenant law for specifics)

    I’m from Washington state and that is when out laws state. but you’ll have to check your own states laws and get familiar with them.

  217. Guest Says:

    I moved into an apt with their permission for a companion pet. they required no futher deposit. after several years I moved to HUD housing due to a lack of funds and have received a bill for over $1600 for damage to floor and replacement of carpet. They replaced carpet in several units at the same time as mine I was told not to clean carpet until they had tested with a black lite. there had been a dog before mine and I would have reqested a black lite test prior to occupancy had I known of such a test. I don’t see how my 4# puppy could have done enough damage to rquire resealing floor and replace carpet for less than the 3 months I had her prior to moving out.HOW OFTEN ARE THEY REQUIRED TO REPLACE THE CARPET IN SOUTH DAKOTA FOR REGULAR HOUSING?
    It has been turned over to collections and managment knew of my finacial situation. I HAVE NO MONEY AND IT IS NOT MY BILL!! HELP !!

  218. Guest Says:

    I am a 7 year renter in NY looking to purchase a home. I originally sublet from Co Op owner; bldg sold twice since then…As I prepare to move, a Mngr. told me (in confidence) NOBODY to date has rec’d security back and the current Corp. is notorious for keeping as much $ as possible regardless of apt condition This has escalated into a query as to whether past security (1600) was rolled over at all. Does a tenant have a legal right to view escrow acct info/status?

  219. Guest Says:

    I’m the one who moved out of her trailer; I believe that I forgot to mention that I live in Pa. I know that the laws vary from state to state. I would still like and answer for my question! I don’t know what to do and what I’m responsible for. It will be very difficult for me to be able to maintain the rent the landlord is claiming that I owe and my storage place that I am now renting. I just can’t see moving back in at this time. I have never had this sort of thing happen to me before and I am going out of my mind on what I should do. Thank you for your time and consideration!

  220. Guest Says:

    I am renting in the City of Philadelphia. I have a verbal month-to month lease with the landlord. There are rumors that he may be selling the property. Legally, how long should I be given to move out since there is no written lease?

  221. Guest Says:


  222. Guest Says:

    My landlord is trying to charge me $100.00 more per month since I let my sister move into the basement.
    Also he is (not sure if this is related) saying we owe 750.00 more for the deposit, when it was agreed and in the lease that the deposit was only $575.00 which we agreed would be paid over a few months.

    Can my landlord charge me $100.00 extra per month for the extra person, even though that is stated nowhere in the lease, and what about theat extra $$$ for the deposit?


  223. Guest Says:

    Hi, My tenants left a load of garbage bags and a steel bed frame on the side of the house before they left. Can I charge them fees for this excess garbage?

  224. Guest Says:

    What does your lease say about it? I own several rentals and for one thing we don’t go around all the time seeing if someone else is living with them. All occupants should be on the lease, however. You are allowed to have people stay with you and there’s nothing they can say about that. I’d just say she was staying there for a while and if he really wants to make a big deal about it go find out what the laws are in your state and read the lease very carefully.

    As for the deposit, you pay whatever it says on the lease and that’s it. He can’t charge you $750.00 more because he feels like it. Infact he can’t charge you a single dime more any way you look at it, even if someone else did move in and is not on the lease. Basically he can’t charge you $100.00 for the additional person or another $750.00 deposit if that person isn’t on the lease. However, in doing so, like I said it’s possible you are breaking the lease. Figure out if you are and don’t pay him any extra money until it’s resolved. The guy sounds pretty ridiculous to me so maybe you should also consider finding another place. Although I do not know the whole story.

  225. Guest Says:

    Rent should still be paid to the owner until you get notified otherwise by the bank or new owner(s).

  226. Guest Says:

    Depending on the stains and whether they are removable. If they are large stains and not removable, the carpet would have to be replaced.

  227. Guest Says:

    You have a verbal lease. Legally your landlord isnt required to give you any more then 24hrs notice. No written lease is real bad on your part.

  228. Guest Says:

    They must have a warrant to enter. If they have a warrant to enter and you refuse to provide a key when asked, and if you have a key, you can be arrested for obstruction of justice.

  229. Guest Says:

    he must honor your lease for its full terms. Go to your local housing authority and lodge a complaint. He cannont forcibly remove you from the property. Make him face you in court and provide your lease to the judge and get a judgement.

  230. Guest Says:

    Hi. I need some help. We just moved into this complex in North Carolina. We are orig from Massachusetts. It hasnt been great so far with the crime and type of people. Today i was home alone with my 7 month old and right outside my window 3 shots were fired and then 7 or 8 police cars came. I am trying to find something in the North Carolina laws about early termination of the lease but cant seem to find anything. Does anyone this that is justified for breaking the lease? We wouldnt have moved here if we knew what it was like. Thanks

  231. Guest Says:

    I am currently living in a house that my landlord is losing to foreclosure. The sheriff’s sale on the house is scheduled for next month Nov. 7. I have small children and would like to leave as I dont want to be caught up in this foreclosure with my kids and our possessions. Am I obligated to still pay rent on a house that after Nov.7 he may not own. My state allows six months for the original owner to redeem but he has no desire to do so. What are my rights as a tenant? I feel betrayed as I am a single mom of three and thought I had found my home.

  232. Guest Says:

    Firstly, call the County Health Dept. If they come out and write a report you can prevail with that. If not you neeed to get private help from a mold pro.You can hire one of the mold testing co’s in the yellow pages to verify. If it comes back positive you can file suit in Superior Court in Pro Per and probably get moving expenses and maybe a refund of past rent. However, DO NOT WITHOLD the rent as this would trigger a UD action which voids your health complaint.

  233. Guest Says:

    the heat is turning on in my apartment all it does is make loud banging and pinging noises.I have notified the maintenance and office people here and they tell me to deal with it and make up bunch of plumbing lingo non sense they tell me to bad that i have to deal with it.honestly i have never even felt heat come out of the pipes just a bunch of noise and i cant turn it off.I heard all they need to do is remove the air out of the lines and it takes only a few minutes, but they just blow me off.What can i do?

  234. Guest Says:

    I am a single mom of 2 children and I just had to move out of my home of 6 years because my landlord decided he wasn’t going to pay any of his bills anymore. The water was shut off twice (the water and heat were included in the rent). Since I have small kids I had to pay HIS bill of almost 350.00 (aparently he didn’t pay any bills in a long time!) so my kids could have water. I have since moved out but the landlord is nowhere to be found. Both the bank and the IRS are unable to find him. I have heard of something called cash for keys. It’s program that helps people like myself get part of their security deposit back. If anyone has any info on that program please let me know!

  235. Guest Says:

    I live in an apartment with lead paint and my daughter is two. What do I do?

  236. Guest Says:

    having trouble with landlord. when i looked at the property on 12 acres there is all kinds of semi trailers and cars everywhere and she knew about my horses so she said certain things we could get rid of. well there was this big salt spreader in the field and she said it could go, well when my horse cut her face on it cause of the rust and stuff. so it had been gone for 5 months and then the landlord noticed it was gone. she came by unexpectedly and argued with my boyfriend about it saying it was her son inlaws and she was going to sale it on ebay and now he owes her $1500.00 and he laughed at her and said if it is your son inlaws then i want to talk to him about it. well when i confronted her about it she said that my boyfriend got rude with her and tried to get me to pity her and swears that he sold it. when i tried to tell her we had to pay 2 old men to pick it up and take it to the junk yard. now she tells me that if my boyfriend doesn’t write out a payment plan and have it signed and notorized that she is going to prosecute him and he will go to jail for atleast 2 years and he better make the move soon. can she do this, even if she said that it wasn’t hers and im worried for my boyfriend, i just feel like moving to get away from it all. i am on a verbal month to month lease and i live in ohio. what can the landlord do.

  237. Guest Says:

    Have you thought about buying it? a foreclosure will go for a fraction of the market value.

  238. Guest Says:

    I rent an apt in a complex in NJ. The landlord keeps the security deposits in a bank in New York. Is this legal? I thought they had to be kept in a NJ bank.

  239. Guest Says:

    Hi, I live in rented apt in NJ with my 2 daughters & 2 grandsons ages 1 & 5. I pay my own heat & electric. I have been having problems with the heat every winter since I moved in 10 years ago. This weekend I had no heat at all. When I told the landlord she brought up a portable heater which is not suitable with young children in the house. I caled PSE&G and they told me if they come out I will be billed for the repairs because I pay my own heating cost. What are my options? I can’t afford to pay for repairs, the landlord maintains or should maintain the equipment but she will not call PSE&G to come & make the repairs.

  240. Guest Says:

    is a landlord allowed to withhold your security deposit when you move out in NJ to replace the carpet? According to legal aid, the carpet must be replaced between every tenent.

  241. Guest Says:

    I have been charged Extremely unfaily by my apartment complex upon my move out. everything clean. Everything they have said needed to be done, thay have no proof that it was in disrepair. I have caught them in a lie already about one item they had to discount on my bill. save going to a lawyer is there anything i can do about this. the apartments are being very difficult and accusing me of lying… PLEASE HELP!!! email me if you want

  242. Guest Says:

    My husband and I are from Cincinnati. We just moved into a complex in Jacksonville, NC because my husband is military. We have had similar crime and other problems. I have looked everywhere and can’t find a way out of the lease because of something like that, which is caused by a third party, not the appartment workers, etc. They won’t evict the people that do those things where we live. All you can do is file a complaint with your apts. If they don’t do anything about it, all you can do is sue for negligence if something happens to you or your stuff because of these people. It’s really terrible but hands are tied.

  243. Guest Says:

    We have an apartment and have been subletting for the past 1 year and a half. We do not have a signed lease from the subtenant,

    Two months ago our subtenant sued us for over-charging on rent; spoke to the landlord about the over charge, for which we were served an eviction notice for the end of October 2007.

    The problem is that the subtenant does not want to move out until the end of december 2007. He’s not paying the rent anymore and is there without a lease. We would like very much to go and take out all of our furniture/belongings, but he is not giving us permission to enter the apartment. What can we do? This is urgent, please anyone with feedback would be appreciated.

    We live in Europe and are travelling specially to “clean” out our apartment and have already booked out tickets/hotels etc.

    Thanks NYC

  244. Guest Says:

    New Jersey Law does not allow the landlord to charge you for the carpet. Changing the carpet is an expense which the landlord is responsible for. Your security deposit can only be used to fix, any damage which is caused by the tenant, such as wall or bathroom damage, bathtub, etc.. The landlord must submit bills for all repairs, and he can only deduct from the security deposit the cost, and he/she must return the balance. On the other hand if the amount which was paid for the repairs exceeds the amount of the security deposit, the tenant is responsible for the balance amount.

    P.S., replacing the carpet between every client is not law in New Jersey. Ask the legal aid to show you that law in writing. I guarantee you he can’t because it doesn’t exist. Carpets are not mandatory in apartments they are extra options.

    U.S Legal Research Corp.,
    Federal and State law nationwide.

  245. Guest Says:

    I own an apartment in ME., and my tennant has destroyed it. 8 months ago i put in all new plywood and padding with new carpets.i put in all new sheet rock and new ceilings. new appliences and new cabinets. My tennant burnt the living room carpet and the plywood under it. He as broken all of the new doors.( 4 doors) the claw foot bath tub is cracked. there is holes in every wall. There grease marks accross the new kitchen floor. broken counter top, cracked stainless steal sink in the kitchen.the burners on the stove were missing. the shelves in the refirgerator are missing. 3 windows are broken and there is trash all over the place. They moved out and i cant aford to fix my apart ment and i cant find them. what do i do?

  246. Guest Says:

    I need to know what the deal is here. I rent a small place. My boyfriend spends the night more often than not but he dosen’t live with me. He does keep some clothes here but that is it. He does not receive mail here and he has his own place. I don’t like to stay there because he has roommates and I like the privacy of my place.
    Here is the problem… My landlady decided that he was staying here too often. She raised my rent $200.00 because she says that he is living here!
    I have explained that he has not moved in with me but she refuses to hear it.
    So, can someone tell me if there is some law about how often a tenant can have a guest over or for what length of time a guest is allowed to visit?
    (also FYI) I have no written lease or rental agreement which according to CA state law constitutes a month to month tenancy.
    I can’t afford the rent hike.
    I’d like to know where I stand.

  247. Guest Says:

    Hi there. I’m renting a decent 2 bedroom apartment in CT. Its owned by a company in New York and managed by a local guy. What is bothering me is the fact that their handout sheet, and online ad BOTH state “Heat included in Rent / Free Heat”

    However, when shutting the breakers on everything except the heater (an external heat pump right outside my unit controlled by a thermostat inside) the electric meter spins awfully fast. When I turn it off the elec meter makes a dead stop. NOT free heat as stated. and believe me, I noticed this lie in my electric bill, even as I’m an infrequent user of heat (only at night)…

    What grounds or actions can I take to squeeze the truth out of these people and make them honor their word?

  248. Guest Says:

    PA Carpet Replacement – Can a PA landlord charge for carpet replacement ($2500!). The carpet was not new when I moved in two years ago. In fact there were several small wine stains. I would think there should be a depreciation calculation at the very least. I’ve also been told the previous tenant was charged for carpet replacement even though they never actually replaced it.

  249. Guest Says:


    The apart where i live in is horrible! Neighbors are noisy, helicopter every like other week making noise. Breaking into cars, people walking around and following people.

    I want to leave please!

  250. Guest Says:

    I live in a small complex in Arizona.
    We have a security gate that does not work properly.
    At this time our brand new security call box for gate tenant gate entry has been broken over 2 weeks.
    Just a note on box since two weeks stating :should be fixed by next week.
    Is there any recourse or law section acts that I can read or do?

  251. Guest Says:

    I live in a rented apartment in NY. Till date my landlord was paying for the heating, however with te winters approaching, he wants me to pay the heating bills as he feels that the consumption is likely to go up.

    Is is ok for him to do so?

  252. Guest Says:


    My husband and I are living in PA. Our landlord advertised new amenities starting in August (new gym, lounge, and laundry facilities). It is now December and these are still not available. Is there anything we can do?

  253. Guest Says:

    i am a landlord, i was very nice to the girl that was susposed to move in i let her come in and start painting 2 months before her move in date but as time went on she started with all these demands well then i finally hace enough she hade only painted two rooms so far and i told her to forget the deal do i need to reemburst her for paint. there was no lease or anything so my question is she was not living her yet and i decided not to rent is that ok

  254. Guest Says:

    i kneed to know this also

  255. Guest Says:

    as long as nothong was signed. as long as there wasnt an oral handshake agreement. cause there are oral agreements.

  256. Guest Says:

    I am renting a room in a home, and the landlord said that all utilities are included. But now he want to charge me extra because he saids I’m home a lot, and that a student should only go home to sleep, and study in the library. But I study good at home and so I stay home, but I don’t really can use that much electricity and water that he wants to charge me for. There is another girl in the house, but he isn’t charging her because he saids that she is not home as much as me, and that she studies in the library, but she is still there. So I was wondering if I have to pay the extra fee? Which is the difference of their last bill when the girl and I weren’t here yet. I feel like I’m being cheated and taken advantage of. If anyone know what I can do please reply.

  257. Guest Says:

    Wow, that answer is completely wrong! You have a month-to-month lease, meaning your “lease” renews each month for another month, unless either of you doesn’t renew it. So in essence, you have 1 month’s notice if you want to leave (on your part); conversely, your landlord also has to give you 1 month’s notice if he wants you to leave.

  258. Guest Says:

    depends on the state. You have a right to privacy according to the constitution. (At least that is what Roe vs. Wade was about) Also see it this way u have the right to deny entry for any NON emergency work. However then u are responsible for that work. IE she can hold a portion or all the deposit up to the ammount of rent she lost by not being able to rent it out. You might want to consider simply being present durring the showing and that she has to conform to YOUR schedule. Weekends/evenings or whatevr that may be.

  259. Guest Says:

    not really in the landlord/tenant field but u might think about going to small claims court or class action. (False Advertising) Consider the time that u expected to have those facilities and the cost incurred if you had to go to a gym/pool/party room and commutes to the laundry facility. Remember to be reasonable if u are going for small claims and if u are going to try a class action u will need a lawyer but the plus side is that any sane person would settle rather than pay out big bucks to ALL of their tenants.

  260. Guest Says:

    tenant is NOT responsible for normal wear and tear beyond that u would have to consult your local city/state code available at a central library.

  261. Guest Says:

    A you should see about rental increases in your state very often for a month to month there must be 30-60 days notice and may only be preformed at max (without a lease) every 180 days. aside from that was there initially a lease that has expired? you may want to consult it but I know that mine defines a guest as anyone who stays less that 20 consecutive days. for instance u could have a diff bf every week or due to your job u might be hosting people from other states/countries. None of these are your landlords concern as these people do NOT contribute to the payment of your rent. The ONLY grounds they could have would be if it was breaking normal occupancy limits. Ie 5 people in a two bedroom. but 2 in a one isn’t a concern. Think of him as your (baby ;) could she charge u more for having a kid? and that WOULD be a permanat res. Good luck.

  262. Guest Says:

    since u are subletting and quite possibly didn’t have the auth to enter into an agreement on property that isn’t yours YOU are the lease holder it is still your unit/responsibility. If you think the person is or may become violent immediatly contact a police officer stating that u need accompanyment and they will be more than happy to knock on the door and possibly even wait while u state each and every item that is yours and watch u carry it out. Hopefully they/you won’t dispute ownership of a particular item otherwise it may become an officer discresionary issue/legal (court) issue. Officers are happy to be indoors rather than walking their beat in the cold around now. Offer him a coffee and or donut and see how quick they will lend a helping hand. PS be prepared to move quickly though maybe even with professionals if u have large items. Make sure u r clear that u r NOT evecting them but simply reclaiming your items. You can worry about evection after that matter is settled. otherwise the tenant may damage your items to the point that u don’t want them back.

  263. Guest Says:

    i am renting a home that is in foreclosure i wanted to know my rights as a tenant i live in florida

  264. Guest Says:

    I’m a NJ resident.
    i live in bergen county
    and i lived in same apt for 4 yrs.
    carpet wasnt new and it was really old
    when we first moved in
    and it has been 4 yrs and my landlord never
    cleaned or replaced it.
    as a result of it my family and i devloped asthmas.
    is it possible for me to ask our landlord to
    replace the carpet? is there a law that says something about carpet should be replaced or cleaned by landlord regularly?

  265. Guest Says:

    I am in Pa and when I moved in the landlord charged me 1st month rent, last month rent and 1 month security deposit. I just renewed for my third year and asked if I could get the last month rent returned(isnt it a security deposit) I dont think they have any worry about me getting up and leaving. So why should they be able to carry that money until i move.I maybe here for another 2-3 years…

  266. Guest Says:

    HELP!! my landlord came into my apartment while i was on vacation and moved all my furniture and clothes around. When i walked into my apartment after being gone for the christmas holiday everything in the apartment looked different, my furniture was moved around, the rugs were moved, my plants were moved, the dishes in the sink were moved and my books and other belonging were moved around. I’m not sure if any of my things are missing other than the plant, it almost looks like someone stayed over here and rummaged through my stuff while i was gone. She is the only other person that has a key to my apartment. is this illegal? what should i do? I don’t feel safe here anymore? please help.

    I’m a 22 year old student living in oakland, ca.

  267. Guest Says:

    How LOUD is too LOUD?
    I live in Los Angeles and am renting a second floor apartment. I’m a writer and work from home. My landlord informed me that he will be redoing the roof. He sent an email with the details including; two crews, loud banging, dust, material flying off roof, take things off wall and the “pungent” smell of tar and starting work at 7am until 4:30p. Says the work will “hopefully” be five days. He says that he doesn’t have to relocate us or pay if we choose to leave. He mentioned that he just did this at another building with no complaints. It sounds like a nightmare. Do I have any rights to some kind of deduction of my rent for the week that, to me, will be unlivable?

  268. Guest Says:

    I have a renter who gave notice he would move out Dec. 31. I have not recieved keys to the house yet. How much time do I have to give before changing the locks in California

  269. Guest Says:

    I live in chicago, Illinois. My tenant paid rent every 1st of the month, lived alone, died on December 16, 2007. The unit was furnished by me so all she had was clothes in the closet. I talked to her daughter on December 29, told her I would pack up the mother’s clothes at no cost and store them until the family is ready to pick them up.THe daughter said her mother has a 30 day grace period and she would try to pick up her clothes by the end of January. After that I had a messenger service deliver a letter to the daughter’s house. On the letter I told her if I did not hear from her by january 4, 2008 I would pack and store her mother’s belongings at know cost. the daughter did sign for the letter. My question is would it be o.k. for me to enter the unit pack up her mother’s belongings and change the locks after the 4th. the family has been going into the unit and staying with friends. I’m concerned about my property and I do have someone who would like to rent the unit.

  270. Guest Says:

    I am having a serious problem with my landlord, he is calling me at all hours of the day and night, he knows when my boyfriend leaves and then the calls start. I feel that he is stalking me, and I also feel that he is sexually harassing me because he is saying that he will shave my rent if I come see him or if I go and have drinks with him. What am I suppose to do.

  271. Guest Says:

    NO he cannot change the original agreement between the two of you. That would be like you saying that you no longer want to pay him rent. He has to stick with the original agreement..especially if its written.

  272. Guest Says:

    First of all you have to prove that the carpet wasn’t new when you moved in. Always take pictures when you move into a new place. And second of all even if the carpet was new when you moved in; I doubt that the new one cost $2,500 thats outrageous…a landlord cannot use your security deposit to lavishly makeover his property he has to reasonably replace what was damaged. If I were you I would take this matter to court…if you have proof.

  273. Guest Says:

    I gave a tenant 2 months notice that she had to move so i can do repairs and sell the house. She decided to leave at the end of one month, but didnt tell me until 3 days before she left. She didnt give ANY written notice, just called and said she was leaving that weekend. Does she get her full last month’s rent back? California

  274. Guest Says:

    Boyfriend’s Stepmother Please help!

    My boyfriend’s father and stepmother are the landlords for his apartment, Bronx New York. His stepmother has a serious disliking to me due to an argument we both had back in June of 2007. She screams out the window and curses at me to never go over to visit my boyfriend. She constantly screams, curses and throws things around in her house (upstairs) every time i’m there. Every time she know’s that I am in my boyfriend’s apartment she curses her husband and at me to leave. My boyfriend has his own lease and it is getting difficult to see him being that we live 45 min away from each other and have opposite schedules. Is there anything legal that I can do to get her to stop harassing my boyfriend and I and keep her quiet? Her husband is my boyfriend’s father and he has no issues with me being there, but so that he does not have to deal with his wife’s insane tantrum he would rather me not visit.

  275. Guest Says:

    I live in Los Angeles in a single apartment. When I moved in I did not realize that there is no air control system. I knew there wasn’t an air conditioner, but I discovered after about a week that there is no heating, for my apartment or the building itself. The windows barely close and are drafty. Also, I think my cold water pipes are rusting. The water is always yellow from the cold water tap, and after I came home from a vacation it was orange. Can I use any of these to break my lease? Also, he told me that the security deposit is nonrefundable, but I’ve read info that that is illegal any help on fighting this issue once I do get to move out?

  276. Guest Says:

    use the statement ‘we’re concerned there may be TOXIC MOLD present.’ that should get their attention. tenants have become ill and sued for millions of dollars when landlords have not cleared up toxic mold in a timely manner.
    being a landlord myself, they should be ashamed.
    best of luck to you.

  277. Guest Says:

    the landlord can’t charge you for normal wear and tear. Which includes carpet cleaning and changing.

  278. Guest Says:

    As a landlord, I will tell you that $2,500 is not out of the ordinary for carpet replacement, depending on the size of the unit. Commercial landlords get much better rates, but individual landlords (especially if they don’t know cheap contractors) can end-up paying around that amount for a typical 1,000 sq. ft. two bedroom.

    Also, a landlord can charge for carpet replacement if it has been damaged beyong reasonable wear and tear. Excessive carpet stains and rips which result in the pre-mature replacement of a carpet are chargeable items.

  279. Guest Says:

    He must give one-month notice on a verbal month-by-month lease.

  280. Guest Says:

    Your landlord is required by law (in EVERY state) to inform you of the possibility of lead-based paint. If this was not disclosed, you should be able to give notice & vacate the property with no penalty.

    If it was disclosed, you have no recourse, and you should have thought twice about moving into the apartment with lead paint and a small child.

  281. Guest Says:

    No way please make a police report

  282. Guest Says:

    You might have a case, but I think you’re being greedy. You’re selling the house anyway. And, once she was out of the house there was nothing preventing you from starting the repairs and getting your house on the market that much sooner. She lived there approximately a month after you gave her notice and she paid for that month. Why do you feel justified in keeping her deposit? If you were going to rent it again, then you could argue that you needed the 30 day notice to try and find another renter or take out an ad, etc. Fact is, you’re not out anything. Not only that, you kicked her out. I don’t know how long she had lived there, but I know that it can be very unsettling to be forced from an apartment after having gotten comfortable with the place and the neighborhood, etc. And I don’t see what a written notice has to do with it. She told you she was leaving and left. You could have started those repairs as soon she was out of the house. Give her the money back!

  283. Guest Says:

    Your landlord is required to give you 24 hours’ WRITTEN notice any time she plans to enter your apartment. The only time that she doesn’t have to notify you in advance, is in an emergency. You should contact the California Bureau of Housing and Employment.

  284. Guest Says:

    I know that in California, the landlord CAN charge for carpet cleaning. Cleaning is not considered normal wear and tear. Cleaning is rectifying an unclean condition. Wear and tear is a deteriorating condition, such as faded and worn carpet. But DIRTY carpet is a different story.

  285. Guest Says:

    I have a friend who is being told that if she does not pay her rent on time that her landlord can come in her house and lock her out and sell her stuff … I keep telling her she cannot do that without a court order, but she wants a definitive answer. I don’t know who she can contact. She is in PA – Lancaster County.

  286. Guest Says:

    Contact your local district justice. A landlord cannot do this. Even after an eviction, a tenant has 30 days to move out, and under no cercumstances can a landlord “take” or “sell” a tenant’s property for any reason. Call a lawyer for a free consultation.

  287. Guest Says:

    I rent part of a building to run my seasonal business in NC. In early Jan. I went to the landlord and told him I would be late with rent……maybe pay rent with late charge with Feb. rent on the first of feb. He said that would be fine. On January 13, he locked me out and on January 29th, called me and told me I have to vacate by Feb. 5th…but still won’t open the door! Doesn’t he have to give me written notice with reasonable time to vacate? He has raised the rent 4 times this year and one by one everyone is moving out. We had plans of doing this too but not until spring. Does he have the right to give me 8 days verbally? Thanks for any advice. I just feel like I have no rights here. There was never a written contract. Need answers right away as time it ticking. I haven’t found another place to move yet either!

  288. Guest Says:

    i had an apartment for 1 year my wife and i had to steam clean it at least once a month the whole time we were there. i told the complex many times about it, and they never said anything about it. I was good friends with one of the leasing agents who ended up quieting, so i just quite complaining just kept cleaning now that i am gone they are trying to charge me over $700 to replace the whole carpet what can i do to fight it.

  289. Guest Says:

    I have a tenant that has put extra locks on the doors to the apartment and the tenant has not furnished me w/ keys to the new locks. Also, after being notified for a repair to the apartment, I can not enter it b/c the tenant has not furnished me w/ the keys to the new locks. Isn’t this illegal? Isn’t this a fire hazard?

  290. Guest Says:

    I live in an apartment that has mice. What should I do??/

  291. Guest Says:

    I moved into an apartment in April 2006, it will be two years this April. It is a 2 family house. I fixed everything in this apartment. Before I moved in the landlords grandson was offered the apt and he declined it He was asked many times before I moved in and he said no. Now that the apt is fixed up beautifully he wants to move in. We all were friends before this. Now his grandmother sent me a 30 day notice to move out. Do I have any rights? She also sent me a letter stating that she feels bad but family is family. Please advise me what I can do. Does she have to pay for my moving?

  292. Guest Says:

    My landlord called me this morning to say that she was stopping by this afternoon to take pictures of my apartment for advertising (my lease is up in 2 months). We had agreed on 24 hours notice by telephone, but that is not my main concern:

    I know that I am obligated to let them show the unit to prospective renters, but having them take pictures makes me nervous. I would hate to have my posessions and address on Craigslist! Am I obligated to let them do this? I’m in Minnesota.

  293. Guest Says:


    My landlord had been saying he was going to sell the house since 10/07 I requested written notice several times from him and his manager. Never got one. January came and he said he wanted me to move and I told him i would but we needed to clarify a few things. There is alot more to the story but, I will make it short. We did not want to have any problems so we moved to a home that his managers owns and it turns out that the deposit was transfered but we have to change the carpet (living room), the medicine cabinet from the restroom and paste (cover the little holes where we placed our frames) and clean the house. When we moved in the house was filthy and we had to clean it. Is that legal that I have to change the carpet? The carpet from the rooms were not even cleaned. What can I do about him kicking me out w/out wrritten notice? I found out that he wants to have his partner move into the house, that is why he wanted me out. It turns out that at this new home, (that the manager owns) has a vehicle that was wrecked in teh backyard. Neighbor says that it belongs to a person who was doing illegal practices and that we should not touch it. He also said that the peple who reside across are members of a gang. I am so SCARED for my KIDS SAFETY and OUR SAFETY. We moved becuase we did not want to have any problmes and now we cant even sleep at night. What if the person (who owns this trucks) comes and says we damaged it, but if it is removed, what if they come and cause problems for us? Someone pls help!!!!!!

  294. Guest Says:

    heat is included in my rent but with it 19 degrees outside my landlord contorls the heat with the high in the apartment being 59 degrees i have asked her to turn up the heat to atleast 65 but she still hasn’t do i have any rights

  295. Guest Says:

    I live in a duplex in PA and am trying to find out if there is a maximum amount/percentage that a landlord can charge for late fees. Can anyone help me with this info?

  296. Guest Says:

    I own a small business and am renting a building that also has an apartment above it. When I signed the lease the landlord gave me the numbers to call and told me for one of the companies to specify that we were the ground floor and for the gas company she said I didnt have to specify. When I asked if she was sure I didnt have to specify which unit she said yes that the company knew which unit I was calling about. We moved in during the summer and noticed that our gas bill was quite high for the time of year and the amount of water that we used that would need to be heated. After a few months I confronted my landlord because the utility bills (gas and water) just didnt add up to what we were using, she is now claiming that she told me at the time I signed the lease that we were paying gas and water for the apartment above. I would never have agreed to this and have combed through the lease and it does not have any mention of it. Is this illegal to have one tenant pay for another tenants gas and water bills?

  297. Guest Says:

    Get as many police reports as you can,video and record what’s going on around you.Then meet with your landlord with all your evidence,and tell them you need to break your lease because of intolerable living conditions,the landlord is not going to want bad publicity or negative word of mouth and should let you out w/no problem,if that doesn’t work,get the name and phone # of the owner,corporate office,whatever and discuss this w/them,chances are they have no idea about the conditions.
    Good Luck

  298. Guest Says:

    I’m not sure about California laws,but here in Colorado,a person has to be on the lease if they are there for more than 14 consecutive days,if these rules are broken,the landlord has a right not to renew your lease or they can give you a 30 day notice that you have to vacate. It’s totally up to the landlord.Be careful,it would be on your rental history!

  299. Guest Says:

    The carpet doesn’t have to be replaced if it is less than 6 yrs. old,it just needs to be cleaned,unless there was extensive damage to it or the padding underneath.I hope you took pictures,always get evidence!!!Your landlord is required to keep copies of any maintenace work he/she had to have done and it has to be verifiable through the person(s) wo did the work(invoices)

  300. Guest Says:

    No, sorry she does not have to pay for your moving. A landlord can ask for his property back at any time for any reason. He does have to give you a 30 day notice. I am a landlord

  301. Guest Says:

    Buy some traps and decon. Notify the landlord so he can search where they may be getting in.

  302. Guest Says:

    Yes to both questions. If you gave them a lease it should state in there that they are not allowed to change or add locks. I would demand keys or give them an eviction notice

  303. Guest Says:

    She can not be locked out unless she goes past a 30 day notice and no way can he sell her property. I’ve had rentals in PA 23 years

  304. Guest Says:

    In PA it would be, no you don’t have to return any rent, but give her back any security that isn’t used for damages. You need prove of any damages

  305. Guest Says:

    You could have done that on January 31st

  306. Guest Says:

    In PA the last months rent is not your security. You pay security above that. The last months rent is held until you do move out. It covers your last months rent.

  307. Guest Says:

    Replaced if it is worn. Cleaning is your responsibility.

  308. Guest Says:

    You not only need to reimburse her for the paint, you need to pay her for her time. I am a landlord myself

  309. Guest Says:

    Has he raised your rent beecause these things were to be in place? If not the answer is no.

  310. Guest Says:

    In PA you can be charged for carpet cleaning if you did not do it yourself. Normal wear and tear is worn spots. If there are stains or rips you could be responsible. I am a PA landlord

  311. Guest Says:

    It doesn’t matter if he gets mail there or not. If he is there more than he isn’t that would be considered moved in. I am a landlord in PA

  312. Guest Says:

    I hope you had some kind of security to help you cover some of your loss. I just went through the same thing. If you can’t trac them the repais are on you and I guess we need to be more careful who we rent to.

  313. Guest Says:

    Check your state laws. NY requires 68 during the day and 65 at night.

  314. Guest Says:

    Rent Room in House –
    Beginning Nov. 1, 2007, I rent a room w/bathroom attached in a 4-bedroom house; there is one other person who rents a room w/a detached bathroom; I always pay on time, and this February was no different; on Feb. 16, the owner/landlord called me at work to let me know she has a family who is losing their home and wants to rent the house to them for $2,400 a month, so that she doesn’t lose it as well. She says I have to move out by March 1, and offered a room in the house she inhabits, because she doesn’t want to leave me in the cold, and because she likes me. I offered her$2,000, but she said she will be getting more from them. The other tenant really doesn’t have much to say about the issue.
    I have discussed the issue w/the owner, about how wrong she was to verbally notify me w/out a written 30-day notice, she stated that she will discuss the situation with the family to see if they are okay with moving in with me and the other tenant still in house. She wants to make sure I will be out by mid-March; I told her that as long as she gives a “written 30-day Notice”. Am I right to say that or does her verbal notice constitute a 30-day Notice? Do I have a right to stay in the house?

  315. Guest Says:

    a similar thing happened to our family…living in a 2bdrm apt. 2 kids 2 adults and after mowing the lawn (contract agreement) every month there is 3 aptms and the lawn is divided being quiet good tenents he says i need the apt for my nephews family my dad is out of a job and my mom is pregnat and that makes e kids just like our neighbors its just to unfair.

  316. Guest Says:

    i have a tenant who is moving out at the end of the month and i have just recieved my electricity bill today only to realise dat it is very huge due to her using an electric heater! i told her in october last year that she isn’t allowed to se an electric heater as the house has central heating. this was just after i receved a $300 electric bill in one month after she moved in. i receive my bills every quarter and now it is $600! she is insisting on having back her security deposit but i cannot pay this bill! what is my right? her deposit is only $260.

  317. Guest Says:

    My brother moved into his apartment 6 1/2 months ago. His landlord said he would fix a broken door jam on front door, fix leaking toilet, patch up nail holes in walls and repaint.

    6 1/2 months later these things have not been done and my brother took this landlords word on good faith. He has called a number of time and has sent in 2 written notices about this. Can he with hold 1/2 his rent or all of his rent until these items are fixed?

  318. Guest Says:

    Weatherizing an old apartmant

    I live in an apartment that has the original windows and doors and they are very drafty. Who’s responsibility is it to weatherize the apartment, such as weatherstipping the windows and doors, insulation, plastic around the windows and filling in gapes around the wood work, pipes, and sides of the windows. I live in PA.

  319. Guest Says:

    In California.

    My landlord wants to show our apartment to prospective renters. My landlord also has given us written notice 24 hours prior. The problem is this: the document that they inform us they will be entering our apartments extend for months at a time. Ie. January 1-31, February 4-March 4th. And we aren’t moving out until June

    The first time we were compliant. This is the second time and we’re getting a little a little angry. What are our rights?

    My question is this:
    In the written notice, is it supposed to be for one day or an extended amount of time? We’re feeling like this is a little excessive.

  320. Guest Says:

    No the tenant does not have the right to change the locks without giving you a key. now if there is a serious problem that you need to get into the unit right away such as a broken water pipe,gas leak, an you can not get in the unit. you have the right to break the locks or call the police or fire dept for assistance. i am a landlord. have benn one for bout 11 yrs now. good luck to ya

  321. Guest Says:

    your landlord needs to give you 24 to 48 hrs notice for each time she wants to show you apartment. i’m a landlord

  322. Guest Says:


  323. Guest Says:


  324. Guest Says:

    question for you, i take it that you pay the electric bill for her? if so is it in your lease that no one is allowed to use an electric heater? if it is then you can take her to small claims court and make her pay and if not and this was done verbally then it’s he said she said.

  325. Guest Says:

    she has to give you a 30day notice

  326. Guest Says:

    My girlfriend moved out of her apartment in colorado 1/22/08. About a month later she reieved a letter in the mail saying she owes fees for carpet replacement in 2 rooms. The letter was dated 1/28/08 but was posted marked 2/27/08. What I would like to know can they wait that long to send out a bill. We thought everything was ok since she put a deposit down when she moved in but now she has a bill for it.

  327. Guest Says:

    Is there any kind of regulation on the rates? How often and how much can a renter go up every year? Do renters have to provide an explantion for increase in rent? What can you do if a renter does not want to do repairs? If he fails to meet his obligations why can’t you fail to meet your financial agreement? Who is the voice for tentants when there is a problem? Where can you go for consulataion and/or advice?

  328. Guest Says:

    i live in los angles, ca my landlord has been rising my rent $50 every year but there is rent control…what can i do to get my money back…..please help

  329. Guest Says:

    I live in NJ, own my own 2 BR adult community condo and have rented out one room. I also dwell in the same condo. Sadly, I did not draw up a formalized rental agreement when my room-boarder came to stay this past September (2007). Since that time, he has been nothing but grief. When I first advertised for a renter, I specifically indicated either ‘no smoking’ or smoking outside of the house. I am coping with ashthmatic symptoms and my doctor has warned against 2nd hand smoke. Renter has been warned 3 times by me and my grown children not to smoke in the house and each time the renter defiantly is caught smoking in the house. He is a chain smoker, sneaks cigarettes at ungodly hours and other times goes out to the garage to smoke (thus smoke trails in the garage). Not once has the renter EVER paid me the full amount of one-month’s rent — always straddles it throughout the month — when told 2 weeks ago that a family member would be moving into the room by no later than the end of March, renter told me that I would be leaving him homeless and that he needed MORE TIME to find a new residence since he does not have a good credit rating (how well I now know!). He is gainfully employed working full time on a late shift and many times it’s like 2 ships in the night — since BEFORE receiving notice (which I followed up in an email with to him), renter has not paid the entire month of FEBRUARY rent and now we’re going into March — this Friday, it will be 5 weeks since the last CASH payment was received by this character. I want him out and the quicker the better. There are a few things I found out in a background check about the renter ‘after the fact’ in his past that make me very uneasy and anxious to get rid of him as quickly as possible. He turns the electric heat (separate units for each room) sky high so that the past few months have resulted in excessive heating bills ($450+) and for a few months paid an additional $100 towards that heating bill to supplement the monthly rental amount. His room is locked and I cannot access it to determine whether there are cigarettes still being smoked in the room. I suspect he is because the ashtray in the garage does not reflect the amount of cigarettes that he consumes on a daily basis. Do I have any rights at all in (1) demanding monies due to me for the past 4+ weeks? Do I need to file a complaint — and how can I do all this without a lease agreement? Renter never paid me any security deposit so I don’t even have that as a back-up. Please help!!! Thank you.

  330. Guest Says:

    im not sure about this other guys response. my cousin had no hot water and said she wasn’t paying rent until it was fixed and it was legal. I’d check with your police department maybe, especially since it’s been so long.

  331. Guest Says:

    HI.I am writting from new york city .My landlord did some work in the ceiling .He left the ceiling open to do it the next morning ,but that night was raining and the ceiling came down in the living room in the kitchen and all my furniture got wet ,my rug that i paid 1000.was ruined he took it out and put some cheap carpet .after those two day of hell. my 9 morths baby got sick and seen that day he has not been the same he does not sleep at night he does not eat the same .after all that dirty water that came down from the 84 old ceiling .after the neirborn called 311 because the landlord was not giving heat 311 the neighbor were not home 311 came nocked at my door and i opened and they checked the heat the water and then he aksed me if he could check apartment because i have three small children i say no problem he made a big list of all the wrong things he found in the apartment and lelt. He sent some inspector to check wall and they found lead in all the wall.311 told my landlord that they were checking for lead and as soon the landlord found out about the apartment having lead he told me that he was going to give me 3000 for me to leave the apartment and not to pay no rent or any security money.they stated saying we make big mistake buying this house i told them you should have check the house before you bought it .I feel very bad for you .they said please we need you to find a place as soon you can we need you to move out so we can fix . this hapenned january 8 ,2008 on january 12 him and the wife came back to asked me when i was leavig and to see if i found a place, i told him that i needed more that a week to find a apartment .I started looking for a apartment and found one but when i told him about the money he said he never said that to me about the money.I told him i sorry i have no money to move if you want me to move i need to have the money you promised to give me.Every time they saw me they asked me the same thing when are you leaving? beacuse we need to fix the apartment i repeat.ed i have no money let me put some money together so i can pay for my new apartment him and his wife said no pay us no rent no security and leave .february 4 was the date the job of lead have to be done .Frinday 2, 2008 him and wife told me that monday somebody was coming to fix. I told him 311 told me they got to be trained certificate people to do this kind of job from EPA. He said yes they are from the city workers.I say why dont you wait for to move and then you fix he say this is my house i have to fix it and they left .the workers came that monday around 9:30 the inspector show me some Id i aksed how the job was going to be done .Again i told the owner i did not want work to be done in apartment with my three son in here but again the owner repeated himself this is my house and i have to fix it .I told him please wait until i move he said no.they stated doing job putting plastic around the apartment all the door were cover they put a sign outside my door that warning lead poison no drinking no eating no smoking me and my three son were inside all time i fed milk i prepare food lunch ,dinner, breasfast.After they worked for two days after the job was done.He told that 311 told him.He needed to fix the roof of the apartment by march 25, 2008 I told no because i was afraid of the lead that the ceiling may have . and that dust was going to come down every where. He asked again when are you leaving and said i be out by march the first week of march.I found a beautiful apartment the 28,february and a recived a court letter saying that the landlord is taking me to court for not paying the rent .What should i do please help me .

  332. Guest Says:

    I am being threatened and harrassed by the person that lives below me. Does anyone know the laws for Ohio about breaking my lease and getting my deposit back. This person out of control!

  333. Guest Says:

    i live in a apartment and the landlords sister lives below me.i’ve been havig alot of problems with her daughter’s harassing me,they have smarted off to me and other things have happen,i pay my rent on time,but blood is thinker than water,what are my righs as a tentant.i live in missouri

  334. Guest Says:

    San Bernardino County, Caifornia. My renters had a leaky toilet and failed to tell me for months. Now they have mold. My husband is having the place totally redone with new drywall, tiles, etc. Now that it’s time for them to move back in, they want a “certified” professional to okay the property. The cost is $1,200. Do we have to provide this certification?

  335. Guest Says:

    I live in Ohio and I need help, I’m currently on worker’s comp. and have been living here since Jan.. I am behind in my rent. I have tried to contact many places to help with my rent but noone has any money to assist. I have tried to talk to the manager but to no avail they want me out. I have not 1 working smoke detector in my apt. Each room has a hook up, is it illegal for them to rent this. If anyone has any recommendations or suggestions please let me know.

  336. Guest Says:

    well my friend if you think the place is not legal to live you should find another place to live ,but if you stay there you should find the way to pay the rent.

  337. Guest Says:

    ilive in a three bedroom apartment in a three family house in brooklyn newyork the house is at forecloseure now do i keep paying the landlord rent

  338. Guest Says:

    My mother and me stay in a Chicago South Side 2-flat building. On January 22nd our water stopped because of a bursted pipe in the basement. Calling our landlady would not help because she doesn’t answer her cell phone and we don’t have an address on her to let her know of the problem. We didn’t have the money to fix it ourselves so we had to borrow and buy water for like a month. To add to why we haven’t seen her is probably because she is trying to sell the building. So she have not came to pick up any checks for the rent since maybe November of 2007. So after a month has gone by the landlady shows up with a older man with a camera in hand. Which was a coincidence because i didn’t go to work that day. And they were trying to figure out what key to use to get in our downstairs door. I heard the keys so i politely went and opened the door for them. I was so amazed to see her because she wasn’t around for 2 months. So i explained to her the situation and she said out of her mouth that she has a best-friend who is a plumber and that it would be fixed. I haven’t seen her since. But she did come by on February 28 2008 and left this note saying: Your apartment is no longer habitable. You have 30-days to vacate the premises. Which was type up on a personal computer with her name at the bottom. And had the water department shut all water off to the building. Is there anything i can do besides move out?

  339. Guest Says:

    I have a friend who lives in a duplex and their heating bill is outrageous. She called the landlord and a repairman was sent to the house. I’m not sure exactly what was done but the heat is working better now. I do know that on the gas furnace only to of the pilots were lighting part of the time. My question is can the tenant request the landlord to have to pay part of her heating bill, due to not doing regular upkeep on the furnace?

  340. Guest Says:

    Is it llegal for managment to keep interest? My management company charged my security deposit $279 for changing locks. I returned all keys on time and all locks were operating properly. In addition, I did not receive my $100 pet deposit, nor did I receive any interest after living there for 27 months. I know for a fact that interest has accrued, since I worked for the management at the time and it was placed into an interest bearing account at the time I moved in. Is it illegal for the management company to keep the interest? The actual owner of the property pays the managment company to act as agent, and the managment company is a Penna licensed realtor.

  341. Guest Says:

    So you know in OHIO you can present the lanlord, in writing a request for repairs. If the landlord does not repair them 30 days from the date of notice, than you can put the rent in Escrow ( usually with the courts) Hope this helos.

  342. Guest Says:

    I am renting a room (month to month) from the owner of a house in California, who also lives here. I pay my rent and my portion of the bills. I have found out that she is not using my money to pay her mortgage or to pay the bills. She has stated she may let the house go into foreclosure. Now I feel as if I am living on the edge, not knowing if I have a month, or a day to find a place to live and things are beginning to be shut off for non payment. Is there any legal action I can take aside from leaving? Is there any material online I may look up regarding a landlord/roomie not paying bills they have been giving money to pay those bills, as far as legal laws?

  343. Guest Says:

    Property management and real estate licensee’s are required to pay the individual any accumulated interest if they choose to use an interest baring account. However, I would say almost EVERY PM or RE company chooses to use NON interest baring accounts to avoid the accounting nightmare of tracking interest on monies deposited. So sorry to report, there probably isn’t any interest earned on your money.

  344. Guest Says:

    my tenant hasn’t paid the last two months rent.I posted a notice giving him 10 days before eviction proceedings begin. what’s my next move ifhe doesn’t pay?

  345. Guest Says:

    I’ve been trying to find out if the landlord should put rugs on a second floor apartment. I live in a first floor apartment, and on the second floor is all hardwood flooring, and the noise from upstiars it always sounds like the people are going to come thru the ceiling! the walls are paper thin to begin with, is there rule or law that states the landlord should but a rug in on the second floor? please help its driving me crazy.

  346. Guest Says:

    I am a landlord in PA. I went to court today for back rent and possession. The lease was signed in August of 2002 for a term of one year, and went on month-to-month after the year was up. The judge said that in PA after three years on a month-to-month lease, it automatically reverts back to being a year lease. So if the tenant pays all his back rent, he is being allowed to stay until the end of the lease, which the judge says is August. Does that sound right?

  347. Guest Says:

    I recently moved into a new apartment on 02/08. I signed a lease until 02/09. My landlord just informed my neighbor and I that he is having financial issues, and he put the house on the market. It is now April 22nd. What are my rights as a tenant?. Can the new owners make me move before 02/09?

  348. Guest Says:


  349. Guest Says:

    My niece lost everything she owned to a dispute with former landlord. She had no where to go so I let her rent a room from me. I gave her a little over 30 days free of charge, but now I am charging her $50.00 a week. She went on vacation for 8 days & when she came back, she never mentioned the rent for that week. However, she did pay me the current weeks rent. Should she have paid for the week she was gone. Please answer asap as I need to know. Thanks

  350. Guest Says:

    section 8 – call your local public housing authority and inquire

  351. Guest Says:

    What to do if landlord does not pay water bill in ca. Lease states landlord is responsible. Came home to find 48 hr notice that due to being 6 mos behind, water will be shut off if not paid

  352. Guest Says:

    Hi I live in Kansas city Missouri and my question is if I gave a landlord $300.00 for deposit and $550.00 for first month rent and the house wasn’t even ready when it was suppose to be which was April 1,2008 they just finished fixing it a few days ago which would have been on or about April 28,2008 I already signed the lease agreement when deposit was givin to the landlord. Since it took them so long I asked for my money back shouldn’t I be intiltted to all my money if I never layed my head in it due to the fact it wasn’t finished? What should I do if they only offered all but $200.00 should I take it then contact a lawyer to get the rest or should I wait til I talk to a lawyer then take all that is due to me?

  353. Guest Says:

    A week after we signed a new lease, the landlord announced a new project – he will replace all of the windows and sliding glass doors in the building, then paint it. We work at home and this project is projected to last about 2 months, daily, from 8am to 8pm.
    It sounds like a nightmare to us. What can we do?

  354. Guest Says:

    Mold Mold Mold-My land lord wants to charge me for replacing the bedroom carpet and possibly the bathroom floor becuase he is pretty sure there is mold-the toilet was leaking and we did not report it for about 2 weeks becuase it was so minor-one day it over flowed due to a water pipe being clogged with grease which was not our doing.This was about a year ago and NOW he is concerned about mold-I had no idea-what if my wifes skin condition id due to mold. What if my 5 year old has been effected. Can he do this.

  355. Guest Says:

    A friend moved from an apartment to a new house that was purchased. The friend asked me to repair some holes in the wall. I replaced and patched damaged wall parts professionally. (am a drywall intaller)
    The carpet at the seam near the kitchen had a small tear in it. the tear was evident from the day the apartment was rented. After the friend moved to knew home, landlord refused to pay security deposit and demaded extra money to replace the carpet. Additionally the landlord said he had to have the place repainted and cleaned.
    Now the friend that moved from the apartment lived in the dwelling for 5-years. Isn’t the landlord being unreasonable? Afterall, I haven went to check the legal records yet to see how many times he has been to small claims court? PA New homeowner

  356. Guest Says:

    I live in a townhome in NJ, and am asking, after living here for 4+ years, who is responsible for painting the unit: landlord or tenant?

  357. Guest Says:

    hi i live in sturgenfalls ont i have been living at my place for 2 months now and me and my land lord hade an agrement i pay half on the first and half on the20th and now he says i have to pay all the rent on the first or he will evict me

  358. Guest Says:

    hi, we are renting a condo in chicago where internet is part of the buildings amenities given to everyone who lives there. however the owner of our unit wants us to pay her for it saying she pays for it as part of her assessment. is she allowed to charge us for this?

  359. Guest Says:

    Listen, you live here on a month to month basis and are, there for, free to go when that short obligation is up. Just from a strictly common sense point of view, you have already been told that she is possibly planning on letting it all slip. You have also seen, first hand, that she is letting utilities go off. What legal action do you think would exist in this situation? If, for some reason, you were able to get in front of a judge, they would very likely ask you why you didn’t move to protect yourself knowing all of these things. That, is something you might want to ask yourself. Why would you want to live there not knowing when it will all come down on your head? Move. The law mandates that people must, once they are aware, take precautions against further damage. Staying there while you know what may happen is diligent on your part. Just move.

  360. Guest Says:

    I used to live in NY, I used to place a bag of ice over the temperature reader. It is underhanded, but it solves it immediately.

  361. Guest Says:

    Landlord wants us out!
    My Landlord wants to throw my mother and I out of our apartment because she wants it for her son. However, we have been there 20 years. Can she still kick us out? Is there anything that we can do?

  362. Guest Says:

    If you have a lease it will be hard for her to kick you out unless you aren’t paying rent. Otherwise if you don’t have a lease you don’t really have a leg to stand on and have to be out asap.

  363. Guest Says:

    I will attempt to clarify a confusing situation regarding a property owned by my mother and father. My father passed away 2 years ago, before his death, he and my mother were divorced. My father continued to live in their home, upon my father’s death, my mother was on paper, the sole owner of the property again. My sister and brother in law were losing their home, so everyone agreed to allowed her and her husband and child to move into mom and dad’s house. My sister who moved into the house happens to be named after my dad and on several past and present occasions, had falsely used my dad’s information to portray herself using my dad’s social;i.e. truck title; car loan, etc. My sister had lied to her husband making him think that the house had been given to them but it had not. My sister passed away suddenly leaving my brother in law and neice in the home. My mother had still been paying land taxes and home insurance on the home and had no real problem with the brother law remaining in the house to raise our neice. Because my brother began operating as if he owned the house, my mother went to court to prove that she in fact owned the house and any lies my deceased sister had told him were false. during that process, it was agreed that the brother in law could continue to live in the house but my mother would draw up some kind of rental agreement and charge him a small fee to continue to live in the house and raise my neice because she had had enough trauma in her life having found the body of her deceased mother. Because my brother in law was basically unemployed, mom gave him several months to secure a decent income before enforcing the monthly monetary amounts because he was keeping the property up and my mom knew she would never move back to the home. My sister died in June, clarity on who owned the house came in August, my brother in law went to jail in February for 2 and half months, during the time of his incarceration; my neice was moved to his relatives’ home and the house sat unmonitored. Prior to the brother in laws incarceration, the local police department had contacted my mother stating that there had been suspicious activity in and around the home and they informed her that they would monitor the traffic and they felt it was drug activity. My mother informed the police that in fact if they could prove this suspicious activity was drug related, she wanted them to proceed, giving them the authority to pursue the monitoring and confirm or deny drug related activity. After my brother n law was locked away they were able to confirm some suspicions and suggested that my mother proceed with an eviction notice. She served the eviction notice and met my brot n law in court; his main argument was that they never had a landlord tenant agreement and she cannot evict him. DOES SHE HAVE THE RIGHT TO EVICT HIM FROM HER HOME; IF THERE IS NOTHING IN WRITING AND CAN SHE CONTINUE TO HAVE THE HOUSE BOARDED UP ONLY ALLOWING HIM ENTRY TO REMOVE THEIR PERSONAL ITEMS?

  364. Guest Says:

    yes she should have payed thats the way these renters gets away with a lot of things i am a landlord and i have had to put up with hell and taking them to court for not paying the rent and getting off csott free they will keep doing it until we put a stop to it.she knows you want make her pay.a landlord my self.

  365. Guest Says:

    My mom rented her house for a lease of six months, the woman who is on the contract was the only person allowed to live in the house.The tenant owns a nutrition club in the house. We were aware of all the people coming in and out of the house, but she never told my mom she was going to let a couple and their child in the house too. her and my mom argued about some gossip that my mom heard abut her. Now since the tenant is saying shes not comfotable being there any more, she broke the lease and told my mom with one day notice that she is leaving the house but that she wants my mom to give the couple with the kid more time to move out, and she wants a notirized letter from my mom stating she agrees with breaking the lease. What can my mom do.

  366. Guest Says:

    Ive been renting a room in a house in new jersey from a livein landlord for almost two years now utilities included no lease. There is another person in another room same deal as me. My landlord recently brought his girlfriend into his room and she pays nothing and I don’t like her. I feel I should be entitled to a reduction in rent is that justified?

  367. Guest Says:

    I live in Chicago, I recently had my gas disconnected, only to realize that I have been paying for the gas and electricity in the laundry room. There is a coin operated dryer and wash machine. There are 3 apartments in total in the building – we all have 2 days to do our laundry, on the off day – the landlord’s relative comes to do her laundry. I have lived there for 2 1/2 years. I recently paided to have my gas reconnected – over $900.00. That was because my bill was over $200 – $350. each month, and I was never able to pay the complete bill off. I feel that I should be reimbursed for the gas that I was paying for in the laundry room. I comfronted my landlord, all they stated was that they will look into it. I feel very cheated – I paided my rent on time, and took care of the place i live in. Now I feel I must leave and I plan to. How do I go about getting reimbursed, I would want to get reimbursed for only the gas portion of the bill for the last 2 years. What are my rights as a renter? Contacted People Gas Co., they were no help. What % should be paided back to me, Also I now have to pay deposit for having my gas disconnected – feel the LL’s should pay a portion of this. FRUSTRATED!!!!

  368. Guest Says:

    YES. It is only NATURAL since she is the OWNER of the property.

  369. Guest Says:

    What is the justification in YOUR RENT REDUCTION?

  370. Guest Says:

    I live in a 6 family rent controlled building in Jersey City, NJ. The landlord has been trying to sell it and things have gotten shady. We are all worried. The people haven’t even been here to see the building. At first, we were told that the building would be converted to condos and now it’s going to remain apartments and rented to the college kids. They would move us to another apartment, fix the old one, move us back in and charge us almost double the rent. I know if we went to find out the rent history on this place we would be owed money as it is.

    The landlords sister lives here and is a cancer patient. Her brother told the lawyer that she pays 1500/month in rent when she pays around 450-500. Her daughter who also lives here is on section 8. She has 2 kids and another on the way. They pay 880 as I do. Our rent just had an increase this cycle. I’m on disability. Anyway, The landlord also made it clear to the lawyer and buyers that family members would move out buy the time of closing. Can he do this without the consent of renters even if they are family? Isn’t there something that has to be signed and delivered? Also, everyone has looked and there is nothing in this price range of the same caliber…not saying that it’s the best place seeing that it needs a major amount of work (ie – my bathroom and kitchen floor keeps sinking). Our leases were automatically renewed and are the generic ones that you can find online.

    The lawyer was here today waiting for the landlord to sign some paperwork. He never showed up and neither did the buyers. The lawyer didn’t even want a walk through. He started putting words into the landlords sister’s mouth saying that she refused to leave when all she said was she hasn’t found anything else yet. She’s been here 28 years and used her own money to do all the repairs in her apartment and upgrade it. She asked if they expected her to put her belongings into storage and live in her car. His reply, “if thats what you have to do, do what you have to do.” He was saying that this was suppose to be easy and already taken care of. We also found out that there is a lien on the house and the landlord may loose it in 3 months.

    What are our rights? Can we refuse to leave if there is nothing suitable that is available out there? Can they kick us out within a month? What happens to us if he looses the house? All in all, aside from the problems and the neighborhood, we sort of like it here.

  371. Guest Says:

    I have a few questions. I live in a 6 family house/building which is rent controlled in JC, NJ. We are all a bit worried right now. Section 8 and disability tenants are here also. The leases automatically renewed and they are the generic ones.
    If the landlord looses the house because of a hefty lien, what happens to us?
    Can a new owner require that any family of the old landlord to move out in the contract or verbally without the consent of the family members who do live here and do not want to leave?
    Can new owners jack up the rent from 880 to 1500+ because they did very necessary and needed repairs?
    We heard it all from the prospective buyers wanting to make condos to splitting up the apartments even more and rent to the college kids. Right now, there is nothing out there like this place, and for this price, even with the amount of work that needs to be done. None of us can really afford to move. Do we have any rights?
    Thanks for any help.

  372. Guest Says:

    I’m a tenant in Oakland, California. I was in a 1 year lease that started June 1 ’07. On June 4, 2008 my landlord sent me a “Notice of Change of terms in Tenancy stating that he is taking away one of my parking spots in 30 days. Is this legal? Can he change the terms of a contract/ I have not signed this, and he states he has the right to do this. From everything I have looked up regarding California Tenant rights, He can’t do this. Is there something I am missing?

  373. Guest Says:

    hi im a tenant in la,ca and i was wondering how often can a person sleep over in the apartment?

  374. Guest Says:

    Is a landlord responsible in Pa for providing a Window Unit for ac?

  375. Anonymous Says:

    I am a landlord in PA. my tenant has not paid in two months and I sent her an eviction notice. while wating to officially evict her thru the magistrate, what can I do to expedite? for instance, can I shut off her water? thanks

  376. Guest Says:


  377. Guest Says:


  378. Guest Says:

    When I first moved into my appartments I payed a 400 dollar deposit. Recently the apartments have been sold to a new landlord and he says that he doesn’t have my deposit. Does that mean I should go back to the original landlord to get my deposit?

  379. Guest Says:

    I move to this apartment in Floridaand has a termites infestation.What can we do if we have to break the lease or move to another unit?

  380. Guest Says:

    I am purchasing a 2 family home from my grandparents in New York state. They have no written lease with the other tenant, which would not affect me anyways. My sister and her family are going to need the other apartment in October, I told her yesterday June 19 that circumstances had changed and I was giving her 3 months notice, vs letting her know after closing when she would have less time. My grandparents are also aware and ok with this change. She has become extremely hostile and informed us she isn’t leaving. What are my rights? I can only find tenant rights online.

  381. Guest Says:

    can i have people sleep over?

  382. Guest Says:

    We were shown a home by a property management compnay. It was more expensive than we could afford, but because of the economy, the company had us write a letter to the owner, as it hadn’t been shown in 3 months. We agreed that instead of a landscaping company to come in, we would do the landscaping maintenance; gardening, mowing the lawn. We signed the 1 year contract to begin June 1.

    After living in the home 3 weeks, the garbage co. picked up our garbage cans. We called our property man. co. and they said that was an error and they would have the cans back, but that they made a mistake on the 1 year lease, and we are to pay water/sewer! It is clearly marked on the lease they pay it, and they never specified otherwise at the time we were deciding on the home.

    The manager explained it was a mistake, and because we got the landlord to lower the price of the home, they want us to pay the water. We re-explained that the agreement was for the lawn and garden care, not the water.

    The manager said they are mailing us a new lease and want us to sign it. We believe this is wrong, but can’t afford an attorney. We live in Oregon. What do you recommend? We feel that just because we are in our middle 20′s, with a four year old and baby twins, that they have us cornered. Your opinion is greatly appreciated.

  383. Guest Says:

    I have the tenant that will not leave.
    She has not paid rent for 3 months, she is a tnant at will and pays 200 a week with all utilities included.
    she has not stayed at the property for months,but will not move her stuff.
    Can I take her stuff and put it into storage?before we go to court?

  384. Guest Says:

    hi i live in a home my parents own, and they pay my rent, and i want someone living with me, to help me out and my parents have refused, though i need to have that person with me for reasons…if that person moves in, can they kick him out without good reason or do i have rights in this situation?

  385. Guest Says:

    I am no lawyer, but my guess is that if YOU had made a mistake that would be tough cookies for you. It would seem that you have a signed lease and they must abide by that and correct their “mistakes” is you decide to renew. You should check with the states’ attorneys office or legal aid to see exactly where you stand. Good luck.

  386. Guest Says:

    In most states, after that long of a period, a landlord would normally be responsible. Do yourself a favor, keep on good terms and suggest that if he buys the paint you would do it yourself.

  387. Guest Says:

    When you do not have a formal lease, in most states renters are inherently on a month to month. He wants to leave he is required to give you a 30 day notice and if you want him to leave you must give him 30 days in writing!!! And certified mail preferably. PROTECT PROTECT PROTECT!! If he does not leave at that time, then you can take him to court.

  388. Guest Says:

    I live in Penna and my landlord has not had the hallways swepted or cleaned in two years. No door system to let you know if someone is downstairs. In addition, it is a township requirement that all units have updated smoke alarms. I have not had a working smoke alarm in over a year. The landlord is fully aware of this. Please advise.

  389. Guest Says:

    I live in California and my landlord is trying to sell the house. The real estate agent wants to show the house on short notice and at odd hours. I told him that he can show the house with 24 hours notice, during normal business hours, as per California Law. He said that if that was the case, they were going to give me 60 days notice to move out. Is that considered a retaliatory action for exercising my rights?



  390. Guest Says:

    you have all the right although its there property you have rights as a tenant.

  391. Guest Says:

    I live in San Diego and am renting a 2200 sq ft home for $2500. The lawn in the front and rear of the house are beautiful, but the main usable area has completely died and is not only awful to look at, but is covered in scratchy weeds. The owners have a gardener that mows the lawn every 2 weeks. Two months ago I emailed the owners (they were relocated which is why they rented the home) to let them know a portion of the lawn was dying. They said to just give it more water by hose. I finally had the gardener check it out and it turns out the sprinkler that is supposed to water that area is broken, plus there is really no sprinkler for most of that area.

    The husband came out and said he would have the gardener plant “superseed” there and get the sprinklers fixed, then later his wife emailed saying we could do this at our expense and they would have the irrigation guy “look at it” when he returned from vacation.

    What are my rights to have a lawn remain in the condition that it was when we rented, to have a usable back yard? The yard is full of holes in the ground where there is grass causing a great tripping hazard and we have ignored most of it but are now furious that they will not just fix what has been a problem all summer… we rented the house b/c we wanted a home with a yard!

    Thanks – Weeds in SD

  392. Guest Says:

    I live in edison Nj i rent a 2 family house the how water heater and the oil burner are on my utitelies. when i asked the land lord about that he said he wasnt aware of it and it was no big deal and he wants me to pay for half of oil when there is only one unit for both floors as there is only one hot water heater. is this legal?

  393. Guest Says:

    is a landlord in new york city responsible for puting or replacing flooring in the kitchen

  394. Guest Says:

    Just moved out of an apt and received a letter from my landlord who wants…get this $5000 in back rent and late fees.I paid the rent every month and no longer live there. He is charging the interest I received towards late fees and not paying the full rent increase.
    He cashed my checks for 4 years, I didn’t have a lease the last 3 years, just month to month and he always cashed and depositied my checks w/o complaint.
    Can he come back now and ask for $5000 and take my security deposit and interest money???

  395. Guest Says:

    anything you can do?? yeah!! get rid of the caps!!!

  396. Guest Says:

    i am a disabled mom of 2. as u can guess i do receive foods stamps and there is a recertifation 2xs a year now and it has come up and i asked the manager to fill out a rent verification form. she gave me a copy of the lease instead and told me “we’re not allowed to carry those forms”
    since when did the law change and make it harder on immobile people of boise? 4 months ago they had a huge stack of them. where can i go to get help?

  397. Guest Says:

    I’d give her a 3 day notice for not paying rent…. and if she didn’t comply, throw her shit on the lawn.

  398. Guest Says:

    I have been renting a privately owned condo that is ran by a management co for about a year. I renewed my lease because of the location and convenience. However, I have had several problems over the last year. For the last 35 days I have been without air conditioning or locks on the windows. I live in a bottom unit. For several weeks I have had over 15 different service people in my unit trying to fix problems. Most of the time I have had to have them come back to redo their work. I live in VA and we have had 90 degree days for the last 2 months. I have complained until I can complain no more. What rights do I have as to be compensated for taking off of work to be available for the workers, having no air, no locks, cleaning up after workers, being inconvenienced, frustrated and anything else you can think of. I have all of my complaints documented.

  399. Guest Says:

    I live in a 3 bedroom apartment in NJ with one other person. My boyfriend sleeps over my after he gets out of work at 11:00pm and is out by 6:30am. All he does is shower and sleep, does not use any other room and my roommate likes him and doesn’t mind that he is there. My landlord wants to charge him compensation if he stays more than 3 nights a week. Is this possible?

  400. Guest Says:

    I am a tenant in California and I was injured on my job. My husband and I have stayed in this 3bd 2ba home for 3 years, and although we have been late a couple of times, we have had to pay our late fee, which is $20.00 a day. My landlord does not give us a grace period, so our rent this month is late, and although I have called him and explained my situation, he has called my father, informing him that I need to take care of my responsibility. I have talked to him and explained that I am not avoiding my responsibility, I just do not have the money. He has charged us $240.00 to change our initial due date from the 9th of the month to the 15th, one of our bedrooms and our kitchen has a very noticeable incline that leans towards the back of the house, we are invaded by rats, mice, water bugs, and ants that were there prior to us moving in, because there were roach bombs and traps under the sink when we did our walk through, and now he is harassing us daily…do we have any rights?

  401. Guest Says:

    i live in VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. can a landlord charge you the attorney fee if you where issued to go to court for payment of rent and late fee but the landlord states if it is paid before the court date you are fine but the landlord still wants the attorney fee even if you never made it to court because you paid all you owed

  402. Guest Says:

    i live in an apartment in california in a small building. i have lived in my current unit for over three years. i am now on a month to month lease. i used to live in another unit in the same building with a friend. she is moving out and i want to move back into my old place. i believe my name is still on the lease for that apartment. Do I have a legal right to do that?

  403. Guest Says:

    Ok, so i live in san diego and the aparment i am currently live at has been sold to a property management company. The owner had people look at our apartment and told us they were just inspecting to renew the insurance. soon after he then informed us that he sold the place. now the new owners wants everyone out and has given us two months. i did not pay this month cause i am trying to save money to move since the deposits are so high here and i am struggling financially. now the new owners are threatening to put an eviction on us since we didnt pay this month. we are no where near having enough funds to move. many say they are supposed to cover our relocation fees but i dont know what to do. Our lease is not out till december.

  404. Guest Says:

    To whom it may concern,

    North Hollywood is currently going thru many changes by business owners and developers, hoping to solidify a strong and safe community. One property stands out, The Lofts at Noho Commons. It is a beautiful property, centrally located in the Noho Arts District, across the street from the Metro Station on Lankershim Boulevard. Even through the architecture sets a tone more of a resort than that of a family based residence. There is a hidden story developing here. Under the facade of the modern design and amenities, there is a story of dangers developing. Due to numerous requests by the residents for security directly to the owner(s) at Redwood Partners, Inc. and the management company Legacy Partners, assaults, theft and vandalism run rampant with no resolve. The general consensus is focused on the well being of the children and families that reside here, as well as to deter the inevitability of more violence, further property loss and death.

    I ask for you to take a moment to view a petition explaining in greater detail, along with the comments made by residents demanding change. There is also a blog posting photographs of conditions that the owners refuse to acknowledge.

    The North Hollywood Community Police Station regularly sends officers on calls here, most recently regarding a masked male with a crowbar, running within the building’s interior on two of the floors. This was less than 24 hours after four high-end vehicles were vandalized and rims were stolen. Women are afraid to leave their homes with the fears of a possible rape or home invasion. Stairwells are not secured with locks that work properly, or are forced open. Elevators don’t function for weeks at a time. Lights go off for days at a time that cover one half or another of the whole complex. Parts of the complex are over run by trash and filth, which must be violations of health and fire regulations. The sight and smell of urine and feces are found throughout the common areas. Drug dealers and prostitutes live and “work” here, and in the stairwells. And yet nothing happens. This is a very upscale community, which many of its residents demand discretion from their high-visibility and high profile professional lives. All of which have voiced and demanded action with no resolve.

    We ask that you consider looking into our situation. There is documentation of events by some of the residents, as well as some officers from LAPD, including Captain Sharyn, I. Buck, Area Commanding Officer, of the North Hollywood Community Police Station.

  405. Guest Says:

    My landlord is selling our property, at frist the realtor company would call to say they were showing the property the following day which was fine. About 3 to 4 weeks ago they showed up with no call my roomates and I were sitting down to dinner and we had to stop and let them see the property. NO NOTICE!! Last night I came home to find two adult men in the house, and told me they were from a realtor company. NO NOTICE, they walked through with no one there and NO NOTICE they were going to be showing the poperty. I understand it is my landlords house but my property is inside!! He has not been keeping up with his end of our lease and cutting our grass and has only cut it if the people are showing the house. When I got home the grass was cut so im sure he knew they were coming but no one LET US KNOW!!! What if I was in the shower and two adult men came into the house with a key we were unaware that they had and walked in on me??? I am a 24 year old female and live with a 21 year old female and I had underwear drying on top of our dryer and our bras hanging to dry!!! THen had to come home not knowing they were there and FACE THEM? If i would have known they were coming I would have put the items somewhere out of sight…I have no privacy if they can show up with no notice and walk through whenever they please!! WHat do i do?????

  406. Guest Says:

    I’m a landlord in PA. I want to paint the apartment the last two days of the lease and I’m asking the tenants to let me do so, but they are being difficult. In the lease it clearly states that as long as I give 24hrs notice I may do any repairs needed for the apartment. If they deny my request can I just write them a letter stating that painters will be coming to paint or is that out of my reach? Extremely concerned.

  407. Guest Says:

    i have a different problem. My sister is renting and apartment in michigan. she would like to know if it is legal for an apartment owenship to ask all of its tenants to renew their leases 90 days in advance of their expiration date. if so what rights does this give the tenant if they want to move out by the orginal date.

  408. Guest Says:

    i live in il and my gas just got turned of because the management company didnt pay the bill..what can i do?besides calling the company demanding that they pay the bill

  409. Guest Says:

    does any one know the specific number required for “An adequate number of appropriate receptacles for garbage and rubbish” as referenced in California civil code re: habitability ?

  410. Guest Says:

    no it is illegal to shut off the water or any other utility that you are responsible for per the lease.
    Stick to the court eviction, it is the only legal way to go

  411. Guest Says:

    I have been renting a house for two years, making my payments on time, there have been times I was a week late, however my landlord accepted this and I paid the late fee. Last night we received court papers that the house was going to foreclosure. The landlord did not mention this was a possibility and now I can not get any information about my legal rights, how long do can we continue living here and who or can rent be collect. I live in South Florida, Broward Co. Please help!

  412. Guest Says:

    I rent a condo in Reseda, Ca by the owner for the last 4 years. I had a one year lease and then after , payment every month .The original landlord I rented from died 2 years ago . His brother in law took over responsibilty of the property .I have received a ” Notice Of Change of Terms of Tenancy “. In this Notice , it states that I have $0 money down on the condo when I know that I have a $2000.00 deposit. I have a feeling the present landlord DOESN’T have a copy of my Rental Agreement . What do I do ???

  413. Guest Says:

    I moved out of my apartment end of july. I called yesterday to see where my deposit was at. Deposit was 360, they took out 85 for carpet cleaning and now they are taking out 200 bucks for painting the apartment white because when i moved in it was brown and tan but then my apartment building got new management this year and they told me over the phone they were planning on painting the apartment white anyways so why should i have to pay for them to paint the apartment when they were planning to paint it anyways……Can they legally do that? has this happened to anyone

  414. Guest Says:

    No, If you live in California, I believe the law states that it is the new owner’s respondability to get the deposite from the previous owner. Oh yea, you are still entitle to get your deposite back from the new landlord once you move.*****in other words, tell the new land lord that this is his problem*****

  415. Guest Says:

    Does your bf visit you on his off days?


  416. Guest Says:

    Same thing happen to me, is this allowed? I cant find any information about painting or carpet cleaning. But really what are we supposed to do- hire a painting crew, a gardener a professional cleaning crew and a mover before we vacate a rental unit.

  417. Guest Says:

    I am renting an apartment in alabama, i don’t know the law of tenanct, my boyfriend works in covington,la, and comes home on friday and leaves on sundays, my landlord insist that i have to put him on my lease, but he is only a visitor, he doesn’t live, and another question, can a landlord screen your guest, and tell you that your gues looks suspicious, even though he has a clean background

  418. Guest Says:

    I live in the same garden apartment for 31 years in NJ. The appliances are old, the refrigerator does not work well, and the fixtures are beginning to rust, etc. the place has not been painted in 20 years. My lease is up for renewal. Over the years I have been paying slightly below market because I have no carpeting, etc. They are charging market price for newly refurbished, new carpeting, new appliances, etc. Now they have said they will not renew my lease unless I pay “market full price” for the rental. Is this legal? Does anyone know? It would mean a 9% increase in my usual yearly renewal, 3 times what I have been paying for the past 20 years.

  419. Guest Says:

    if i buy a house can i break my lease???

  420. Guest Says:

    I live in Oklahoma and I’m in the middle of a workmans comp case and i am already ruled as totally temporary disabled and cannot be released to work therfore i have no income. Legally can my apt. manager evict me due to the circumstances or is there any leway. She is not only on me but i have a small child and no where to go.

  421. Guest Says:

    I moved in to an apartment in California but the apartment has many problems. The most important thing is that I do not have a smoke detector, my kitchen lights are not working,and my bathroom has a big hole in the ceiling. What can I do if the landlord does not answer the phone?

  422. Guest Says:

    I just paid my landlord ( or supposedly landlord ) a months rent, security, and fee totalling 3450.00 I was supposed to move in on the 1st of september.. here it is the 3rd and I still havent gotten the keys because he says that the condo association has to approve me moving in. I signed a contract and it states the 1st as a move in date. Now he will not refund me and will not give me a definite move in date !! I searched and thought of filing a claim in small claims court, but they said that they give the party 30 days to pay and if he doesnt pay, then it goes as a judgement on his credit and thats all !! I am out the 3450.00 and he gets away with bad creit for a couple of years. This is a nightmare !! please give me some advise please !!!

  423. Guest Says:

    I got flooded out…

    I need help… my boyfriend and i moved into an apt on july 23rd. Come to find out the apt roof leaks when it rains. So during the monsoon rains we got rained out on 08/04, i stayed up all night sweeping water out of the apt and trying to prevent water from getting on my brand new furniture, i missed the next day of work. the manager said he had fixed it. we got rained out again. this time, they moved us from one apt to another which does not leak but has no privacy, the windows are open and some latches are broken. the manager told my boyfriend he didnt have to worry about rent and that he would take care of cleaning the brand new furniture but just this past weekend the manager came to the apt asking for rent and saying we would have to leave if we didnt pay the rent.
    i dont feel i should have to pay, even tho they did move us into a different apt temporarily, thats not the one we leased out.
    what do i do? would taking them to court be good?

  424. Guest Says:

    i dont know if my situation posted previously but im gonna explain again.
    ok. so me and my bf moved into an apt on 07/23/08. come to find out the roof leaked and on 08/04/08 during the monsoon rains we got flooded in. we contacted the managers who in turn helped us clean the soiled the clothing, but my brand new furniture also got rained on and i had to miss the next day of work due to staying up all night sweeping water out of the apt. we got rained on again after the manager told us the roof had been fixed. at this point they moved us to a different apt. my bf was told we didnt have to worry about rent but just this past weekend the manager came to my door req payment or that we would need to leave because we still need to pay. we dont have any proof he said we didnt have to pay. but we have proof with the damage. we shouldnt have to pay rent when we havent even been able to stay at the apt we leased. what do i do?!?!? does court sound ok? because thats whats on my mind.

  425. Guest Says:

    They have to give a 24 hour notice to enter unless for an emergency. (Obvious flooding from broken waterline, gas odor, fire, etc)
    A real estate company must call you to schedule the appointment. If you come home and people are in your house, that’s breaking/entering or the very least trespassing. Document the times and dates, get the card from the realtor and sue.

  426. Guest Says:

    Most states go by the HUD standard of 3 years. Anything after that is considered normal wear & tear and cannot be charged to tenant. Prior 3 years will be pro-rated. Except in replacing carpeting. That is done over a 10 year life cycle. So if they replace your 15 year old carpet after you move out, you cannot be charged. But, if it was only a year old and you moved out after 1 year, well you’ll be responsible for the replacement of new carpeting.

    When it comes to painting. Do you have it in your lease that the walls or tan or do you have pictures prior to move-in?

    If they are refurbishing and your unit is part of that then they cannot charge you for painting. If not refurbishing then they cannot charge if they are painting a different color. Various shades of white don’t count. But extreme colors like from white to red. Unless they are restoring it to the natural color. Say you painted the apartment tan and it was originally white, then they can paint it white and charge you. The charge is usually higher because you have to prime the darker color so it wont bleed through the lighter color.

  427. Guest Says:

    We recently moved out of a privately owned home that we where renting. The landlord of that house gave us a good reference and was very cooperative, now 1 month to the day since we moved out I recieved a email from her saying horrible things about us and saying that she would be sending a letter to the new landlord to let her know “what kind of people they rented to” can she do this? And what consititues as slander and or harrassment? She is also telling them many lies including that the neighbors had to call the cops on us many times….we have never had the police called on us.

  428. Guest Says:

    Go to landlord tenant court. You must continue to pay your rent like you pay your car loan (you have a car accident and can’t use your car till it is fixed but you have a car payment due which you must pay) see the analogy, BUT, you have damage done to your belongings due to the landlords negligence in the rains, etc. KEEP all your receipts for damage repairs, notify the landlord in writing, certified mail and regular mail (he may not sign for certified mail and say he never got it) BUT trick here is that you also send a regular mail letter with a proof of mailing or delivery confirmation attached to that. This way in court the landlord can’t say he/she never got the letter. Court believes the US Mail delivers regular mail if addressed properly. So if certified is refused you still have proof landlord got your damage estimates. Also, when you go to court to itemize the days and why you could not inhabit the apartment (maybe the township would not give a Cert of Occupancy after flooded out or whatever). This way the court knows you were diligent on paying your obligation-the lease but the landlord did not provide adequate alternate housing or a hotel, and you had suffered additional expenses. Court may give you your rent back prorated to the days you could not live in your rained out apt plus damages, plus court costs but you MUST have receipts, itemize list of days, calls made to landlord from a cell phone, bring the cell phone bill, etc. I worked for a landlord who evicted tenants and I heard the tenants side all the time and I knew the landlord side and if you have all the right papers and calls logged and repair bills for apartment rain damage you will WIN in court but you have to stand firm and do not let the landlord intimidate you. Tenants if they remain calm in court and don’t curse and have their receipts and have continually paid their rent in accordance with their lease will get their money back and possibly be even let out of the lease since you may sour with the landlord or the landlord company and not want to be legally involved with the landlord ever again.

  429. Guest Says:

    send your new landlord a notarised copy of the original lease agreement. also, get an attorney, just in case.

  430. Guest Says:

    I live in CT and when I moved in I had no oil. Somehow the oil for the first floor was put into my tank. The landlord had to pay for the mistake. Now she is taking my deposit for this. What should I do? Is this legal?

  431. Guest Says:

    Help! Mold, laundry burned up my clothes, internet not working, unsafe/schizophrenic roommate, & dirty beyond belief. What can I do as a tenant? I signed a short 2-month lease for a bedroom in a townhouse with this landlord because I’m moved from out of state and the landlord just sent pics and talked over the phone. Now I arrived and it’s the dirtiest place I’ve ever seen (which I could deal w short term) but today the dryer burned up my clothes and last night one of the other roommates went nuts, she’s schizo, and kept me up all night screaming til the cops came and got her. This situation sucks and I’m moving out early due to all this. Can I get my 2nd month of rent back (since I don’t plan on being here) and the fact that he didn’t inform me there was mold all over the bathroom? It’s an unhealthy living environment not only because of the mold but because I’m a female and the roommate who went crazy made me feel unsafe. Also, can I make the landlord reimburse me for my ruined clothes? and reimburse partial utility bill because he “forgot” the password to the wireless internet. Yeah, this might be an all time record for worse place ever!!!!

  432. Guest Says:


    I have lived at Waterbrook apartments since December and the walls are paper thin and you can hear the other tenants every move, I mean every move. (wink, wink) They also have very loud conversations on the patio at 2 in the morning on a weekday with no concern of surrounding tenants. I call management to discuss the problem and the end result is for me to call police or the patrol company when they make noise because they are insensitive to the fact that they are so loud or to move to a different location on the property. The cost of moving heavy furniture and for 4 months is crazy.

    The manager talked to me like I am a little kid and that is the worst thing you can do to a person that is already pissed off. All of the “recommendations” she made where an inconvenience to me and I didn’t do anything wrong. I followed the rules and I need to leave a note of the door and I need to call the police at 3 am.

    What are my legal rights?

  433. Guest Says:

    I live in Virginia Beach

    my husband was told in june he had to have his hip replaced in aug i told the apartment complex manager and she said i had to get a handicap sticker from the dmv after 3 weeks i finally got one and now she says i can not get a handicap parkingspot for another month due to they have to special order the handicap sign this is september and the sticker expires in november ????

  434. Guest Says:

    I would like to know what the maximum fee’s that can be added to your rent in the State of Virginia. For example the rent being $1,000.00 dollars and your late and they file papers with the court, the legal fee’s being $284.00 what other fee’s can they charge and what are the limits? Can it go to say $2800.00?

  435. Guest Says:

    I have a neighbor that met a man and 2 days later moved him in and over the last 2 months has been arrested twice for threatening to shoot and kill me.We have went to the landlord several times and all she says is we have to get along and this weekend he showed my girlfriend a gun in his waist and of course by the time the law got here he had disposed of the gun they said is was nothing they could do because he didn actually point the gun at her.I have heard from people that it is her duty to supply us with a safe place to live and would like any information anyone has on this issue

  436. Guest Says:

    You are absolutely right! As an apartment manager for the last past eight years, I could tell you that if your landlord failed to protect your well-being you have a right to sue her personally. There should be a section in your lease that states health/safety issues. This is one of those cases.There is a form that you have to fill out at the Mgr’s office called “Statement against a Tenant”, one statement is cause for eviction. Because regardless if the person is listed on the lease or not, the head of household is responsible for their guest(s). If she fails to do anything, request a meeting for an appeal where outside counterparts can hear your concern. Good luck!

  437. Guest Says:

    Of course, it can exceed this amount tremendously. Depending on how many months you got left on the lease due to default for monetary purposes, the owner/manager can request in court that the money owed can be amended to include next month’s rent or either the remainder months left on the lease or rent plus the $1200 & up buy-out agreement. So, you will be faced with owed rent, future payment, court cost,removal fee, buy-out agreement fee, and late fees. As a present apartment manager in the State of Mississippi, this is the collection requirement for low-income and basic rent for Mississippi and Tennessee.

  438. Guest Says:

    Sounds to me that she just wanted you out of her property really bad! No, she cannot due this. She can only provide reference to your new landlord at your initial move-in only. So, it is defamation of character from this point forward. Did you do a rental history on paper concerning your house-keeping? If so, ask your landlord for a copy and go from there. You actually have a good case…stating this as a present apartment manager as well as a recent graduate in the Masters of Criminal Justice program.

  439. Guest Says:

    As a present apartment manager in the State of Mississippi, this is not accurate at all. Of course, the manager has the right to terminate lease for conditions that exceed over a month’s repair. There is a way that all security deposits is rendered or hotel vouchers been given until the building has been repaired..there must be extreme circumstances that has damaged the entire building. But did you not know that if a hot water heater burst and damaged all of your belongings, you were not entitled to anything. I know this is harsh but it is so true. This is your reason for renters insurance. Your lease should lease(rules& regulations part) clearly states that insurance is on the buildings only, you would have to obtain separate renters insurance to cover contents within your household. Does your lease state this? If not, then you may have a case. I am speaking solely of the State of Mississippi and State of Tennessee.

  440. Guest Says:

    Had you refused to accept the temporary housing situation, you would have had a good case, but you stayed. The responsibility of housing is to provide shelter to the family until all repairs have been made. Since there was never an interruption in your lease, you have no case. The only thing that the owner has to do when you go to court is tell the judge that he is working off a work order & has not gotten around to the items…or before the court date get the items repaired. Not trying to be harsh, but this is the way it is. Please remember that all landlords are scum-bags, for I am a landlord. Good luck!

  441. Guest Says:

    Due to the responsibility of the landlord to look out for the welfare of other tenants, yes a landlord can copy license plates, obtain names from neighbors, or etc in order to obtain information about the person. As far as the boyfriend living there and works in another state, is this listed as his permanent residency? Have you signed a Tenant Release & Consent form? If so, she can get the information from the Postal Services as whose mail comes to the unit. As far as his background, have you done a background check on him yourself? Looks actually can be deceiving…I said that to say this, she may not be referencing your boyfriend entirely. She may be monitoring the amount of company to your unit, as well as the frequency. For example, It’s easy to see if drugs are sold out an unit by monitoring the traffic to the unit. Now, do you catch my drift? As an apartment manager, I can visualize somewhat what you are dealing with.

  442. Guest Says:

    Oh yes you can do something. I’m going to tell you how to get your money back. Here goes, send him a certified letter requesting your money back and state in the letter everything that you just posted here. The certified letter(return signature) will provide proof in court that you did give him notice that you wanted it back and you never moved-in. Once you have received your judgement in court, go back 10-days later and pay for garnishment. In order to file garnishment, you need to know his full name, address, and place of employment then the courts will do the rest. Please get your money back because it is yours. As a landlord for the last 9 years and a college graduate with a Masters in Criminal Justice, please believe I know what I’m talking about. Good luck!

  443. Guest Says:

    ok i have a big issuse.. i have no idea what to do??? its with another tenant.. i told my landlord that they keyd my car and called me and my family rude names and i told her that i dont feel safe in my olny home cuz of them and shes say well yes if this happends again were gunna have to move you out in other words brake your leas yes it happend again like 1 day later i go out side too look at my car and i see my back window brokin. i kaled the police made a report and informed manegement.but at the moment he was helping a couple,and this was on a friday on labor day and he told me to come back on monday wich was too long to wait so thats wen i got threten that they were goin to shoot me.and i told them again and she said i had to do a lease buy out of fifteenhundred dollars wich is money i do not have.wat can i do???andthers more to it i also celled the police 4 times.if u think you kan help me i would realy apreciate it here is my email

  444. Guest Says:

    I live in San Diego and I have neighbors that are incredibly loud. They frequently yell, cry, sing, and stomp (apartment above mine). I have heard fight, and the police have been called on them at least a dozen times, occasionally taking one of them away. The manager refuses to do anything about it, is there anything I can do?

  445. Guest Says:


  446. Guest Says:

    I was renting an apartment in Illinois and we recently had to move immediately, due to safety issues.

    We were having several issues with other tenants in the building. We had called the police on them atleast two dozen times, sometimes more than once in a day. The landlord was also notified by us and the police of the problems with these tenants. One night after we had called the police we could hear the tenants talking about what they were going to do to our vehicles and personal property. Of course we let the police know what was heard, but we decided that it was time to get out rather than take the chance of these people damaging our belongings or assaulting us.

    We obviously didn’t give a 30 day notice because we feared the safety of ourselves and our belongings, so we moved the next day. Now, I received a letter from my landlord stating we would not be getting our security deposit back because we didn’t give a 30 day notice. Instead, we would be receiving a bill for carpet cleaning. Can they do this? Do we have any rights if they didn’t provide a safe place to live. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!

  447. Guest Says:

    I am about to take my landlord to small claims court. I lived in the unit for 14 months What do you think? Delray Beach FL.

    My original lease was due to expire June 5th 2008 and I notified Gerald and the realtor that was managing the lease that I was planning to purchase a house and would be moving out either at the end of the lease or shortly after. I extended the lease for two months and was scheduled to move out August 5th. Before moving out I had the entire first stairway repainted due to some scuffs from moving in and out. I also had any holes from pictures or scratches and scuffs that were present repaired. The only area that was repaired was the left hanger for the second floor curtains which began to hang from the wall. When I walked the property on the 7th of august with Gerald Turielo he commented on many issues with the condition of the property. This included the patches that were done as well as dents in the kitchen appliances, the curtain hanger, missing shower head, missing fire alarm, the master bedroom closet had been changed without his knowledge and a cracked door jam. I reminded him that most of these issues had been recorded on the pre-move in inspection and I would attempt to find the shower head. I did return the original shower head. He did comment that the first stairway and 2nd bedroom and bathroom upstairs did not need to be repainted but claimed that the town home was in very bad shape and he would have look in to the costs or repairing the property. I offered to take care of repainting any areas that he felt were my responsibility to return to the original condition. He later called me and said that I could repaint the unit. I had a contractor inspect the property the next day and Gerald pointed out the areas that he required to be repainted and repaired. I received a quote from the contractor for $685 to perform the work that Gerald requested. My following conversations with Gerald led me to believe that he would hold me responsible for repairs that were pre existing and I felt that It would not be wise to follow through with any further work to the property unless we had a written agreement as to what would need to be done to be returned the deposit. The last conversation I had with Gerald a few days after the inspection he continued to accuse me of leaving the place a mess and that I would have to replace the upgraded closet system I had been approved to install as well as some of the previously stated items. It was clear that we could not agree on what if any work needed to be done to the property and out of frustration from his accusations I said “why don’t you keep the deposit so I never have to speak to you again.” He responded that he would have to get everything looked at and figure out how much it would cost to do all the repairs. That was the last conversation that I had with him. I them researched the lease, our inspection report as well as the before and after pictures to see what steps if any I should take to follow the lease guidelines for return of deposit. I discovered that the lease clearly stated the landlord had a specific 30 day timeline from me vacating the premises in order to properly make a claim against the deposit. I decided that it was best to wait for the letter and if there were any disagreements as to the amount of repairs I would follow the process explained in the lease and attempt to reach an agreement regarding my deposit. After the thirty days was up I sent a certified letter to Gerald and his Realtor notifying them that I was not informed why my deposit was not returned and as the lease states that he was no longer entitled to make a claim against my deposit. The following day I received a call From Gerald. He stated that he received my letter and that he thought we had a verbal agreement that he would keep the deposit. He then stated that he would send me a certified letter like I sent to him.
    I received his latter a couple days later and that stated that I broke my word and that if I attempted to get my deposit back that he would hold me responsible for all of the damages and this would be handled through his attorney. To my surprise he included a painting quote for $2,500. Included in the quote was repairs for a piece of drywall, that was stated in the inspection report to be irregular, as well as painting the entire property including base boards even though he had already told me the stairway, which I had repainted, and the bedroom, which was in acceptable condition at the time of our walkthrough. I was surprised to see such a high bill for the work due to the quote I had previously received. Because I did not receive any follow up letters of additional damages as he stated he would send and I still had not received my deposit back after the September 20th as I requested in my initial letter, I sent him another letter via certified mail stating that it was clear that we hadn’t reached an agreement on the return of deposit and that I would have to seek further action to be returned my deposit. A couple of days later I received that same letter with my mail. On the front it was hand written, “Refused return to sender”. I feel that I have no other option but to seek the return of my deposit in court due to the process stated in our lease and the disagreement as to what needed to be repaired at the townhome.

  448. Guest Says:

    Heading with class
    Management Company Changed move in date…
    A week ago I went to a management company paid my first months rent and signed a document stating that move in date would be Oct 10th @ 3pm. At this time I was supposed to bring my deposit. I get to the office to find out that I was not going to be able to move because contractors had not put in new stove and or fixed garage door. I had UHAUL at my current home filled and ready to move. Manager tells me all he could do was for me with my 3 little girls I may add stay at a hotel until Monday and I told him what about my stuff? He said to put in storage. Save receipts and they would reinburst me for hotel and storage. Now that I am at a hotel room alot more calmer I thought when I signed the first form about move in date it stated if I backed out I would be charged about 600 dollars. So if I kept my part of the deal shouldn’t they be liable for more then just reinburstment? Please Help

  449. Guest Says:

    Hi There,

    I had to hold the rent in order for my landlord to make repairs, I held two months until he fixed two windows, then he refused to fix another broken window and the water problems in the apartment, because he didnt have to, and since I refused to pay, i had to give him 30 days notice to move out, he filed a complaint in court. I have already moved this past weekend, and out court date is on 10/15/08. My questions is will I still be obligated to pay him everything he’s asking for? If so, will the court allow me to make arrangements to pay him in installments?, since I’ve vacated the premises. What happens when a tenant moves out before court date? I know I have plenty of proof he did not make all repairs and he never gave me notice where my security was deposited and to this day I don’t know where that money is, even though I asked him to let me know where my security deposit is. Help!??!?

    Thank you,

  450. Guest Says:

    I am a landlord of a single family dwelling in MPLS MN. My tendants of 2 yrs recently moved out. The signed rental agreement states that I have 30 days to return any portion of the damage deposit. Which I did within the stated time per the rental ageement. However, I just received an e-mail from the x-renter stating that per MN law 504.20-3 I only have 21 days to return the damage deposit and now she is requesting the entire deposit be returned. Do I have recourse? Keep in mind, this does not go into any detail regarding her braking the rental agreement by getting a dog etc.

  451. Guest Says:

    I live in Chula Vista California I rent an apartment and we have visitor parking. I recieved a notice by my Landlord saying we can not have visitors park in the visitor parking after 12am til 6am. I think this very wrong. Since we do not have off street parking. I have my baby sitter stay the night some times. Now she can not. What can I do?

  452. Guest Says:

    I signed a landlord tenant rental lease on November of 2005, and in April of 2006 my boyfriend was added on an the lease was renewed with his name on it. My boyfriend decided to move out and called the landlord asking to be removed from the lease. I too called the landlord and ask that he remove my boyfriend from the lease and draw up a new lease with only my name on it. This never took place. I have moved since then and the landlord is coming after both of us for an outstanding balance that is due to him. The landlord is using the rental lease which we both signed. I have paid the landlord half and told the landlord if he chooses to collect the other half he will need to get it from my boyfriend. My question is will i be responsible for the other half as well or does what i paid count towards the total the landlord was wanting. Second can i go after my boyfriend for reimbursement from the time he signed the lease till the time it was terminated?

  453. Guest Says:


    I moved to Albany, Ga seeking help for my son and another cheap apartment in case he have to go to the hospital again and I won’t have to worry about paying a high rent and being put out. I managed to pay my rent, buy children clothes, etc. from 2004 to 2007 from my GIBILL and other students in the past for many years cause my son kept having seizures due to medical mistakes, even at birth. To make a long story short. I had to move to Albany, GA. I had to apply for emergency housing in Nov. 07 but I had signed up in Sept. 07 because my son had to go to school and you need an address to get your child placed in school. I didn’t get into emergency housing until Nov.07 while living with a relative and a motels waiting on emergency housing. Let me back up a bit. The reason why we came here, too, is that he kept having seizures back to back and his SSI stopped and I couldn’t get to my school to sign up and time for summer classes. Therefore, we had no income and I was told by everyone in Savannah that their was no funding to help us. The lights were out etc. Fast forward: We moved in on Nov. 07, and they just gave me the keys and I had to find the apartment the best way I can. It was dirty, roaches, rats, wall filthy, black ceiling from a house fire where they tried to cover it up, the ceiling is cracked from the water and it leaks from up stairs to down stairs and it is about to fall. The ceiling next door finally fell and the woman had four children. I wasn’t planning on being here this long. I’m a Veteran of the Army and I have a BA in Criminal Justice so I know something is wrong with how they treat people here. I just don’t have the resources yet. I’m tired and I have to sit up with my son every night to avoid him having seizures. I didn’t get air until 2 weeks before 6 months. They didn’t fix the bathroom until a few months prior to that. They told me that I should get a can of “Raid” and not that cheap can of roach spray because I need to help myself. Either of them has never joined the military, may not have a BA degree, have a 99% on the postal exam, planning to take 2 more test to be teacher certified on the part 2 exam, took the Ga Work Ready Certification, and more. But, they say, “I need to help myself”. I was doing it but, when I couldn’t get to school in time to sign up to get the GIBill because my son was at the hospital over and over, we ended up here. Moving forward: I had to go to Sandford Bishop to get them to help me get a address verification so that I could take my children to school when school started because they refused. With the staff at Sandford Bishop’s office, I was able to get the address verification. I complained to higher officials about the rats, roaches, etc all over the house and a bad smoky order constantly in the house that I can’t get out. The house is clean, as best as, I can get it because, it was dirty when I moved in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to be inside of an apartment, I just didn’t know that they can make people live in these conditions. Now, they are harassing me such as: changing the mail box key, changing the locks when I already had a key and I was the only one they did that to according to other tenants, refusing to give verification address for my son’s school, waited almost 6 months to fix the air and that long to fix the tub for me and my two small children to bath. We had to wash off. I still have the tub mat to prove the fith that was backing out from the tub. They would give the spray man the wrong key even after they changed the lock. The man that supposed to fix the rat entrance, they gave him the wrong key. This is too suspicious to me. How can both parties have the wrong key is they changed the lock to one dead bolt lock. Now, I only have one key. They refused to let me buy another key for $10 when asked. They trying to put me out on the status that my son is 5 years old but it is not mandatory for him to go to school until 6. I’m home-schooling him next year because, mainly he needs one on one teaching time. I tried to place him in school but with the doctor defer letter, the school wouldn’t let him in and I know a medical exemption is allowed in the state of GA. for him to go to school. I believe in my heart and his medical records of the various times in the hospital due to paralysis and more may harm his little body or even death. They told me that since now that I’m signing a lease to pay $163, I can’t have cable for my children and I will be put out. The neighbors has cable in their house and more. Then she told me or I have to pay electricity but she didn’t expect me to say that I will pay electricity. I’m going to try and the hoped that I can find a day job but Albany is hard because, it is such a small town. The only income we have is over $600 but I pray they don’t hire other people instead of me. I even tried for DFAS and they didn’t hire me and all they needed was 90 credit hours but my child’s condition kept them from hiring me. They can give as little as 24 hours to vacate the property and they gave me a 30 day-month to month lease. They plan to terminate me their on the spot but I didn’t initial on the spot where my 5 year old son had to be in school or I had to vacate the property that day. I was told that their emergency policy over-rides any state law and I have to know that can’t be true. I plan to be a lawyer someday and that can’t be true but, I’m out of touch right now with my son and hope that I can save him. By the way, from my understanding, he was 5 every since April of 08. The next door neighbors child had missed 43 days of school last year and failed and they didn’t do anything. She had just had a baby and pregnant again, to say the least. At least, I put into society versus them having babies, never worked, etc and the husband works, too but they claim a hand written note is not accuarate for them. But, they request everything from me and take it. A little story in my own defense. They told us that they can come in unannoused and on the Weekends without our knowledge because, we are in emergency housing. The rental agency is being paid by hud agency, too. I don’t know if that matters. Then I had to initial to waive my right to all traditional Landlord-Tenants rights or I had to vacate the apartment. I told the staff of Sandford Bishop they were going to do this to me because, I reported them but we are still living in unhealthy conditions. I ask them could I move into apartment #2 or #4 on the other side since it was clean and the wall were painted, etc. Right after, I requested-the move the tenants in. It was vacate for months before that. & =they have been fine and/or debarred from doing business with the federal government as a result of failing to provide safe and decent housing for the poor, while enriching themselves on taxpayer funded subsides-Tenants have been forced to live in terrible housing, and neighborhoods have suffered from housing eyes-sores. Hud call this a double crime-one against tenants as well as taxpayer (from the website) and another one =community residents to act as Hud’s eyes and ears to ensure safe, decent and sanitary housing (from the website). I want to call them but they may work up their to covering for each other. My thing is they can’t provide a work other stating that the walls was painted, fixed, etc. before I move in. Yes, it was free rent but, I have no way to go until I find work and able to keep my son from getting sick. It is not easy witnessing your son death and about to loose him on several other occasions. Oh I forgot, electrical system has a shortage and they had to call the electric man. In fact, roaches are infested inside the sockets, phone jacks, and more. Some of the plugs don’t work, missing covers and the lights flickers from time to time. I have pictures to show that I know the person who does the Certificate of Occupancy would closed these buildings down and my case would be pro
    ven. I could tell you more but I don’t want you to think that I’m ungrateful. It is just not right. They even tried to get me to move out and stay with my mom and I’m 39 years old. My mom had a stroke and can’t take care of us. My problem is that my son is sickly, sort of speak, and I have to work around his situation but I need a job, too. I need to take care of my family. Some of the people out here is having their men live with them, mom, etc. One lady dads works for the city and she is out here and another mother stays across the street in a house and works for the school system and she lives out here for pregnancies. My son’s situation couldn’t be helped by me and it was due all to medical mistakes. I have written prove that his initial started from birth and lawyers that knows the doctors and the military doctors refused to help me. So, I couldn’t get help. The doctor in Augusta, Dr. C is holding evidence of Cerebral Palsy and she have not sent me copies, even after sending certified letters to her. What can I do? Should I just bear it until I leave because, obviously I can’t go no-where until I get a job and hope that I won’t loose him. My son was even given an overdose and he died. They put in the documents that he choked which was a lye. I was there. He was already sleep for the Cat Scan to see why he couldn’t sit up, walk, etc. They woke him up briefly, gave him a speedy shot at his foot and woke up screaming momma, sat up and pulled me down with my shirt. Did I say, he couldn’t talk, sit up ,etc. I’m still devastated by that. We stayed in the hospital days after that.

    I’m sorry for writing so much. I tried to do it fast cause, I have to hold my son while he sleeps because, his body still jerks from time to time having close cause of his episodes. I was just giving you an idea what I goes through.

    Thanks in advance.

  454. Guest Says:

    I live in Rhode Isalnd. I need to knwo what I can do my landlords are telling me I must open my shades during th day. I totally do not think it is an issue however I am a mother of two small kids I work and go to school some time I forget to open them and I have ( two times in 3 months) and I have had to come home to letter and threats about being evicted. what are my rights

  455. Guest Says:

    How long notice if you don;t sign lease to leave your apt, reside if you didn’t sign lease for last year you staying

  456. Guest Says:

    I am very curious about all appliances in my home, they are over 20 years old and are costing us more in monthly utility bills because of it. What are the guidlines for the time frame my landlord has to install newer ones?

  457. Guest Says:

    Yes, this is legal. This happens a lot in towns/cities with universities and colleges. I live in a town where people sign leases in Nov/Dec/Jan for August move ins. So current tenants have to resign or risk losing their apartment. As for resigning and still moving out – it depends on the landlords. Once you sign a lease it is a binding contract and you are legally responsible for paying it. Some landlords will allow you to find a subleasor or will void the new lease if they are able to refill it. However, they don’t have to do this.

  458. Guest Says:

    a note by the office put on my door states i am responsible for cleaning in front of My door. My door opens to a hallway people got through the hall regularly some spit they leave cigarrettes ends on the floor am i responsible for cleaning up things i did not leave on the ground the hall floor is cement

  459. Guest Says:

    $1200???? I just had a ‘certified professional’ come to my home in Beverly Hills to do the test for $450. Call someone else.

    The testing should cost no more than $500 tops.

  460. Guest Says:

    I live in Massachusetts – What are tenants rights against being displaced due to a fire in the house

  461. Guest Says:

    I moved into a apt which has a jucuzzi. It is now not working. Is my landlord responsible to get it back into working order? The problem was no fault of my own. Thanks

  462. Guest Says:

    if mother dies and she already payed rent for the month can her son get the remaining rent back from landlord

  463. Guest Says:

    Moved into a new apartment (of the same building i was in earlier) and as soon as i moved into the apartment have been very ill with respiratory problems and throwing up everymorning. Last week there was a flood in the bedroom with water coming out of the wall. When my landlord put a hole in the wall, the hot water pipe had a pinhole leak in it. The leak had been happening for a few years because the day before the flood in the bedroom someone on the 5th floor below us (we are on the 14th) complained of water coming out of the wall.

    after repairing the pipe that was leaking, the landlord told us not to mind the musty smell its just because the building is old, and she will have to replace the whole wall in the bedroom.

    upon investigation, the ‘musty’ smell was mold, black mold to be specific. i went to the doctor with this new information and my illness has been caused by the mold.

    It has been a week and a half now since the landlord put a hole in the wall…and nothing has been fixed. the whole apartment smells like mold, and myself and my brother are no longer able to stay in the apartment because of the health risk, and i have no bedroom.

    the landlord is not taking the proper measures to clean the mold and deal with the situation, as the health board in our city has said she should do.

    since i am unable to live in my apartment and there is damage to things such as my mattress and all of my clothing and everything in the bedroom due to the landlord not properly fixing the situation.

    what can i legally do?

  464. Guest Says:

    I just wanted to let you know….
    Yes it is 21 days…
    If you are not returning it all you need to itemize why and show recipts.
    If you do not she can leagly go after you for double what it was.

  465. Guest Says:

    my mother lives in a low income apt in Texas. They were built 17-20 years ago. since she has moved in she has told the maintence man and manager that her thermostat was unreadable and that the ac does not work. Finally they sent someone out to look at the ac and found that the coils were very dirty and that is why her ac is blowing no cold air. Of course this has not been fixed and it has been months. THey did change the thermostat and fire alarm and is charging my mother for these. I don’t think this is legal. How is that even moral for them to charge a 62 yr old woman who lives in low income for a 20 yr old MAINTENANCE problem. She was upset and rightfully so. She spoke with the landlord and found that if her stove or any other 20 yr old appliance was to break down and/or need repair she would be held responsible. Somebody please tell me that this is untrue. I am wondering if Hud is ok with this situation. Does she have any recourse??

  466. Guest Says:

    I’ve been in my apartment in California for three years. I’ve had a apartment sized washer and dryer for the last year.

    My landlord just told me I have to get rid of them because she’s worried they may start a fire.

    I have a friend who’s a licensed electrical contractor and he looked at them and my wall plugs and said they’re fine.

    Can she legally tell me I can’t use them, or my window unit?

  467. Guest Says:

    My apt got broken into i have a police report im about to give birth in 4 weeks and its been about 2 weeks since the insident happened ive ask the office to have the maintance come and repair the door its not locking right i dont feel safe in the inviroment im in what can i do what are my rights? i want to move with out buying out my lease because i dont think its fair i have to pay if im not safe and they will not transfer me to a different building for free.

  468. Guest Says:

    my son is renting a house with college students and we have had very bad snow and rain. He cam home from break and only his room was flooding from the foundation and could not stay in room. what are his rights and how long does it take to dry before mold is set. Can he get some rent back if he can not stay in his room

  469. Guest Says:

    I am a tenant in massachusetts, and my landlord is trying to evict us. Unfortunatley, they do not realize the proper means of eviction. They believe that by sending us letters of intent that we will move out. They have just sent another letter stating that the locks will be changed in one week. We have yet to recieve a notice to quit the lease and there is no scheduled court date. Now they are not returning my phone calls stating that I know my rights, and my lawyer will be calling them. Anyone have any ideas?

  470. Guest Says:

    I live in N.J and the landlord never reg. the house as a rental pro. in the town but drew up a lease. Would the lease be valid? Also, he never placed the security depsoit in an acc. Could this be grounds of a broken lease or could I tell him to use the security as last monthes rent? There is nothing wrong with the house at all. Thank you for your time.

  471. Guest Says:

    I am late on my rent almost every month due to a finacial change in my income. my lease is not due til December 2009. Its January 12th and i went in to advise them i will pay on the 16th including all late fees. i was told by the Apt mananger that no matter what she will not accept my rent and wants me out. I have not been to court and haven’t been served by a constable. She said even if i came up with the money 2moro, she will not take it! Can she do that?!!

  472. Guest Says:

    You should get legal assistance, i live in nevada and there is something called nevada legal services and they help you with that kind of problems, they even send inspectors from the city to evaluate the apartment. Try to get that help as soon as possible because the problem with that black mold it is very dangerous. Here in Nevada the landlord has to pay for all the expenses let’s say that you can’t live in your apartment and have to go to rent to a hotel the law makes them pay for all the expenses.

  473. Guest Says:

    It may depend from state to state, but basically, if you signed a lease agreeing to pay your rent on time, by or on a certain date of every month, then the landlord is legally within her rights – your change in income is of no matter to her, as she has a legally-binding agreement with you, stating that you will pay a certain amount on time every time. Plus, if you knew this was becoming a problem, it was your responsibility to notify her asap; she may have been more willing to negotiate when it first became a problem, or at least might have been willing to let it go a month or two (as you state you are late almost every month, it sounds like she has already been lenient with you).

    Check to see what your lease states, and check the tenant’s rights of your state to see if there is anything you can do (I know that here, in CA, tenant’s rights are very weak, and often the landlord doesn’t even need to give a reason to evict a tenant). Good luck!

  474. Guest Says:

    I haven’t pay my rent because I didn’t have a job and now I have one and I want to pay them but they already sent me a letter saying that i have to move but like 3 days later they sent one of their workers to asked me if I had any money to give them before I move, in any where in the letter that they sent they said that I would have to pay before I move I know that I owe them but I just Want to know If I could pay the money that I owe and stay in the apartment until I find a place to live because I need the money to move and I have a seven months old baby that I have to take care should I pay or not before I find other apartment?

  475. Guest Says:


  476. Guest Says:

    My son rents a basement apt in D.C. and has had a couple of problems with flooding due to the air conditioner.

    This week, the air conditioner flooded yet again, and ruined almost everything in the apartment, electronics, bedding, everything. The landlord has been made aware of the problem and must be using heckle and jeckle as his maintenance personnel. To make a long story short, the landlord knew there was a problem about 7:00 in the morning, yet did not contact my son until after 5:00 in the evening, during which time the water continued to flow.

    Is there any recourse for my son for damages to his property seeing as the landlord was aware of the problem but never contacted him to let him know or did anything to rectify the situation? He still has not gone out to the apartment to see what the situation is nor has he sent maintenance personnel.

  477. Guest Says:

    Were they not old when you moved in? Buy your own home and get engery efficient ones.

  478. Jesse Says:

    My landlord gave me a note saying that basically giving me a five day notice to “Cease or terminate your Tendency” referring to dirt tracked in twice to the apartment building hallway. I walk threw a muddy and dirty area leaving work (when it is wet outside), so when I come home I try to get the dirt off my boot with out stomping the ground so I don’t wake up other tenants due to my hours worked. They ask my wife and I both for signatures saying we wont do it again. I wont sign something that is not notarized or something that the letter is kinda threatening. Which this note/letter seems to be indicating a possible eviction.

  479. Debra Says:

    Hi, I hope someone can help me.
    I moved into an apartment in Providence, RI. My Mom had to pick it out, as I was moving ‘blind’ from Colorado. I am disabled, but this doesn’t have bearing on my problem.
    Since I moved in, the landlord (esp. the landlady) have decided to hate me. They refuse to tell me why, no matter how I ask. They refuse to speak to me to come to a peaceful resolution. I am constantly in fear of them 1) throwing me out (even though I have 7 months left on my lease) and 2) coming into my apartment whenever they choose, even when there is no emergency.
    Last night, I was hospitalized and when I was discharged, discovered that the hospital had lost my coat with THE ONLY SET OF KEYS IN THE POCKET. (The landlords should’ve had keys to all doors but didn’t, and when I loaned my keys to them for over 6 weeks so they could make copies, they ‘never got around to it’. So I got my keys back after that time, waiting for them, as they said they would, to ask for the keys when they were finally ready. My spare set of keys I gave to my Mom, but unfortunately, she lost them. So when I was discharged from the hospital, Ihad to risk going home and knocking on their door. I did so, and though they claimed they didn’t have any working keys, they had some for the front doors. I got in and looked forward to a good night’s sleep, but 5 minutes later the landlady (HORRID in the best of times, always screaming at me and expecting me to read her mind and figure out what she wants besided adhering to the lease), drunk as a skunk, was pounding on my back door with both fists. No simple knock, just deafening pounding. (This attitude outlines the way she has ALWAYS) treated me!). She demanded her keys back, saying it was her house. This, of course, would leave me with NO way to get in and out of my apartment. I told her I’d give them to her in the morning. She got more enraged, and continued to pound insanely on the door, which I now refused to open. When that didn’t work, she began to call me incessantly, harrassing me with her phone calls. I picked up once, telling her she’d get the keys in the morning, and also saying that not only has she never permitted any way for peaceful resolution, all the charges she was ‘mad’ at me for were completely fraudulent and trumped up. In other words, there should be ZERO complaints from them. I even do things not in the lease like sweep around the common areas and pick up trash from same.
    Because of the violent verbal abuse and harrassment, I called the cops, asking for mediation. I even asked them to arrive without lights or bru-ha-ha, in respect for my landlords. But when the cops came, one mean police woman demanded I hand over the keys, totally ignoring any rights to ingress and egress due to me. I have always paid my rent on time in addition to doing all sorts of extra things. Please note: the landlords have NEVER told me of their predilictions outside of the lease; the landlady told me I have to guess, and if I ever guess what they want, she would finally consider ceasing to be enraged.
    I finally got her hubby on the phone last night, and though he normally someone I can have at least a bit of conversation with, he totally took her side. No matter how often I asked what it is that I’d done wrong, he couldn’t answer it. He finally said that, ‘We don’t blend’. Again, I am completely mystified, as I am very, very community oriented, always working for peace and harmony for ALL, not just myself.
    So now they want me to move out, and I don’t have the money to do so. I fear, IF they make me a set of keys, that they will come in whenever they want. What do I do? I just moved to Rhode Island from Colorado, and it took every penny available to move into this place. Now they want me out, even though I have a lease. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  480. jt Says:

    I rent and everything was going great until my neighbor helped herself to my apartment–meaning the landlord gave her a key. She entered my apartment w/o me even knowing to let my dogs out–I was gone 30 minutes. When I called her I told her not to enter–what can I do 1st for her trepassing after I said no and 2nd for the landlord giving her the keys and he is refusing to get them back.

  481. Angelica says: Says:

    I’ve been leaving at my apt. for about a year; the owner has not fix a lot of the things that needed to be fix from day 1 I moved in. The carpet is so old (no pading in it at all any more) and dirty and he wont do nothing about it. I hardly have any running hot water for showers, the bathroom has mold, do to the fan not working since I moved in and he said he would get someone to fix it. I have mold in my kids room around the window and in the living room carpet next to the window. The front door is old and has some small chuncks missing at the bottom of door; also it has a glass design which is broken since I moved in, and I cut myself with it the other day when I pushed door open with groceries in my hand. My son has been sick constantly since I moved there, I’m starting to think its because of the mold in house. I’ve told him several times about all of these issues and all I get is I’ll get to it and he never does. I even told him yesterday that the person that was suppose to come over and fix the bathroom problem Im having at the moment never made it and that I would get someone myself to do it and deduct it from the rent. He said I can not have anyone come the house and work with out his concent. I even have roaches, which by the way that was the first thing I ask when I did the walk through and the other owner said NO WE DON’T, 2 weeks after I moved in I saw them in the bathroom I immediatly call them (owners) to let them know what was going on and they said they would send someone to fumigate the apt., well no one has come and I just get the run-a-round. We (the other 4 apts.) don’t have a 24 hr. emergency # we can call. The 2 numbers we have, we normally have to leave a msg. because they don’t answer. What really gets me is that I pay my rent on time, I keep up the place and they don’t care they just want the money. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I CAN DO. Landlords like this shouldn’t be landlords at all.

  482. lindsey Says:

    i live in a apartment and i am on a lease i have three more months on it and we just got a house. we called our manger and she was ignoring us because our new mangers had called her for a reffence but she finally answered and told us that we have to give her a 30 day notice and also pay a off the lease but if we were to stay we would have to pay another months rent so all together just to move out and move in would be 3100.00 and we have a deal with the new landlords that we will move in at the first of the month what should i do. also she is threatening that she is going to take the cleaning fee that we paid but when we moved in it was filthy durt on walls and dog skratches on the foor and crew marks on the walls and she never gave us a copy of the walk through paper that has all the damages on it. can i through that in her face or can she through it in mine what can i do about all of this help me

  483. RoanMizin Says:

    I live in Lackawanna County Pa. (Scranton). I am renting an apartment and didnt sign a contract. Is it legal for my landlord to make me pay for sewage?

  484. Sherry Tucker Says:

    I live in a low income senior/disabled hi-rise in Saginaw, Mi.. I waas led to believe that heat is supposed to be included in the rent, but the housing commissioners are so hell-bent on saving money that as spring approaches, the building’s heat has been shut off, at our expense.
    Not long ago, new boilers had been installed and we were told that the heat would “kick on” when the outside temps got below fifty degrees. It’s been below that several days now (like I said, I’m in Michigan). I’m extremely concerned that my immediate neighbor will make yet another attempt to heat his apartment with his oven while he cooks a pound of bacon on an uncovered cookie sheet in it. (brilliance at it’s finest)
    This morning, I questioned the “property manager”, Pat ricia Krogman about the lack of heat and she told me that she’d let “Tony” know (whoever he is). I’ve been home a couple hours now and called the after hours line, was told that this is not an emergency, and I’ve called Patricia Krogman’s line, and am waiting for the heat to start up.
    Most of the things I learned about the government in school and college, are beginning to change colors on me. In other words, why would I continue believing them when I’m constantly finding out that their not true? Any longer?
    There’s no need to contact me. It won’t happen anyways. Just have them leave the heat on at least until the fifteenth of June.

  485. guest Says:

    we moved into our apt about 1 1/2 months ago, since that time we have received three violation of lease notices, some of the things my children did do, and I have since resolved the problem, the second two notices were about an animal violation, and people living in our apt that are not on the lease, so i went to the office to talk to management about these “violations”, and was informed that the maintance men are watching us, and that i opended my garage and therre was a maintance man so I swooped up my dog and went inside, I did pick up my little dog because she was not on a leash and did not want her running outside of my garage, then I was told that they also know I have a little puppy, when I told them that I do not have a little puppy my neighbor does, the property management didn’t believe me. I was told I need to watch the flow of traffic into my apartment… I have four kids, three of them are teenagers so for now I am not letting them have anyone over, and I also have noone over. what are my rights? Texas.

  486. Very Weary Says:

    i live in low-income housing, and i’ve seen management change at least 5 times. How is it that a housing project funded by the State will allow this type of behavior. The same problems i had 3 years ago still exist. I’ve put in work orders, what else should I do. If I put my money in escrow and the owner does not have the repairs complete as agreed, can I get my money back?

  487. jamey Says:

    I have been living in a townhome since Oct. 2008. It was rented to me by VIP Realty however, owned by VMI McCall LP. VMI recently took back management of the property. VMI refuses to make any repairs, maintenence the lawn,and we are also sharing a meter with nieghbors & are paying almost double what we once payed for our water bill. WHICH IS NOT PAYED DIRECTLY TO THE WATER COMPANY. Something smells fishy, what should we do ?

  488. Lily Says:

    First of all you people giving advice need to be careful of the crap you are spreading. If you write a check and hand it to me…I can cash the check the day you hand it to me. Banks do not pay any attention to the date you want that money taken out of your account, it is not their job. You write me a check you best have the money available in your account.

    It is not illegal for a landlord to enter your apartment. Most landlords give a courtesy note of 24 hours but it is not required by law in some states. A landlord must knock first if you do not answer then they can enter. If you are on any type of government property not only can the landlord enter your apartment without notice so can the government funding agency. If you call the landlord for a maintenance request you are giving that landlord permission to enter until the problem is fixed. They do not have to work around your schedule. Every state has different rules for landlord/tenant is the different laws pertaining to each state for landlord entry:
    if it states No Statute it means the landlord does not have to provide notice to tenants by law (but be aware most landlords do give some type of notice for entry)
    State Amount of notice required for landlord to enter
    Alabama No statute
    Alaska 24 hours
    Arizona Two days
    Arkansas No statute
    California 24 hours
    Colorado No statute
    Connecticut Reasonable notice
    Delaware Two days
    District of Columbia No statute
    Florida 12 hours
    Georgia No statute
    Hawaii Two days
    Idaho No statute
    Illinois No statute
    Indiana No statute
    Iowa 24 hours
    Kansas Reasonable notice
    Kentucky Two days
    Louisiana No statute
    Maine 24 hours
    Maryland No statute
    Massachusetts No notice requirements in statute
    Michigan No statute
    Minnesota Reasonable notice
    Mississippi No statute
    Missouri No statute
    Montana 24 hours
    Nebraska One day
    Nevada 24 hours
    New Hampshire Notice which is adequate under the circumstances
    New Jersey No statute
    New Mexico 24 hours
    New York No statute
    North Carolina No statute
    North Dakota Reasonable notice
    Ohio 24 hours
    Oklahoma One day
    Oregon 24 hours
    Pennsylvania No statute
    Rhode Island Two days
    South Carolina 24 hours
    South Dakota No statute
    Tennessee No notice requirements in statute
    Texas No statute
    Utah No notice requirements in statute
    Vermont 48 hours
    Virginia 24 hours
    Washington Two days
    West Virginia No statute
    Wisconsin Reasonable notice
    Wyoming No statute

    It seems most of you have problems that should have been taken care of BEFORE you ever moved into your apartment. When you sign a lease you are accepting the said property in a as is state. If you did not inspect this apartment before you moved in you have nobody to blame but yourself. If the apartment was not in the condition you wished to live do not accept’s not that hard and you are not bound to any agreement until the day you sign the lease.

  489. Nikki Says:

    Hi I recently rented an apartment from a complex but when I went in to see the condition (after signing the lease) and to clean it up I noticed dog hair all over the apartment. I complained and maintenance tried to clean it out of the carpet but they could not get it all out. I tried to get it out by buying a new vacuum and using a lint roller made for dog hair…but nothing worked. I have yet to move into this apartment as I do not want my things collecting dog hair. Is this something that I am overreacting on? Doesn’t the landlord have the responsibility to clean the apartment of dog hair? I want to know if I break my lease will I have to pay the termination fee?

  490. Says:

    [...] Rental agreement laws by state Fair housing act – From 10 tips every tenant should know Landlord tenant act Tenant Responsibilities – Rental Laws – From Landlord & Tenant [...]

  491. Rachel Says:

    i would like someone advice. We have lived in our rental house for nearly 2 yrs. When we first moved in we were told the landlord was removing the toilet and sink from our spare bathroom but has never done it. Well about 3 mo. after we moved in the bathroom sink water lines broke and flooded the house while we were gone. There was about 3 in of water all over the house. The floor warped in the whole kitchen and the hall way and one room. The fridge is in a hole and can’t be pulled out. The stove is also in a hole. The landlord told us he was going to come in and replace the floors but it’s now nearly 2 yrs later and it’s not repaired. Well 2 mo. ago we started having trouble with money and didn’t pay our full rent of $750 a mo. we paid $500 which he said was ok as long as we caught up. So this month we paid our full month. Well 1 week ago our oven stopped working and needs replacing. It’s been a week and he’s dragging his feet on replacing or repairing it. When i gave our rent check today and asked how long they thought it would take to get the stove replaced or repaired they said They were looking for one and would replace it soon. But since we hadn’t been paying our full rent it was hard. NOW…. We have been living with their not repairing our floors, taking 3 mo. to repair our well pump and don’t think this is fair. We have been nice enough to not complain to them but i don’t think this is fair. What do you think?

  492. kyle Says:

    This girl and I signed a lease on an upper apartment in a duplex. She moved out but agreed to pay $250 of the $750 rent. She hasn’t paid the last month, but I have payed my $500 every month. Can my landlord come after me about this or is this her problem?

  493. Kay Says:

    I live in Oregon and would like to know how often a landlord/property management company is required to replace carpet, especially if the original carpet laid was “low” quality? I recently moved after five years of living in a place only to be sent a bill for $500 which included $1125 for new carpet for the apartment after applying my original $900 deposit. The carpet had normal wear/tear but was not destroyed, however they are charging me for replacement. Is there some law that says they have to replace the carpet after so much time anyway?

  494. Tina Says:

    Please Help! We rented an old farm house in June 2009, when we were looking at the house, I asked about insulation and old utility bills, they assured us the house had adequate insulation, and that the heating bills were reasonable. This house sits on 150 acres, and the owners have outbuildings, cattle and hogs, that they water and feed. We just found out that they never told us that the utilities for their outbuildings and water are on our meter. Our heating bill for this month and last month were over $300.00. We have always paid our rent on time, and have even fixed things in the house so they wouldn’t be bothered with it; just minor things, like broken outlet covers, etc. Also, when we moved in, we weren’t aware that there was a deposit for the utilities, that is in accordance with your credit rating. Upon finding this out, they agreed to cover our deposit for utilities and that we were to pay $25.00 extra a month until that part was paid back. We still owe about $175.00 on this deposit. We only had a verbal agreement to this condition, all our lease says is that we owe it and that it is to be paid back. My landlord called me a couple of days ago, and demanded that we pay up this deposit right away, as they are hurting for money. There is no way possible for us to do this, my husband is the only one working and is not receiving any overtime yet, due to the economy. I did assure her that we would pay this as soon as we possibly could, and we have always paid the extra with the $375.00 rent, and always on time. We have been exemplorary tenants, and we even keep an eye on their livestock, calling them and informing them of calves born, or when they’re livestock get out. My question is, is it legal for them to not disclose the fact that all of these utilities were on the same meter? Can we call the utility company and complain and if we do, can they retaliate by evicting us? It is now the end of January, as I do intend to find another place to live, it is very hard to do so in the dead of winter. I live in the mid-Missouri area, and help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!

  495. Talia Says:

    I been living in my apartment for a period of 5 years now. I have been receiving constant complaint from the tenant under me for almost two year now. They are saying that there are a lot of noise coming from my apartmet (things being push or pull, things being drop, a lot of heavy foot steps etc) I do have four kids in the ages of 2 to 10 years, my kids go to sleep at 8:30 pm from sunday to thursday and 10:00 to 10:30pm friday and saturday. My chairs have somthing that protect them formmaking any kind of noise when push or pull. I do control the running and playing of my kids. Just a few days ago they were banging on their ceiling which is my floor because I was watching tv at 12:00 am in a very moderate volume. They have send me a few notes in which they are treaning me to take me to court. What can I do to stop this harrassment?

  496. Anonymous Says:

    I rent rooms in a 4 bedroom Virginia Home. although i do not live there, my lease states that i have the right to have access to the property without notice to the common areas, but have to give notice if entering the roomers rented room?? is this legal?

  497. Jennifer Goodwin Says:

    I had had my landlord and a contractor walk into my place multiple times and the last time while I was undressing. I was so distraught I moved out, out of state, got a boyfriend with a big dog and now I can’t sleep at night. I have nightmares of men watching me. UGH. Not to mention, the contractor who built the place committed suicide and left the building (new luxury) in shambles with every apartment flooding when it rained. There were about 90 items on my punch list and the evidence I gathered (pictures, videos, statements etc) is overwhelming. Lawyers are welcome to contact me to discuss. NJ/NY area.

  498. Rick Feduska Says:

    I have a tenant that brought moths into a unit with her old furniture, and now is staing she has a moth problem , and wants me to bug the place. His this my responsability since she brought them in? The unit has never been lived in before, there is know way moths were in the unit.

  499. Crystal Says:

    I need help!!! My husband and I moved out of a duplex in West Virginia September 19th. The lease wasn’t up until October 31st but we paid for the following month even though we weren’t living there to fulfill our lease. Before we left I scrubbed everything! We tried once or twice a week since November to get in touch with the landlords and no one will call us back. Then last night we get a ridiculous security deposit refund of $305 out of the $1150 we paid. Bogus charges for cleaning…such as $35 to clean top of stove and hood…$20 to clean toilet…$40 to sweep and mop. The list goes on and on and we scrubbed this house from top to bottom before we left. Does anyone know if we can demand to see the receipts for these charges or pictures of the so called “damages” and if they fail to produce the evidence, can we take them to court. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of not taking pictures when we moved out but shouldn’t they still have to prove how they spent the security deposit??? NEED HELP ASAP! Thanks.

  500. Liz Says:

    I’ve lived with my husband, Dan, in Hudson, WI in a Section 8 apt since 2001. Up until today, tenants were allowed to smoke. Dan suffers from schizophrenia, OCD and chronic pain, is home bound and receives Social Security Disability. Dan’s doctors told him that smoking cigarettes stimulates the Dopamine in his brain, which calms his anxiety and other terrible affects of his schizophrenia. He only smokes in his bedroom and has two air filters running at all times. He is a very responsible respectful person and tenant… but this new rule has crumbled his “safe world” (the apartment). Is Dan protected under any Disability laws to continue smoking for his schizophrenia? Thanks so much for your help! – Liz

  501. Michael Says:

    To Lilly’s post on July 12th, 2009 at 6:02 pm:

    The information on Alabama is incorrect. Alabama passed the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act which went into effect in 2007. There, it states that the landlord shall give the tenant at least 2 days’ notice of his intent to enter except in case of emergency.

  502. Danielle Says:

    I just recently moved out of my apartment and into a new one. When I moved into the first one I signed a one years lease and gave him a security deposit. Now my landlord is saying that I have exceeded the damages that my security deposit will cover (this is not true). I am wondering if he can make me pay what he thinks I owe him when he kept my security deposit and my lease has been expired for two years. Please let me know. Thank you.

  503. meka Says:

    I haven’t had my rug changed out in my apartment for over 5yrs and also there was a water overflow on the apartment upstairs that flooded my apartment. The apartment came in and sucked up the water but I really feel there may be mold under the carpet and it really should have been changed out? What can I do?

  504. dave Says:

    i live in ky. my landlord has been burning hazardous waste within 100 ft. of my residence. he has been in trouble with the epa already, but continues to burn anyway. he has also told me in the past that he knows people that make problems go away. i don’t know what course of action i can take to make this stop. also, my plumbing drain does not work properly. so, there is a hole dug in my yard where the dug up part of the line a cut a hole in it to let the waste water drain out on the ground so my plumbing would not back up into my tub and sinks. any info and or advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated!

  505. michele alberta Says:

    Can my landlord legally post a sign that he will and has the rights to search that persons bags and his own persons befor entering his building and can and will press charges and have arrested banned from premises

  506. michele alberta Says:

    can a landlord search my visiters that enter my building? They posted a sign stating that they can & will search all persons entering and leaving his building,and can bann any body whome they want from coming into his building,thank you,concerned

  507. Tupelo Says:

    Help! My building has been fighting bedbugs for 2 years. My unit has passed all inspections except the last. I need to replace the mattress. Where can I get financial help with this? Is the landlord responsible for not containing hte infestation sooner? I am a disabled veteran living on SSI, and cannot afford to replace this on my own. Help!

  508. Anonymous Says:

    I pay $925.00 a month. My washing machine was broke for a whole month.. they only want to to reimburse me $35? But that’s like me payin $900.00 for a 1 bedroom 1 bath with no washer dryer?.. help

  509. Mary Says:

    I just moved into a duplex for low income housing. The landlord told me I had been approved before she had me sign the lease. My bank is out of state, and after moving in, she had me fill out a release of info form to my bank and to fax it back to her asap. It took several days when my bank faxed her back a privacy act page instead. Then after several phone calls to the bank, they faxed her my 6 month average balance, and not the form. She is still upset that my bank didn’t fax back the release of info form with the info she wanted. I’ve been on hud housing for years and this is the first time I have encountered this. Now the landlord is rude, makes nasty remarks about how easy it is getting other tenants info, making it sound like she is disappointed now that she rented to me. I paid my 2nd month rent today with a check, she told me she would bring me a receipt, but she failed to bring me a receipt, instead she left. I think she is a dishonest bully. Who can I turn to for help?

  510. Mary Says:

    By the way, it’s housing for Sr’s and people with disabilities.

  511. childrens benefits information provided Says:

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  512. Ronald Says:

    Hello ! I live in el paso Texas and I purchased a hot tub ! I need a 220 voltage outlet at this place ! The costs for the wiring is about 200 dollar ! Who is responsible for the cost ?

  513. Anonymous Says:

    I dropped off my new lease on 12/15, and when I checked, my rent notice, the rent was unchanged–still the same–not charged an increase. But the notice was dated from 12/16. Does this mean they are not honoring my new lease?

  514. PhilaLandlord Says:

    Ronald, does your lease allow you to install a hot tub? Read your lease. The cost of the outlet is more than likely your responsibility entirely, and your lease probably reads that you must use a licensed electrician of your landlord’s choosing for obvious reasons.

  515. KRISTINA Says:


  516. frustrated!! Says:

    I have been complaining to my apartments for months about a window that will not stay open in my bedroom. There are water spots all over my ceilings and if I keep my bedroom door closed you can smell mildew. So I kept calling and calling for someone to come fix it. Finally they told me someone would be coming to my apt to fix it that next day. Waited.. noone showed! So i called again to complain, they said they have been waiting on the part that it will be a couple more weeks! So finally they call me again to tell me they are coming in to fix it. I come home to broken glass outside of my apt and glass all over my bedroom floor. I mean HUGE pieces of glass. While I was cleaning it I got cut. Yea it was my fault, I should have been looking where I was walking BUT I would think the maintenance would have cleaned up after hisself before he left the apt. Is there anything I can do to break my lease or get something in return for their mess up? Im so sick of the management not helping us.

  517. Rita Says:

    I moved in to a single in October with my boyfriend on November we got a notice that we were going to have a visit from inspection on the following day I was there the next day and when day came in to inspect my apartment the guy from the city told me that my kitchen was iligal and that it’s going to have to get remove after the guy left I talked to my manager and he told me not to worry about it that they were going to take care of it on December 10 the manager told me that they were going to take. Out my kitchen for a few days he told me it was for inspection I was not sure of what was going on so I told them it was ok it’s being for days and I don’t have my kitchen back what can I do

  518. Grace Says:

    I living co-op in new york, My neighbor below to my unit made law suit at small claim court, regarding water damage. (water damage problem from water shuttoff Valve)
    below to my unit, they want came to my apartment flush a bucket of water to my bathroom’s ground, I refused, so They very angry to revenge to suit me, Please anyone can help me, How can I do for my situarion.

    Thank You

  519. Bad Jay Ficazzola Rentals EG RI Says:

    54-56- 60 Spring st East Greenwich the owner’s son is the quasi caretaker ! He never made repairs from beginning & never mentioned his Mommy is the owner ! I had to call the bldg inspector. Then I found the utils were crossed and I was paying others electric and hallway baseboard was on my service ++ ! Then my oil was repeatedly siphoned ! The town told him to give me a key to the basement he never did they didn’t enforce ! I couldn’t keep an eye on the oil tank or the gas meters /furnace. I called gas co. tech called son he refused admission tech said ok he’d get the fire dept to knock the door down . Then he had someone let the tech in. He was horrified reporting wooden header meters were attached to was rotted , 1 meter fell off the other hanging both leaking. Plus a leak in line 2 =apt 2. The elderly tenant in that unit repeatedly was taken to the hosp by ambulance she ended up in a nursing home. I called 3 more times each numerous leaks found in unit above ,ours and pipes/joints !! DEADLY ! The 4th time the other brother shut the furnace off before tech arrived but the automatic water feed was shot water all over the basement floor. Then my furnace was shot so he sent a notice be out oct 1 because by the 15th by law the furnace had to be working. I called town they told him get it working. He and his brother illegally were working on the oil furnace bldg insp told them to get a contractor. Then the boiler went on fire and they were wiping the escaping oil from my oil tank and the rags caught fire BOOM up the chimney a fire smoke coming out of it and bulk head neighbor screaming smoke getting on her house ! Four engines 2 1?2 hrs here. He’s mad at me evicting me I’m 62yrs disables=d always paid my rent till he gave me notice and shit on my living room chair out of spite . SICK EVIL BASTARD ! Then he shot at 2 guys with an unlicensed gun multiple felony arrest !! Great Finally Long over due !
    Newspaper story

  520. Anonymous Says:

    My mother, daughter & myself recently moved out of a rental with black mold… We were not informed of the black mold problem untill 3 months after we moved in… We signed a contract acknowledging the mold not knowing what to do or where to go at that point… We had already been sick from the time we moved in there… We lived there for 2 yrs, not truly knowing the effects of the black mold… My mother & myself spent the majority of the time living there sick… Last summer my mother had a small stroke & still has not completelty recovered, she has had chronic respritory problems, tremors, weakness, etc… She just spoke to her dr. yesterday about the black mold & he said she has all of the symptoms…I myself have also had chronic respritory problems, chronic fatigue… Also in the duration of living there, our locks were never changed… I believe my landlord was in my home on several occasions, while we were gone, we got to the point that someone was always there… I have no proof of it but i had seen him going in & out of other tenants homes when they were not there…. When we moved in we were told the heat was oil but never told they would be billing us for $200 for the oil in which we had no proof that was the actual cost of it… When we moved in we paid a $500 deposit for our cats & $650 rental deposit with the exception of a carpet cleaning fee… When we moved out we did not do much cleaning thus we were very ill & just trying to get out of there… I believe about 3 weeks after moving we recieved a bill for approximately $1900.00 incliding our rental deposit & excluding our pet deposit… This is absolutely unreal… We need help, can anyone offer any suggestions on what to do about this?

  521. 300 routine Says:

    Terrific work! That is the type of information that are meant to be shared around the web. Disgrace on the search engines for now not positioning this publish higher! Come on over and discuss with my website . Thanks =)

  522. linn Says:

    Hello i am renting an apartment from my landlord and in the lease i signed it states my landlord is to fix anything wrong my neibors in the upper unit left a water hoes on and destoryed my bed and my landlord said acidents happen and did nothing. my kids floor is falling threw and my kitchen cabinets are falling there is a hole under my sink where the floor has fell threw bathroom aswell i asked my landlord if i fix it will she take it off my rent each month but she says no and refuses to fix anything i have 3 kids 3 years 2 years and 5 months im scared for my kids doese anyone know if there anything i can do about this

  523. Pearl Says:

    Hello ,
    My rental left and didnt pay the balance of they rent $200.00 . some of their belongings is in my garage didnt pick pick up , Can i keep their belongings as a payment of the rent money they owed me ? pls kindly give me an advice from Las Vegas . Pearl,

  524. Rae Says:

    A family member was living with us. We typed up and printed out a lease agreement. Needless to say the family member decided to move out and informed me in a computer message. Belongings didn’t start getting removed from my home until yesterday and their is still a few things left. She still has a key to my home so my Q: By law is a person not living with you but still has property left behind allowed to enter your home with out knowing first? If not what action can I take? Thank you for your time!!

  525. Jennifer Says:

    Please help me.
    Me and my boyfriend plus our two kids age 6 years and 6 months All live a large two bedroom apt. We didn’t have any issues or problems until we have gotten new tenants downstairs below us.
    She made a few complaints saying we our loud upstairs and she can hear us all day running/walking and making all sorts of noise throughout the day. Which isn’t even true, I do walk around up here and do workout/exercise which is my right to do up until 9pm. The woman says she hears us walking around upstairs all night and she never gets any sleep. Ones again my 6 month old daughter wakes up and I do walk around to comfort her I’m not about to let my 6 month old daughter cry. Our landlord told use basically we need to be quiet all day and night just to make the people downstairs happy. I need some advise and want to know if i have rights? I have read the lease and soon going to hire a lawyer and sue this landlord we both feel we are being treated unfairly.

  526. Tim Says:

    we moved out into a house to rent out on feb 6th, and just in march it was nice out we were going to open the windows and found out the window screens have holes in them. is the landlord responsible to replace them? she’s making it sound like they don’t have to

  527. guest Says:

    I was wondering If a landlord d required to fix central air in Wisconsin. it is not in the lease that it is included just hat a/c is a utility that is paid by the renter. Is this something that they have to fix or can they say they are not fixing it and i need to get window ac’s

  528. Home Repair Service Dallas TX Says:

    Someone necessarily assist to make critically articles I’d state. That is the first time I frequented your web page and up to now? I amazed with the research you made to create this actual put up extraordinary. Wonderful process!

  529. Fudge Says:

    Is it legal for my landlord to shut off my hot water for 8 hours per day/ 7 days per week? My lease specifically states “hot and cold water included”. Once I overheard them saying “I’m sure they’ll understand were trying to save on costs” Are they allowed to interrupt my services, on the sole basis of them saving money????

  530. claudia morton Says:


    Help!! my friend had been lived in apartment more than a year and few months. Last Jan, a lady, child and a (husband or boyfriend) moved in that lives next door. Few months later, my friend’s two tvs turned out to be static. She puzzled something wrong with TV. She went out and check her cable box. At first, he thought cableguy repaired trouble with cables. it turned out that her neightbor pulled cable. she busted him for doing that. She asked him what he is doing there.. He said oh is it your? he finally put it back on. Finally her tvs returns normally. Few weeks later, he ported his cable cord to his port on cable box that cause no picture on tvs.. The cable guy ported it back on. She noticed him start outside after cable fixed and look nervous but she decided to give him a chance since he has a child needs a father. A month later, she noticed her knob door was opened without feeling pop when she entered few times. till one day, she noticed her two 1gal jars of full coins that worth between $200 to $400 sit inside closet at her bedroom was gone that alarmed her and checked window was broke. she reported to police and landlord that she suspected that neighbor live there because she remembered him for pulled out box. she reported it also..Landlord told us that tentant that live there is only woman and a child. there no name of man that lives there. OHHH he actually dont live there.. the landlord checked on resident that live next door. the lady told landlord,” no he only live there” she lied and she knew it is illegal to let non-lease person to live there..sigh.. we tried to proof landlord that he actually live there because we saw him walk in and out and stay there all overnight everyday even his suv parks there. Landlord said there is no proof that he still live there.. there no way we could.. we are now working on move out for safety without penalty. to my concern he will robber other door after we leave.. he take advantage for using his girlfriend without lease that go unnoticed him.. police officer said he could not authorized a person without me and make landlord wake up…

  531. Heather Says:

    HI. I am wondering if anyone is able to help me. My landlord is trying to surcharge me $75 for water for the past month in addition for another $75 for this month for water. It states in my lease (this is in pa) that the landlord is responsable for the payment of the water. He/the landlord is acting and has stated that I am taking advantage of him. There is no individual meter for my apartment and the whole apartment building is billed as one building. Is this legal to even do? Since I am technically already paying for it. Also, since I have lived there for two years nothing has worked including the a/c, drawers, stove burner etc. I have notified them of all of this and I get replies like “this is your first apartment you dont know how things work” and “the a/c worked for the last lady we dont know why it wont work for you.” This is their refusal to fix it. I have been paying them rent it is a couple of days late at times but it is paid in full. I am wondering what to do. They also are ending my lease with the option of renewing it for $90 more. The apartment is not worth what I pay for it now. I also think that the land lord has been in my apartment when I am not there. I think I am going to just send them a letter stating that surcharging for utilites that are covered in my lease is illegal in pa and that I will not be renewing my lease and state why. I am just wondering what is the best course of action on this.

  532. georgia carter Says:

    My tenenthave been arrested the rent was due the 27th of july his lady friend have moved three men in .everytime i ask her for the rent she have a excuse.when i rented the appartment to them i gave them keys now everytime she come home she bang on my window to let her in.can i keep the front door locked.

  533. Christina Says:

    We have been in our rental house for four years, and have had many problems with the house from not having proper heat, to plumbing, black mold, and now my fiance went under the house to see why our floors have been damp for the last couple of years. (the floors are slat hard wood floors with old carpet padding on them and then carpet with no plastic or anything to keep moisture coming through the floors.) Anyway like I said earlier the floors have been becoming wetter and wetter each year so my fiance went under the house and he found a pipe that was rusted out and pooring water into this huge puddle of water under the house. So all this water and moisture was coming up through our floors and causing black mold to grow not only under the house, but also black mold is growing in and through the walls and in the window frames inside the house. We have told our landlord about the black mold over and over and all he says is use a little bleach and some arm muscles and it will go away, but each time we have cleaned it with bleach, and even lysol made for mold it keeps coming back. Also when my finace went under the house he found many live exposed wires near leaky water pipes and the landlord himself has seen all this and all he did was replace the pipe that was rusted out and that was it. He has not taken care of the mold problem or the plumbing properly, as well as the no heat problem. He did offer to move us to another house but all of his rentals are in bad areas and are probably just as bad off as our house now. So I was wondering what are legal rights are as far as do we have to pick a house from our landlord or can we request he sets us up like in a hotel, or another house from a different renter. We don’t have the money/credit to be moving in some other house with out some kind of help or something, and that is the only reason why we have stayed here so long. We have four sons ranging from the age of 15 to 3 months who are always sick with lung problem and coughing, etc. We fill so stuck and over whelmed that if anyone could give us some kind of advice it would be a huge help.

  534. Rebecca Says:

    I rented my house with an option to buy. the tenants said they planned to buy it and decided to put in a new washer/dryer and took the older ones out saying he was doing this because he planned to buy the house. Then asked that I get the older ones out of the garage. Now they have decided that their lease is up that they are not going to buy and said they were taking the washer/dryer.
    I told them they must be replaced with working washer/dryer as that is what was there when they signed the lease. What is the NY state landlord/tenant law on this

  535. Rob Says:

    I have been living in an apartment for 2.5 years and the tenants below me have been harassing me. The landlord does nothing about it because there is a family relation to one of the tenan. These tenants do things such as blast the stereo at 7:30 in the morning or they have ran the hot water for hours so I couldn’t take a shower in the AM. I landlords talk to them but they never stop. So the landlord and I agreed that I should look for a new apt because no matter how many times the landlords talk to them they end up just messing with my life anyway because they don’t feel any threat of getting kicked out. The landlord said “you shouldn’t have to live like this”. SO its a passive aggressive way to ask me to leave since they cant make it stop. This is a terrible precedent to send that the tenants downstairs can torture other tenants if they want them to leave. They can torture the tenants above them because they know the landlords will not kick them out since they do have a small family connection. In fact I am not the first tenant that has had a problem with these people. It happened 2 times before me. The tenants before me lasted 3 months because they were harassing them, as well. So now they are starting to pressure me to look for a new apt. I find this to be disingenuous and a passive aggressive way to kick me out. Is there anything I should do to make these landlords do the right thing?

    PS. I’m supposed get Cable and internet along with the rent. I woke up this morning and everything is turned off. The internet is telling me that the acct balance is the problem which tells me that they didn’t pay the bill. The thing that bothers me is that they haven’t answered my calls or messages regarding this matter. If they never respond is it legal for me to call Verizon and set up FiOS in my apt under my own acct?

    Thanks for your help in advance!

  536. skyla Says:

    landlords with property with negative ROI cash flow have to pay the tenants that amount of money.
    that’s whats foren trade taut me.the market looks like its going down. and plus foreclose property
    to. if this keeps up. all land values will fall. all property will go in the negative cash flow and ROI
    will fall. that means landlords will pay tenants the negative cash flow and that amount of money.
    thanks for all the people who taught me this robe t keosoky and who made the cash flow games.

  537. Messias Says:

    In the State of Massachusetts, what are my right as a Landlord when my tenants leave a couch and other large debris in the yard? If I send a notice and it’s still there 7 days later, can I have it disposed of and charge them a disposal fee?

  538. Anonymous Says:

    This is why you should own your home

  539. Courtney Says:

    I moved into an apartment about 2 months ago. The apartment was advertised as having a hot tub and bbq area. Unfortunately these amenities are not available yet because they are still being built. My question is, should my rent be lowered in some amount; amenities promised are not being fulfilled? I’m paying full rent for partial services. I am going to talk to my landlord i just want a little ammunition. Thanks.

  540. Angy Wasson Says:

    My property owner wants to tear a wall down because he did not measure for the new (used) refrigerator. In the wall are a light switch, a plugin, and the thermostat for heater that they want to move to another wall. The maintenance man does not have an electrical license or permit. Is it legal for a non-licensed maintenance person to perform electrical rewiring inside the rental unit? If not then what can I do as a renter to ensure my family’s safety?

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