Indoor Gardening: Plants for Every Window

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Plants need sunlight to survive and grow; therefore each indoor gardening plant you buy for your apartment also has specific lighting and temperature requirements. While some plants seem to do well in windows with an eastern view, other plants thrive in windows offering western or southern exposures. Some plants are even more flexible and can do well in a variety of settings. Therefore, you can have plants situated in every window of your apartment home once you know what the specific illumination requirements are for your individual plants.

Lighting Requirements

Certain colors in sunlight are fundamental to the growth of plants. Among the colors in the light spectrum, red and blue rays give plants the energy they need in order to develop and grow. Plants set in windows are exposed to the needed balance of red and blue rays that are required for plants to regenerate and thrive.

Eastern Lighting

Windows with an eastern exposure typically offer the premium amount of temperature and lighting for plants as direct light from the sun usually streams in from the very early part of morning until the middle part of the day. Plants can grow exceptionally well when set in east windows as the temperature from the lighting is cooler and there is less moisture loss. A hanging basket containing a heartleaf philodendron would do well in an eastern window as well as a planter holding a Chinese evergreen or African violets. Most herbs also like a spot in an eastern window as well as such garden vegetables as carrots, beets and tomatoes.

Southern Exposure

Sunlight radiating through the panes of southern windows can be quite varied depending on the season. However, in the winter months, most plants will flourish when set in a southern window as sunlight streams across the room for most of the day. Rubber plants, schefflera, and bamboo are all good plants to include in window arrangements in this part of the apartment. A “wandering jew” plant or Swedish ivy in a hanging basket will enjoy a southern exposure too. Herbs also prosper in a Southern environment.

Western Facing Windows

Western facing windows can be host to a number of plants as they offer a nice amount of light throughout the day. Plants such as Boston ferns, aloe vera plants, Chinese evergreens, German ivy, grape ivy, begonia and Cattleya orchids do well in a western environment. A hanging basket containing a spider plant can also thrive here. The light that comes in through a western window is not too overwhelming which is helpful to plants such plants as Chinese evergreens whose leaves can become scorched or bleached by receiving too much direct sunlight.

Northern Lights

A northern window offers the least amount of light in which plants can flourish and is not normally a preferable spot in an apartment home in which to set a plant. However, some plants prefer a spot on a sill of a northern window as an abundant amount of light can be damaging to them. Plants such as Chinese evergreens, African violets and maidenhair ferns like the  darker and cooler areas of an apartment which receive the low illumination of a northern light.

As you can see, you can find a spot in a window for each of your indoor plants. It will make your place cheerier and your outlook too.

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