Interior Decorating Strategies for Apartments Under 700 Square Feet

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Interior decorating can be a challenge when you’re using less than 700 square feet of space. Nonetheless, it is a challenge that can be met if you know how to give the area you’re working with the illusion that’s it’s bigger than its actual dimensions indicate.

Use Neutral or Pale Colors

To open up such a small space, you’ll need to use pale or neutral colors as these colors tend to make a living area look larger than its real size. Choosing neutral colors or pale shades and tints will help tie in the whole look of your living area together and make it easier to decorate and accessorize. Also, such hues lend harmony to a small space and make it seem more peaceful.

Make Use of Mirrors and Lights

To enhance the dimensions of a small living area, use mirrors to make it seem more expansive. Also, when painting walls, use a reflective finish which spreads the available light throughout the room making it seem bigger. Use recessed lighting to open up your space and create an ambiance that is soft and serene.

Optimize your Use of Storage

When you live in a small space, you have to make optimum use of storage. Therefore, choose furniture items that can double as storage too. For instance, select double-sided shelves so you can divide a room and house your books and plants as well. Choose ottomans that can also serve as storage for ancillary items such as CDs, DVDs or magazines. Buy underbed storage boxes for out-of-season items and blankets and make a headboard for your bed that can serve as a shelf for books and related materials. Use hooks at your entryway to hang jackets and place wall shelves in the kitchen to free up your counter space.

Avoid Using a Hodgepodge of Colors and Styles

Maintain a consistency in your decorating scheme. Do not use a hodgepodge of colors and styles as this can be quite distracting when working with such a small space. Therefore, keep the furniture and accessories similar. For example, choose traditional furniture or a modern grouping but don’t mix the two. Keep everything in balance to create an inviting yet cozy environment that’s also relaxing.

Allow enough space between furniture items to maintain the illusion of spaciousness. Therefore, you should maintain about two feet between your couch and coffee table and about a foot between a chair and side table for easy access. Choose furniture with low, clean lines to add more room to your space as well.

Get Rid of Bulky Furniture

Get rid of any furniture that is bulky or whose doors make it almost impossible for you to gain entry to a room or to your things. Size furniture so it fits nicely into each space and select pieces, such as cabinetry or wardrobes, that have sliding doors. Choosing furniture that’s too large for the space or using doors that constantly hit other items of furniture will make your space feel even smaller. Therefore, make sure furnishings can be fitted nicely into each room.

Using the above tips can make living in your apartment more enjoyable and keep you ever mindful of the saying that “less is more.”

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