How to Keep Warm Without the Heater

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Knowing how to keep warm in your apartment without the heater is key to saving money this fall and winter. The utility charges for running a furnace are astronomical, and electronic potable heaters offer only a little bit of savings and heat–not to mention they could be dangerous. Next time you’re chilly, turn off the heater and follow some of these tips:

Cover the Windows

Windows are one of the easiest ways for the cold to penetrate your apartment in the winter, even when they’re tightly closed. Line all of your windows with removable window film in the winter, which should help maintain some of the heat inside the apartment. This film is attachable with a removable adhesive that shouldn’t damage the window sill, but be sure to test it out in a small area first. Also, cover your windows with heavy, thick drapes in the winter to keep more of the cold air out.

Block Drafts

After you’ve come home for the day, be sure to use a draft guard or a thick blanket to cover the bottom of your front door. A lot of cold air can sneak in under your front door, and you don’t want to undermine your other efforts of learning how to keep warm by letting that cold air in.

Dress in Layers and Use Blankets

The key to cold season attire is to wear layers so that you can keep yourself warmer when you need to, but also easily peel off a layer or two should you find yourself too hot. On the coldest of days, you might wear long underwear, an undershirt and a sweater. Don’t forget slippers on top of socks. When you’re settled on the couch, the bed or at your desk, cover your legs and feet with a warm blanket, which can keep your body temperature regulated. At night, you should have several layers of blankets within reach so you can add more or kick off some to adjust your temperature.

Drink Warm Drinks

Warming yourself from the inside can make you less sensitive to a cold environment. Warm up some tea, milk, hot chocolate or coffee when you’re especially cold. If you’re about to go to bed, you may want to choose milk or decaffeinated tea, as these drinks will not only help you know how to keep warm, but will also relax you.


You can also learn how to keep warm by getting your blood pumping through exercise. Exercise is not only good for keeping warm, but it’s good for your health too. There are a number of indoor exercises you can do right in your apartment without a lot of equipment, including aerobics and interactive exercise video games.

Now that you know how to keep warm without a heater or furnace, you can look forward to saving money this chilly season. Of course, there are times when you must turn on the furnace because it is just too cold out, but you never need to keep the thermostat set in the 70s in the winter season. Set your thermostat to the 60s, turn off the heater and try one of these tips to keep yourself warm instead.


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  1. October 19, 2011 at 10:21 am, James said:

    4 Things To Keep A Small Apartment Warm in Minnesota:

    1) Run the oven.
    2) Boil water on the stove.
    3) Use lots of candles.
    4) Run the shower at max hot.

    The first two come with the major catch of increased electric bill, but when it’s been 40-some-odd degrees on average you tend to care less..


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