How to Make Your Own Balcony Planters

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Balcony planters can beautify your apartment while providing you with a screen for privacy.  With balcony planters, you can enjoy gardening even if you live in a high rise. By making your own planters, you can save a lot of money and grow your own supply of herbs, flowers and vegetables.

Planters for Your Balcony

Discarded containers no longer can be used as planters for your balcony. Glass jars and bottles can be used to grow flowers and herbs. You could also use metal pots and containers to grow plants. If you decide to use metal pots and containers, you should drill holes at the base of each one to allow excess water to drain out. Plastic buckets can also be used in a similar manner, and you can plant tomatoes, coriander and china grass in them. Unique planters such as unused wheelbarrows can add a touch of class to your balcony.

Other Ideas

If you have extra scraps of wood, you can make wooden planters. A touch of paint can make planters match the decor of the balcony. However, if you want a uniform look, you should buy planters from the market. It’s best to buy boxes with castors so you can rotate them, and ensure each gets a sufficient amount of light.

When designing your balcony garden, ensure that you have various types of plants such as climbers, bushes and creepers to lend a touch of charm and uniqueness. Choose plants that are able to thrive in city conditions and in conditions of limited soil and sunlight.

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