How to Hide Ugly Electronic Cables

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One of the nuisances of the electronic age is those unsightly electronic cables that clutter up the areas around your entertainment systems. Hide them, disguise them and get them out of the way so you can enjoy your electronic media without distraction.

Twisty Ties to the Rescue

Coil or fold up the cables and fasten them into neat bundles with twisty ties. Those little paper covered wires will hold a large bundle of cables and free up space to tuck them neatly behind the machines they originate from. One trick is to fold the cable over in a back and forth pattern in your hand. Another way to neatly gather the cables is toe wrap them around your hand and then slide your hand out, pinch, and fasten with a twisty tie. That cord mess will be contained in no time! 

Fasten Cables to the Wall

If your cables stretch across an open space of wall, get cable tacks. These inexpensive nail-in or staple-in cable fasteners will affix the cable to the base of the wall and make it look tidy and unnoticeable. Stretch the cable so that it is in a tight, straight line, or else the fasteners will not help the cable fade into the background. The eye notices wobbly cables more easily than straight ones, so the straighter you can stretch the cable along the floor or floorboard, the better it will look.

Get a Cable Management System

It sounds complicated, but a cable management system is no more than a cover you install on the wall that the cables all hide behind. This is especially useful if you are hiding cables coming down from a wall-mounted television. These systems also can hold your electronic media like DVD players and cable boxes on the optional shelving. That option is a nice counterpoint to the wall-mounted TV. 

Velcro those Cables to the Desk

If your cable clutter is the computer desk variety, consider getting velcro strips such as the Cord Organizer from 3M ($4) that collects the cables and pulls them to the back or underside of the desk. Those cables will be off the floor and out from underfoot. Cables on the floor are not only unsightly, but unhygenic with all the shoes and food bits that collect. Pulling them off the floor also helps the longevity of your electronics, as those cords don’t get accidentally frayed from being stepped or pulled on. 

Get a Desk Mounted Cable Keeper

For that computer related cable clutter, a desk mounted cable manager is a good option. Available for about $30, the Cable Manager can mount behind the desk out of sight and hold not only all the electronics’ cables but routers and power strips as well. 

Go Wireless

If all these options still pale in comparison to the wire-free future you envison, start to go wireless. Wireless keyboards, wireless mice, wireless routers and more are available in any electronics store. 

Whether you use simple twisty ties or fancy cable management systems, these suggestions offer a way to escape from unsightly cable clutter.

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